Twin Popsies


Anna Kournikova was soaking in the warm bathtub holding a glass of wine and listening to the strains of Enya's soothing vocals. When she rose from the tub and looked at her nakedness in the bedroom mirror, she smiled at how sinfully sexy her body was. Supple, smooth, tanned and luscious curves engineered to make any man's jaw dropped.

She was expecting two male visitors. Facing an array of dresses in her closet, she decided to wear the Collette Dinigan sheer light pink georgette to match her Sergio Rossi bare strappy sandals. After she slipped on her undies by Victoria Secret, she started putting on those Lancôme make-up cosmetics and of course her favorite perfume by Estee Lauder. The Enya music ended and Anna played another CD, which was by Jewel.

Just as she had finished her ritual of dressing up, her door bell rang. When she opened the door, her two male visitors were enthralled. They thought they'd seen a goddess before they could say their greetings.

The two young visitors were Russian twins namely Princes Boris and Vladymir Boratsky from Pokiev, Russia. They exchanged greetings and the visitors presented her with wrapped presents. Anna opened the presents excitedly. Boris' gift was a vintage racquet.

"Wow, this is a collector's item!" she exclaimed with raised eyebrows. "Thank you very much Boris" she said kissing him near his full lips. Vlad's gift was also vintage stuff—a violin. "My gosh, I couldn't thank you enough guys. You're all so incredibly sweet. Vlad received a kiss too.

They settled on the sofa and Anna offered them drinks. Anna made Cranilla Martini for Boris, that's 2 ounces of Stoli Vanil vodka, one ounce cranberry juice and garnished with a few cranberries. For Vlad it was Flamingo, gold rum, pineapple juice and dashes of grenadine served with a piece of star fruit and a cherry. She also offered strawberries and cream together with a variety of nuts—hazel, almonds and so on.

The two young visitors were 18 year olds but they looked men enough, ruggedly handsome and their wealthy background were transparent, heavy gold Rolex watches and impeccable suits.

They started chattering in Russian easing out their tension and building up camaraderie.

The drinks opened the guys' feelings and desires. Boris, who was more gregarious than Vladymir began to speak seriously. "Anna, we're more than your avid fans really. We follow you on your every competition. We have pictures of you all over our room. We dream of you all the time. The main reason we tried so hard to meet you and talk to you in person is that we, --we – He turned to Vlady, "Vlad, tell Anna". He elbowed Vladi to speak up.

Vlady hesitated for a moment but Anna encouraged him. "Vlady, c'mon don't keep me hanging on. I know this is something very important for you guys and you want me to hear it, right? Both nodded approvingly.

"Yes," Vlady began to speak. "Anna, Boris and I are still virgins and we'd like to lose it through you-our most precious dream girl. Our uncle wanted to bring us to a bordello but we wanted to lose it by our own choice. We were not really interested in sex until we saw you. The two of us always talk about you at night and we pray to all the gods, from the heavens above and in this earth to let us make love to you.

"Oh dear god, this is an honor! Anna blushed. "I really don't know what to say or how I shall I say it."

"Anna, we studied illustrated sex books and watched a lot of adult films. We thought it's about time we ought to use what we have learned, don't we?"

"Guys, I'm cool about the idea!" Anna sat in the middle of them and put her arms around Boris and Vlady. "To tell you frankly, I am deeply challenged by you guys." The guys' faces broke a grin.

"What do you suggest we do first?"

"We want a sexy tune," chorused the guys.

"Alright, that's fine" Anna went to the CD player and sifted through her collection.

"Oh, here it is and put it on the player. It was French Canadian chanteuse Lara Falouise. This diva flung lines of love with unparalleled passion ("Did I tell you how you live in me/Every waking moment, even in my dreams....")

"Let's play a Harry Potter card game'" suggested Vlady.

"I'm afraid, I don't know that".

"We'll teach you," said the boys.

"Ok, I am game." Anna nodded with obedience. After Vlady told the rules, one rule was added. "Anyone who gets beaten will take off any article of his or her clothing.

"Perfectly understood," Anna said making a thumb up sign nodding cheerfully. "This will certainly be fun!" she shrieked.

"So, let the games begin!" said Boris. Vlady distributed the cards. First loser was Anna, and she removed one earring. Boris came next and he removed his shoes. Vlady lost and slipped off his shoes.

Then Anna got into a series of losses that took away her necklaces, bracelets and shoes. The game became more thrilling when the boys lost their suits, shirts and socks. Later their pants had to go. Anna was euphoric, as her dress was still on while the boys were seen quite anxious.

Eventually Vlady's brief had got to go. He blushed terribly. All of them were giggling. He immediately put a throw pillow to hide his prick. "If you loose again, you have to put that away, Vlady," laughed Anna.

Next loser was Anna, and she cleverly removed her pink thong bikini while seated. Now all that was left to her was her sheer dress and she had no bra. The guys once in a while contemplated on her faint nips pushing underneath her dress and they were very excited as ever. "Uno!" yelled Anna and she won.

"Oh gosh" exclaimed Boris at his loss and he had to completely peel off. He grabbed a throw pillow. "Don't be shy, be man enough to show your tool of trade," teased Anna. Soon both of them have to do away with the throw pillows and exposed their pricks. They stood and their erections were saluting.

"Do your dicks have the same sizes?" Anna was curious.

"They're identical as our faces" Vladi said.

"I'm sorry guys, your dicks don't measure up to my standard." Then Anna turned her back on them and went to the bar.

Boris and Vladi faced each other perplexed. "It's six and half man and it's small for her? Boris muttered to Vladi. "I told you man, it ain't gonna work" said Vladi.

"Excuse me?" Anna came back. "What was that I'm hearing about?"

The boys stammered and before they could utter a sensible answer their dicks deflated and reduced to mere three inches.

Anna put her hand on her lips and tried to contain a giggle that burst into laughter. "Guys, I'm just joking," said the still giggling Anna. "I have no standard on dicks." In fact, your dicks are so cute, I like 'em small. I really don't go for those stud sizes."

Anna approached their dicks and her hands held each of them. "They are really cute and I love them" She knelt down and gave each dick butterfly kisses until they grew like batons. Then she stood up. "Now I have to take off my dress so we can proceed to the next game!'

When Anna's dress dropped on the floor, the boys' dicks perked up like soldiers on a drill parade.

"With those attentive dicks, I believe you guys would learn faster."

"You really think so, ma'am," the twins chorused. "Yeah! and don't ma'am me, I am not old enough to be your mommy, just old enough to give you the fuck of your lives."

"Now shall we begin? Lesson number 1 is you have to learn to kiss me. Who's first?"

"Alphabetically, I should be first," Boris said.

"But I'm 5 minutes older than you Boris," protested Vladi.

"Don't worry gentleboys, I'm fair and since you are twins I'll treat you equally.

"Ok, you can go ahead Vladi'. Boris edged out a bit to give him the way.

"You must remember this Vladi, nobody can be a good lover if he doesn't regard women as a) people b) equals." Vladi nodded.

"Now Vlad give me a kiss." Their lips met, and kissed for 30 seconds. "That's good enough said Anna. Now, it's your turn Boris. He gave Anna a passionate kiss that lasted more than 30 seconds. "That's good also. "I see, you learn faster.

"There are two types of kisses: the lip and tongue kisses. The latter belongs to the second level and we'll take that up later."

"Lesson number 2, When kissing a woman, remember we have two mouths to be kissed, one up here and the other one is of course here," she said pointing to her pussy.

"Kisses can be put anywhere on the body, they can be given with lips, tongue, penis, labia or eyelashes—mouth kisses range from a mere touch to the kiss a la cannibale which leaves a bruise.

"Lesson number 3. Move on to make a carpet of flowers by covering my body with close kisses. You next Vladi. Now I would lie down on the bed. Remember this, if you haven't kiss my mouth, shoulders, neck, breasts, armpits, fingers, palms, toes, soles, navel, genitals and earlobes, you haven't really kissed me: it is no trouble to fill in the gaps for completeness and make a touching compliment.

Go ahead Vladi kiss me anywhere you want."

Vladi started on the toes. When it was Boris' turn he started in her eyelids.

"Remember you can use your eyelids too to kiss nipples, lips, and skin. Don't you also forget this: Tenderness, touching and being together are as much 'real sex' as vaginal intercourse.

An hour had passed and Anna got up and announced the end of the lesson. "Now if you'll excuse me gentleboys, our lesson is finished for today. We'll meet again tomorrow for the next lessons. Meeting place will be at my boat, anchored at the south beach and I'll give you my address.

The boys' frustrations could be seen on their faces. Nevertheless, they felt very happy.

"We'll take each step at the time, you understand?"

"We understand perfectly well Anna." The boys were well-behaved.

"You also have to practice restraint. Remember you're going to taste good pussy here, not a whore's pussy. So let's wrap it up for tonight and get those swords back into their sheaths. We'll see tomorrow at my boat. Here's my address. Be there before 12 pm. I'll be there waiting for you."

The boys wore back their suits and said goodbye, checking out once more Anna's plump female center, not quite hidden by her trimmed honey-colored bush as they went to the door. The two boys kissed Anna, waved their good-byes and piled into their Porche Jetta. Finally the car roared out of her driveway.

"Man I can't wait to taste her pussy and enter it, Vlad. What do you think?"

"I am still hard as stone, just hearing you talk that way. I can't get her out of my mind.

"Me either. Would you like to park somewhere and let's jerk off?

"Restraint man, you gotta practice that. Behave."

"Would you?"

"No, let's jerk off".

It was 11:30 am when the twin brothers arrived at the South Beach in their Porche Jetta. From the boat Anna immediately saw them. She called out aloud and waved at them appearing like an infatuated teen-ager seeing her cute crush. The twins wore dark glasses. Boris was wearing multi-hued striped shirt, denim jeans and Adidas sneakers and Vladi in Fasconable white chinos, chambray shirt, and deck shoes. When they climbed aboard the yacht, Anna welcomed them with open arms. She toured them on the boat and introduced them to Akira, her handyman and shipkeeper.

"Akira, these are my cousins Boris And Vladymir".

"Welcome aboard, sirs," Akira said happily.

"We'll go now to my beach house in Santa Barbara not far away from here." There we'll have our lunch. Akira is preparing Paella shrimps."

"C'mon guys lets have a drink" Anna led them to the cabin. Inside, the two guys were lustful of Anna, wearing a cut-off waistband Tommy jeans and a beige fringe pointelle halter top. The pilot was Kevin, a very discreet and amiable old man.

Inside the cabin, Anna began picking up with the lesson. "Now before we begin to Lesson no. 4, kiss me guys for the warm up and review. Boris kissed her lips, his hands caressed her back. Vlad began touching her butt and kissing her shoulders. Then the two guys carried Anna off to bed.

"Remember the carpet kisses? Do it to me." Vlad kissed her face, lips, earlobe neck and shoulders. The smell of Chanel 5 perfume and her body's natural scent made a confusion on Vad's feelings whether he was falling in love or just feeling so eager for a sexual experience. Anna was becoming exhilarated at their amateur moves.

"Guys, stop for a moment, we are moving to Lesson number 4. This is about tenderness. What it implies at root is a constant awareness of what your partner is feeling, plus the knowledge of how to heighten that feeling, gently, toughly, slowly or fast, and this only comes from an inner state of mind. Men are too much in hurry to get lower down. Please take time. Now I don't mean you're not doing well, in fact you are both good students. Anna's pussy was eager now. But the guys were not touching it yet. They were really taking their time. Soon the boat's engine came alive and they were off to the blue yonder.

"Guys, you've passed the four lessons. Now we'll take a recess and go to Akira while I change my clothes. You can also change into swimwear."

Anna changed into a Galliano Paris's two piece swim suit that drew a mouthful of wows from the two.

At the topside, the boys marveled at the sea and talked with Akira about big fishes. There they suddenly became boys again sharing their adventures. The two boys were now in their board shorts.

The boat entered a cove and it was like a paradise lagoon. They jumped from the boat and swam. The trio made their laps in the turquoise ocean. They also frolicked in the water to their hearts delight until exhaustion.

Lunch prepared by Akira was very good, all shrimp paella with black olives.

The boys took their showers in the boat's guest cabin while Anna took hers inside her cabin. She emerged wearing a tank top and crotch-hugging shorts by Tommy 4 U.

Evening approached and they pitched a tent on the beach. Outside the tent, they set a bonfire. Akira had gone back for some supplies. It was going to be an overnight stay here on the beach and the boys were excited of what's in store for the night. The trio became buddy buds. They played tricks, games and soon their romantic inclinations were lit.

Vlad, strummed a guitar and tried to carry a tune by Robbie Williams' 'Better Man.' Anna reposed on Boris raised left knee. She was wearing a printed cotton summer dress with a peasant ribbon on the neckline. Vlad felt the intimacy growing between Anna and Boris as they exchanged little kisses. Boris hand was caressing her hair touching the slope of her shoulder and arms. When he untied the neckline ribbon and softly entered his hands underneath to reach over her breast, Vlad felt he shouldn't be left out. Vladi set aside the guitar and sat next to Anna. He touched her supple thighs gently. Anna put her hand on Vladi's head. Vladi took her hand and kissed it, his lips travelling up her arm. Boris hand was now under her dress, rolling a nipple and slightly twitching it. Vladi couldn't help it. His hand slowly crept inside her dress and nervously inched his way to her most private domain. However, he paused at midway, and started kissing her thighs moving upward until Anna felt his breath against the lace crotch of her panties. Boris was wrapped on her lips fondling and kneading her breasts through her dress. Anna was enraptured.

"Why don't we go now inside the tent?" suggested Anna.

"What lesson are we in now, Anna? Asked Vladi. "The test to your limit" Anna answered.

The silhouettes of the trio outside the tent were a voyeur's delight – Anna was sliding off her dress while her boytoys were touching her body. Looking at Anna's totally nude body, the boys stripped their clothing and their hard dicks sprang like javelins.

Vladi pressed his body against Anna and kissed her lovingly. Boris stood behind her and brushed his lips along her neck, shoulders travelling down to her butt and on the inner thighs as he lowered himself down. Then he stood back and grabbed his dick and rubbed it along the division of her butt cheeks. Vladi hooked up her right thigh around his waist and his dick pressing against hers became an instrument to rub her clit while Boris' dick rubbed her vulva. It was an intoxicating joy.

Soon the boys laid Anna down. Each took half of her body and covered them with kisses top to bottom. Anna closed her eyes and savored the sensation of their kisses and nibbling and her wetness was evident. Soon Vladi's fingers went to Anna's pussy, twirled and tugged her pubic hair up and spread the lips so Boris's can gently explore it with his fingers. Then together they spread the outer lips and with their other hands, each forefinger run along from the lower to upper part of the lip, as though tracing one side of the parenthesis. The forefingers met above the clit hood and made slight rotations over to feel its hardening. Feeling the juice drenching their fingers Vladi entered his finger inside her vulva feeling the warm smoothness and wetness inside. Boris tried to enter also his finger until both fingers were jostling inside. A little later the twins ran their tongue along the lips and wiggled at the top of the clit. Anna's eye rolled inside its sockets and she was overwhelmingly delirious. Feeling one tongue inside her vulva and the other running around her clit was equally intense too. Moreover each of their hands was molding and squeezing her breasts. Anna's face was a picture of indescribable ecstasy as she blasted to an orgasm.

Seeing Anna's face was a mask of pleasure, Boris became more inflamed. Anna moved some pillows beneath her butt and soon as she's settled Boris entered her. Her warm moist pussy gripping tightly around Boris' dick drove him wild thrusting like he knew what he was doing. Vladi sucked her breasts alternately kissing her lips with relish. Anna reached for Vladi's cock and stroke it. Vladi drew away his lips and Anna took his cock in his mouth. Boris groaned as he neared his climax. Vladi continued playing her clit pushing her pleasure to the max as Boris filled her cunt. Soon she shuddered and the boys sensed her orgasm causing a trigger effect on their orgasms too. So the two boys ejected their wad and Anna's mouth became frothed with Vladi's semen while Boris mingled his with her cunt juice.

The three walked to the shore and wade through the water. The water was warm and they took to swimming and just floated on the water looking up the full moon and savoring this outdoor rendezvous. Back inside the tent after they have toweled dried themselves, they lay down on their big inflatable mattress. The two boys snuggled Anna between their bodies. They were warm and Anna was in cloud nine. It didn't take long for Anna to feel their cocks grew hard again. She held them both and stroked them with as much proficiency she could render.

After a moment Anna rolled on her tummy then lifted herself up on her hands and knees. Vladi moved to her behind and licked her backdoor pussy. Boris knelt before her and his cock slid into her mouth. Anna's mouth also reached his nutsack, nibbled his balls and took each in her mouth before sliding back to his cock. Boris face tightened and heaved at the rich pleasure engulfing his cock. Vladi eased his cock into her pussy and began pounding her, spreading her ass cheeks and slapping them as he had recalled in those adult movies he had seen. Once in a while he would reach her clit and toy it as he pumped into her sopping pussy.

Boris took the adventurous route and slid beneath Anna's body and replaced Vladi's cock with his. Vladi's throbbing dick tried her arse hole and ever so gently pushed it inside. Soon both her orifices were occupied by the twins and Anna screamed at the mixture of pain and pleasure. But the submission was worth the experience and the orgasm was a double whammy.

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