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Written and Edited by Bill Hudley



My name is David Andrew James. I am 24 years old and a recent graduate of the Univ.of Colorado. During my Sophomore year in college my parents were killed in an auto accident. Adding shock to horror, I learned three days after the accident that I was adopted. I had never been told of the adoption and for a while I was feeling hurt and alienated from the only family I had ever known. I just couldn't understand why my folks would keep my adoption a secret from me. Being an only child all that was left of the only family I had ever know was my Uncle Jake and his wife Frieda and my Aunt Jerri, both siblings of my mother. My Dad was an only child also. I was their sole heir and all my parents possessions were now mine.

Thankfully there was money enough for me to finish my degree and have a modest, but steady stream of income from their investments, plus the house and Mom's car. That car was her pride and joy, a fully restored 1967 Mustang convertible, given to her by my Dad on their 25th wedding anniversary. Dad's SUV was destroyed in the accident. There would be settlements to come with the insurance companies, so my living expenses would be covered. With careful management I was able to complete college without money woes which made it easier to concentrate on my studies. Those last two years my studies kept me going. I could have easily lost myself in grief and self pity. But instead I threw myself into my studies and I earned very good grades, making the Dean's list in my 3rd & 4th years.

As I thought back over the years trying to remember some clue or sign that I was adopted. There was nothing in the manner that Mom and Dad acted towards me that would have ever led me to think that I was adopted. They did dote on me, openly affectionate with lots of hugs and kisses from them both. I knew I was loved and wanted and I was a happy kid confident and secure in my family. Since the accident I've begun to wonder about my birth parents and who I am. At first I told myself and my Aunts and Uncle that I needed to know the medical histories of my birth parents so I could be prepared and not make any avoidable mistakes. But really I just wanted to know who I am and why I was put up for adoption. Most likely it was the unwed mother too young to provide and care for a child that wasn't wanted by her parents because they were embarrassed and insisted the child be put up for adoption or she would be thrown out of their lives. I have heard and seen that played out in movies and on TV forever. Secretly I wanted it to be something mush more dramatic. Why, I couldn't begin to say. Maybe I had begun to feel less of a person since learning that I was adopted. Unwanted by my birth parents, I never stopped to consider the other side. How very much I was wanted by my real parents and how they loved me enough to seek me out and pay an outrageous fee just to have me as their child.

My pity party ended about three months after their deaths. I realized that finding my birth parents wasn't important to me. It could wait. I needed to get on with the life that my folks had afforded me. It was time to get a real job now that college was behind me.. My studies came to my rescue again as I knew that with my grades I would be near the top of any prospective employers list of candidates.

My early childhood was on a farm, but Dad moved us into town when I started school. For years I thought I was psychic and I was mind reading someones thoughts. I just didn't know whose mind it was. Sudden, sharp pangs would sometimes make me gasp as I felt another presence. Eerie and odd, but whose childhood wasn't full of odd, scary omens and signs. Just kid stuff,I thought.

After college I thought of finding my birth parents again but again decided that it just wasn't that important. I decided that a sperm donor and birth mother who gave away me were just not worth the effort. Finding a permanent job became more of a priority than the search for my birth parents. I found a good job in my chosen field of Physical Fitness Nutrition and Therapy in Colorado Springs at the Olympic Training Ctr. As I settled into the new work regimen the adoption issue faded to the background and usually my only thoughts of it were as I was drifting off to sleep.

Throughout college I had dated only 3 girls, but all lasted more than a year before moving on. I knew that what I really wanted was to find a man, I have known I was gay since high school but never, ever acted upon my desires and never came out to anyone. Now that I was settled into my job and apartment, I knew it was time to find someone to date. I am a 24 yrs old, 5'11 tall, 155 lbs, short brown hair, my body is trim and fit, if but a bit on the thin side and I am lightly covered in fine brown hair from my chest to my toes. All in all, a nice looking young man, not a handsome one, in my eyes at least but I'm not a troll either. At 24 and still a virgin I knew it was time to make an earnest effort to change that status. I made plans to start Friday night. I had found out where the Gay Bars were and was going out hoping to meet some new friends at least.

But first up after work Friday was a few rounds drinks with my co-workers to loosen up and shake off the woes of the work week just passed. I almost blew them off but decided to be a good sport and join them. I did like them and I didn't want anyone at the office to have a reason to not like me. So off I went and even found myself enjoying their company. A couple of drinks did wonders to shed some of my shyness and I was chatting and laughing like I'd been born to it by 8:00 P.M. Being the new guy, co-workers were constantly stopping to chat and I was talking most of the night. I think every singe woman in our office came by to check me out.


I'm David Allan Stanley, I am a recent graduate of Colorado State Univ. My parents died in a boating accident during my second year in college. I was devastated as I was the only child and the absolute apple of their eyes. They were great parents and almost buddies to me. We did most activities together until I went away to college. We made a rule when I left for State that we would be together at least one weekend a month while I was at school. If I didn't come home, they would come to me. My friends thought I was the biggest dork because I really liked having my parents around. They were cool. Younger than my friends parents by five or more years in most cases. They were only 19 when they adopted me. Why did they adopt so young? The story I was told was that it was either the Peace Corps or Adopting a child here at home. The deaths of three Peace Corp volunteers in South America sealed my fate as they chose the adoption option. Lucky Me!

I had always known that I was adopted and felt so lucky to have my parents. They were really young, forward thinking individuals both raised by parents that were College Professors. They even told me that if I ever felt the need to contact my birth mother and father, they had a copy of my birth certificate with her name and address at the time of my birth and my birth fathers name too. It was kept in their safe deposit box at the bank. I just never felt the need to know about the sperm donor and the birth mother. I did feel gratitude to them that they gave me to these two wonderfully crazy, great human beings that were my Mom and Dad. Their death rocked me to my core. Luckily, I still had both sets of grandparents to rely on as family. My Mom and Dad were very special people and they were loved and missed by many, many friends. as well as their parents and me, their only child.

Mom and Dad had managed their money very well and as their sole heir, their entire estate was coming to me. The school was very supportive and let me do catch exams to keep my grades and standing in my class. I was able to finish my studies in Marketing and Sports Psychology ( I know, who thought up that combination!) My paternal Granddad was certain that I would be a leader in that new field of practice.. My inheritance left me fairly well off. I never thought of not working. It just wasn't in me not to be productive. I knew I didn't have to work to earn a living but I knew that I had to work to justify my living. Without the structure of a weekly work regimen and responsibilities, I'd be lost and very unhappy. I still had Grandparents to impress and had to provide them with exploits to brag about to their friends. The fact that I was gay never fazed them a bit. Their only concern was my well being and happiness.

Soon after graduation I found a good job that I really liked in Colorado Springs. The company I worked for did a lot of work for the Olympic Training Center there and I was excited to see some of the very attractive male athletes there. I was shy and a bit nerdy in High School and remember only one date during those four years. I've know I was gay since puberty but I am still a virgin. In college I shed some of the nerd image, getting more stylish clothes, more trendy haircuts and I fit in better and made more friends. I almost lost my virginity in my senior year with an experienced girl who had little patience with a beginner like me. Okay, now I've tried and I know I don't like it. I need to find a man. I am a 24 yrs old, 5'11 tall, 162 lbs, short brown hair, My body is trim and fit and lean and is covered in fine brown hair. I'm nice looking, not a movie idol by any means but I clean up nice and I'm confident and self assured.

Today was Friday and I had agreed to a few drinks with friends after work, Instead of the usual watering hole near work, we traveled ten blocks or so for a coworker to meet up with his girlfriend. I had not been here before and was glad to see some new faces. I had a couple of drinks and was being chatted up by a couple of the secretaries at the office. I was still the new guy and the ladies were jockeying for position. I stood there and took it as I wasn't yet ready to come out to my new co-workers.


There was a local hot spot/meat rack bar nearby our office so we converged there after work. We had all had a few drinks and were laughing and telling work war stories when Anne, one of the Department Heads at work walked by and did a double take as she passed by me. I looked at her questioningly with raised eyebrow and she said

"didn't I just see you at the far end of the bar?"

"No, been right here for hours now:

She gave me a funny look, shook her head and went on her way. Later during the evening two other of the girls asked me a similar question, thinking I was playing a trick on them when Debbie gasped and clasped her mouth. She said to the other girl with her,

"he's got on a different shirt!" and then looking back to me, but it was you, I know it was. Unless your twin is here." "Not me, I replied I'm an only child."

We all laughed telling her that having hallucinations was a sure sign that it was time for her to quit drinking.

A while later I had to visit the john, after a satisfying piss I turned to the sink and was washing my hands when a stall door opened, as I grabbed a towel and was drying my hands, I glanced in the mirror and saw someone coming out of the stall, I did the classic double take as I stared in the mirror; it was my face coming out of that stall! In disbelief I turned slowly and stood face to face with myself. We both stood there with our mouths hanging open and looks of disbelief on our faces. We were twins, there was no doubt that I stood looking at my unknown identical twin brother. I don't know how long we stood, staring at one another. I was absolutely gobsmacked. I couldn't even form a word. Finally I managed,

"I'm David James, but friends call me Drew, Andrew is my middle name."

He smiled and then laughed out loud.

"David is my name too!" "I'm David Allan Stanley."

We stood looking at ourselves in the mirror trying to find differences in our looks. After the initial shock wore off we were reeling off questions to each other rapid fire. Not surprisingly we found that we had the same birthday, we were both from Colorado, both had graduated college 3 months ago, both had lost our parents. It was a bit uncanny to find a stranger who looked like me, acted like me, had similar experiences, had the same tastes and even similar mannerisms, ideals and beliefs. We quickly deduced that we were separated at the adoption center to facilitate our adoptions. Not many people were willing to take on twins as a matter of choice. After 24 years accidentally meeting your twin was quite confusing. I asked David if he had tried to contact our birth parents and he said no. He told me about the birth certificate with their names and suddenly I was satisfied. He had their names. Suddenly, with David in my life now, he's the missing link what I have needed for years, finding the sperm donor or birth mother isn't important at all.

On closer inspection I saw why our co-workers were confused. We were dressed identically except for the shirts, his was white, mine was white with pinstripes, even our ties were the same color with diagonal stripes. When I found out that his parents died a similar death in the same year as mine died, I pulled him to me in a hug and we booth cried. They were tears of sadness but mostly tears of joy at finding each other. When we realized that we should go back to our groups we decided to walk in together at each group. As I walked up I said...

"Hey guys, look what I found!"

There were gasps of surprise and then

"why didn't you tell us you had a twin."

"Guys, I was adopted as a baby and grew up an only child. I didn't know I had a twin until 20 minutes ago!"

When they heard the story none believed us at first but were soon convinced by the way we each reacted with the other. We got much the same reaction from David's friends. As the groups began to break up I asked David what his plans were and he told me he was planning to go to a club but now he just wanted to talk with me. I took him home with me and we sat up till dawn catching up on each others lives.

Drew and David

Thank goodness we met on Friday night. We had the whole weekend to talk and get to know our twin! Sunday night came way too soon. We said our goodbyes and David left for his condo. After he left I went to my desk and got a legal pad and pen an laid it on the counter. I planned to write down every question I knew I'd think of while we were apart. I later learned that David did the very same thing when he got home. As I started to walk away I went to the pad and wrote "where do you work?" as my first entry.

We had talked all weekend. My jaws were sore, but I was so very happy. I Called Aunt Jerri and Uncle Jake and they knew nothing about a twin. Aunt Jeri said that our Mom didn't know it either, Aunt Jeri said she would have loved to have twins. She would have taken both of you and thought herself the luckiest person in the world to get two babies. They all found it hard to believe. Finding a twin brother that we never knew existed was a godsend to two lonely men who had lost the people who loved and cared for them. I was the talk of the office on Monday with everyone questioning me about my twin. At lunch time I went to the cafeteria for the first time since I came to work here. As I was carrying my tray to a table I saw him. I stumbled but righted myself and called out to him

"David! why are you here?"

"I work here, why are you here?"

"NO! You can't be serious. I work here too!"

Another inconceivable incident. We had worked more that two months in the same building and never met up. We sat together, both stunned by the way our lives have been suddenly thrown together. We decided that it was fate, Twins were meant to be together, our meeting was the universe making right a wrong that had occurred 24 years ago when we were separated by the adoption agency. There was no way the universe could let two identical souls not be aware of each other. .

There were so many questions and so much we wanted to share, and we just wanted to be together. We decided that we would live together for a while. David suggested that I come and share his 3 bedroom condo. It was close to work and way to big for just one person and we each couldn't get enough of the other. Each of us had craved a brother as children and we wanted to make the most of the time we had together. We became inseparable and spent all of our time together when not working. After a month together we finally told each other we were gay and that set off another session of baring our souls, the parts we had kept from each other, at last there were no secrets and we became twins in our hearts and minds as well as in our appearance. Now that there were no secrets there was an automatic trust of the other. Knowing that there was someone I could trust my life to without question or fear was a humbling experience. No matter what, we could trust our twin to do or say what was best for us, always. Having a confidant was such a wonderful experience too. Growing up as only children left us each craving someone to share with. Now that we had each other little else was wanted by either of us.

After work we would double team on making dinner and the clean up so that we could talk and just be together. We would lie together on one or the others bed and talk for hours often falling asleep and awaking the next morning fully clothed. There was a need to be close to each other, physically and well as mentally. As we lay on the bed talking, some parts of us would be touching, our feet, legs or arms. It didn't matter as long as we were physically attached in some way. We both decided that it was a long repressed need since we were separated for so long. Soon we were getting ready for bed before our chat sessions and not long after that we were sleeping in the same bed. Often waking spooned together the next morning. Both with serious morning wood. We realized that we needed to remedy our status as virgins, a pitiful state for 24 year old men. We started going to the local bars and were quite the sensation as the gay twins. The problem was that our suitors wanted to have us both as a package deal and we were hardly ready for two in a bed, much less three or more. But try as we might, neither of us could find anyone we wanted to be with more than with each other. Then inevitably, things changed. Two healthy, sexually frustrated young men sleeping together every night. Something was bound to happen. One morning when Drew awoke with David spooned to his back, his arm across his waist and his hand in Drew's shorts holding his hard cock.

As David stirred Drew pulled him even closer ensuring that David would not pull away nor lessen the grip on his cock. Drew began pushing his hips back rubbing his butt on David's hard cock. David woke with a start just as Drew pulled him closer and backed his ass harder into David.

"Ummmm you feel so good"

David whispered in Drew's ear

"I know" Drew murmured. "I want us to feel like this forever."

They lay together like that for many minutes until Drew loosened his hold and turned in David's arms to face him, still tightly holding each other.

"do you like this Drew asked?"

"oh yes... I think I may like this too much."

"We've grown up being told that this was wrong" David said,

They writhed together getting closer, holding tighter, kissing deeper as the melded into one. They parted only long enough to take off their shorts and Tee shirts and rejoined together flesh to flesh creating an even greater shock to their systems. They lay there naked, pressed together from lips to toes, pulling, grinding and hugging each reaching a sexual peak and their release simultaneously.

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