tagRomanceTwinkle, Twinkle My Wishing Star

Twinkle, Twinkle My Wishing Star


A woman looking for fame and fortune, gets green acres and farm life instead.


Once her favorite holiday, Audrey now dreaded Valentine's Day. Normally an early shopper, with Valentine's Day looming closer, in the way of a painful toothache, she hadn't even yet bought her husband a Valentine's Day card. Every time she was in the mood to look at Valentine's Day cards, once she started reading the sentiments, wishing her life was different, uncomplicated and unencumbered. She wished she was single again.

Dreading returning home, she fell out of the mood to look at meaningless Valentine's Day cards and walked out the store feeling sad, frustrated, angry, unappreciated, and restlessly lonely. Just as she had grown to finally fall out of love with her husband, it was obvious that he didn't love her. Truth be told, the sad reality about their strained relationship was that he never loved her. More concerned about his farm animals than about her, if anything, wanting a farmhand with benefits, using her for sex, as if she was just another one of his farm animals that he needed to run his farm, he lusted over her but he didn't love her.

"Twinkle, twinkle little star," she said making her secret wishes on a star she picked out and that magically appeared each night in the same place in the sky, through the barn's tattered roof, whenever she was out in the barn. "I wish upon a star tonight, grant me my wish to improve my plight."

Only, her wishes for fame and fortune never came true. Definitely, without a doubt, this was God's country, but God was busy doing other things than to help her get her start with a singing, dancing, and acting career. Totally pitch black at night, unless the carnival, the farm show, or the circus came to town to light up the night's sky with an aurora borealis of wonderment and awaken the night with music, there were no Broadway lights and no music out here, just chores.

* * * * *

If given the chance, Audrey would have stayed in the big city. With stars in her eyes and fame and fortune on her mind, if given the opportunity, she wanted to be a singer and have a career as an entertainer. She loved the wild nightlife of the big city. Hopping from club to club to listen and to dance to the new sounds of music from live bands in the city, if the country had sidewalks, they'd roll them up at suppertime. If given the choice, she'd never leave the city nightlife for the real wildlife of a small country, rural town. Only, she wasn't given much of a chance, opportunity, or choice, when she had to pack up her things and move from the city to the country.

"So, this is it, small town USA? This is the whole town, a gas station, a country store, a church, an old cinema, a bowling alley, and a diner? It's so quaintly charming but, just like the small cemetery behind the church, so peacefully dead," she said after having pulled into town and parking her car behind the bank, where she'd be working. "Where are all the people? I can only wonder what they do or don't do on a Saturday night. I wonder if they have cable? I hope to God they have the Internet."

Audrey was transferred from her corporate bank in the city to this small branch office in this small town way out in the western part of the state, after she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her boss, the senior vice president at the bank, and her employer, Multinational Bank. Even though it's been more than a year since the attack, the memory of the sexual assault, along with the effects of her lawsuit, with her being transferred here, as if being punished, are still fresh in her mind and sometimes plays in the way of an endlessly horrific video. It all started, when Mr. Wilson called her up to his office. Nothing unusual about that, typically they met weekly behind closed doors to discuss banking business, something he preferred doing with her, rather than with her immediate superior, Mr. Wilson's Bank Manager, George Reynolds, who was a man his age.

"Mr. Wilson wants to see you, Audrey," said Mr. Reynolds.

"He does? Why? Have I done something wrong?"

"No, not at all, he wants to discuss the bank's business with you. Matter of fact, he wants to see you weekly to discuss banking business," he said with a sigh and a defeated look, while slowly shaking his head.

"I don't understand, George. You're the Branch Manager and I'm only your assistant. Besides, he has weekly meeting with all of his bank managers. Why does he need another private meeting with me? Why does he want to discuss banking business with me, instead of with you? You have more banking experience and financial education that I do."

"Because," said George with a sad face and a roll of his eyes, while looking at Audrey with a fatherly smile, "suffice to say that you have better legs than I do. Just humor him and maybe he'll leave you alone," he said with a thoughtful pause, "or give you a raise and a promotion in the way that he gave Brenda," he said with a little laugh, as if enjoying a private joke.

"Oh," said Audrey immediately understanding that the bank's business as usual sexual harassment laws didn't apply to those top echelon executives.

Even though this is the 21st century with established sexual harassment laws firmly set in place, and not the 20th century with secretaries being groped and coerced to have sex with executives, in exchange for raises, preferential treatment, and promotions, nothing has changed at this bank managed by mostly middle-age Caucasian men, in fifty years.

When she entered his office, with his back to her, Mr. Wilson was sitting in his big, red, tufted leather, high back chair with it turned outward to the panoramic view that he had from his expanse of penthouse office windows. Rude of him to be sitting like that with his back to her, she thought, when he had asked to see her, especially knowing she'd be right up and that she was now there in his office, she silently stewed by the ill-mannered slight and his lack of professional courtesy. Content to sit and wait for him to finish, whatever he was doing, usually on the phone texting someone, she took the empty chair in front of his desk, while staring at the back of his bald head.

As if she was auditioning for a Hollywood producer, always positioned in the same exact spot, she always thought it odd that the chair in front of his desk was always so neatly arranged. Pushed far enough back from his desk to give him a view up her short skirt, if she was careless and didn't sit like a lady, she wondered if that was his intent. She imagined slutty Brenda sitting in this same chair, while giving him an up skirt view of her panty. Maybe that's why George was laughing. Maybe that's how ditsy Brenda got her big raise and promotion.

Finished playing with his phone, discovering later that it wasn't his phone that he was playing with but his cock, with a wave of his hand and a quick turn of his chair, making it appear accidental with his elbow and arm, he knocked a pile of papers and folders from his desk. All of it planned, in hindsight, she now knows that clearing his desktop to the floor wasn't accidental. Everything went flying everywhere. Suddenly feeling like the subservient woman, instead of his junior executive, the Assistant Branch Manager, immediately Audrey stood and squatted down to pick up the mess.

Not paying any mind to her comportment, with her short skirt raised just a few inches from her crotch, no doubt, exposing her panties to him, should he be looking and he was, her knees were mindlessly parted wide enough to give him an accidental show of her panty. With the top of her loosely fitting blouse falling opened, too, now rewarded with an up skirt and a down blouse, he squatted down with her, too, on the pretense of helping her pick up his papers. Only, he wasn't picking up papers, he was looking up her crotch high skirt and down her loosely hanging blouse, while pretending he was picking up the purposely dropped paperwork. When she caught him looking, staring, and leering, actually, her face flushed to match her pink panties and she stood and pulled down her skirt.

"Does the sexual harassment ever end?" She wondered to herself. "When will she ever be thought of and treated as a professional and an equal, instead of as a sex object?" Now knowing why he wanted to see her, not to hear her professional opinions, but just to have a peek up her short skirt and down her low cut blouse. Tired of being so mistreated and disrespected, she pondered the answers to her unanswered question in silence. "Asshole," she thought, while hoping he didn't see all that she imagined he saw.

Then, when he stood, she couldn't believe her eyes. His cock was out of his unzipped trousers and he had an erection. What the fuck? Are you kidding me? Being that he was the Senior Vice President of the bank, giving him the benefit of her doubt, much in the way of his dropped paperwork, at first she figured his sudden exposure was accidental.

Not a prude and hardly a virgin, still the unexpected sight of his engorged prick startled her and, having never seen an uncircumcised cock before, she involuntarily looked down and stared at his exposed prick. Perhaps, she thought, this outrageously lascivious behavior worked on others, but not on her. Maybe on her knees and sucking his cock, instead of sitting in a chair and exposing her panties, was how busty Brenda from the secretarial pool got her big raise and promotion.

He was the senior Vice President, after all. Not realizing she was staring, shocked, embarrassed, and nervous, her reaction to stare, no doubt, encouraged more of his outrageous behavior. He walked to her, took her in his arms, and tried to kiss her, while feeling her where no Senior Vice President of the bank should ever touch his Assistant Branch Manager or any employee.

"Mr. Wilson. Stop! Let go of me," she said pushing against him, but he was too big and too strong for her to move him.

"I know you want it, Audrey. Touch it. Go ahead. Feel my cock. I made it nice and hard for you, before you came in my office," he said with a bit of a deranged tone to his voice.

"Oh, my God! How dare you?" She said, when he took her wrist and put her hand on his cock and held it there. "Get away from me!" Trying to pull away from his grasp, she couldn't.

"Don't you want to stroke it, Audrey?" He moved the palm of her hand up and down the length of his cock. "If you play ball with me, I'll make sure you go right to the top in your banking career. If you don't, you won't," he said wrapping her splayed fingers around his cock and forcing her to stroke him, while holding his hand over her hand and moving her hand back and forth. "Oh, yeah, that feels good. Faster. I need to cum," he said kissing her and forcing his tongue in her mouth, while reaching around to feel her round, firm ass through her navy blue skirt.

She turned her head away and, still holding her around the waist, he let go of her hand to grab hold and turn her chin to kiss her again and again, while feeling her ample breast and fingering and teasing her nipple with his experienced fingertips through her bra.

"Mr. Wilson. No! Don't! Stop!"

"Who are you kidding, Audrey? You're such a cock tease. I know you want this as much as I do," he said reaching down and, in one quick, forceful, and fluid pull, he lifted her short skirt up past her hips and nearly to her waist. "Tsk, tsk, tsk, you naughty girl. You're so wicked. You're not even wearing a slip and I can see your panties," he said leaning down to get a better look of her panties.

"If you don't let me go, right this instant, I'll tell your wife," she said trying to wiggle from his grasp, while trying to think of what else to say to stop him. "Stop! No! Let go of me! I'll tell the President of the bank."

"Go ahead and tell Hal," he said with a laugh. "The president of the bank is my golfing buddy and my best friend. We frequent the same country club, attend community functions, and hold political fund raisers. With me doing all the work and him getting all the credit, he not only has more of a sexual appetite that I do but also has the free time to chase his secretaries around his office. Besides, there's no one here but you and me. It's my word against your word, Audrey," he said kissing her again.

"Let me go! Let me go now."

"Look at you," he said looking down at her to feel her full breast again through her blouse and bra.

"What's wrong with me?" Hoping to distract him for a moment to make good her escape, she looked down where he stared at her breasts.

Only, no doubt, encouraged by her acting as a willing participant in his game, he became even more inappropriately aggressive. He stuck a finger in between her buttonholes to trace and finger fuck the length of her deep, long line of cleavage, before unbuttoning a couple of the buttons of her pale blue blouse to expose her pink, lacy bra.

"You dress so provocatively," he said giving her a hug and a squeeze, as if he was her father chastising her for not dressing appropriately for school. "Don't you know we have a dress code? In the sexy way that you dress, you're just asking for trouble," he said with a dirty laugh, while sarcastically whispering his words.

"Please don't do this," she said struggling to pull away from his grasp, but he held her by both of her wrists in one of his big hands.

"I dare say that your outfit is inappropriate bank attire. Actually, Audrey, forgive me for saying this, but you dress like a slut," he said leaning forward to whisper his words in her ear, before inserting his tongue in her ear and slowly twirling it around, as if he were licking her pussy.

"Let go of me this instant or I'll file a report with Human Resources," she said recoiling and leaning back away from his tongue, while trying to knee him in the groin.

"No one is going to believe you over me, Audrey, especially when I make the bank so much money," he said reaching down between her legs to grab a handful of her panty clad pussy.

He traced her vaginal slit with his finger, before moving her panty elastic aside with his fingernail. Then, with him still holding her and trying to kiss her, he made slow circles with his fingertip in her trimmed, blonde pubic hair.

"Please don't do this. I beg you to let me go. I won't say anything to anyone. I promise," she said with a smile. "We can pretend this never happened. Okay?"

"No, sorry, that's not okay. I'm a realist. Just as I never forget and forgive a loan, I can't pretend this never happened because it did," he said with arrogance.

"If you don't let go of me now, I'll report you to the police and they'll charge with sexual assault. You'll be arrested and the bank will fire you. Your name and face will appear on the sex registry list for the rest of your life. You'll not only lose your job but also your position in the community. Your wife will divorce you. Your children will disown you. You'll be disgraced."

"Nonsense," he loudly laughed. "Just as I can always hire another Assistant Bank Manager, the bank can't easily find another financial genius. Sorry, but you're expendable and I'm not," he said with pride. "I win and you lose."

She squirmed away, when he tried penetrating her with his finger, but not enough to get away. Not bad enough that he sexually assaulted her, not bad enough that he called her a slut but, after working so hard trying to make her career in the banking industry, it really hurt her, when he said she was expendable. Feeling useless and so controlled, suddenly feeling so used and abused, she felt like such a worthless woman trying to make it and failing in man's world. She felt like such a dope.

Too angry to cry, she pulled away from his grasp, finally. She slapped him, she punched him, and she kicked him, but he overpowered her. With a hard downward push on her shoulder, feeling as if he'd break her collar bone, if she resisted, he forced her to her knees. Then, with a fast hand and a quicker finger, he reached down to grab her nipple through her blouse and bra and squeezed and pulled hard. When she opened her mouth to scream in pain, he filled her mouth with his cock.

"No!" She screamed momentarily spitting him out of her mouth, before he shut her up with his cock again.

As if a cowboy wrapping rope around his hand to ride a bucking bronco, wrapping her long, blonde, straight hair around his hand, before putting a hand to the back of her pretty head, he pushed his full body weight hard against her. With his big hand holding her head in place, he humped her mouth and fucked her face, in the way that he fucks the air with his hips, when alone and in the privacy of his office, after successfully wooing a big bank depositor away from another bank to invest with his bank. He was forcing her to suck his cock now. Humping her mouth harder, she was really sucking him.

Having no other alternative, with him already so sexually excited and becoming even more excited with his cock buried in and humping her mouth, not wanting him to cum in her mouth, when she couldn't eject him from her mouth with her tongue and free her hold of her head with his hair wrapped hand by pushing back against his knees, she bit down hard, but too late. When he pulled himself from her toothy grasp, what cum he hadn't already ejaculated in her mouth and down her throat, he exploded across her face, her hair, and her blouse. Giving her a real cum bath, she had more cum on her face, then when she gives herself a moisturizing facial. Figuring he must have saved his sperm up for a month, never has she seen a man explode so much cum before.

"You bastard. You filthy bastard," she said wiping cum from her nose and eyes. "You dirty pig," she said spitting what cum she had left in her mouth that she hadn't swallowed onto the carpet.

"You little bitch," he said backhanding her across the face and knocking her to the floor, while rubbing and checking his cock.

Free now, she tried making a run for his closed office door but, by the time she gathered her wits about her and stood, before she could take more than a step or two, he grabbed her from behind, spun her around, and ripped open her blouse. With one fast finger, he lifted her bra to expose her big tits. With his hand all over her bare breasts and his mouth all over her now erect nipples, as if seeking his painful revenge for her biting his cock, he fingered, pulled, twisted, and bit her nipples.

"Ow! God damn it. That fucking hurts," said Audrey recoiling, while trying to save her bitten nipple from him, before he bit it off.

"I bet my biting your nipple doesn't nearly hurt as much as you biting my cock," he said with an insane look on his face. "Look," he said holding up his prick. "You left your teeth marks. Don't you like me? Actually, I prefer a woman with some fight in her. After I pass you off to Hal, you're going to go far in this bank," he said with a laugh of lunacy.

"Fuck you!"

"Fuck me? You want to fuck me? Thank you. I'm flattered. Yes, of course, I can accommodate your desire to fuck me," he said with a laugh.

Then, lifting up her skirt again that had fallen down, when she tried to make a run for it, he tucked a fat thumb under her bikini panty. In one quick tug, he pulled pull down her panty, reached a hand between her legs, and squeezed a handful of her cunt, as hard as he could.

"Ow! God damn you. That fucking hurts."

"Don't worry, I'll take the sting off your cunt by what I'm about to do with your ass."

A man not to be denied, not one to take no for answer, he reached down and tried sticking his hairy, stiff finger in her dry hole. When she resisted, when she tried squirming away, he bent her forward and held her in place with a heavy hand to her back. He took his index finger and swirled it around in his mouth, before jamming it up her rectum. Ready to satisfy himself now, prepared to fuck her up the ass, he tried inserting his still stiff prick inside of her.

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