I used to live in Texas so on Spring Break from college I met a few old friends at a famous site for Spring outrageousness, Padre Island, in south Texas, on the Gulf coast. Partly it was fun and partly it was discouraging. I was at a party one evening -- almost every inch of the Island is one big constant party -- and managed to get a truly beautiful girl off to myself and fuck her. As soon as I started into her I realized I was taking sloppy seconds, at least. It was obvious she’d already been fucked. A fresh vagina is different than a well-used one. A few minutes later I saw the same girl going off with another guy. If she stayed sober enough to remember, I guess she was going to be able to brag to her friends about how she’d fucked five guys, or ten, or however many. On one hand I felt sorry for her. I mean she was truly beautiful. She could get any guy she wanted. Why would a girl like that do something like that? Then I realized, turn about is fair play. A guy bragging about how many girls he fucked wouldn’t be sad. So why is a girl doing the same thing bad?

The next day I was walking down a street -- admittedly a side street, not heavily traveled -- and I saw up ahead a girl laying sideways on the hood of a car, her legs spread, with a guy standing there shoving it into her. He then stepped back and another guy stepped into his place and started fucking her some more. About the time I got there, I could see this blond, with no panties and her skirt up around her waist, bare legged, and a guy pounding into her. He apparently finished and stepped back. She started calling out her need for another guy. “Hey, I need a fucker. C’mon guys, help me out.” I passed by quickly.

I suspect that back home, sober, neither of these girls -- or they guys fucking them -- would have behaved the same way. But somehow, I just didn’t care to be part of their excess. I have nothing against sex. I mean, I was one of some unknown number that fucked the one girl. I’m as guilty as she is. But I just didn’t like it. Another friend, in Austin, had asked me to visit, so I called him and made my way up there. Much calmer. Much closer to reality. The University of Texas was not on Spring Break -- I think it was the following week for them. So we palled around a day or so and then on my last night -- I was flying back East the next day -- we went to a local bar a couple blocks from his apartment.

This bar apparently is mainly the hangout for University of Texas students. Sort of a meat market, or “meet” market. A good place to pick up a date. It had a dance floor and canned music. It was packed. Lots of people. Lots of girls. The dance floor was constantly crowded. An interesting collection of dance music was played. A golden oldie, perhaps Sinatra, for slow, close dancing could be followed by a rock piece, where everyone just sort of moves and shakes at each other, and then a Texas two step, with lines of people all doing the drill. Ecelectic is the term, I guess.

I stood at the bar and looked around. There was a pretty blond that interested me. I saw her dance with two different guys and she seemed both attractive and outgoing with lots of smiles, looking like she was having a good time. So I went over and asked her to dance. She got up to join me.

“Mike Dunleavy,” I said as we started onto the floor.

She smiled and just answered, “Jenna.”

The music was fast and loud so we sort of moved and jerked to it, facing one another. I’ve never been a great dancer but this didn’t require much. Not like a Tango or Waltz might (neither of which I could be able to manage). To talk, we had to yell a little over the music and general din.

“Mike, “ she said, “You go to the University?”

“No, I replied. “I’m a student but just visiting a friend here. I used to live in Texas. I go to Yale.”

She smiled, “Yale? My sister goes there.”

“I’m just here on our Spring Break. Visiting a friend. I fly back East tomorrow.”

We danced a little more. Then she asked, “Why did you ask me to dance?” Emphasis on the me. Why pick her over any of the others.

“I thought you were the hottest girl here,” I said.

She grinned. “Hottest? Me?”

“Yeah, You’re attractive, good looking. You have a good body. Trim, probably firm, sort of athletic. You’ve got a great smile. Seem to be enjoying yourself. But there’s something about your eyes. I think you’re dirtier than you seem. Hornier.”

“Horny?” She laughed. “Flying out tomorrow? You’re looking for a one-night stand?”

I laughed. “I wouldn’t object. But, no I don’t expect that at all. I was just answering your question honestly. There’s some air about you that says you’re not the goody two-shoes that your clothes might imply.”

The song ended. We’re standing there. “Everyone is human,” she says. “We’re all good and bad. I’m not admitting anything but you may be right. How about you? Are you a square Eli, planning on being a cautious banker?”

My turn to laugh. “I don’t think I’d like a bank. I’d like something less predictable. More risk.”

A slow song came on. She stepped up against me. I put my arms around her and we started dancing. Shuffling to the music. I’ve danced with lots of girls where you have your arms around one another but you’re keeping your distance. Not Jenna. She was almost melting into me. I couldn’t help but get some movement in my penis. Not a full hard-on but a little something that she had to feel the way she was pressed into me. She felt really terrific. She’s probably about five foot six or so. I’m six foot two. And sort of skinny. So we didn’t match all that well. My cock was pressing into her stomach or thereabouts. The top of her blond head was about at my chin. We didn’t talk, just held each other close and moved a little. I was pressing more into her stomach by the end of the dance than at the beginning. Noticeably stiffer. When the dance ended she leaned her upper body back, which pushed the rest of her tighter against me. “That was nice,” she said.

The next number was a two-step. Fast, perky. We ended up with me right behind her as we went through the intricate steps. I made some mistakes trying to remember everything. At one point, I stumbled and grabbed her hips with both hands to keep from falling into her. I don’t know why I said something so dumb bit I did. “You have a great ass.” I guess I was partly hypnotized by having watched it moving around in front of me for the last couple minutes.

She never turned around or said anything but she did back up until her ass was pressing into me as she continued doing all the steps. I had to keep hold of her or fall over her, step into her. so I kept my hands on her hips. This time, she h ad to feel my nearly erect cock against her butt. She pressed into me more and, as she did the steps, wiggled against me. “I think you’ve got something pretty great, too,” I barely heard her. I don’t know whether the music blocked her out or she was talking more to herself than me.

When the music stopped, she never turned, She reached back, got my hand and pulled me towards the table where she’d been sitting. There was one empty chair. She aimed me at it and just said, “Sit.” So I did. Then she sort of straddled me and sat on my lap, facing me. Her skirt was well up on her thighs. I could feel her pussy right on my erection, She had to feel it. She grinned and then she kissed me. I kissed her back, put my arms around her back. She sort of jostled herself a little as we broke the kiss, like she was trying to find a comfortable position. But what she was doing was rubbing against my cock. Then she reached down between us, like she was still trying to find a comfortable position but I felt her hand on my cock and I was pretty sure she was fingering herself.

Then, grinning, she moved that hand up in front of my face, right in front of my mouth. I could smell it. I was smelling a wet pussy. So I took her wrist, opened my mouth, and pushed her hand in and licked and sucked on her fingers.

She grinned bigger. “You passed, Mike. Take me home. Come home with me.”

“I’d love to. I’d love to have a better taste, too.”

“Oh, I hope you do,” she answers, still grinning. “I’ve got to tell some people something before I leave. It’s only a couple blocks so we can walk. Can I meet you out front in a couple minutes?”

“Definitely,” was my answer. She got up and headed across the room. I got up and went to my friend. “I’m going home with the blond I was dancing with,” I said.

He grinned. “She lives in my building.”

”Great. I won’t have any problem finding you then, later.” I turned and started out. I didn’t want to miss her.

I vaguely heard my friend behind me say, “Do you know who she is?” But I was on my way. Honestly, I didn’t care who she was.

She came out fairly quickly and started leading me away. “I wish we were already there,” she said. “This isn’t like me and I don’t want to lose my nerve.”

I put my arm around her waist and we kept walking. “Well, if it isn’t like you, I’m glad it’s me that you chose to be different with.”

“I’ve never, ever had a one-night stand,” she said. “Didn’t think I ever would. Since you’re flying out tomorrow and I wanted you, I couldn’t play my usual games and wait for a couple dates.”

I had noticed that a couple guys came out of the bar a little after we did and they were still about a half block behind us. “I think someone’s following us,” I said to her.

“Yeah. Don’t worry. They’re sort of like cops. My Dad worries about me. They won’t do anything unless you start attacking me. So don’t attack until we’re inside my bedroom.” She said that last with a slight laugh. This was all new to me. I guess I’ve hit on a very rich girl. But since my erection was leading me at the moment and not my brain, I didn’t really care.

Once in the apartment building and into the elevator, we held each other and kissed. I had both hands on that great ass of hers. Then into the apartment and right into the bedroom. We were quickly naked on her bed, holding and kissing one another. I was relishing all the feelings rather than making any moves, so she moved first. As she sat next to my naked body, holding my very erect cock, she grinned. Grinned big. “Is there something funny?” I asked.

She turned her eyes away from my cock and looked at me. “I have a girl friend who described her boy friends cock as the ‘one eyed snake’. That would be a good description for yours. It’s the longest I’ve ever seen. I guess I haven’t seen that many but you’re long. Like your body, I guess, sort of long and skinny.”

“It’s not all that skinny,” I came back with.

She looked at my cock carefully, slid her hand up and down on it. “No, I guess not. It just looks that way because it’s so long. It looks great. Delicious.” And she went to work on it. She was good. Obviously liked what she was doing. She never got more than about half of it into her mouth but she jerked me off with her hand while she was sucking and licking and using her other hand on my balls.

Different girls do different things. She swallowed. Swallowed and licked my dripping cock to get every drop she could and licked her lips and in her mouth to taste it all. I consciously decided to eat her to an orgasm quickly. Next time, I can go slow and make her last and last but this time I wanted to fuck her so bad, shove that long snake into her, that I needed to get her to orgasm right away and then climb up on her and get it in. So we kissed and I felt around a little, sucked on her breasts and nipples but got between her legs and got busy. She was definitely ready. She was jerking and moaning and pushing out fluid within three or four minutes. I slid up over her and aimed into her and started shoving it in. It was terrific. She’s tight. Just about when our stomachs touched, the head of my cock had run up against her cervix. Her insides matched my cock perfectly.

Afterwards, she said the same thing to me. My cock fit her perfect. She’d never felt anything as good. So, after a shower, we ate each other again. When my turn came, I made it last. I licked her vagina and would go to her clit for a moment and then back down. I got her moaning and thrashing around a little and kept it up for what seemed forever. She started asking me to fuck her. “Please fuck me.” Over and over. And I finally did. And it was even better than the first time. It was my fourth time to cum and I lasted and lasted and lasted. We changed positions and I got into her from the back. Then she was on top of me, riding me. She had orgasm after orgasm. But she never gave up or indicated she wanted to stop. We ended up back in missionary position as I pounded into her as hard as I could until I finally came.

We slept a little, showered together, slowly. Sixty-nined. She likes oral sex. It made me realize that our height difference was mostly in our legs. Our upper bodies weren’t that much different. As she sat on my face so I could lick her, she could lay across me and get much of my cock into her mouth. I had to bend my neck a little, raise my head to get at her, but not much. So mouth-to-genitals couldn’t be all that different in length between us. This time, I never did cum. After several of her orgasms she finally said her pussy was sore and her jaws were tired from getting her mouth around me and we got some more sleep.

I woke first in the morning and got as far between her legs as I could and licked her until she woke up. Then I got up over her and slid it into her and we fucked. And fucked. And I had to leave to catch my plane.

Back in New Haven, Connecticut, I got a phone call on the second day. The voice said she was Barbara, Jenna’s sister, and she’d like to meet me. It made me realize that Jenna had said her sister went to Yale. Well, what the heck, why not? So we arranged to meet that very evening at a coffee bar.

As it turned out, I’m fairly sure that we met on neutral ground so Barbara could make sure her sister wasn’t playing a joke on her. Getting her to meet some dweeb. As I found out gradually, the sisters were twins. Fraternal twins, not identical. They shared everything with each other. No secrets. There was a little competition, very friendly though. And they would play jokes on each other. But apparently, Jenna had told Barbara everything and what a good fuck I was. At any rate, a half hour after we met for coffee, we were naked in Barbara’s bedroom.

Jenna’s blond, Barbara is dark haired. Actually, Jenna’s is bleached some but stilll much lighter than Barbara. Barbara’s breasts are a little larger. The faces are different in some ways, similar in others. They both have those horny eyes. Barbara likes oral sex but not to the extent that Jenna does. She’s much more into having my cock fill her vagina. Like Jenna, she will go on and on until I just can’t any more.

Since we’re both in the same town, Barbara is not a one-night stand. It’s all sex. Neither of us is seriously romantic about the other. But we see each other often, are seen in public often. She has body guards hanging around, too.

A couple weeks later, I’m talking with a good friend. Male friend. I find out that government agencies have been in the school’s various offices checking on me. FBI. Treasury Department, Secret Service. I wonder out loud to him about this.

“Christ, Mike, don’t you know who you’re dating?”

It made me realize that I didn’t. I never asked, don’t even know the twin’s last name. It’s just all sex.

“That’s Barbara Bush,” he said, “The President’s daughter.”

# # #

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