tagIncest/TabooTwin Summer Ch. 05

Twin Summer Ch. 05


Lorna and Laura are my cousins. At nearly 19, they are slightly younger than me, but taller and look that little bit older. They are identical twins and use the fact they are identical unmercifully on anyone who cannot tell them apart. They have an evil sense of humour and when I was younger, I used to be a victim of their games. So it was with some reserve that I agreed to go and stay on the farm this summer.

In the past, the twins had been so engrossed with each other, that I felt it was difficult for anyone else to join in their fun. In a funny way, the day Rick came to visit changed our relationship and we are now really good pals. I have been let into their sanctum and the clique of two has now become a clique of three -- and well three girls can have a lot of fun.

I had arrived at the farm in the evening and my Uncle John and Aunt Lucy with my cousin Alice were there to greet me. It was about 6pm and really warm and wouldn't get dark for hours. Lucy suggested a swim to freshen up and I thought the idea was brilliant as I was feeling a little tacky after the journey in my little old car.

The farmhouse is pretty old and has been in the family for centuries. It has thick stone walls and beamed ceilings. Alice took me upstairs and showed me my room, which was next door to the twins. It was in the east wing of the house and we climbed an old spiral staircase to get there, as it was a long way round by the main stairs. I was to share a bathroom with them.

"I hope you can cope with the noise." Said Alice "My sisters were put up here so that the rest of us would escape from them!"

I thought that my worst fears were being confirmed. The silly noisy twins who only thought about each other -- oh well, at least Alice was human and I could spend time with her if Laura and Lorna were a pain. Alice was blonde like the twins, and had the sweetest smile. She would be going to university soon - a bright kid.

The bedroom was rather nice, with ancient oak panelling and a beautiful four poster bed which must have been as nearly as old as the house. The rest of the furniture was antique and ornate and the room smelt of beeswax and lavender. On the walls hung Victorian water colours of the farm and the woods and rivers around. There was a second door in the room that led through to the main part of the house, but it lead to John's dressing room and then through to John and Lucy's bedroom, so it was not really a route to use.

Alice helped me unpack my things into a ancient chest of draws that she said dated back to her great-great-great grandmother's time. Part of her wedding dowry, she explained, as was the wardrobe and dressing table with its enormous mirror.

Alice chose a blue bikini for me and then left as I stripped off and started to put it on, admiring my petite, but well-formed body in the mirror. It was still very girlish, but the curves around my hips were beginning to form and the swelling of my breasts was definitely greater than a year ago. "Slow starter." I thought.

I grabbed a towel and went downstairs and out to the pool where the others were gathering. Alice had also changed and was already in the pool. John and Lucy were sitting at a round table and enjoying a glass of cool rosé. They invited me to join them and I realised how thirsty I had become. I accepted a glass and then went and asked Alice how the water was.

It was at this point that Lorna and Laura arrived. They were wearing identical white miniskirts and pink bikini tops. The pair had been bronzed in the sun, their miniskirts were grass stained and their hair a mess with pieces of grass sticking in it. John chuckled and asked if they had been in a fight.

"Only a little tussle, Dad." Said one of them -- I didn't actually know which one.

"You're a right pair of Tom boys" said Lucy laughing, "Look, here's your cousin Sam!"

With a scream, the pair came over, I put my glass down, and we hugged and kissed as cousins should. "OK," I said, looking at them carefully "You are Laura and you are Lorna, right?"

"Wrong!" they shouted together. "Quick into the pool with her! Doesn't even recognise her own cousins."

With that they made to push me into the pool, however I was small and agile and used to tussles and after getting them off balance, it was the twins in the pool. I couldn't help laughing, John and Lucy laughed and Alice laughed too. As they surfaced, the twins also broke into peals of laughter and I dived in to join them.

We all had a great evening, John opened some champagne in honour of my visit, Lucy cooked a great salmon and prawn pasta and Alice produced a large bowl of strawberries she had picked from the garden which we ate with lashings of cream straight from the dairy. We ate outside beside the pool and laughed and talked into the long twilight of the warm summer's evening. Finally it was time for bed and I followed the twins upstairs to in the old east wing.

After a quick shower I was soon snuggling down into the comfy old four poster with a good book However, I soon discovered that the old oak panels between the two bedrooms were rather thin and I could hear the twins chattering to each other. I wasn't taking much notice until I picked out the words "Rick's dick inside me!" At that I found my attention caught and listened for more.

The two girls sounded the same as well as looking the same and I could not tell who was saying what. "Yeah," said one "you know when I slid down his chest, I was so hot and wet it just went straight in, wow it was fantastic -- I really needed that fuck -- and watching you sit on his face while he tongued you was just making me more and more horny."

"His tongue really knew its job, he kept tickling my clit with fast darting movements and then he would plunge it long and deep inside. Then he started sucking the juices straight out of me and then it was back to the clit. That boy has had some lessons."

"Yeah, do you remember Ed?"

"Do I want to remember Ed? That guy was a waste of space. OK maybe we shouldn't have sucked him off so hard when we started."

"But he did have an enormous dick!"

"Yup -- it was one tempting lollipop that one -- but it was the way he came as soon as I got that monster inside me and then he was spent. All you got was a little lick of spunk off my pussy lips and a short finger-fuck. Neither of us were near an orgasm -- nice torso, but hopeless lover."

"Fucking wanker!"

"Yeah, Rick is the best yet -- I cannot wait 'til he comes tomorrow. What shall we do?"

"Well everyone will be gone except for Sam, so why don't we bring him up here as soon as he arrives and then he can meet Sam after we have made love."

"What do you fancy doing?"

"Well, I think it's my turn to get the first fuck and you could give his tongue some practice - grrr! I'm getting hot thinking about that amazing body of his."

"Let's see . . . mmmm . . . your pussy is beginning to open -- shall I pretend my tongue belongs to Rick and give you some practice?"

"Well, just a little, woah . . . oh!"

There was a bit of movement from next door and noise of two girls enjoying themselves. My fingers were on my clit and rubbing as I heard the love making next door. I lay there and fantasised about a boy called Rick with his great dick plunging deep inside me, but I also wanted Dora there kissing me and sucking my tits. I started to imagine Rick fucking me whilst Adorable sat on my face and I plunged my tongue deep inside her. As the noises from the twins subsided, and I pushed my thumb up inside myself and whimpered and shook as I came, I knew that what I really wanted was my first proper fuck.

The next day was beautiful, sunny and hot and after breakfast and the others had left, the twins and I put on our bikini's and went out to the pool. To tell you the truth I was a bit shocked by what I had heard the night before, I know I fantasized about having both boy and girl together, but the thought of the two sisters doing it together was a bit weird. Then I looked at them and saw that there were so alike, that it was probably be bit like masturbation with oneself, but better. "Yeah", I thought, "could be fun having a double."

Just before 11 o'clock, the twins announced that they had to go and do some chores -- "Cleaning up and hoovering, you know."

I asked if I could help and was told; "No, just relax, stay where you are!" and they would come out with some drinks when they had finished.

However, my mind was made up and I was determined to at least get a glimpse of this Rick guy, even if I did not get the fuck I wanted.

All was quiet for about 10 minutes when I heard a scream from the upstairs window. "Well there's an excuse!" I said to myself and almost leap out of my chair in order to get upstairs.

I was trembling when I got to the bedroom door, a little chilled in the cool of the inside of the house in just my bikini. "Come on Sam," I said to myself "this is one of those times to be brave." So I opened the door and went straight in and then stopped dead still.

The bedroom was not so nice as the four poster room and the oak panelling had been painted white. Two tall old fashioned single beds stood against the panelling which backed onto where my bed was. The mattresses were probably two foot off the ground and there was empty space underneath them. To one side lay the prone body of a guy and there knelt Laura with his cock in her mouth, Lorna was hiding the guy's face by sitting on it. We all froze.

Thinking I better say something, I explained about the scream. Laura slowly pulled her lips up the length of the my cock. It bounced out and down, and started to look a little deflated.

Fascinated I took a step further into the room and seeing I was not about to disappear Laura said "Um Samantha, this is Rick, Rick this is our cousin Sam."

I think I asked some completely inane question and moved nearer still to the prone Rick. Lorna moved herself off his face and started to adjust her bikini bottoms back over her exposed slit. Rick was looking at me a bit like a scared rabbit, but he was really nice to look at. He looked about my age, strong and fit and bronzed, he had a white patch of skin where he wore his shorts and there my eyes were drawn to his circumcised cock sitting neatly in a dark blond mass of pubic hair. Lorna was looking a little pissed off and was watching me carefully. Then she seemed to come to a decision, she took hold of the limp cock and waved it at me. "Sam, can I introduce you to Rick's dick?" She said.

Summoning all my strength, ignoring the fact that I was blushing bright red, I moved over to the threesome and said: "Nice to meet you Dick, do we shake?"

"Well, shake is one way of describing it, just come and hold him in your hand." invited Laura. Really nervous, I went and knelt down beside Rick on the other side from the twins and gently took the cock in my hand. I could feel the blood starting to swell inside it as I gently caressed it. I was becoming braver and a little devil may care, I also wanted to laugh at the seriousness of the other three. "Wow," I said as it started to spring up in my hand "does it taste good?"

Lorna pointed out a little drop of oily liquid that was oozing out of the top and told me to taste it. I put the top of my tongue to it and licked. I actually thought the taste was a bit dull, but leaning over this cock and tickling it with my tongue was beginning to get my own juices going. It was probably about eight inches long and I started to lick it around its growing bulbous crown. Then I started licking down the length of the shaft. Nice lollipop I thought and took the crown in my mouth, sucking the little juice that was coming out.

As I was concentrating on playing with Rick's Dick I was aware of someone massaging my back. "Mmm! That's nice", I thought as I focussed on that swelling cock. The next thing I was aware of was a surge of pleasure as someone starting gently tweaking my nipples and massaging my breasts. I was sure I could get more of this cock in my mouth and slowly moved my lips further down the shaft. There was a growing warmth between my legs and someone was playing with my butt, I couldn't see who, because I was focussed on Dick.

I took Dick in my mouth and started to fantasize about it being in my cunt, I moved down on it and then pulled back, scraping the edge of the crown with my teeth. Rick gasped and I guessed he liked it and so repeated the process, getting a little faster each time. A surge of pleasure suddenly made me gasp as a hand went between my legs and parted my slit. I wanted this shaft deep inside me. I plunged all the way down feeling the cock banging against the back of my throat. I nearly gagged, but the response was gone as someone distracted me by starting work on my clit, rubbing it as I went up and down faster and faster with my mouth on the cock. Suddenly Rick sat up, pulled my head away and started to kiss me long and deep. His mouth was still smooth, like a girl's, but bigger -- I do not think he needed to shave much. His tongue was in my mouth and his fingers were gently playing with my nipples. I moved around in between his legs and taking my lips from his, again moved down to his glistening cock. One of the twins removed my bikini bottoms and as I moved and sucked I suddenly felt a head between my legs and a moist tongue on my clit. Gosh that was good, I could feel the orgasm building up inside me. Nearly blinded with pleasure I worked harder and harder on the cock as tongue and then teeth worked my clit, fingers playing with the swollen lips of my vagina. My brain was shouting it wanted cock inside me, I thrust my butt down hard on the mouth underneath my pussy, grinding my clit into one of the twin's teeth and rubbing Rick's balls with my hands.

I was just thinking of getting up and plunging Dick deep into my vagina when suddenly Rick gave out a great gasp and bucked and a red-hot stream of spunk was shooting into my mouth. "Oh no!" I thought, "I've overdone it." And let the prick spring from my mouth.

Spunk was flying everywhere, into my face and on to my tits. I sat back and Lorna's tongue went deep inside me, taking some of the cum from my chin and putting my fingers to my clit I started rubbing myself to orgasm. Laura came rushing around and started to lick Rick's sperm from my face. She then held my mouth to hers and we kissed long and deep, sharing the salty taste between us. She pressed her breasts onto mine and our nipple slipped across each other lubricated by the mass of cum. All the time Lorna's tongue was deep inside my vagina and my clit was near exploding. Rick was now playing with my clit and making me judder as I pulled Laura closer to me. I put one of Laura's cum covered nipple into my mouth as Rick thrust two fingers up into my cunt and I came in a storm of lightning, red pulses shaking me to the core, fluid gushing from between my legs. I must have sat on Lorna's face shaking and juddering for a few minutes, her tongue and teeth causing new waves of almost painful pleasure with every movement as she drank my fluids. Still tasting of Rick's cum, I let Laura's perfect breast slip from my mouth and slid into a heap on the floor moaning with eyes closed and the world flashing red.

After a few minutes and becoming aware of the noises of sex around me I opened my eyes and saw that Rick was obviously no infamous wanker, like the Ed the twins had talked of last night. Laura knelt beside her sister rubbing and then sucking her breasts whilst Rick used one hand to rub her clit. Unbelievably he was between Lorna's raised legs and fucking Dick deep inside her. Lorna's face was still wet with my cum juices, wow I must have nearly drowned her. I didn't know I could have such a flow. Rick was obviously in no hurry and was taking long slow thrusts deep inside her. Then he lay down on top of Lorna and started to lick my cum juices off her face.

I could see Laura needed some help, being left alone as the other two fucked and I worked my way around until I was able to start work on her with my tongue. Lorna groaned louder and louder as Rick continued his long slow thrusts getting to her orgasm. I let Laura rub herself off and watched longingly at Lorna getting pounded by that mighty engine. Despite still feeling weak from my orgasm, gosh I still wanted some of that pounding into my pussy! I lay on the floor and Laura came and sat on my face and started working her own clit as my tongue went deep into her vagina. Laura was hot and wet and shouted as my tongue darted deep between her pussy lips. I could hear both twins were besides themselves and after a few minutes they came in tandem Laura's cum juices covering my face. The I heard Rick cum too. "Oh shit!" I thought "No fuck."

Laura lifted herself off my face leaving it glistening wet from her orgasm. It must have been about ten minutes or more since I had cum and the excitement of making Laura cum and the smell of sex all around were beginning to make my cunt ache again for what it really wanted - a long stiff prick thrusting deep inside me.

"Action girl, action!" I thought and I moved around to where Rick lay panting between Lorna's legs. I lifted his face and started to move my wet face around his, leaving Laura's wetness on his smooth cheeks. He shifted and withdrew from Lorna. Bubbles of sperm were oozing between her legs and I bent down and gently licked them away.

Lorna started and moaned as the tip of my tongue touched her pussy lips. The taste of sperm started to make me feel even more aroused and I knew I had to take matters in hand. I sat back up and pulled Rick's lips to mine. I pushed my tongue between his lips and held him in a long deep embrace as I pushed him backwards onto the carpet. I kept kissing and kissing him and pushing him back until I sat across his chest my hot pussy inches away from his chin.

Rick relaxed as I moved my body up and down his smooth torso. Trying to touch his small nipple to my clit, wanting him deep in my burning wet cunt. I looked behind me and saw Dick was soft and small. I pulled my legs up onto Ricks and caught his limp cock between my silky thighs and nestled my head into his shoulder. My legs moved gently and after a little while I felt a small movement from the limp cock.

Another deep kiss and then I moved down his chest licking and playing with Rick's small nipples in the way I would with Dora's much larger ones. Rick groaned and I felt a more definite movement against my butt. All was not lost.

I put on a little girl's voice: "Rick," I asked "do you think Dick has enough energy left to fuck me? You see, I've never been fucked and although convent girls know how to mess around in the dorm at night, I have never had a boy. I just loved the taste of your sperm and I just loved sharing it with Laura, I just loved having Lorna making me come with her tongue . . . but I could really do with Dick inside me and . . . for god's sake, a good long almighty FUCK!"

I had forgotten about Lorna and Laura who had been lying quietly recovering and watching me try to turn Rick on again. They both burst out laughing and seeing red after all my hard work I flung myself off Rick and went for them with a scream! I was not going to be laughed at, a first fuck was an important thing to a girl, especially when you have wound yourself up to the heat I had.

We were soon a tangle of naked arms, legs and tits whooping together like ten year olds. I was shouting "What's so funny about wanting to be fucked!" and the twins laughing louder than ever, even as I tried to twist their arms and pull their hair. They were having hysterics and worse Rick was laughing too!

Getting an arm free and trying to slap Lorna's laughing face, I was suddenly picked up like a child from the fray and unceremoniously plonked on my back one of the twin's beds, my legs up in the air. Rick was standing between them, with Dick standing as hard as a proud as when I sucked it earlier. I stopped struggling and looked Rick in the face and saw him smile a great grin. I expected the monster to come plunging straight into me, but no, Rick ducked between my legs and started to use his tongue on me, parting my lips and penetrating deep inside me. It I could write down what a scream of hot delicious pleasure was I doubt if I could describe what that tongue was doing to me. I gasped, I bucked and I nearly came and wave after wave of hot delight moved up through me to my core. As Rick worked his magic, Lorna came on to the bed beside me and started kissing me and playing with my tits. Our kisses were long and deep and I whimpered as I did not think my body could get any hotter. Then Rick's tongue withdrew and I felt the bulbous head of his cock move up through the space between my pussy lips, gently parting the entrance to my vagina and then start to rub on my moist clit, up and down; the rough bit under the cock's head exciting me even more. Then I watched as he moved Dick back down and started an experimental thrust into my cunt. He was slow and gentle and moved in only a short way. This was the biggest thing I had ever had in me and my muscles froze in a moment's panic. Rick paused and I called out "Please fuck me!"

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