tagNonHumanTwin Awakenings Ch. 02-03

Twin Awakenings Ch. 02-03


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Hello my sexy readers, here's the next two installments they were kind of short on their own so I thought to combined them. Sorry if they are mess, but a lot was going on. I'm glad you liked the first chapter hope you like these too.

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Chapter 2: The Awakening

"What do you want with her Mr. Boorne, she is on deaths row for threatening and harming personnel. She is unstable!"

"Exactly, you Warden Jones are unable to handle such a person as I have, easily. I have more experience and with her...type."

"What the fuck does that mean Christian?"

"Just what I've said, I will have the court legally release her into my custody tomorrow, you better keep her comfortable until then. She will be of great use to me." I was still unconscious but I could hear everything that was said. My mind swirled in the darkness as I pondered what was going on.

I stopped thinking when I appeared in a wooded area naked with my hip length wavy black hair blowing freely. Checking my surroundings, I appeared to be alone. My throat burned, I was thirsty. I wandered aimlessly until I approached a lake, dropping to ground, I cupped my hands in the water for a drink. Over my shoulder in the water appeared to be a large black wolf with bright pale yellow eyes, the irises practically transparent. It looked afraid as it watched me cautiously. Turning around to look at it I slowly reached over and picked up a rock to throw at it, but it snarled and ran at me.

I jumped straight up, my eyes flashed open and Shirley and Michael gasped and gaped at me.

"W-what's wrong Hun, lay back down you shouldn't move so much." She gently pushed at my bandaged shoulder making me hiss in pain. She apologized and told me to relax. When I laid back down they crowded around me and gawked more.

"What are you two staring at?" my voice was deep and raspy due to my dry scratchy throat. Michael pressed a straw to my lips and told me to drink. The cold water felt so good sliding down my throat and I moaned in delight. When the cup was empty he placed it back on the table beside the bed and looked me over.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" I reached a hand up to my face and noticed my nails were longer and shaped into a sharp point.

"Mercy, what are you?" I studied my hands then looked up at him.

"Mike, what color are my eyes?"

"Like a light yellow. I've never seen them this color, their scaring the shit out of me. What does it mean?" looking back at my clawed fingers I shook my head, I didn't know.

"She is starting to awaken." Our heads whipped in the direction of the voice and the strange man was leaning against the door smiling. My new eyes were sharper than before and they studied the man. His hair wasn't black as I thought but a dark brown, his strong square jaw and beautiful features made him a sight to see. His generous lips curled into a smile and I saw a hint of elongated k9's. That's not natural for a human. His physique was quite muscled. The thin material of his dress shirt stretched tightly over the muscles of his chest and biceps. Continuing my exploration I took note that his legs were also equally as muscled and bulky as his arms but also long. He must be very fast. He had this arrogant air about him like he knew that he was gorgeous and I snorted.

"Did you say something, little one?" I glared at him and sat up slowly, all the while wincing.

"My name is not little one, there is nothing little about me! Who are you, anyway?" he stepped further into the room and circled around the bed, eyeing me.

"I didn't get a chance to properly introduce myself, did I? Well Tiffany my names Christian Boorne. I'm a ...friend of Delano's." Cutting my eyes at him, I sat up and looked deeply into his eyes. I could tell her was being truthful as he licked his lips and regarded my body closely. The only thing I had on was multiple gauze and bandages, the bindings on my breast were tight constricting my large DD's to B cups. Not an inch of my torso could be seen, only the off white gauze and a couple blood stains here and there doting them. He poked a finger at one of the blood stains and I hissed. Clucking his tongue he shook his head in disgust.

"You're not healing right. Tell me, have you seen her?" looking at him like he was crazy, Shirley swatted his hand away from me and Michael stepped between him and I.

"The nurse just left but she will be back in a minute now that Mercy's awake." The Christian guy cocked his head to the side and regarded Michael,

"Mercy...why do you call her that, it's not her name?"

"It's none of your damn business, so why don't you leave before it gets ugly. I won't have you in here irritating her wounds." Christian chuckled and stepped to Michael's face.

"Who's going to make me leave?" Christian was much taller than Michael so he had to crane his neck up to look into his eyes. The hazel of his eyes fading to a transparent brown and I felt that familiar influence again. The pressure making Michael step back and fear began dripping from him. A growl rumbled in my throat and everybody looked at me.

"You do not have the right to make them fear you!"

"He was challenging me, seems you have some feelings towards this human. I won't harm him then, for your sake. " Tensing my body, another growl sounded through clenched teeth and I felt the stitches in my side tear and blood began to soak through the gauze. Holding my side and panting in pain I grabbed Shirley's arm with my free arm.

"Shirl could you and Mike go get the doc and warden, I think my stitches popped." They rushed from the room side stepping Christian like he was a poisonous snake. When the door closed behind them, I turned to Christian.

"What are you? You're clearly not human."

"The same thing you are becoming." My bindings seemingly too tight, began to restrict my breathing.

"What are talking about, I'm human."

"No my dear you're not and you've met what you will be sharing your body with earlier because I see the signs of her struggle to get free." My mind was in overload and I could no longer breath, my vision was clouding over. Just then the doctor rushed in and began tugging and shaking my slackening body. He flashed a light in my eyes and began to get frantic.

"Her pupils aren't reacting to the light, what you did you do to her?" Christian snorted, "What did I do? What did you do? You didn't get all the bullets out!"

"Yes we did, she has a total of four bullet wounds and one graze..."

"Graze where?" Christian's face grew serious as he stepped closer to me and saw blood seeping from beneath my left breast.

"Her heart! You idiots, you didn't check the graze completely that's why her wounds aren't healing!" He pushed the doctor away from me and tore the bindings from my chest with his claws. A gasp of air was forced into my lungs then replaced with blood as I began to cough it up. Shirley screamed for me and Michael held her back as Christian broke my ribs and forced his hands into my chest and began digging for the bullet. The scent of my blood thick in the air and darkness clouded the corner of my eyes.

"Hang in there my sweet, I got you." I looked at him with blurred eyes and watched the determination on his face as his eyes reflected the gruesome sight of my exposed organs. I watched as he carefully lifted my lung and moved the bullet that was trying to push its way into my heart. He yelled at the doctor to sew the hole in my lung up but he just stared in disbelief at the scene before him. Christian growled angrily and called for someone named Jason and he was in the room beside me before his name was done being said.

"Got it, everybody clear out please." They had a silent conversation and Christian backed away and the new male took his place he was equally as big but had paler skin and longer blood red hair.

"Hey twin, I'm going to have to force my blood into you to help you heal faster so this is going to hurt, a lot!" He opened his mouth and bit into his palms with his fangs. Fangs, dammit! This guy was a vampire! His eyes bled black and he stuck his hands into my open chest. His blood burned like liquid fire and I screamed bloody murder as he righted my ribs and rubbed his hands over them. He looked at the door then to Christian and he ran to the door and locked it just as there was banging behind it. Jason's copper colored eyes were the last thing I seen before I blacked out.


Chapter 3: Home is where the heart is

I snuggled deeper into the warmth on both sides of me. A comfortable sigh sounded from in front of me and large arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me into them. My face pressed into a hard wall of muscle covered in warm smooth skin, different from the body behind me. Softer skin and plush curves fitted against mine. As comfortable as this all was, it was strange being in such close intimate contact after ten long years. My eyes opened to caramel colored skin the exact shade as mine, moving out of the male's strong grip, I sat up and stretched. After yawning and a quick survey of my surroundings it was obvious that I wasn't in prison anymore. The shock set in and I turned to look into the male features mirroring my own. A smile tugged at the corner of my twin brothers lips and he rubbed his hazel eyes.

"Good Morning Twin..." I squealed excitedly and hugged my twin tightly. He returned the affection and chuckled as I held on for dear life.

"I missed you too Twin, but you don't have to squeeze me to death. I promise I'm not going anywhere." I released him and the other body shifted on the bed. The female rose and stretched. Noting her nude state, I looked at my twin and questioned him with my eyes. He laughed then kissed my cheek.

"No Tiff, we didn't have a threesome. I just couldn't stand the thought of not being near my other half any longer."

"So is this like your girlfriend or..." They looked at each other and laughed long and hard.

"Heavens no, we're just bed mates." He climbed out of the bed and headed to the door in his silk boxers.

"Tiff this is Amethysts, Amethysts this is my twin sister Tiffany. You two play nice, I hope I've chosen well." Smirking, Delano ducked out the room and closed the door behind him. Turning to the female beside me, I started to question her name only to be stopped as beautiful purple eyes answered my unspoken question.

"Wow you are absolutely gorgeous. Your face is so expressive, your eyes are so green it almost hurts and I love the way your hair kind of sticks out here and there, sort of like mine." I blushed at her description of me.

"Thank you, those were lovely descriptions, I can almost see myself through your eyes right now. Your quite the looker yourself, I've never seen eyes this color before their beautiful. They complement your short blond pixie cut perfectly." Now it was her turn to blush as I stroked her pretty face.

"So what's this about being chosen by my brother?"

"The compound was told you have been incarcerated awhile and I volunteered to be the first to offer some you pleasure, if you'll have me." her dainty hand rose and brushed my hair from my breast and a surprised gasp left her lips. Her small fingers trailed over my skin and circled my nipple then she looked up at me.

"Wow, you guys really are twins aren't you? I've never seen pink nipples on someone with your skin color." I giggled and blushed.

"Yeah we are kind of odd..." she pulled my hands to her breast.

"I know they are not as large as yours but do you like them?" smiling sweetly, I pulled her face to mine and kissed her soft pink lips. Our hands gently caressing and exploring each other, I smelled a hint of fear.

"What's wrong Amethysts?"

"Your aura, something's not right..." as if on cue my brother burst in the room.

"What's wrong?" Amethysts looked at him puzzled and shrugged.

"I don't know, she was just fine then..."

"What?" I felt a pain in my side and went to touch it carefully when I lifted my hand it was covered in blood. Looking up at Delano, I saw his eyes burn blue then he rushed to me and scooped me in his arms. He carried me down this long artfully wood decorated hall into this large white room.

"Sebastian, she's bleeding!"

"Well I see that, put her on the table she's dripping on my floors!" an older man with greying hair moved about checking me. he looked to young to be greying.

"Her vitals are normal, what's the problem?"

"Her wound isn't healing right."

"Hmm, you are right, send for Amy."

"No I'm not leaving her side again."

"Delano seriously, it's not like it will kill her to be without you for a minute now go!" The irony of the sentence didn't register to them yet. My twin looked at me then blurred, moving quickly from the room. Normal eyes would not have caught the movement. As soon as he left the pain in my side throbbed and got worst. The man's grey eyes widened as he watched my condition worsen.

"Delano!" at the sound of his name he was right next to me in a flash checking me over. I have never seen anyone move so fast, besides myself.

"What, what is it?" he stroked my forehead and comforted me. Sebastian watched us then sent Delano out into the hall. As soon as some distance was gained the pain came back and Delano was called back in.

"You lessen her pain, stay here while I go get the Alpha." Sebastian sped from the room moving almost as fast as my brother did. Delano cupped my face and looked into my eyes, panic lacing his.

"Why aren't you healing Twin?"

"I don't... " before I could complete the sentence Sebastian was back in my face along with Christian.

"You! What have you done to me?"

"Nice to see you too. I have released you from that cage and brought you to be with your brother."

"Why isn't she healing Alpha?" there was that word again. Turning to my twin I questioned why he refers to this man as alpha.

"Because that's what he is. He is the alpha of this pack."

"This pack? This pack of what?" he sighed and smiled ruefully.

"Wolves" my throat went dry and I just stared at him then looked to Christian. So is that what he is, a werewolf? Un-fucking-believable.

"Then why are you here Twin, you're not a werewolf."

"Oh on the contrary Twin, but I am."

"Prove it!" he looked at me nervously and began to speak but I cut him off.

"Then it is not true!" Christian placed his hand on my leg and spoke.

"It is true, he has the Were gene in him, but he cannot shift yet."

"But you can shift? Show me!" I stared defiantly at Christian and Sebastian gasped.

"You are to watch your tone with the Alpha-"

"It's OK Sebastian, we are not bonded yet." Christian backed away and began removing his clothes.

"Why are you stripping?"

"Well Twin, it just so happens that when they shift, they're clothes don't." I watched in amazement as the large man was replaced by a large wolf. I gasped and began choking as the pain started again. Christian shifted back and quickly dressed rushing to my side.

"Have you found out anything about her condition Seb?"

"No Alpha, her internal wounds are not healing as our kind should nor by human standards either. But it does seem that her brother's touch calms the pain." Christian looked from me then to my brother.

"Of course, their identical twins!" Delano stroked my cheek and smiled.

"Ten whole years, it's been awhile Twin. Things seem to have been rough." I smiled back as he traced my scars. Four harsh slashes across my left cheek.

"Well when you're different, people tend to rally against you." We just stared at each other and Sebastian gasped and put his hands over my wound.

"What is it Seb?"

"She's healing, slowly but surely. Delano whatever you're doing, I suggest you keep it up."

"He's healing her?" Christian looked on curiously then pulled Delano's hand away from me. Just as he did that, the pain started slightly. Sebastian looked up at Christian, his hands still over my wound.

"She's not healing anymore." Christian paced around the bed and rubbed his chin.

"If he can trigger her healing abilities maybe they can call out to their wolves together." Sebastian looked up and shrugged.

"Twins do always appear to have special abilities." They had a silent conversation then turned to Delano and I.

"Delano, would you mind keeping an eye on her for a while?"

"Of course not Alpha Boorne, you don't even have to ask that."

"Good", Sebastian and Christian left the room and Delano crawled onto the table and cradled me to his chest.

"We're not little anymore you know?"

"Yeah, I know. I just like to be close to my other half. Like how we were in the womb."

"I know that, that's not what I'm worried about." He raised an eyebrow and looked at me.

"I'm worried about this table, two giant lugs on it can't be too safe."

"Believe me these tables can with stand way more than..." just then a small red head waked in carrying supplies, and looked at us apologetically.

"Oh I'm so sorry to interrupt, I thought Sebastian was in here..." she kept her eyes low and placed the supplies in the corner.

"No its OK we weren't doing anything, this is Tiffany." She looked up at me and stepped closer.

"Oh so it is, it's nice to finally meet this big guys other half. He has been so dysfunctional without you."

"Have not!"

"Have too! Why are you guys here, is she hurt?"

"Yeah, her wounds weren't healing and it turns out I'm some sort of healing agent." The redhead stepped closer here green eyes curiously eyeing me.

"Have you seen your wolf Tiffany?"

"Um I guess."

"And how did it react to you?"

"It ran at me... "

"It's afraid of you because you're afraid of her. Maybe you two can confront your wolves together." Delano and I looked at each other curiously then back at the redhead.

"How" we answered together and she jumped slightly, "Do you guys normally talk in unison like that?" We looked at each other and shrugged, "Sort of, yeah." The red head giggled and touched my leg. "I'm Amy by the way." I reached out and clasped her hand in mine, "Nice to meet you."

She redressed my bandages and checked my wound.

"You're healing pretty well but considering the current situation it seems that your bond to your bother is no longer intact." My brother and I looked at her with raised eyebrows, "What?"

"Well I don't know how to explain it...ok Tiffany, did you used to be able to sense Delano's feeling and know where he was?"

"Yeah, I would always know where he was without looking and what he was thinking. Isn't that normal?"

"For twins yes, you see because you guys are identical you were born from one cell divided. You share a soul so you are bonded for life." Delano and I looked at one another with the same curious expression then back to Amy.

"Can you tell what your brother is thinking now or his exact emotions?" I looked at him and focused but I couldn't tell. Shaking my head I turned back to Amy and she asked the same thing to my twin. Like me, he wasn't able to pick anything up. "That means somehow your bond was severed. Your heart has been broken so I'm guessing that is the cause of your slow healing. Your body is trying to right the bond, that's why he is healing you with his presence."

We took all the new info in and tried to focus on our bond. She was right my heart was broken ten years ago when I was sentenced to life in jail for murder. The look of devastation on my twins face was disheartening and I felt as if I failed him as a sister. We swore to protect each other and never make dumb hasty decisions, yet I had thrown my life away in a fit of rage.

As I was walked down the aisle out of the courtroom they allowed us a brief moment to exchange goodbyes and he wouldn't look at me just sat there and stared ahead blankly. Fat tears ran down his face as I called to him and apologized but he ignored me. He hated me for leaving him and condemning myself to rot in a prison cell.

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