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Twin Twinks


Robert and Raymond Stewart are identical twin brothers, who were the pride of their parents when they were born but, early in their lives, they both became aware they are gay. Now 19 years old, they share an apartment, because those same prideful parents decided long ago the twins would not be welcome in the suburban family home any longer than they were legally required to let them live there. On their 18th birthday, they informed Ray and Bob of this, and that was the final contact between the two generations. The expulsion was not unexpected; they both knew they were not even a little bit welcome, so the young men saved their money against the day it would happen, and they made arrangements to help them move directly into an apartment in the nearby large city.

Before choosing that place to live, they did research, mostly into neighborhoods, and found a part of the city known by its denizens as "The Gay Ghetto," and that was where they chose to live. They learned that would be the place to go to be among others of similar sexual orientation, and they learned there was an active gay social network. Among other things, once contact was made, that network helped them find low level office jobs where they worked during the daytime while attending a local community college in the evening.

They were also able to obtain falsified driver's licenses showing their ages as being 21 rather than the 18 they actually were at the time, and they used them to drink in bars and clubs, which are the central part of gay social life in the neighborhood. Bob and Ray are handsome, clean-cut men who look even younger than their actual ages. This is partly because they are both rather chubby and have long, blonde hair and very fair complexions with little facial hair. Both are described by their friends and acquaintances as twinks, and they are sometimes referred to collectively as the twin twinks.

Both men are always carded the first few times they patronize a tavern or are served by new bartenders. This is no more than a minor inconvenience, and is easily outweighed by the great sex lives enjoyed by them as the result of their good looks and youthful appearance and the novelty of their twinhood. Being identical in appearance, it is quite common for an unusually horny man or a small group of men, either gay or straight, to want to take both of them to a private place for a wild afternoon or night of men on men sex, with Ray and Bob and everybody else having a great time.

Just last Saturday afternoon is a good example of that. They were drinking their usual white wine in a booth in one of their favorite hangouts when three men approached them. They were all acquainted and had occasionally shared sexual pleasures with each other before, and the three newcomers wanted to repeat the adventure.

"Hi, Bob. Hi, Ray," one of the men greeted them, not even trying to distinguish which of the young men belonged to which name.

The other newcomers greeted the twins the same way, and Ray and Bob responded to everybody and made room for the three men to sit down. After asking what everybody was drinking, Lionel, the oldest of the three men, put money on the table, and the youngest of the newcomers went to get the drinks. When he returned, the whole table was engaged in small talk, but the twins suspected the men had in mind some kind of sexual romp, and they were just as much in favor of that as anybody else.

Their suspicions were correct. "What have you guys been up to lately?" Lionel asked. "It seems we hardly ever see you around here."

Ray and Bob knew that wasn't true, because they were in that same bar three or four nights a week and almost every Saturday afternoon. Nevertheless, they went along. "Oh, we get in here now and then, like this afternoon, when we're horny and not busy," Bob responded, letting the other men know they were available for some fun, especially if it was sexual in nature.

As the oldest and the richest, Lionel continued to speak for the others. "I just moved into a new apartment, and I thought you might like to look it over and maybe have a couple of drinks and some good times there. Gary and Richard will be joining me; how about you guys?" The two men named said nothing, but smiled and nodded their heads while sipping from their drinks.

"Sure, Leo," Bob answered, addressing Lionel by a commonly used nickname.

"Sounds like fun," Ray confirmed his brother's opinion.

With that settled, Lionel went to the bar to ask the bartender to contact a taxi and, a few minutes later, the five men were riding to the new apartment. It was only a few blocks away, but he liked to take cabs, and he could easily afford them. The driver pulled up in front of a high-rise apartment building, and they all piled out. Lionel paid the driver the minimal fare, added a big tip and led the small group through the front door. The doorman greeted him by name and signaled for an elevator, and they all rode up to what they tacitly expected to be their that afternoon's place of carnal delights.

After they reached their destination, Lionel locked the door behind them, and everybody removed his shoes. The apartment was luxurious, and their host led them on a short tour, ending in his bedroom, which everybody knew had been their destination before even leaving the club. There was a small portable bar there, and he served all his guests the drinks he knew they favored, including glasses of white wine for the brothers. Nobody was going to drink a lot; they all knew sex to be more fun when sober, but a bit of alcohol could add to everybody's pleasure.

Lionel started the action, patting one of the twins on his shapely ass, which was clad in tight blue jeans. "I've always admired your butt," he said, stroking the object of his appreciation.

"Well, it likes you," Bob responded, for he was the one being fondled. "But it likes you a lot more when these pants aren't in the way." As he spoke, he unbuttoned the waist of the offending garment and pulled the zipper all the way down.

As expected, Lionel slipped his hand into the opening, even inside the bikini shorts the younger man liked to wear, and slid a finger down the crack of his ass. Bob quivered at the touch, which was on a very sensitive part of his body. He and Ray kept the skin there clean-shaven, and they had taken turns that morning at carefully using safety razors on each other's asses.

"Mmmmm," he murmured, and held his stiffening cock out of the way when he felt the older man go behind him and start to pull his pants and shorts down.

Almost as if that had been a signal, Gary and Richard stepped beside Ray, and the three men started divesting each other of clothing. In a few minutes, clad in only their shorts, they all moved to one side of the king-sized bed. Once they reached the destination, those last garments were quickly removed. Bob was already there, completely naked too, and lying face down on the other side with his legs spread, while Lionel was removing the rest of his clothing. When he was as bare as the other four men, he knelt on the bed between his partner's legs and held both bare cheeks in his hands.

Once again, he expressed his appreciation. "Do you know you have the most beautiful ass I've ever seen?"

His admiration of Bob's ass was sincere. The cheeks he was fondling were slightly plump, and curved up and over from the young man's back, and around, to form flawless hemispheres when they merged with his legs. Their perfect form was only part of their charm; even more alluring was their soft white skin. Both Ray and Bob knew their asses were their best features, so they liked to show them off, wearing tight pants when out looking for fun and always making sure the skin under those pants was as lovely and inviting as they could get it. Both of them were primarily bottoms, with their favorite sexual activity being fucked in the ass by men with big cocks, and Bob knew Leo possessed what he wanted, and that the older man knew how to use it.

Lionel knew, alright, and he knew what he wanted that day. Raptly, he gazed at the creamy white mounds that awaited his pleasure, and reached out to spread them. In between was a delightful pink rosebud, and he knew it would be tight, and would massage his cock perfectly. Rather reluctantly, he left the fabulous pair and scooted over to the side of the bed to get condoms and the bottle of Aqualube from the nightstand where they were always kept. Although it would be slightly more pleasurable to eschew the protection, all the men know enough about AIDS that they always practice safe sex.

Bob felt his cheeks released and glanced to the side to see Lionel retrieve the plastic squeeze bottle. He wanted the fucking to happen every bit as much as the other man did, so he reached back to spread his cheeks to facilitate it. Leo returned, smiled when he saw the beautiful sight awaiting him, and rolled a condom onto his stiff cock. With the protection in place, he reached between the succulent mounds to use the thumb and fingers of one hand to pry open the small pink hole. With his other hand, he held the plastic bottle of lube and inserted the tip.

Bob murmured with delight when he felt the cool, oily liquid gush into his ass, and he was even happier when a long finger was inserted to spread it around the inside, even covering the rim. After the finger was removed, he knew Leo was using more of the Aqualube to coat his latex-covered cock and, seconds later, the same thumb and fingers were holding open the hole that was about to be penetrated. He moved his hands slightly to spread his cheeks more, and was elated when the hard end of Lionel's cock was pressed against the small hole he was helping hold open.

Waves of joy swept over his body when Bob felt that cock head wedge into his ass, and he squirmed on the bed in bliss, while trying to open himself even more. Another gush of pleasure poured through him when the hard cylinder drove in more deeply, this time starting to massage his prostate gland, which he and his brother always referred to as their clits. Seconds later, the thick shaft burrowed even farther into him, and Bob fucked back to meet it, as well as he could while lying face down on the bed.

Lionel knew his cock was deeply enough inside the ass of the man lying under him, whether it was Ray or Bob he was fucking, and he wiped the excess lube from his hands before caressing the soft ass cheeks for a few seconds. That was fun too, but he wanted to make full penetration so he placed his hands on his partner's hips for leverage. Thrusting forward again, while his bottom pushed up and back to meet him, his cock plowed most of the rest of the way in, eliciting a moan of joy from the man under him. With one more push, his penetration was complete, and he knew his pubic hair was tickling the soft insides of the man's shapely white ass.

He leaned forward and whispered into his bottom's ear. "You've got the hottest and the tightest ass I've ever known."

"I really love your big cock. It's the biggest and the hardest one I know of."

Either man was flattering the other and exaggerating, but not by much. Lionel loved fucking either of the twin brothers who were sharing his bed that day, and he still didn't know or care which of them was under him right at that moment. They lay in that position for over a minute, letting the exquisite pleasure inundate their bodies, before Lionel slowly drew back so just the head of his cock was still inside the ass that felt so good. He paused for a few seconds and started plunging it back into his partner until he again felt his curly pubic hair brushing against the insides of other man's cheeks. Both men moaned in bliss, more loudly this time, and Lionel stayed in that position for a minute again, while the intense carnal joys swirled through both their bodies.

Of course, they weren't the only men reveling in gay pleasures of the flesh on that bed. Completely naked, Ray was lying on his back with his legs spread, while Gary knelt beside him rubbing his cock teasingly against the lips that were pursed for him. Richard was somewhat earthier, and he was kneeling between the knees of the man whose name he didn't know for sure, slowly bobbing his head up and down and stroking the man's hard cock between his lips. He may not have known which of the twins he was sucking off, but he knew he really loved doing it.

The cock in his mouth was hard, as only that of a horny young man can be, and it was thick enough to spread his lips, but not so big he couldn't move it around with his tongue and press it against the insides of his cheeks or roof of his mouth and thoroughly relish what he was doing. The length was good too. He wasn't giving deep throat, and liked the feel of the end of the man's cock brushing against the back of his mouth with every stroke, while his tongue caressed its shaft. Richard loved sucking cocks, and those belonging to either of the Stewart brothers were among the best he knew of.

Everybody was having a good time that day. Ray had stopped being coy, and opened his mouth wide, and was slowly moving his face back and forth while Gary fucked him there. Given his choice, he preferred getting a big, hard cock in his ass over giving head, but he liked both, especially at the same time. With admiration, he looked up at Gary's dark brown body with the great physique and at his smiling face He didn't say anything, because his mouth was too busy, but his eyes were clearly saying "Keep fucking me like that."

Smiling back at the pretty blue eyes looking at him so sweetly, Gary responded by continuing to plunge his cock slowly between the twink's lips. He loved to be sucked off by whichever of the twins was doing it then, and he expected to fuck the same man or his brother in the ass once he had cum and his cock had been sucked hard again.

Lionel was already doing exactly what he most liked to do. Slowly, making the intense pleasure last, he was driving his cock in and out of what he truly did consider to be one of the sexiest asses in the world. He had been fucking the man for a long time already, and knew he would cum soon, but he still kept up the slow, deep strokes, every one of them ending with his thighs pressed snugly against the soft and luxurious cheeks under him.

Bob was having fun too, but he wanted to make it even better for himself and his partner. "Leo, let me get up on my knees so I can fuck back to meet you," he suggested.

That was more than alright with Lionel so, with his cock buried to the hilt in one of its favorite place, he helped his bottom get into a kneeling position. When they had finished with the adjustment, the young man was on his knees and the top was kneeling behind him with his cock still deep inside the ass that felt so good and so tight. They stayed like that for a few seconds, until Lionel drew back and thrust forward. This time, Bob pushed back from his hands and the long, thick shaft ended up buried even more deeply inside him.

Both men moaned in bliss. The thick cock spread Bob's ass even wider open and expanded the adjacent channel, sending waves of pleasure washing over him from both places. Best of all, as it surged into his ass, the entire length massaged his clit, sending not just waves, but breakers of even more intense bliss gush through his body, and doing the same thing when it was withdrawn. He had an erection himself, just as hard as the one plunging in and out of him, but he let it swing in front of him as he moved. Bob hoped somebody would soon take it into his hand or mouth but, if nobody did, he would stroke himself to a climax.

Leo was taking his time in driving in his cock, because they still wanted their fun to last as long as they could make it, even though either of them was close to a climax. Everything about the activities of him and Bob or Ray was bringing him excruciating pleasure, from the loud moans of bliss of his partner to the soft fleshy hips his hands were caressing to the tightness and slickness of the pretty pink hole he was fucking. The Aqualube was working perfectly; it had turned completely to liquid, and there was no friction, just the tightness and the slow massaging of his cock by the muscles inside the other man's ass.

The three other men on the bed were deriving tremendous pleasure from what they were doing too, and they had also been trying to continue doing so for as long as they could. Nevertheless, after an extensive period of slow stroking between his lips, the cock Richard was sucking started to throb inside his mouth. He knew that meant the man he was sucking off was about to shoot a burst of cum into his mouth, so he tightened his lips to avoid having any semen dribble out and be wasted. He also started sucking faster, eager for his mouth to be filled by the delicious fluid.

Ray's climax had been building slowly for a long time, and he also knew he was about to cum, but his mouth was too pleasantly occupied in sucking off Gary for him to say anything. When he felt Richard's lips tighten, he knew there was no need to say anything anyhow. The lips wrapped around his cock started stroking faster and, reflexively, he began sucking Gary's cock faster too. After less than a minute of the increased speed, his climax erupted, and a big gusher of cum shot into the mouth that had induced it.

Richard caught the viscous gob on his tongue, where he savored its taste, but kept sucking. He was rewarded a second and third time when the blonde twink ejaculated again, and he kept sucking, but got no further results. Carefully, he removed the cock from his mouth and licked all the semen off the outside, before going after what was still inside the hard shaft. He placed a thumb at the base, right in front of the other man's scrotum, with his fingers on the other side of the cock and drew his hand toward his eager mouth, where his tongue caught everything that oozed out. When he was satisfied he had all the semen he was going to get, Richard swirled it inside his mouth, relishing its taste and texture, before letting it slip down his throat.

Having sucked off one of the twin twinks, he looked up and saw the other was ready for some similar action. Hurriedly, he moved over to the other side of the bed and, with a pillow under his head, lay down in front of the big, hard cock that was swinging from side to side with the movements of Lionel and the man he was fucking. Bob saw Richard slide in front of him, knew what was needed, and bowed his back. This served the double purpose of bringing his cock close enough to the mouth that wanted it and making his ass a better target for the cock that started driving into him even more deeply than it had been. Richard opened wide, and Bob started fucking him in the mouth.

Gary was immensely enjoying having his cock sucked, but the man doing it was slightly less happy about it. It was fun, but the big organ was really too large for good sucking, and Ray preferred getting fucked in the ass anyhow, especially since the other three men were playing among themselves. He gently took the big, black cock out of his mouth, held it in his fingers and made a request.

"This is fun, but I'd rather get this big dude in my ass."

A smile brightened Gary's face, and he expressed his preference. "That's good, because I'd rather go that way too. I'll get the lube and a rubber."

By the time he returned, with his cock enclosed in latex and the bottle of Aqualube in his hand, Ray had rolled over onto his belly, with a pillow under his waist, and was holding his ass cheeks apart. Gary quickly prepared the cute pink hole awaiting him as Lionel had done to Bob, and coated his cock with the lubrication. Ray continued lying face down but, after the finger had finished spreading the lube, he moved his fingers closer together, right at the edges of the hole that was about to be fucked, and pulled them apart. With one hand guiding his cock, Gary placed the head carefully in position and thrust forward feeling the head wedge between the fingers and into the oily channel beyond. He sighed happily as the tightness of his partner's ass clamped onto the head of his cock, and plunged forward again.

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