tagNonHumanTwin Awakenings Ch. 05

Twin Awakenings Ch. 05


It's Kitty!

Hello my sexy readers, sorry I took a bit of a while. I was constantly rereading and trying to self-edit. Hope you enjoy :3

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~~New beginnings




"You're poking me." My twin lifted his head to look at me not knowing what I meant. I wiggled my butt and he caught on, I guess he hadn't realized he was hard, must have been some dream he was having. He readjusted himself and apologized mentally. I needed to get up and go to the bathroom anyway. Kicking away the covers and climbing out of bed I padded on the white carpeted floors over to the bathroom. Everything was white except the colorful soaps and water in the toilet, which was purple due to the chemical cleaner in the bowel.

After doing my business I wondered out of the room and around the halls. The flat was very regal looking yet chic. The white theme was blinding. I wonder if every room has all white everything. Our host must be a really clean person. It's odd that she offered us help with our mission and allowed us to stay in her home unaccompanied. I wonder where she had to disappear to so sudden and why we couldn't go, or why she couldn't just give us directions out of here. I felt my brother stirring from his sleep back in our room,


"What Lano?"

"Stop thinking so loud, matter of fact, stop thinking at all and get back in bed."

I snorted at my brother and continued around the long halls. There were many doors but all locked. One door caught my eye because of the large black cat it had on it. This must be our host's room. I wonder what it's like on the inside. I bet it would give me a clue as to what this mysterious female is like...

"Tiffany, don't! She is allowing us free reign in her house but that doesn't mean her private quarters."

"I just want to find out more about her, all I know is she has a very alluring voice and odd scent. I don't even know her name or what she looks like."

"Neither do I, she was covered in all black from head to toe when we first seen her. We can ask her about herself when she gets back in a couple days."

"But Delano, I really want to know now. I don't think I have the patience to wait."

"GET YOUR BIG ASS BACK IN THIS ROOM NOW!" That last demand was spoken, well shouted through the house with such force, it stopped me dead in my tracks.

"Ok, ok fine." I walked back to the room and closed the door. Looking at my twin, he lay with his back to me but I could feel his anger in the air. He really did hate my curious nature. I'll try to tone it down for him.

Crawling onto the full sized bed I sat on my knees and stared down at him.

"Lano, you mad?" it was a dumb question, I already knew he was.

"Go to sleep," Was his only reply as he tugged the covers around his shoulders. Frowning I laid down facing away from him but I don't like not being close to him when he's upset at me, in fear he won't love me anymore. Turning over, I scooted closer to him and buried my face in his dreads and wrapped my arm around his chest, my hand over his heart. I felt him sigh then grab my hand and bring my knuckles to his lips.

"I'm not mad Twin, just don't want your curiosity to get you in trouble and I not be able to get you out. We're not little anymore." I snuggled as close as our bodies would allow and intertwined our ankles, "I know Lano, I know. I love you." His lips grazed my knuckles then he placed a kiss in my palm and went to sleep.


I awoke looking for her hoping she'd be here but my rumbling stomach brought me to the kitchen to find just who I had been looking for. She stood over the stove preparing something that smelled marvelous. A stew of fresh garden vegetables and rabbit meat, steaks surrounded by cubed potatoes, fresh baked venison as if she had made the kill hours ago, and a large green salad with sliced chicken, fruit, and nuts.

"Is there something you want, besides this?" The cloaked figure turned in my direction and stopped stirring the pot. I couldn't see an inch of her face but I knew her eyes were roaming my body. My twin walked up beside me, smacking me in the back of the head then headed towards the table.

"What was that for?"

"You shouldn't be walking around flashing your junk at people Twin." Looking down at my long messy waves covering my breasts and slightly obscuring the cleft between my legs, then over to my brother, "Nothing is really showing, look at you, your just as naked, I could see every vein in your dick!" he looked down at his thin pajama clad bottoms that hung lowly on his hips exposing his delicious v and just low enough for his trimmed pubes to be seen along with his semi hard penis. He scratched his head and blushed slightly.

"Sorry the top was too small. What's your excuse?" he turned curious hazel's on me and I shrugged.

"You know I can't sleep clothed and besides the pajamas on offer are all too tight for my curves." I could sense a little unease coming from the cloaked female drawing my attention back to her.

"Sorry for my indecent exposure, um..."

"You guys are ok, I've seen my share of scantily clad people, I don't mind. Help yourselves to the food, I'll be in the greenhouse if you need me."

"You're not eating with us?" my brother and I spoke in unison as our faces probably held the same curious disappointment.

"No you go head, I've already eaten." With that she nodded and disappeared out the back door. My twin and I shared a look then shrugged and dug in filling plates and bowels of the delicious spread offered to us.


"Hey um, thanks for cooking for us, we hope we're not disturbing you."

My brother and I spoke politely as we entered the greenhouse.

"It's no biggie, I like to cook. You two seem curious about something, what's up?" she was kneeling in the dirt picking about the veggies then stopping to look up at us.

I had found something I could fit, kind of, and my brother found him something as well so we were no longer half naked. My brother went about studying the place while I stepped forward and knelt down next to the female.

"Why you all covered up like that? Are you like a germaphobe or something?" she chuckled lightly and it was a sweet sound then shook her head no, "I have had insecurities about my appearance since I was a kid."

"There's nothing to be afraid of you should be able to be comfortable in your own skin."

"Yeah I know but it's not really what I'm afraid of, it's for others and plus I'm perfectly comfortable like this." There was a roughness about her I could not place, but I knew she didn't want to have such an intimidating presence. I could hear a smile in her voice and wondered what it looked like. Her voice was unique, strong yet soft and sweet sounding. Although her accent sounded as if she spoke around a mouth full of fangs but it didn't sound as if she had any trouble with the task.

"So you're never seen out of this dark cloak?"



"I know you're curious about my appearance but I think it best if you not know it, for safety reasons of course."

'What is she an assassin or something?' my brother asked through our bond having been listening to our conversation all the while exploring. Ignoring him I stared down at the female's gloved hands as they picked and dropped veggies in the wicker basket beside her.

"So we are not to know you on a personal level? Not even your real name or anything like that?" after asking, i felt her demeanor change and harden.

"No, I'm sure I can help you find a way back to where you need to go before too long." Getting the hint she wasn't going to open up anymore, I got up and brushed the dirt from my knees and readjusted the cut off shorts I had on.

"Well thank you for helping us out."

"No problem really, hey you can watch some TV or browse the internet if you like there's a tablet on the table in the living room." Nodding thanks again I walked out of the greenhouse my twin right on my heels, pondering through my thoughts with me. This strange female didn't allow anybody information about herself and lived by herself in the middle of nowhere with very nice things. Maybe she was some sort of assassin or hitman. Well I just hope we aren't in her way and get on with our travels.

Walking into the house, I washed my hands and dusted my feet on the black welcome mat before heading into the spotless white living area. On the table in front of the movie screen sized TV was indeed a tablet. Deciding I should try and find a way back to our old hometown, I picked up the tablet and began tapping away. No luck though, I wasn't sure of my current location so this isn't much help.

Our host walked in, removed her cloak and shoes and padded over to where my brother and I sat on the long sofa and plopped down beside me.

"Any luck?" as if she knew what I was doing before I've done It, I shook my head and turned the tablet to her, figuring she didn't want us to know where exactly this location stood. She took the tablet into her gloved hands and tugged at the veil over her face, slightly. I thought I could almost see some skin beneath it, though it could just be my eyes playing tricks on me. Unaware of her thinking I asked if she knew where it was. Her head turned towards me and she paused as if studying my face.

"I grew up around there and later came to be taken from my home... I think I may know a way back. I'll think on it and get back to you and I'll see to it that you have something comfortable to wear also." Thanking her, she quickly rose and left the room. I could hear a heavy door opening then closing. She must be retiring to her room to go through her own information.

"Well, she seems nice." I looked at my twin and shrugged, "I guess, you think she's a Were of some kind?"

"What do you mean of some kind? You think there is other Were creatures besides wolves out there?"

I nodded and he looked away from me. Obviously if there are vampires and wolves there must be everything else in between. Her scent though smelled different from a normal human one so that I knew she wasn't and she doesn't smell of wolf either. What she smelled of I couldn't quite figure out.

The rest of the day went by in a blur as my thoughts focused on the mysterious woman. I felt drawn to her situation, drawn to figure out more about her. Lying awake in the middle of the night, my mind raced. I wanted to go explore that room with the large cat sculpted into the door but what if that were her room and she were to find me scuffling around it in her personal items? That sparked my attention greatly and I carefully eased out of the bed, but was stopped by my brother's hand around my wrist. He was lying face down on his stomach and tightened his grip on my wrist.

"Where you going?" it was muffled by the pillow but I didn't answer. He asked internally trying to read into my thoughts but I shut him out. Lifting his head he turned and looked at me through the veil of his dreads and blinked his sleepy hazel eyes at me.

"Tiffany, just give it up, if she doesn't want us to know, she doesn't want us to know. Don't go looking for trouble you don't need."

Sighing, I looked away from him to the large bay window. Maybe a run with my wolf will calm my mind she hasn't been out in a while. My twin agreed with that thought and got up to take his pj bottoms off so not to destroy them.

"Let's go out the back so we don't disturb her." I thought for a moment then peered back to the large window and shook my head. We'll use the window that way not to track in dirt.

Freeing my hair from its plait I dived through the open window shifting mid jump. Four large black paws hit the dirt below and I stretched them at the soft feel. My wolf missed this. Beside me my brother did the same then butted me with his head and took off running through the trees. I chased him happily. We raced and played having the time of our lives feeling free until we stumbled upon a clearing of deer grazing. My stomach growled slightly and I looked over at my twin. A hunt it was then. Our first hunt we shall enjoy together.

We managed to take down a large buck together and dragged it to a small cave like den and ate it. After licking our chops having finished the whole animal down to a few bones, we lay down and just looked out at the wilderness beyond us. Watching creatures stirring about was kind of entertaining. My twin was still kind of sleepy so he dozed on his large paws and I went about chasing smaller animals until I became bored and tired myself.

"Ready to go in?" the sound of my brother's voice in my head startled me, I hadn't known I spaced out looking over a small stream. Ducking my head in a wolf attempt of a nod, we headed back towards the hidden house.


A thick tongue pressed against smooth neck flesh, my tongue? Hands gliding over soft skin... Supple breast squeezed together, nipples licked once slowly then lightly blown on until they hardened into twin peaks. Sweet moans filling the air along with the aroma of feminine arousal. Deep down in my stomach there was a fire burning like never before as liquid heat cascaded down my thighs. I bared my teeth, ready to pierce the skin between neck and shoulder of my partner. Her teeth pressed down against my neck. I felt a deep pulsing pressure against my throbbing love box and before we could complete our bites, I awoke from my sleep. Just like that...

My movements were sluggish as I regained consciousness. My cunt still throbbed and the same pulsating pressure I dreamt of was still there, making my body drip. Lifting the blanket, I noticed a hard penis poking from between my wet thighs.

As I came too completely, I remembered my current position. My twin and I were in a stranger's house, in bed, spooning. I felt him stir and pull his body from mine with a long sigh. Turning my head to look over my shoulder, I was met with curious heavy lidded green orbs. His cock throbbed with his racing heartbeat as my clit did to mine. It glistened with a mixture of my juices and his precum, dripping from its thick purple mushroomed head.

His hand slowly gripped it to relieve some pressure and he closed his eyes then opened them again and looked back at me. Their glow brighter than before, like a neon sigh in the dark.

"Your dream or mine?"

I shrugged incapable of words and turned away swinging my legs from the side of the bed, and then rubbed my face. I think it was mine but I wasn't entirely sure. It was so intense, so vivid. The way the bodies tangled and fit to each other doesn't help me figure out if it was me or my brother. There was the same smooth peanut butter completion, so it was definitely one of us. The other persons skin though, clearly female, had a lighter coloring. Pale yet tanned to an extent kind of, a very light bronze maybe... but who was she?

my indecisive thoughts were confusing my twin so I cut connection, not wanting him to scold me for over thinking while our minds are connected. Trying not to think about it too much didn't dampen my need for the female. Turning my head over my shoulder once again, my eyes did not connect with my twins, I could feel he felt the same need though it could've just been mine...Or was it his?

Wiping the sweat from my brow and raking a hand through my tousled bed head, I sighed frustrated. I can't sit here trying to pick out the details from that wet dream and try to decipher them; I'd be there all day. I needed a cold shower to cool my overheated flesh.

Once in the bathroom, I slid the large glass doors open and stepped inside the massive sauna like space. Tilting my face up to the shower head, I turned the cold taps on and let the cool water shock my heated skin. It was hot enough that I expected there would be an audible hiss as the water hit it. Though there actually was a hissing sound but that came from my brother now under the spray. I hadn't heard his approach nor the sliding of the glass door, as my mind was still on that woman. I had to have her.

The shower heads range was incredibly wide enough to fit the two of us under its spray without our large bodies being on top of each other or fighting to take turns. The deep sigh he let out caused me to open my eyes to his presence. Turning my curious gaze on him, my eyes unconsciously roamed his body, with his head down and his right hand pressed to the tile before us, leaning into the spray letting it work his body. His long thick dreads now soaked hung in his face, down his muscled back, and some over his toned shoulders. My eyes continued their unrestricted journey down the rest of his body to his taut round ass, I watched as his harden cock went from stabbing the air in front of him then to a flaccid state though still partially hard. It hung heavily between his thighs. He was too gorgeous a man not to stare and I couldn't help the sudden burst of new arousal. Having scented it, my twin called to me though I hadn't heard him. My eyes were still feasting on his amazing body as he turned towards me. His chest was a thick wall of muscle tapering down to abs so cut and defined it was almost as if they were chiseled from stone.

I hadn't noticed his double take as he looked at me either, until he poked my tit.

"Twin, you're staring at me."

"Sorry... it's the dream."

"I know Tiff." Snapping out of my lustful trance over my brother's body I grabbed the soap and began to wash. My twin did the same turning the taps to warm. We washed up in silence as I silently scolded myself for thinking negatively about my own brother.

Stepping out the shower, we brushed our teeth then walked clad in our towels back into the room. My twin looked at the time and as he toweled his hair then turned to me as I took a comb to mine, "Its only 2:30"

"In the morning?" I asked incredulously and he nodded in confirmation. Damn, there was no way I'd be able to go back to sleep now, my mind was wired up. Delano tossed one of his shirts at me and pulled on another and some boxers.

"I have a feeling you're going to stare at me again" he teased me as I pulled the shirt on and scooped my hair from underneath it. It was still damp and wet my shirt but it was too early to be using a hair dryer, so it will just have to air dry.

"I'm going to watch some TV or something." I snapped, turning from my twin before he could respond and walked out the room, closing the door behind me letting him know he wasn't invited. I heard his deep laughter as I quietly padded down the halls to the living room. The ninety inch TV and huge plush white couch were calling my name. Plopping down in the middle of the couch, the plush cushions molded to my body instantly. I'm definitely in love with this here couch. Sighing with pleasure I flipped on the TV and channel surfed. There wasn't anything on that was in any way entertaining so I clicked it off and headed towards the kitchen for something to eat. Opening the fridge and looking through it's contents I decided on a sandwich.

As I finished my masterpiece, the biggest ham sandwich with all the trimming, I turned to put away my mess and I felt a gust of air blow my wet hair into my face. Quickly turning back to the counter I noticed my sandwich was gone along with the glass of milk I sat near it. I had to clench my jaw to stop from screaming at my twin from kitchen and disturbing the silence in the house. He laughed in my head and sent a kiss through our connection in thanks but I was furious, so I sent a mental image of me pulling out his teeth one by one. Smiling, as I felt him gasp and cover his mouth in discomfort then cut the connection, it had the intended effect.

Serves him right for taking my sandwich I mused as I busied myself making another sandwich. It was delicious too might I add, just as fast as I made it, I ate it and gulped down the tall glass of milk like I hadn't eaten in days. Cleaning my dishes I tapped my fingers on the counter wondering what I should do next. Blanking, I looked out the window and decided on taking a walk. I headed back down the hall towards the room but stopped once I came across an open door. It was the door I'd always been curious about with the large black cat on it. It had always been locked, up until this point.

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