tagIncest/TabooTwin Seduction Ch. 04

Twin Seduction Ch. 04


On the way home from the twin's house, Lindsey disclosed her crazy idea about blackmailing Mr. Green. Lindsey explained to Kim that a hidden camera in her purse recorded everything that happened. The tape contained footage of Lindsey and Kim taking off all of their clothes and getting intimate with Mr. Green.

Shy, innocent Kim became alarmed because Lindsey's purse was still at Bob and Brent's house. She was afraid of what might happen if the tape fell into the wrong hands. Upon their arrival at school the next day, Lindsey and Kim immediately tracked down Brent. When they caught up with him, he was holding a large brown paper bag.

Kim asked, "What's in the bag?"

Brent replied, "Your purse. You didn't expect me to just carry it out in the open did you?"

Kim replied, "Actually, its Lindsey's purse."

Brent handed Lindsey the bag containing her purse. Brent went on to tell the girls that when he got home the night before, his father had already left to attend a business function. His father put the purse on the dresser in Brent's bedroom. Brent said there was a note with the purse stating that the girls stopped by and one of them accidentally left without their purse. Brent was instructed to return the purse at school.

Lindsey asked, "Did you look inside of the purse?"

Brent replied, "No, why? Is there a lot of money inside?"

Lindsey replied, "No, just girl stuff."

Kim added, "Unless you put five thousand dollars inside!"

Brent said, "Sorry, you need to have sex with a certain member of my family to earn that money."

The girls laughed and said, "We almost did!"

Brent asked, "How? My brother wasn't even home last night."

The girls just laughed harder and said, "Never mind."

Lindsey and Kim left with the purse safely in their possession. After school, the girls charged over to Lindsey's house, went into her bedroom and hooked up the tape so they could watch their little performance. The girls were disappointed because, although every bit of their nudity was recorded in its entirety, Mr. Green was always off camera. There was nothing linking the girls' behavior with Mr. Green.

However, Lindsey and Kim were shocked to find additional footage caught on the tape. Apparently, Mr. Green put the purse in Brent's bedroom right after Lindsey and Kim left, then quickly departed for his business function. The camera continued recording. When eighteen-year-old Brent came home, he was alone with his twenty-two-year-old stepmother. The tape revealed that Mrs. Green couldn't be trusted any more that Mr. Green.

Brent was watching TV in his bedroom when Mrs. Green entered the room wearing the same short, tight dress she had on before Lindsey and Kim left earlier that evening. Mrs. Green told Brent she was having a little trouble with the zipper and asked if he could help. Brent obliged, then stretched out on his bed and continued watching TV. Instead of leaving the room, she took a seat on top of Brent's desk and appeared to be interested in the TV show Brent was watching.

Mrs. Green casually placed one of her feet up on the desk chair in front of her, then slipped her hands under the hem of the short dress she was wearing. She began to roll down the thigh-high stockings she was wearing. As she slowly slid the first stocking down the smooth thigh of her right leg, the hem of her dress was accidentally hiked up high enough to reveal her little white panties. From her perch atop the desk, her panties were at Brent's eye level. They both pretended to continue watching TV, but Brent was well aware of the sight he was able to behold.

Finally, Mrs. Green pulled the stocking from her tiny foot and her well manicured, painted toes were freed from the nylon material. Mrs. Green lifted her other leg and began to roll down the second thigh-high stocking. Her panties were still showing as she leaned forward to slide the stocking further down her leg. With the back of her dress unzipped, the sleeves slid down Mrs. Green's arms. An ample amount of cleavage was exposed between her large breasts, which were contained in a lacey white bra. At this point, Brent didn't know if his stepmother was trying to tease him or if she just didn't realize what she was doing. Either way he was enjoying the show.

When she pulled the second stocking off, the top of her dress fell all the way down her arms. Mrs. Green's long tan legs were on display as well as her white lacey bra. Brent still pretended to concentrate on the TV show, but it was obvious that the teenaged boy's interest was really directed towards his scantly clad stepmother. Lindsey started getting excited watching the action on the video. Kim heard a pop and looked over to see Lindsey pushing down her tight jeans.

Kim asked, "What are you doing?"

Lindsey replied, "Just getting comfortable."

Kim added, "But you're not wearing any underwear."

Lindsey said, "Well, if it bothers you, I'll try to cover myself."

Acting as if she was trying to hide her nudity, Lindsey placed a hand over her fire red bush and slid a finger between her legs in the process. Lindsey and Kim turned their attention back to the TV screen, but Lindsey's finger remained inside of her. As Lindsey observed Mrs. Green's panties on the screen, she looked over and noticed that the hem of Kim's little plaid schoolgirl skirt had also ridden up. Kim's thin pink panties were showing and there appeared to be a little moist spot on the front of them. Apparently Kim was also getting excited.

Mrs. Green suddenly stood up and looked over at Brent. She saw the bulge in Brent's pants and said that it probably wasn't a good idea for her to stand there in front of Brent with her dress open. Mrs. Green told Brent that she was going to go in the other room and take her clothes off.

When Mrs. Green left the room, Lindsey and Kim thought the show was over. However, Brent stood up, pulled his T-shirt off, dropped his pants and underwear, then returned to the bed. His eight inches of rock-hard manhood was sticking up and it was all caught on tape for Lindsey and Kim to enjoy.

Kim looked over at Lindsey and said, "Wow! This is making me feel all tingly."

Lindsey turned to Kim and in a quiet, soft voice said, "Well, maybe I can make you feel even better."

Lindsey began to unbuttoned Kim's blouse. As each button was opened, more and more of Kim's bra covered breasts came into view. Lindsey pushed the blouse down Kim's arms and Kim did nothing to stop her. Lindsey then reached behind and unhooked Kim's bra. Kim's blouse and bra were now on the floor next to Lindsey's jeans. Kim's naked perky breasts were now out in the open.

Kim was sitting on the bed and Lindsey took a seat on Kim's lap. The girls were facing each other. Lindsey's bare pussy was rubbing against Kim's thigh. Kim could feel Lindsey's wetness against her leg. Lindsey used her fingers to make soft caressing circles over Kim's puffy pink nipples. They became hard and erect.

Kim moaned, "Mmm, that feels good."

Lindsey said, "Well then don't be selfish. Do it for me, too!"

Lindsey pulled her T-shirt off and removed her bra. Lindsey was now totally nude and returned to Kim's lap. The girls began exploring each other's firm young breasts. As the girls touched one-another, they glanced over at the TV to find Brent completely naked and beginning to stroke himself.

Lindsey looked into Kim's eyes and softly said, "We can do that to each other, too."

Kim said, "I don't know. Do you think we should?"

Lindsey replied, "I think we should give it a try and see if we like it."

The young girls stood up and Kim slowly unzipped her short schoolgirl skirt. The skirt fell to the floor leaving Kim standing there in just her thin pink panties. The shadow of Kim's brunette pussy hair was visible through the flimsy material of her panties.

Kim paused and said in an embarrassed tone, "I still don't know."

Lindsey said, "Nonsense," then hooked her thumbs inside the waistband of Kim's panties and slid them down her legs.

Except for Kim's little white cotton socks, both of the sweet teenaged girls were completely naked. Lindsey caressed Kim's smooth firm butt and even ran a finger up and down the crack of Kim's nice young ass. Next, they took a step back, faced each other and gazed at each other's youthful body. Kim surveyed her redheaded friend's firm breasts and the pretty patch of hair between Lindsey's legs. Kim did nothing to hide her nudity as Lindsey looked over the brunette's medium sized breasts and perfectly trimmed pussy hair.

Lindsey moved forward and started raking her fingernails through Kim's brunette bush before inserting a finger inside of Kim's pussy. The girls slowly moved to the bed, then Lindsey took Kim's finger and show Kim where to place it. As the girls worked their fingers in and out of each other's pussies, they watched Brent stroke himself on the TV screen.

Suddenly, Mrs. Green returned to Brent's bedroom wearing only her tiny white bra and panty set. Brent jumped up and his ridged penis stood out like a missile. Brent and his stepmother paused for a moment and stared at each other. Brent could see his stepmother's nipples through the lacey material of her bra while Mrs. Green focused on the teenager's hard member.

Mrs. Green finally spoke and said, "I was going to ask you to unhook my bra, but if your busy…"

Brent replied, "No, I was just changing clothes. Let me put my pants on and I'll help you out."

His stepmother said, "Don't bother with your pants. This will only take a second."

Brent fumbled with the bra as he stood behind his stepmother. Mrs. Green could feel Brent's rock-hard manhood pressing against her panty covered butt. After the bra was unhooked, Mrs. Green turned around and let the bra fall to the floor. Her big boobies were out in the open right in front of Brent and he loved the view. It made him even harder. Mrs. Green looked down at her large breasts, then looked up at Brent.

She slyly said, "Oops. I accidentally let my bra fall off. Now you can see my bare titties! I'd better cover up before we get into trouble."

Mrs. Green half-heartedly placed her hands over her big boobs. She was teasing Brent to the extreme. As Mrs. Green stood there wearing only her little white panties, Brent asked if he could touch her breasts. She said that it wouldn't be a good idea, but Brent persisted. Mrs. Green stood there for a minute deciding what to do. While she thought about it, she continued to stare at Brent's throbbing hard penis.

Brent's penis was right in front of the camera. As his young rigid manhood filled the screen, Lindsey and Kim continued to thrust their fingers inside of each other. The girls also began to caress one another's breasts with their free hands, and they even gave each other a passionate kiss.

Back on the TV screen, Mrs. Green dropped her hands and said to Brent, "Since part of your inheritance was used to pay for these, I guess you should be allowed to touch 'em."

Brent said, "You mean they're not real?"

His stepmother replied, "No. I guess your father didn't think they were big enough before. Oh well, it's his money."

As Brent massaged her bare chest, he said, "Well they sure feel real!"

Brent's hands strayed from his stepmother's breasts and slid down to her panties. He swiftly yanked them down her legs and tossed them to the side.

Mrs. Green put her hands between her legs in an attempt to hide her nudity and said, "No Brent, this is where I draw the line."

Brent said, "Wait a minute. It looked like you didn't have any hair down there."

His stepmother replied, "You mean you've never seen a shaved pussy before?"

Brent said, "Um, no. Can I just have a peek at yours?"

Mrs. Green said, "Well I guess that'd be okay. But just a look!"

Mrs. Green dropped her arms to her sides. Her bare pussy was totally exposed for Brent to observe. Brent got down right in front of his stepmother. He studied every inch of her smooth hairless beaver.

Mrs. Green asked, "Do you like what you see?"

Brent replied, "You bet!"

Then, without warning, Brent reached out with his tongue and began to lick his stepmother down between her legs. Mrs. Green told him to stop, but actually spread her legs to give Brent better access to her nicely shaved beaver. Eventually Mrs. Green couldn't take it anymore and instructed Brent to touch it and feel it. Brent loved the feeling of her smooth moist love-hole. He dipped his fingers inside of her while continuing to lick the upper portion of her exposed pussy-lips. Mrs. Green began to moan as tense feelings began to build inside of her.

Finally, Mrs. Green said to Brent, "I can't take it anymore. I want you now."

Mrs. Green instructed Brent to lay down on the bed. She climbed on top of Brent and straddled him. After Mrs. Green inserted Brent inside of her, she began to move up and down, as she remained straddled in front of Brent. Brent watched intensely as his stepmother's boobs bounced up and down in front of him with each thrust.

She began screaming, "Yes, Yes, Yes!"

As Brent's love-muscle moved in and out of his stepmother on the TV screen, Lindsey and Kim's fingers continued to stroke each other's young, tight pussies. Tense feelings were now building inside of the girl's tender bodies, too. Everyone was reaching the point of no return. Mrs. Green was about to cum. Brent was about to cum. Lindsey was about to cum. Kim was about to cum. Then it happened. The tape came to an end!

"Damn!" yelled Lindsey, "We missed the climax!"

Kim blurted out, "Please, don't stop what you're doing. I don't want to miss my climax!"

Their firm little bodies stiffened and they began to shake as each girl experienced a powerful orgasm. The girls continued to moan in ecstasy with their fingers still deep inside of each other. Suddenly Lindsey's bedroom door swung wide open.

Lindsey's dad walked in and said, "Dinner's ready."

Everyone froze and no one knew what to do next. Lindsey's dad just stood there and took a long look at the naked little girls. They were too shocked and embarrassed to even hide themselves from his hungry eyes.

Finally he said, "Well, that's one way to avoid teen pregnancies."

He then turned around and left the room. Lindsey and Kim giggled, then hugged and gave each other a big wet kiss before getting dressed. Their friendship had reached a new level!

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