tagNonHumanTwin Awakenings Ch. 04

Twin Awakenings Ch. 04



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Hello my sexy readers, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting so long. My hiatus is over so here are the next installments. Hope you enjoy :3

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~Calling all wolves...~


"Mmm, I'm coming!" the pretty blonde female cried above me as my I sucked on her clit while my brother relentlessly thrust his cock into her dripping pussy from behind. My pussy was being drilled by the blonde's boyfriend. All four of our bodies moved like a well-oiled machine. Nipples were being plucked and pinched, clits licked and pussies pounded. The only thing heard in the room was the sounds of wet bodies slapping against each other and enthusiastic moans and groans. The blonde male pounding my tight slit began to slow as I milked him of his seed. His eyes rolled in the back of his head as my pussy squeezed and convulsed around him. Twin moans echoed throughout the room as my twin and I came at the same time.

We all lay in a tangle of limbs as we caught our breaths. "Well that was more fun than I had expected." Sam, the blonde male said.

"Yeah it was amazing, do you two always cum at the same time like that?" the blonde female, Brittany asked out of breath.

"Yeah, pretty much." My twin and I answered in unison. We did everything together since we have re-bonded. It does not seem normal to share every exact thing with him right down to going to the bathroom. Our emotions and beings are so in tune, it is as if we have one brain, one body. Delano doesn't mind at all being that we were separated for ten years and suddenly reunited like never before. It did not even bother him that we share sex partners. We tried separately but it was overwhelming, the emotions we were sharing. We have not quite figured out how to tune each other out completely yet but we're working on it.


"'Lano, move your hot!" my brother buried his face deeper into my hair and held me tighter as we spooned. I growled and repeated my demand internally and he released me, turning over on the bed. It felt nice to be close to my twin but sometimes not so much, especially not when our bodies overheated while we slept. It was as if we had a fever or something, Christian said it was our bodies getting ready for the change. Kicking the blankets off me, I crawled out of bed to go to the bathroom and Delano fallowed, still asleep. Being twins, we had two of everything. Twin sinks, toilets, showers, though we mostly shared. After handling our business, we headed back to bed.



"Switch sides"

"Okay" we crawled over each other and settled in on the opposite sides. As we drifted into a deep sleep, we shared a dream. We were in the familiar woods I was in at the prison.

"Tiff, why are we here? No, better question, why are we naked?"

I held my hand up to silence him and closed my eyes to listen to the sounds of the area. He could not understand what I was doing until he picked my brain. We silently listened until we heard twigs crunching and both our eyes shot open to the sight of two black wolves before us. Delano raised his palms and I scolded him, the gesture frightened the wolves and they began to snarl and bare their teeth.

'Don't make any sudden moves, Lano. I'm guessing these are our wolves, Christian said we have to submit to them. To show we aren't afraid and they shouldn't be afraid of us.'

'How do we do that?'

Pondering the thought, I thought of how wolves act in the wild and remembered a documentary I seen on them.

'Lie down slowly on your back and space your arms away from your sides.'

Before he could protest, I was already down on the ground. He slowly followed suit and then wolves approached us. It was scary being in this position but it was how wolves normally submitted to each other, their vulnerable areas exposed to attack. My twin and I held our breath as they stood over us. Delano's wolf lowered its head to sniff him then licked his face. Mine stared into my eyes then nuzzled me and yipped. We released our held breaths and relaxed. We were in the clear they accepted us. Backing away from us, they sat on their hind legs and stared at us. We sat up and stared at them, "What do we do now, Tiff?"

"Hell if I know."

The dream faded as my brother and I shot bolt right on the bed at the sound of growling. There were five large wolves surrounding our bed.

'Tiff, are we supposed to submit to them too?'

'No they aren't our wolves.' We sat still watching the wolves closely and I noted my heightened senses.

'Yeah I feel it too.' I turned and chanced a glance at my brother and nearly screamed,

"Holy shit dude, do you know what you look like?" I felt his confusion and he looked at me, eyes wide. I stared at the wolf man beside of me,

"You look like the wolf man from Teen Wolf or something!"

We shouted at each other at the same time then reached our hands up to touch our faces. Yeah that confirmed it, what we saw was real; we were two freaking wolf people things.

The growls sounded again and this time, mincing growls emitted from my brother and I back at them. The wolves' ears and tails lowered, as they coward back a little. I snarled and they ran from the room. Turning back to my twin, I tried to figure out what just happened. When I looked at him, he was back to his normal looking self again.

"What the fuck just happened?"

"I don't know, guess that was our wolves protecting us. I think we should go see the Alpha."

We quickly threw on some sweats and ran from the room to Christian's study. We were in front of his door in a blurred five seconds. The door to the study flew open and two wolves stood before us with their teeth bared, a growling Christian stood behind them in a defensive stance. I felt my wolf stirring, my muzzle lengthened and I bared my teeth as well, snarling viciously. The wolves were challenging me so I started to lunge at them but my brother's hand gripped my neck tightly, stopping me. I whimpered and clawed at his hand as he tightened his inhumanely strong grip.

"Whoa, we just came to talk, call off your mutts Alpha."

Delano turned his head to me and squeezed tighter, 'Change back and stand down! ' at the internal command my wolf head shrank back to normal along with the extra muscled body definition. When I was myself again, he released my neck and Christian called to the two wolves.

"Wow, so I'm guessing you two went through your first change?" Delano looked at me and we shrugged,

"Sure, if that's what that was." Christian moved closer to us and the two wolves growled slightly warning him to keep his distance from us.

"What's wrong with them?" I asked eyeing the wolf that stared deeply at me. The little tan female wolf seemed to have a problem with me; I could sense her agitated emotions towards me.

"They think you're a danger because you are new to the pack." Licking my lips I smiled cockily and tossed my long hair over my shoulder poking my large chest out, "Of course I'm dangerous, you knew that the moment you laid eyes on me." Delano snorted and pinched my nipple through my t-shirt,

"Shut up, you egotistical douche. Anyway, Alpha we have gone through a change, but is it the one we were supposed to?" Christian pondered his thoughts for a moment but was drawing a blank, shrugging, he motioned for us to enter the study. The female wolf stood in my way and I put my hands on my hips and stared down at her.

"Hey Christian, your little bitch here won't follow orders, maybe she needs me to teach her how." My twin pinched my arm painfully and I yelped as he scolded me for wrongly addressing Christian. He is not my alpha so I am not going to address as such, I cannot see how my brother could either.

"Well since you've connected with your wolves you can now be inducted into the pack and begin proper training."

"Training for what?" we asked, equally confused.

"Protection of the pack and controlling your wolf, of course." I snorted and rolled my eyes, "I have perfect control over my wolf."

Christian crossed his arms over his chest and regarded me closely, "Prove it then." Smiling a shit-eating grin, I backed into the open space and called my wolf. She answered willingly and came forward. My bones rearranged themselves and my limbs lengthened as I shifted into wolf form. My clothing shredded and fell as black silky fur erupted from my skin. The two wolves backed closer to Christian and marveled at my size.

I yipped and trotted in the small space like a prize winning poodle. Turns out, I'm way larger than the normal "Were". Christian walked up to me and stood in front of me, eyeing me with wide eyes.

"How is it possible that you are so big? You're a female and they don't get any larger than-" The female wolf padded up to me and looked up into my eyes. I laughed at her size and she growled.

'You're like a mini pony! Look at you, how cute!' It was like a staring contest between a horse and a miniature pony.

'Ha ha real funny, but I'm the alpha bitch around here, you don't stand a chance against me!' I chuckled and Delano joined me crossing his arms over his wide chest.

"Um miss wolf, you can't possibly be serious, you think you can challenge Tiff and win? Now that's something I would love to see." He slapped my shoulder and we cracked up laughing leaning into each other. The female did not take that comment to well and launched herself at me. We exploded through the wall in a ball of snarling teeth and fur. People ran out into the hall as we fought viciously. Blood and fur were everywhere and I was surprised that the little female was doing exceptional damage despite her smaller size. I will not lose to this puny bitch though, so I retaliated vigorously. Delano watched on amused while Christian and the others panicked. Everything turned bad when I wrapped my jaws around her neck ready to snap it in half. Christian tried to pull me off but I kicked him into the wall. No one would be able to get close enough to stop me,

"Think again, Twin." My twin smiled at me bemused as his arms banded around my chest. So he had me held down, so what, I had the bitch by her neck and I snorted and increased the pressure causing her to call out in pain, "let her go Tiff-Tiff, do you really want another ugly senseless murder on your hands?"

'She attacked me first!'

"So, be the first and end it, let go!" oh I will end it all right, the bitch whimpered weakly and I bite deeply into her neck but before I could snap it, Delano flexed his arms and crushed my ribs. I howled in pain and she slipped from my jaws. I folded into myself as the pain kicked my ass.

"Sorry Twin but I couldn't let you kill her." He loosened his death vice and held my slack trembling body, "Tell her to shift back so I can check her wounds." Amy called over from the floor where the evil little bitch lay in human form in a puddle of her own blood.

"Shift Twin you heard Amy."

'I can't, Wolfie is tryna' lessen the pain.' He looked up apologetically at Amy, "I may have overdone it a bit, and she can't change back." Amy's eyes widened and Christian rubbed his head.

"Not again, we can't lose her now we just fixed her! Did you have to be so rough Delano?" My twin looked up at me with sad eyes and pouted, "It was the only way to stop her before its too late." he stroked the fur off my muzzle and pressed his face against my neck.

'Don't die Twin, I'm sorry!'

'Don't be a little bitch Lano, I'm fine. Stop your crying, I'm fine really, let go.' My twin released me and I stood up and shook my body then stretched. Sebastian walked over to me and placed his hands on my side, "She's not hurt anymore." He spoke in disbelief running his hands over my large furred body checking for injury. Christian stared at me with rapt curiosity. I reached out for my brother's bond and read his mind. He was trying to figure out how it is that I am so different from the normal werewolves. I was at a loss too, I could not figure out why I was so big or how I could heal as fast as I was hurt.

"Shift, I need to be sure you're not injured." Sebastian backed up so I could change back. Bones broke and rearranged themselves to human structure. My silky black fur melted and reseeded back beneath my skin. Most of the people standing around had yet to see me in human form let alone at all. Delano and I were ordered, to keep away and them away from us or they might take us for a threat. We would be Ok to mingle after our induction ceremony thing.

Once my body had completely finished with its shift, my twin walked over and punched me in the face. Everyone gasped and whispered.

"I thought they were brother and sister, why did he hit her."

I licked at the blood that spilled from the corner of my mouth from the forceful blow and smirked sadistically. "Don't scare me like that and if you call me a little bitch again, I won't just break your ribs." I smiled at my twin as he pulled me into a bear hug then pushed me in the direction of the female I almost killed, ' apologize'

'No she attacked first she needs to apologize!'

'Tiff, I am not asking, you almost killed this woman! Now apologize or...'

I knew what he was going to say...He would not forgive me if I killed another. There was absolutely no reason for me to kill her so it would be a pointless murder. Sighing I walked over to the bruised and bloodied female being cared for on the floor. Squatting down next to her, I noted her bruises were healing along with the bite marks and scratches, slowly but surely. She opened her eyes upon my approach and began to growl, her wolf on defense as her clear brown eyes watched me.

"I'm sorry for kicking your ass...OW!" Delano slapped me in the back of the head with almost as much force as his punch and glared at me, "Say it like you mean it!" he raised his hand again and I put my palms up and leaned away from him.

"Ok, just don't hit me again, your hits hurt like getting hit by a car. I'm truly sorry for almost killing you." I leaned into her face and my eyes bled blue, "Next time you attack me like that, I will kill you without..." I paused and licked the fading teeth marks along the length of her neck, stopping to bite her earlobe, "...Hesitation. Be warned!"

Christian appeared behind me and yanked me up by my hair. Once on my feet, his fist buried in my hair forcefully pulled my head back to look up at him. My hair is like a hotspot, when pulled a certain way it's a super turn on, but he didn't understand the moan that slipped past my lips. His angry hazel eyes burned into my glowing green orbs.

"Don't you dare threaten a member of my pack! You may not yet be a part of it yet but you will obey me and respect this pack until and after then!" He was so angry, I could taste his fury, I loved it! Licking my lips, I smirked up at him and spoke softly,

"And if I don't? What happens if I disobey your orders? Will you punish me, huh, Mr. Big Bad Alpha?" Taking advantage of the closeness of our bodies, I pressed my large breast against him. A soundless sigh left my parted as the smooth fabric of his silk shirt rubbed against my sensitive nipples. I could sense his confusion at my boldness. It made him angrier that I was challenging Alpha orders.

As if a fuse was blown, he released my hair and wrapped his hand around my neck, squeezing tight. My eyes never lost their green mischievous glint, as he lifted me off the ground up towards his face. Sebastian felt the alpha's anger and shooed everybody out of the area. Christian's claws grew out and dug painfully into my neck. I hissed and Delano began to rush at us but was grabbed from behind and held in a similar position just from behind. As he was hoisted in the air by his neck, he made no sudden moves and just gave up. If we made any sort of move, they would snap our necks. I felt my Twin's fear of death and clucked my tongue in disgust. Christian's nostrils flared as he noticed that I did not fear him so he squeezed tighter and threatened, "Don't you dare challenge your Alpha, I, have the power to end you!" I snorted and his eyes blazed as arrogance dripped off me.

"One, I HIGHLY doubts that. Two, you're not my alpha!" I rubbed the back of my left hand across his cheek and he tightened his grip causing me to choke and struggle as he crushed my windpipe. He liked that effect, thinking he had the upper hand, as he smelled my brother's fear rise. I closed my eyes and scolded him through our bond then opened my eyes and smiled. "You dare smile as your fate rests in my hands?" I sensed his confusion and laughed as much as I could with his hand choking off my air. Breathless, I stopped struggling and held completely still and called for my wolf, she waited patiently for me to release her.

"Don't try to shift or I will break your-" My sudden attack stunned him, I pushed my fingers in to his stomach to the first knuckle then lengthened my claws and pushing them in further to the second knuckle. The hand holding my neck trembled slightly as the slight pain registered but he quickly pulled my hand from his stomach and held it tightly then grabbing the other one and twisting them roughly. A tortured cry echoed through the halls as he snapped my wrists. Delano cried out too having had felt my pain through the bond. Christian smiled as pained tears spilled from my eyes, watching as they trailed down my cheeks past my full smiling lips. His eyes snapped back to my eyes and he growled angrier than before because I still did not fear him as he was planning I would.

Snatching my arms free, I righted my broken wrists and slammed my knee into his stomach making him drop me. Rolling away from him, as he shifted and lunged at me. Delano started to shift but I told him to stay still and shifted to my half way form, where I turned into a wolf man, like a hybrid of man and wolf. My head changed to that of a wolf and my neck thickened to hold it, my shoulders broadened slightly my legs and feet shifted to large muscled paws, my hands deadly claws. My body grew the size of my wolf, so I stood over seven-three, thank god for the high ceilings!

Christian's wolf jumped at me and I caught him with a swift kick to the gut, kicking him in mid jump. He went through the wall and out the side of the house with a loud bang rattling the house structure. Wood houses are not a good idea at all if you ask me, too easily demolished. The wolf got up, shook off the attack, and jumped at me again. This time I caught him by his throat and looked into his eyes. My tongue lolled out my mouth as i smiled as much as a wolf called if they could.

"Gotcha!" the word surprised me as it came out, I didn't think i would be capable of speech in any wolf form. However, I guess because this one is a cross between wolf and human I could manage speech. The wolf whimpered and struggled pathetically, but my grip was too strong he wouldn't be able to escape and sensing that he stopped struggling and shifted to human form and stared at me in disbelief, "How...can you...be...so...strong..." he questioned between struggled breaths. I dropped him to the ground and watched him wrestle air into his lungs.

"What type of being are you?" he asked eyes wide as he looked up at me still in my hybrid form. Since I could not see myself, I pushed into my brother's head to see myself. I looked like a she wolf monster. I chucked at myself and Christian asked why I was laughing, "I'm a sexy beast!" Delano snorted at my cockiness and Christian motioned for the person holding him to let him go. The person was Jason; his copper eyes bore into me as Delano walked to my side and shook his head.

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