tagGroup SexTwin Summer Ch. 07

Twin Summer Ch. 07


Hi, I'm Lorna, twin sister of nymphomaniac Laura, and it's my turn to tell you a story. Laura has promised to keep quiet whilst I write this so I can concentrate. So she's wrapped up in her duvet reading a book (probably something raunchy!).

If you've not read about any of our adventures before, I better explain we who are.

We are identical blonde blue eyed twins and some people seem to think we are very beautiful. We are each about 5' 6" and slim. We have great fun as twins being virtually indistinguishable – except my bra size is 32b and Laura's is 32c. We are very close to each other, umm probably more close than most sisters, and do most things together, but Laura is more of a sex maniac than me (honest!) and has dragged me through a number of adventures that I guess, on my own I would not have had the courage to undertake. We live on a farm in Dorset in South West England and have a younger sister, Alice – but she's more into ponys than sex. Oh, and I'm the intellectual one, which is why I'm writing this adventure.

In Britain we have a challenge for teenagers called the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. For those of us in the summer of our last year at school, when we have reached eighteen, we go traipsing off on a long walking adventure, spending several nights away from home, camping in the fields and woods. I suppose it's all part of growing up and becoming independent.

Our exams were finished and we had little to do except wait for the results to see if we got into University, so a camping adventure during the beautiful balmy skies of an English June seemed like a good idea. The part of Dorset where we live is mixed countryside of fields of crops and pasture in the river valleys and deciduous woods on the hills. Our walk was to take us roughly along the route of the River Piddle (yes it really is called that) where there are a load small villages called Piddle this or Puddle that – I suppose Tolpuddle is the most famous because of the Tolpuddle Martyrs. It is said that all the villages were once called Piddle until Queen Victoria came to visit and they changed the names, to save her embarrassment ("We are not amused!").

There were eight of us, four girls and four boys and we had two tents that our teachers insisted would be single-sex. The teachers themselves we could contact in an emergency, but we only expected to see them once or twice during the walk as we had to find our own way using maps and compasses. Laura and I were to share with our friends Diana and Sophia.

Diana was dark and curvy, a little taller than us. She was athletic, a good runner and great at hockey and lacrosse. Her breasts were a bit of a spectacle at speed as they would bounce along under her polo shirt – she did not appear to understand the concept of a sports bra - but it was mainly a problem for the boys and the men who couldn't take their eyes off her chest. Once when it was raining during a hockey match I thought, Mr Brown, the referee was going to faint as her clinging top came rushing by inches from his face – he certainly forgot the off-side rule and she scored a really dubious goal! Anyway Diana was also a great laugh and knew how to use her assets to get her way.

Sophia was really petite and looked much younger than the rest of us – more like fourteen than her actual eighteen. She was about 5' nothing, virtually flat-chested and looked quite boyish with short mousey hair. She had a cute slightly turned up nose with a few tiny freckles. Her pale blue eyes were the colour of forget-me-nots and her lips were not very full. Her ears were almost elfish and the whole effect was made people joke she was "one of the little people". She had to carry ID around because no one would believe she was as old as she was. She was also very funny and kept us screaming with laughter at her jokes and sometimes filthy innuendo. She would make up stories about people we saw and I'm sure some of them got quite cross at our little gang of gigglers laughing at them across the street.

The boys were a bit of a mixture, but generally fit. Iain was a geek, with heavily rimmed classes and a little bit of a stutter (well at least in front of us girls – he could speak fluent physics!). But he was slim and tall, and being the intellectual here, I quite admired his brain box – his lunch box looked interesting too.

Jamie was a rugby back, in the 1st fifteen, so lots of muscle and brawn, but he could also be quite charming when not covered in mud (and/or blood). He was more Laura's type – full of testosterone! Then there were David and Tom who everyone thought of as a couple. They were best friends and seemed inseparable, but again, not bad looking. Both were well over 6' and very trim.

Anyway enough of the introduction; the day was hot and we had a clear blue sky above us and fifteen miles to hike. We all wore shorts and tee-shirts and had spares and food and other stuff in our backpacks and so off we went. It would probably bore you to describe the walk as nothing much happened as we walked down lanes and through fields, but we were getting very hot. We stopped at Affpuddle and had some lunch and then went down through the fields just beyond Briantspuddle to join the river.

Here for the first time, the Piddle changes from an insignificant brook into a flowing stream with running water, only a foot or two deep with a sandy bottom. It was too tempting to resist. Dumping her rucksack and taking off her boots, Sophia was the first into the cool pool of fast running water, screaming with laughter she lay down in the stream and told the rest of us to come and join in. The boys took off their tee-shirts, but we girls were a bit more circumspect and left ours on.

It was quite funny to watch through her tee-shirt Sophia's nipples grow hard and pointy in the cold water – she was developing some sort of curve on her chest that might almost be called a breast, but the nipples were really quite extraordinarily extended. Laura and I pointed and giggled and Sophia started splashing water at us.

Diana, of course also had no bra and as her tee-shirt also became almost see-through she started to show-off her own erect nipples and large firm tits. It was Jamie who first noticed and became quiet and tense as she rose out of the water in-front of him. Talk about goggling or ogling – he could not focus on anything but her chest. He raised an arm towards her and I think he would have started fondling her there and then if nympho Laura hadn't jumped on his back and toppled him back into the stream. Diana saw me watching and gave me a big smile and wink.

Meanwhile Laura was wrestling Jamie and, knowing my sister, was probably trying to feel what he had inside his shorts as they tumbled about. Tom and Dave sat in the water laughing with Sophia and Iain was behind me. Suddenly and rather surprisingly Iain came up behind me and put his hands on my hips. "Hi," he said – "your sssssister appears to hhhhaving fffun." I had no idea that Iain could have ever been so forward and I pressed myself back towards him so that my backside was in contact we his crotch. "Hmmm!" I thought "not just endowed with brains." Feeling full of the joys of youth, and a little mischevious, I suddenly twisted my foot around his leg and pushed him backwards back into the stream, landing in a splosh on top of him. In the shallow stream with his glasses splashed with water, instead of a geek, I saw a smiling young guy who needed to have some fun. Touching me was probably the bravest thing he had ever done in his adolescent life, so I gave him a smacking kiss on the lips as a reward.

Diana by now was in front of Tom and Dave and waggling her wondrous breasts close to their faces. She told me later that she was trying to test if they were really gay. However everything would have to be put on hold as our tryst was invaded by the local cowman shouting "'Old on that noise!" It appears that we had woken him from his siesta and he "don't 'old with them goin's on aroun' 'ere."

Oh, well! We got out, grabbed towels from our packs and took some time drying hair and rebooting as the cowman stood and stared – particularly at Diana – then still in our wet clothes with Diana's tits steaming in the hot sun, we recommenced upon our way. As we came to a bend in the path Diana took a last look at the cowman, raised her tee shirt waggled her breasts for his delectation and the pulling the tee shirt down again, blew him a raspberry. "Fuck him." was her last comment on the escapade. "No thanks," Said Tom "he's probably dying for a wank after that – lucky we weren't really up to anything or he might have had a heart attack."

You probably think this story is just another excuse to write about four teen girls and lads having sex. Oh well, I suppose it is in part, but I think sex is fun and being young is fun and I want to use this story as a way of remembering what it is like to be eighteen and free from school for the first time; to be fit and healthy with the future stretching ahead of you. To remember with pleasure the pleasure I had and the pleasure I was able to give - and to get turned on by the memories of it. So whether you're a dirty old man, or a randy young woman reading this, I hope you get as much pleasure from imagining what we did those few days and nights as I was pleasured and pleasured others in my turn and I hope you can remember being young too.

Just imagine my pretty face framed by my silky blonde hair, imagine the smoothness of my skin and running your hands down and around my breasts, cupping them in your hand. Imagine the taste of my nipples as you run your tongue around them. Imagine the scent of me, the taste of me as your tongue plays with my clit, imagine me as I moan and my hips move about in excitement. And then remember Laura is there with me and you can have both of us to yourself. . . .

Whoops! Bit of a distraction – I was beginning to feel that sort of warming feeling around my pussy writing that bit. Yep, there is definitely a damp patch on my knickers that could do with some attention. Ok, concentrate - let's enjoy the rest of the adventure together, me in my memory, you - darling reader - in your imagination.

That night we were to camp in some woods between Tincleton and Tolpuddle – no doubt chosen because there was no pub in easy distance, so the teachers could assure themselves we were not going to get drunk. I didn't mind, I like to keep a clear head and do not enjoy boozy beery kisses.

We were very good and put up our tents and built a small fire to cook sausages for supper on the embers – so like the boy Scouts of yore (jolly hockey sticks, Bunter's got a hard-on, don't you know!). Note to self: behave!

As it was first night we thought we were likely to get a teacher visiting, and being tired from our walk there appeared to be little enthusiasm for "horse-play", although Jamie still kept clocking Diana's breasts, even though she was now wearing her sweater over her tee shirt.

Being June, the sky stayed light till late and we sat around talking and telling stories. Sophia was the best, I am sure she will make a writer one day – and not just erotica. As the sun began to set, we went to the edge of the woods and watched the great red ball start to dip down below the horizon. Iain again came and stood behind me, and I felt his warmth inches from my back. I put a hand around and found one of his and held it. Then I took a small step backwards and pressed myself into him. He sighed and shifted his arms to hold me properly and we stood there transfixed as the sun gradually sank. As the twilight started to fade Iain pressed himself harder against me and I became more aware of the bulge in his shorts. Oh well I thought, why not, and bringing my other hand around gently started to massage his balls.

Not far away Diana and Laura were standing on either side of Jamie, looking daggers at each other as Jamie cupped each girl's backside with his hands. I think he thought his dreams were about to come true. He was looking quite happy, although I was feeling a little strange as it was normally Laura and I who would try and share a boy and I was not sure how Diana might react to my bi-sexual sister.

Sophia was standing in between Tom and Dave holding hands with the both of them. She looked like a small boy between two giants, just a wee slip of a thing and not at all adult.

Things were looking up for me as Iain's hands moved around the front of me and lifting my tee shirt slightly slipped his warm hands inside to massage my firm tummy.

Just as one hand found my bra and the other started to explore the top of my shorts we heard a Land Rover coming up the track – Mr Brown the PE teacher was coming for an inspection. We all separated and headed back towards the fire and the tents which is where he found us, as good as gold. I was not sure about Mr Brown; he was in his early twenties and hadn't been at the school more than a year. He was quite cute and some of the girls had a crush on him. But I wasn't sure I trusted him, I think he was a bit of a voyeur and enjoyed watching us girls too much. Anyway up he came and sat down with us, making small conversation about the walk we'd had during the day.

Diana was obviously getting bored and did a really dramatic stretch lifting her arms in the air, letting her naked midriff appear below her tee shirt and jumper and pushing those breasts of hers forward at a high angle. Mr Brown stopped mid-sentence staring at her in the half light and Diana announced it was time for the girls to go to bed.

With a giggle we all followed her through the tent flap and lit our lantern. Diana then led us in giving the boys and Mr Brown a shadow show they were unlikely to forget as we stripped off letting our shadows of our naked forms as alluring as possible. Diana started exercising her tits, pushing them up and down so they appeared in the shadow at a monstrous size – I was beginning to feel a little turned on myself. Laura and I started kissing and fondling each other's breasts whilst the shadowy form of Sophia appeared to show her slide under my legs, although she was just lying next to us.

A high pitched squawk was heard from outside the door "Girl's – d d do not forget to clean you t t teeth!" instructed Mr Brown barely controlling his voice. This was too much for Diana, who donning a her low v-neck sweater (which barely hid her Brazilian), unzipped the tent flap showing off the rest of us girls in a state of undress in the bright lantern light within. She trounced up to him tooth brush in hand. There she pulled down the front of her sweater so her tits came out, grabbed Mr Brown by the lapels and pulled his head towards her cleavage. She raised a knee and settled it against his groin and demanded, in a husky voice, if he "liked little girls". Of course the rest of us just screamed with laughter and a goggle-eyed Mr Brown fled away towards the Land Rover, mumbling "Goodnight, behave!"

The boys were standing there mesmerised. Laura, Sophia and I knelt in a line in the tent in the lantern light showing off our breasts and Diana, having taken off her sweater, stood like some Greek goddess in the fading light. Jamie came up to her and tentatively started to explore her perfect 34 Double-Ds with his hands, cupping and lifting each breast and rubbing the nipples with his thumbs. Diana groaned and darling sister Laura, not wanting to miss out on Mr Muscleman, crawled out of the tent and went for his shorts, rubbing his hardened cock through the coarse cotton. Jamie also let out a groan and then took one of Diana's nipples into his mouth.

This was too much for Sophia who turned to me, cupped my face in her hands and kissed me gently on the lips. I responded by putting my arms around her and we knelt, side by side, nipple rubbing nipple. I parted her lips with my tongue and our kissing became deep and passionate. I started to caress her back and began to feel the warmth build deep inside me. I had not expected this from Sophia, but I was not objecting. Her small boyish body was silky smooth; her nipples like hard raspberries started to massage mine until I closed my eyes and groaned with pleasure.

I became aware of other hands than Sophia's on me, gently caressing me and opening my eyes I found Tom and Dave had come into the tent and had encircled the pair of us as we kissed.

Laura told me later, that by this time she had removed Jamie's cock from his shorts and was obeying Mr Brown by brushing her teeth with it whilst he and Diana stood and kissed and fondled. She decided she need to test how hot Diana had become and taking some of her saliva from Jamie's prick parted Diana's pussy lips with her wet finger and found Diana's clit. Diana nearly collapsed as Laura's fingers found the magic spot and began to rub. Laura knelt there one cock in mouth one hand playing with Diana's clit and gradually opened the other girl's pussy, rubbing her finger up and down the slit before eventually pushing first one, and then a second finger deep into her hot damp vagina.

Just as she was getting both Diana and Jamie to full excitement she felt another presence at her back. Turning slightly, she found herself staring at another fully engorged cock, longer and thicker than that of Jamie's with pre-cum glistening from the end. So she took Jamie's cock out of her mouth and pressed it against Diana's steaming clit in order that they could look after themselves for a time. She rubbed off the precious pre-cum and took the other cock deep into her mouth, whilst using the pre-cum to moisten her own clit. The owner of the other cock was Iain who took Laura's head in his hands and eased his cock gently deep into her throat and then pulled back, so her teeth caught on the rim at the head. He thrust again, a little faster this time and pulled back again, repeating this until they established an urgent rhythm.

"You're making me cum!" gasped Iain after a couple of minutes and Laura pulled her head back and his cock out of her mouth, gasping "Not yet!" She stood up, her face wet with saliva and kissed him, his 10" cock throbbing between them. "Gently, now," she coaxed,"gently – we still need to have more fun before you cum." She forced his cock down and trapped it between her legs where it pulsed against her hardening clit.

Diana and Jamie were still standing, Jamie was running his cock between her legs, teasing her slit and rubbing her clit with its red head. Laura, lay back on the grass and instructed Iain to put his head between her legs and give her tongue.

Back in the tent things were coming along nicely. Tom and Dave did not appear to be gay, unlike Sophia and, well me and Laura, who are definitely bi. Dave and Tom seemed to enjoy Sophia and I making love as much as we did. It became almost like they were choreographing our sexual encounter. Dave gently separated my legs a bit reached though, rubbing me with his arm, and took one of Sophia's hands and put it between my legs as we kissed, pressing the knuckle of her thumb against my clit. Then Tom gently separated Sophia's legs and reached through took one of my hands and placed it between Sophia's legs. All the time they caressed us, massaging our backs and occasionally I felt a hand brush against a breast. I cannot think of any other occasion which I found more erotic. Dave took my hand again and Tom took Sophia's and put them into their mouths to moisten them. Then they took each girls hand and directed our fingers to each other's slits. Instead of massaging each other's clits and slits by ourselves, they directed our fingers firmly whilst we knelt embraced in an ever deeper kiss. My tits were on fire from the teasing of Sophia's prominent nipples and my cunt started to gush with juice.

Then the boys separated us from our embrace lifted me and laid me down on my back, Tom taking a leisurely suck of my nipples as I lay there. They then got Sophia to stand up, lifted her like she weighed nothing and laid her on top of me face down the other way around – it was almost like they were placing a doll she was so skinny and light. Anyway they positioned us so my mouth met Sophia's shaved pussy and her mouth could kiss my equally shaved pussy.

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