tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTwin Seduction Ch. 05

Twin Seduction Ch. 05


Bob was the class president and Ashley, a five-foot-five-inch blonde with a killer body, was the treasurer. She was also the captain of the cheerleader squad. Ashley's thirty-four year old mother was just as beautiful as Ashley was, with a killer body of her own. Ashley and her mother were not very wealthy, but they were very close.

When Ashley's single mother found out about the $5,000 offer for video proof of Bob having sex, she decided that Ashley should go for it. Ashley's mom felt that $5,000 was a lot of money for a teenaged girl and it was about time a girl got something for her trouble. When she overheard Ashley innocently invite Bob over to review the class finances, she decided that it would give Ashley a good opportunity to claim the prize money.

Ashley's mom was going to hide a video camera and record all of the evening's activities. She figured that given the opportunity, Ashley would be able to entice Bob. Knowing that Ashley was naïve about boys, her mom felt that Ashley would need a little help. She came up with a plan to tease Bob by imposing a few awkward situations on her daughter. However, she was going to make sure that everything appeared accidental and unintentional.

When Bob arrived, Ashley wasn't home. Ashley's mom answered the door and Bob couldn't believe what he saw. There stood Ashley's beautiful blonde mom wearing nothing but a short, thin white robe. Her nipples were visible through the thin cotton fabric.

Bob mumbled, "Hello Miss Roberts. I'm here to see Ashley."

Ashley's mom said, "You must be Bob. I'm sorry for the way I'm dressed. I was trying to straighten up the place before you arrived. I didn't know you'd be here so soon."

Bob stammered, "Well then, maybe I should come back later."

She said, "Don't be silly. Come on in and have a seat on the couch. Ashley had to attend an unexpected cheerleader function this evening, but she should be home very soon."

Bob sat down on the couch and watched as Ashley's mom finished cleaning the room. Bob had a side view of her breasts as they swayed back and forth while she leaned over to dust the end table. Next, Ashley's mom reached high to dust the bookshelf in front of Bob. When she did, the hem of her short robe rode up exposing most of her bare ass to Bob. He was shocked to discover that she had nothing on under the robe! Bob couldn't believe what a perfect firm butt Ashley's mom had.

Ashley's mom took a long time dusting the shelf, then turned around and caught Bob looking at her. She just smiled as Bob's face turned red. Next she began vacuuming. As she bent over to get under a chair that was across the room from Bob, she kept her legs straight so that the robe would ride up high again, giving Bob another look at her bare buns. Finally she turned around and leaned forward to vacuum under the coffee table right in front of Bob. He was looking straight down the gaping robe at her bare breasts. He began breathing hard as Ashley's mom made no attempt to hide her nakedness.

When Ashley's mom finished cleaning, she put everything in the hall closet, which was in plain view of Bob. As she closed the door, she purposely got her robe stuck inside. When she stepped away, the door tugged against the robe and pulled it completely open, right in front of Bob.

"Oops, my robe came apart," said Ashley's mom as Bob took a good look at her full, round breasts and soft blonde bush.

Miss Roberts took her time freeing her robe and closing the front of it. She enjoyed the attention Bob was giving her. She finally told Bob that she needed to change into some regular clothes and headed for the bedroom. Bob was left sitting there with a tent pole in his pants as Ashley entered the apartment. She was wearing her South High cheerleader outfit. It was a one-piece white jumper dress with a big red "S" on the front. Bob loved the way she looked in the short little outfit.

As Ashley sat down on the couch next to Bob, her mom came into the room wearing a short denim dress with snaps all the way down the front. Miss Roberts spotted a dust-rag on the floor that she forgot to put away. Her dress so short that when she bent over to pick up the dust-rag, Bob could see her little white panties peeking out from underneath.

Bob and Ashley quickly finished reviewing the books. They were about to watch TV when Ashley's mom came in carrying a dress. She told Ashley that she wanted to finish making the dress for the school dance next week and asked Ashley to try it on.

Ashley said, "Now?'

Her mom replied, "Yes. It won't take long."

Ashley slipped the dress over her head and her mom tried to zip it up, but it was too tight. Ashley's mom told her to take off her cheerleading outfit so that she could get a better fit.

Ashley asked, "Right here? In front of Bob?"

Ashley's mom replied, "Oh, don't be such a prude. Just turn your back to him and he won't be able to see anything."

Ashley whispered, "But mom, I'm not wearing a bra!"

Bobs ears perked up because he'd hear what Ashley as her mom chuckled and replied, "Don't worry about it. Just take it off."

Ashley stepped out of the little cheerleader outfit forgetting that there was a large mirror across the room. As she slowly stepped into the dress, Bob observed her perky breasts from the reflection in the mirror. Finally she turned around displaying the dress for her mom and Bob.

Her mom said, "I guess you do need to wear a bra with this dress. Your nipples are showing right through this thin material. What do you think Bob?"

Ashley shouted, "Mother!'

Then Ashley's mom added, "I think you need to take off those dark panties, too. You can see them right through the dress."

Ashley whispered, "But mom, these go with the cheerleader outfit. I'm not wearing any panties underneath them!"

Her mom said, "Don't worry about it. Just reach underneath the dress and pull them down. Bob won't be able to see anything."

Ashley blushed as she reached under the dress and slid the cheerleader trunks down her legs. She was embarrassed because she was standing there in front of Bob and he knew that she wasn't wearing anything under the dress. Then to add to Ashley's embarrassment, she had Ashley stand on a chair so that her mother could pin the hem up shorter. With the light behind her, Bob could see right through the white dress.

Ashley's mom lifted the hem of the dress to put a pin in. When she did, she lifted the hem high enough to expose Ashley's pussy for Bob. Ashley had just shaved the night before, so her pussy was nice and smooth.

Ashley's mom pointed between Ashley's legs and asked, "When did you start doing that?"

Ashley turned around and said, "Mother please! You're embarrassing me."

Ashley's mom was still holding onto the hem of the dress, so when she turned around, Bob could see Ashley's bare bottom. As Ashley's mom bent over to put pins in the dress, Bob also had a clear view of Miss Robert's see-through panties. Then she let go of the dress and began examining the sides.

Ashley's mom said, "I guess I'll have to take in the sides a little to make up for your little breasts."

Ashley shouted, "Little? They're bigger than yours!"

With that, Ashley's mom reached behind Ashley, unzipped the dress and let it fall to the floor. Ashley was mortified, as she was left standing in front of Bob completely naked. She tried to wrap an arm across her chest and placed a hand over her pussy, but there was still plenty of skin showing.

Miss Roberts turned to Bob and said, "Do her breasts look bigger than mine?"

Ashley said, "Well, give him something to look at!"

With that statement, Ashley reached over and tugged on her mother's short dress. All of the snaps popped open exposing her bra-less titties for Bob to gaze at. She didn't put up much of a fight as Ashley pulled her dress all the way off. Miss Roberts was left standing there in just her white see-through panties. Her neatly trimmed blonde bush was visible under the thin material.

Miss Roberts motioned for Bob to stand up. Ashley giggled because Bob looked like he was hiding a flagpole in his pants. Ashley's mom placed one of Bob's hands on her breast and the other on Ashley's breast.

She said, "Go ahead. Rub 'em, squeeze 'em, caress 'em then decide which is bigger. But please take your time."

After Bob massaged them for awhile, Ashley's mom said, "If you can't make up your mind, you should try kissing them."

Bob leaned forward and put his mouth on Ashley's breast. He started kissing and sucking, then moved his tongue around caressing her nipple.

She began to moan, and then her mom pulled Bob over to her breast and said, "Mama's turn!"

Ashley just stood there, naked and frustrated as Bob worked on her mother's breast.

Ashley said, "If you can't decide on our breasts, why don't you check out our butts!"

Ashley's mom said, "Good idea, " and pushed her panties down to the floor.

Ashley and her mom stood side by side as Bob began caressing their beautiful, firm butts. He ran his hands all over their smooth skin, then softly moved his fingers up and down the cracks of their asses. Ashley and her mom looked at each other, then in unison bent forward allowing Bob greater access to their bare butts. Finally Ashley and her mom led Bob to the couch and sat down on each side him.

Miss Roberts said, "It is time for the final test. Hair or no hair."

She placed one of Bob's hands on her neatly trimmed pussy and the other on her daughter's smooth snatch. Bob worked his fingers in and out of their wet pussies until Miss Roberts was worked up into a frenzy. She told Bob that she couldn't take it anymore and pulled down his pants. Bob was pointing up like a rocket as Ashley's mom climbed on Bob's lap and inserted his manhood inside of her.

After only one good stroke, Ashley pushed her mom off of Bob and said, "My turn!"

Ashley stretched out on the couch. Bob climbed on top of her and Ashley guided him inside of her. As he moved in and out of Ashley, Miss Roberts stood in front of Bob and forced him to lick her pussy. Bob came in no time, but Ashley's mom forced Bob to continue licking her until she reached an explosive orgasm.

They laid there for a while, then Miss Roberts went to the kitchen and returned with some sodas. Bob put his pants on, but Ashley and her mom remained in the nude. Their pussies glistened as they sat and casually drank the beverages. Finally, Bob had to leave and the two naked women walked him to the door. They each kissed him on the cheek and goodbye.

After Bob walked out the door, Ashley looked at her mom and said, "If only I had taped this. I could have gotten $5,000!"

Ashley's mom pointed to the camera on the bookshelf and said, "I'm way ahead of you."

Ashley and her mom couldn't wait to watch the video. They connected the camera to the TV and pressed the play button. The TV screen was blank. After a few minutes, Ashley and her mom realized that something was terribly wrong.

Ashley turned to her mom and asked, "You did turn the camera on, didn't you?"

Ashley's mother replied, "Yes, I mean I think so. Oh no, I didn't!"

There was a long pause, then Ashley's mom looked at Ashley and said, "Don't tell anyone about this. There's already enough dumb blonde jokes out there!"

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