tagNonHumanTwin Awakenings Ch. 08-09

Twin Awakenings Ch. 08-09


A/N: Greetings sexy readers! Kitty here, back with another installment. Forgive me for the wait, I am the queen of procrastination lol and I need a new computer. :( No more excuses for now though so on with the story for you guys!! Feedback welcomed.

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~Tiffany Solis~

I'm not sure how I managed to get into bed next to my twin but I guess it was his doing. Remembering the past events, I awoken and rose from the bed. I will not stay here any longer!


~~Delano Solis

"Twin where ya goin'?" barely awake, the whisper was low but audible.

"For a run Lano..."

"'Kay." I responded, my body reacted on autopilot getting ready to shift. Tiffany's hands pushed me back down to the mattress,

"No Delano, stay I'll be back. I just want to be alone, ok?"

"Tiffany", quickly opening my eyes, I looked at my twin truly surprised and confused. The stern tone of my deep voice made her sigh.

"You ran without me yesterday morning and stayed gone all night until I found you and Yamasuki outside. Now you want to be alone, so you can disappear, again? What's going on with you, really?"

I watched as she straightened up her back and turned from me, depriving me sight of her face so I couldn't read the emotions from her expressive eyes. I didn't like that. Scooting to her side of the bed I reached for her plait, wrapping and rubbing it between my fist and fingers.

"Why are you shutting me out Tiff? Let me in, you always do." She turned her head slightly and snorted a little before responding.

"It's fine Lano, drop it. Look, I'm just ready to get out of here, ok?"

"Ok Twin and we will, just let me in. I know how it hurts you not connecting to me for long periods. Please, you don't have to shelter your mind from me..." Releasing her hair I grabbed her arm, spinning her around to look into her face. She stared straight above my head then looked down into my eyes, her face a blank mask.

"You love me right, twin brother?" of course I did, she needn't even ask but I don't like the way the question sounded.

"Why, Tiffany?" She read my mind then pushed her love for me into my head then put up a wall when I tried to push past that further into her psyche. The deep frown and furrow of my brows caused my forehead to wrinkle with worry. She giggled softly and smoothed the lines on my face with her thumb then rubbed my cheek.

"I'm worried you'll break again Tiffany..." concern flashed in her eyes before I pressed forward and hugged her stomach to my face tightly. Her breast heavily pressed down atop my head as she leaned forward to embrace me back. She spoke with care and truth as she stroked my hair,

"I love you Delano, I want you to stop worrying. I'm just conflicted right now as soon as I find myself I'll let you in right that moment. And I won't think to ever shut you out again, I promise. This hurts but in order for me to get better I don't need you to share the burden of my pain but let me feed off your strength. Let me go, I'll be back."

I wanted more than anything to just tell her "no" like a child but it took all my willpower to release my clasped fists from the back of her night shirt and push her from me.

"Come back Tiffany, come back for me. Go..." She grabbed my face and kissed my forehead before walking to the window and jumping out without looking back. I had a feeling she'd be gone awhile longer than before. Hearing cloth tearing and her heavy paws thud against the ground as she took off running, I frowned and closed my eyes.

Where are you going twin? The question frustrating me. And it hurt me to think she could not confide in me. Laying back down, I stared up at the ceiling with my hands behind my head and pondered where she might go. If she'd leave me and go home to Crestfront after Billy...without me...

I don't know when sleep consumed me but I do know I was out for a long time.


"Are you alive?" awaking slowly, I lifted my head. Blinking groggily I looked around for the voice, feeling for my twin.

"Your sister is no longer here, why do you remain?"

Pausing my motions and stopping to regain my bearings, I remembered all that had happened.

"How long was I out?" I asked as I stretched my stiff limbs. I looked over at the female standing in the doorway wearing a sleeveless hoodie with her arms crossed over her chest. She wasn't completely covered like she normally would be. Her hair in a low ponytail with her long bangs in her face and her hood draped loosely over her head.

My dreads were a knotted mess I could feel, I must have been sleeping pretty wildly for them to tangle as they were.

"Couple days. Are you ill?" On her arms were red scars, probably from that altercation with Tiffany.

"Why were you two fighting anyway?" I realized I ignored her question but I was not too concerned about myself at the moment.

"She wanted to leave so I told her she was welcome to." Raising up out of the bed I watched her as her bi colored gaze traveled down my body and stopping at my morning wood as I re positioned it. I raised an eyebrow waiting for her to say more but I guess I distracted her.

"So you're not going to help us at all?" walking towards the bathroom, leaving the door open so I could hear her response but she didn't say anything so I peeked my head out as I finished washing my hands. Drying them on the sides of my pajama bottoms, I approached her until I was a foot in front of her, looking down at her.

She slowly raised her head to look at me, her hood slipping off and her hair moving out her eyes. I never noticed that her bottom lip was so pink and the top lip though partially cleft like a cats, was so much darker almost purple in color. They parted slightly as she studied my face as well.

"Yamasuki?" The way her name rolled off my tongue sent a little tingle down my spine. She blinked a couple times then backed out the room and spoke low before she disappeared down the hall.

"Whenever you are ready..." My face broke into a smile as I slipped into her mind and listened to her jumbled thoughts and emotions. She's so sexually charged, maybe I could be of assistance this time...


Chapter 9

Tiffany Solis~

Enter the woods

I don't know how long I ran but it felt like years had past as I ran and let my wolf's instinct rule free, without my normal interjections. I grew numb to my human side, forgetting myself and the problems I was having. What were they even?

-Doesn't matter, we are happy now, right?-

My wolf soothed me, mentally coaxing my growing anxiety out of mind. I could not help but wonder why it was exactly that we had to leave. It was nice running and hunting freely. However it was beginning to feel as though I was still incarcerated, I was getting lonely.

-Caged!- my wolf corrected me.

-They caged us because we protected ourselves.-

But I didn't protect us, I couldn't. I wasn't even aware there was an "us" at that point.

-Does it matter? You kept me safe while I slumbered and I just returned the favor before it was my time to awaken.-

How do I know she wasn't just keeping me alive to save herself? Surely she would not survive without me, no?

-Stop talking to yourself as if I do not exist. Of course however, I am you as you are me. We are one being I am just a different way of thinking, your raw mental thoughts personified, natural instinct if you will, yes?-

She is right otherwise I'm not sure two beings could really coexist in one body without a constant struggle of power.

-That is how one goes rogue. They completely lose themselves to that thought of having to share a body with another though it is only them, so their minds snap literally separating their thinking and they become illogical.-

So no wonder they say talking to yourself is normal. I laughed to myself. Makes enough sense, I would never imagine I would go crazy from this. Being another species of being is awesome, exhilarating really. Feeling my being lighten and my nerves grow more attuned to my wolf form, I smile to myself feeling a great deal better. Newer even, freshly rejuvenated like when I reconnected with my twin...

Delano! I have to go back and apologize for being an ass and ignoring his feelings.

-He has already forgiven us. It's fine but we had to do this, you had to mend with me completely.-

I guess this is the most aware I have been with my wolf and it feels great. I had not noticed how stressed I've become being in that house with that woman.

-Do not think of her, she spoke her feelings, we are fine alone.-

Waiting for more to be said with that statement I couldn't help but feel as though I was missing something. Nothing else was said and I just shrugged it off as the smell of desperation and blood permeated my senses.

I ran into a denser part of the woods but as the smells got stronger, I came across a stone wall. It looked old, like it had been up for years but had no signs that it would fall apart anytime soon.

It seemed never ending as I assessed it closely. I could now smell death, I had to see what was happening on the other side of this wall. Shifting partially into my halfway form, I scaled the wall until I made it to the top. My eyes widened at the sight of the monstrous mountain that looked to be eating a castle.

OK so I'm exaggerating, but the large castle was like one you would see in old vampire movies or something. It was just that big and old fashioned looking from the outside. And now that I have seen the outside I was curious as to what I might find within those walls.

Shifting full wolf I jumped from the thick high wall, dropping some yards to the graveled ground. The rocky terrain stabbed my paws as I landed. I whined briefly in pain before shaking it off and started cautiously towards the castle. I made it to the side of the mountain where there weren't any entrances visible so I stalked around, sniffing until I stood before huge double doors. They looked like red oak if I had to guess but I'm not too familiar with wood types.

I wasn't sure if I should knock, go away, or bust in like the police, luckily one door was yanked open before I even decided.

There before me stood a huge pale male whose crystalline blue eyes bore directly into mine. I felt like he could see into my soul and I suddenly blushed. Good thing I was in wolf form or I'd be embarrassed he could tell. He was really a big guy to be eye level with me. I had to be at least seven feet or so in this form.

He didn't say anything for a long while and I couldn't really read his emotions completely but I did feel some curiosity.

"Let her in Athan, stop being rude."

A velvety female voice sounded from behind him. As he moved to the side he raised a perfectly arched eyebrow and questioned the voice, "you we're expecting...her?"

As to say he didn't believe I was female, I snorted and shifted, surprising him with my naked human form. His other eyebrow joined the other as he swept his hand in a welcome motion, inviting me in. Losing about almost a foot in height, he now towered a few inches over my six foot frame I noted as I proceeded over the threshold into an impressive foyer.

It was brightly lit and really beautifully decorated in rich reds, golds, and blues. Even the shiny gold fleck black marble floor was beautiful. My reflection pulled me out of the awestruck daze I was in and I finally noticed the female at the bottom of a wide staircase that split off into two more. It was the tiny vampire woman from that altercation at Yamasuki's place. Ares Cleymare, if I remember correctly, and I did the moment I seen her large shapely hips.

Her scent also a dead give away, however now that I think about it the male that answered the door smelled similar to her.

"Athan, brother, would you be a dear and release Nicolaus from his cell? He needs to feed before the party." Ares said as she turned her palm up looking to the gold watch face at the center of her light russet brown upturned wrist.

The male, Athan she called him, circled me once slowly, studying me from head to bare toes before answering. He didn't have his sister's coloring but did have the exact shade of golden light brown curly hair framing his face like a halo. He was such a beautiful specimen of a man, almost too perfect to be real, like a Greek God wearing plain clothes. Not a wrinkle in his crisp white dress shirt with gold stitching nor his brown and gold pin striped slacks. On his left foot was a black sock with a gold toe patch and the other foot was bare.

Giggling, I looked up at him, "Did you lose a sock perchance?"

His soft single dimpled smile cracked his blank mask of an expression, though he still held intellectual poise.

"I doubtlessly have. Believe it or not, I greatly favor this pair, though one always happens to go adrift. Athan, naturally."

He stuck out a large hand and I firmly grasped it and lowered my nose to his wrist scenting him closer before shaking it firmly and smiling up at him.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Miss Solis. Hope my sister invites you to join us tonight. If you'll excuse me, I have a sock to find."

I didn't even have to chance to introduce myself but it seems like everyone already knows me. And why did I sniff his wrist? Animal thing I guess.

Athan dematerialized into a dark fog that swept up the stairs and Ares stood in his place before me. She had on a sleeveless gold cocktail dress stopping mid thigh, a black and gold Victorian style overcoat that adorned a single button, clasped beneath her slight bust, and knee high black boots with gold tipped toes and heels.

They didn't quite seem like those typical regal movie vamps but they did have the fancy enough apparel and living space. Ares' golden curls cascaded down her back like a waterfall of sunshine, perfectly matching her clothing color scheme. Now having the pleasure of seeing her eyes that I wasn't able to look upon our first meeting; they were a nearly transparent gold. Such an unusual color they were a bit unnerving, and held the same piercing depth as her brother's.

"What kept you? I actually expected you sooner. Any who come with me, I think we can find something in your size for you to wear tonight."

As she pulled me by the hand up the stairs, I couldn't help but wonder why these vampires wanted me at their party and furthermore what kind of party it might even be. We arrived on the second floor in a large room that looked like a whole condo inside a room, all that was missing was a kitchen.

"Here you can have a bath, Sarah and Nigel will see to you and I'll be back with a choice of clothing." She smiled and left the room, leaving me standing in all my nude glory before these two strangers dressed in white.

The woman, Sarah, reached for my hand and lead me into the bathroom. It was a bath house. There was a massive dark pool sitting in the center of the dimly lit room which seemed to have underwater jets as bubbles were seemingly breaking the calm surface. Sarah and Nigel walked me down to the water and showed me the shallow sides and to my surprise there was some sort of bench there. When they released my hands I walked in further and submerged myself completely into the heavenly insulated depths. The heat of the water easily soothed my overused muscles.

Finally emerging from the water after a little swim, I made my way over to the shallow end where Sarah and Nigel waited for me, both rid of their clothing with their hands clasped behind their backs as if presenting themselves for my inspection.

They rose from the bench and Sarah spoke first, "We are to bathe your body for you, i-if that is ok with you of course." I nodded in acceptance and looked between them.

"Will little old me really need the two of you for such task?" I asked sweetly, sampling their emotions. The bashfulness clearly evident in the way their eyes struggled to hold contact with mine, and the rosey tint of on their faces. There were also a number of fading bruises on their pale slim forms, from hand prints to healing bite marks. The poor dears must be feeding these vampires. It seemed to be true as I held out a hand invitingly causing them to wince slightly. I gave them an endearing smile and possibly answered their silent question.

"I won't bite, unless asked." They shared a puzzled look before starting to ask which gender I preferred and I answered before the rest of the question was asked.

"No gender appeals to me more than the other, honestly. I'm comfortable with whomever is comfortable with me."

The smirk on my lips a little disconcerting to them, "Don't be afraid, really, I'm not a vampire. I don't want to sink my teeth in your inviting flesh."

That seemed to put their minds at ease, they no longer seemed as anxious as they were on our initial meeting. Sarah entered the water and approached me first with soap and a cloth, and then Nigel with shampoo. This will be an interesting experience.


~Delano Solis~

Whenever I'm ready, huh? That took little to no persuasion at all. I wonder why the change of heart?

She had gone out last night and returned this morning with proper fitting clothes for me and Tiffany, though I wasn't so sure we would need them if the journey would be a long one. We might just be in our wolf forms. Eh, no matter it was still a nice gesture, and it was actually felt great to wear proper fitting clothes for once. I decided on a black shirt, a pair of loose grey joggers and a pair of black converse sneakers. A pretty simple and comfortable outfit for the day while I waited on Twin's reconnection.

There isn't much to do without Tiffany but I'm a very patient guy so I'll find something to do.


I had just finished eating lunch and went about cleaning up the kitchen after myself when I felt my Twin let her mental walls down and flood my consciousness with her senses. I was overjoyed with our reconnection but the timing of the events weren't too ideal. The plate in my hands that I had been washing vanished and was replaced by a slim waist and taunt round butt cheeks. In my line a view were a lovely pair of breast tipped with cute little brown nipples. I could feel myself extending my tongue to flick over one of those hardened nipples but it couldn't me because I was not currently with anybody but rather a sink of dishes. There were hands in my hair, massaging my scalp then moving the hair from one side of my neck and a hot tongue and moist lips sucked at the skin there. A wave of pleasure swept through me earning the owner of the mouth on my neck a low moan. I heard glass breaking and felt a sharp pain in my leg, alerting me back to my current state. The momentary displacement of my mind caused me to drop a plate and a piece of the glass struck me in my leg.

"Dammit Tiffany! Don't just override my senses like that, I just cut myself!"

I felt her chuckle before mentally responding back. ' Well at least you weren't chopping anything, then you might've lost a finger tip or two. It's only a small little prick, you'll live. What I have going on is way more interesting than cleaning dishes.'

That it was, though it caught me off guard and I love sharing the sensations of sexual encounters but only when I had a body before me to enjoy as well.

'It has been awhile since you've had a release Lano, just ride this out with me.'

"Not now Tiff. I don't really feel like cumming on myself while I clean."

'Then stop cleaning and cum on someone else.'

Tiffany toyed with my already rising arousal and teased me allowing the soft moans of the female on her lap fill my ears, while she fingered the girl's weeping pussy and squeeze one of her breasts from behind her. The male behind my twin pressed his hardness between her cheeks.

"Enough Tiffany, I mean it."

'Awe come on Lano, just give in. I know your wolf would love a good romp with Yamasuki. I doubt she would resist you, she couldn't resist me.'

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