byKY ridgerunner©

My name is John and I have a twin sister Jean. We have always been close and share everything, and I do mean everything. Our whole family has been very close so it wasn't unusual when Mom and Dad said they wanted us to go with them to an old camp sight that we used as kids. Even though we are both married now they said they wanted to share something with just the two of us and our spouses could join us latter. We found out what their secret was and decided this would be a good time to tell them ours.

We got to the sight and set up camp. We had a nice dinner and were sitting around the fire, Mom on one side and Dad on the other. Jean and I sat together. We could see that Dad was having trouble getting to the point but finally he said, "Your mother and I have something we want to share with you. We want you to hear it from us before you find out some other way." He stood up and started walking around then looking at Mom he said, "Your mother and I went to a swing club the other night and we liked it and may consider going back. There I said it."

Jean and I looked at each other and Jean started, "We've known about that since the day after you guys went. A friend of ours is a member and told us about it. He said he was real tempted to get it on with Mom but since he is our friend he decided not to."

Dad couldn't believe what he was hearing, "Why did you let us go on like this if you already knew?"

Now it was my turn to speak, "We thought it would be a good time to let you know our secret."

Dad looked at mom and asked, "What secret do you have?"

I looked at Jean and said, "Jean and I have been sexually active with each other for some time now."

Dad yelled, "You've what!?"

Jean started to speak, "Remember the camping trip the weekend after we turned 18?" Jean kisses my lips and I continued.

I said, "You said we were old enough to watch out for ourselves." I kiss Jean and as she talks I stroke her tits.

Jean says, " We knew you and Mom were just looking for some time to go into the woods and fuck." We kiss again as I start talking as Jean strokes my cock.

I turned away when I said, " We wanted to watch and followed you. We saw you doing things to Mom. We got so hot watching you two that we ran back to the camp sight" I push Jean's skirt up and stroke her thigh.

Jean was breathing hard now and said, "So with all that time to ourselves we found things to do." Jean unzips my shorts and reaches in for my cock.

Now I was the one having trouble breathing and said, "We both experienced our first blowjob right about where you're standing Dad. It was the first time Jean ever went down on anyone and the first person to ever go down on me. Latter I returned the favor down by the lake when I ate my first pussy, and guess who's it was?" Jean takes my cock out and is stroking my cock and I pull her panties off as she talks.

Jean opens her legs a little and goes on, " On our 18th birthday our gift to each other was our virginity."

I was stroking Jeans leg now when I said, " That was the first time either of us had fucked anyone."

Jean pulls my hand up to her pussy and says, "And we are still doing it every chance we get."

Mom seemed beside herself and asked, "But you are both married, what about your mates?"

I stand up and say, "They would not be our mates if they did not accept it." I start to unbutton Jean's top and she is not wearing bra.

Jean pushes her tits out more and says, "Before Jim and I got married John came over and Jim not only watched me fuck my brother but shared me. He took seconds on my pussy while I sucked off John." Jean's top is completely open and I reach down to play with her pussy as she opens her legs more.

I slip a finger into Jean’s's pussy and say, "Then the next year when I married Sandy, Jean came over and not only did Sandy watch me fuck my sister but found out that they both like pussy as much as I do. They are still doing each other."

Jean was getting wobbly now and said, "We let them both know what was going on before we married them and they understood that it was not going to stop but they were more than welcome to join in."

Dad is totally dumbfounded now and asked, "So the four of you"

I say boldly, "Only about once a month. Other wise it is just who ever is there. Sometimes it is just Jean and I and sometimes Jim will join and sometimes Sandy. If I'm at Jean's and she and I want to be alone, Jim will go to my house and fuck Sandy. In fact they are probably doing it right now."

Dad sits down now and asked, "So why are you telling us this now?"

I get up with my cock still out and walk over to Mom and sit next to her. I say, "Now that we know you have opened your relationship and don't mind fucking other people we were hoping that maybe our fantasy could be fulfilled." I'm looking at Mom and stroking her arm and just the outside of her tit.

Jean walks over and sits her naked ass on Dad's lap and says, "We want to have sex with the two of you."

Dad goes to jump up but is held down by Jean and yells, "You want to what?"

Now Jean was always daddy's girl and could get us anything we wanted just by putting on her pouting face and using her pouting voice. I am now kissing my mother on the mouth and have her tit in my hand massaging it. Jean pulls dad's hand to her exposed tit and says, in her pouty voice, "Would you rather have sex with a bunch of strangers or with us?"

Mom is being passive allowing me to kiss her and play with her tit but not responding.

Dad asked, "Wanda? Are you going along with this?"

She breaks the kiss and looks back at dad who still has his hand on Jean's tit and says, "Looks like you are enjoying it and she does have a point." Mom turns back to kiss me and this time reaches for my cock. This time I push my hand under mom's skirt and play with her pussy and can feel her panties getting wet.

I hear Jean in her little girl voice say, "You always said your little princess could have what ever she wanted. Right now what she wants is this cock in her mouth." I watch as Jean slides down opening Dad's shorts on the way. She is on her knees with his cock deep in her mouth before he can react.

When he does react it is to reach down and play with both Jean's tits. Dad slipped Jean's top the rest of the way off and Jean unzipped her skirt and stood only enough to let it fall to the ground. Then she started tasking off dad's shirt. I had moved mom's panties aside and had two fingers in her pussy. When Dad and Jean were both naked I broke the kiss with mom and motioned for her to look. When she saw her husband naked with their daughter sucking his cock she started ripping our clothes off like they were on fire, first hers then mine. She was on the ground with my cock balls deep in her mouth in seconds.

I heard Jean's little girl voice again and looked over. She was standing stroking dad's cock and saying, "Now your little princess wants this cock in her pussy. Can I have it daddy?" She turned and sat right down on his cock. She was pumping up and down on dad and he was holding both her tits.

I turned mom's head just in time to see dad push Jean forward and start fucking her doggie style for all he was worth. Mom lay on her back and pulled me on top of her. She held my cock at her pussy. I looked in her eyes and asked, "Do you want me to fuck you mommy?"

She shoved her pussy up on my cock and screamed, "Oh God, yes. Fuck me John, fuck your mother." I started pounding away into her and looked over at Jean. We made eye contact and just smiled. Dad and I came at about the same time. I rolled off mom and Jean fell to the ground.

Jean and I looked at each other grinning from ear to ear realizing we finally got to fuck our parents while mom and dad looked at each other like, what have we just done. Before mom could think too much about it Jean asked, "Mom, I know you have been with another woman before at the club. How would you like to suck your husband's, my father's cum from my pussy while I suck my brother's from yours?" The way Jean asked it was so nasty and dirty that mom could not resist. Mom took the bottom and Jean climbed on top. They were going after each other for about 20 minutes. All dad and I could do was sit and watch. It was so unreal seeing my sister and my mom 69ing each other.

Suddenly mom and Jean just lay still then Jean rolled off mom and went to sit next to dad. She was on the ground with her hands draped over daddy's knee and her head resting on his leg. His cock, which was very hard again from watching his little girl and her mother, was only inches away from her face. Jean had a grin on her face you could not wipe away no mater how you tried. Mom was still lying on the ground and I lay with her. I kissed her and was stroking her tits and would reach down to stroke her pussy. The grin Jean was showing on her face I felt through my whole body. I have never felt closer to my mother.

Jean was the first to speak as she turned to look at dad she asked, "So what was this swing club like and why did you two decide to go?"

Dad kind of half laughed and looked at mom who just smiled. Then he looked back at Jean and running his fingers through her hair said, "Until an hour ago it was the most exciting thing we had ever done. He smiled real big and continued; "Now I don't even remember what it was like."

Jean kissed his leg and said, "After tomorrow you won't ever need that club again."

Mom looked surprised and looked over at Jean and asked, "Why, what's tomorrow?"

I stroked mom's tits and said, "Don't you think our spouses knew why we were coming up here with you two? They both want in on it."

Jean looked up at dad and said, "Then you'll have three pussys you can have any time you want them."

Dad looked at me and asked, "Now you want me to fuck my daughter-in-law as well?"

I laughed and said, "She hasn't talked about anything else all week. She is looking forward to having father and son together. She first wants you in her pussy while she sucks me off. Then change and even taking you all by her self." Then I looked down at mom and kissed her saying, "That's not really all she talked about. She is hoping that you will be the second woman to ever go down on her and wants you to be the only other woman she has ever eaten. Would that be ok mom?"

Mom pulled me down to her lips and kissed me hard and deep and wet and just said, "It is much more than ok."

Jean came over and kissed mom and said, "My husband Jim can't wait to get his cock in you. He said that if I mature as well as you have he will still be wanting to fuck me three times a day when I'm 60." Jean looks back at dad and says, "He is also looking forward to watching you fuck my pussy while I suck him off. So we are all going to be very busy tomorrow and well fucked by tomorrow night."

Dad said, "I guess Jean was right, the club will never have the excitement it did last week."

He put out his arms and Jean jumped up and sat on his lap facing him. She kissed him hard and said, "Oh Daddy I love you." They both reached for his cock and Jean rose up and sank down on him.

I was kissing mom and playing with her pussy and said, "Look at that they are at it again."

Mom pulled me on top of her and said, "well let's get with them" as she guided my cock to her open wet pussy.

While dad and I were fucking his daughter and my mother they were encouraging us with their words. Jean was loud and was screaming, "OH, GOD YES, FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK YOUR LITTLE PRINCESS. MAKE YOU DAUGHTER CUM. YES DADDY FUCK ME!"

Mom was much softer as she pulled me to her and moaned and whispered in my ear, "Fuck me John. Fuck you mother. Make me cum baby. Oh yes, that's it, that's it. Just a little more. Oh God baby I'm cumming. My baby boy is making his mommy cum."

We all rested for a while and for the first time since dad started this conversation; he and mom were sitting together. They were hugging and kissing and you could tell they loved each other very much. They were both ok with what the other had done and also ok with what they had done.

Jean and I were holding each other on the other side of the fire. It was dark now and everyone was lit by just the firelight. Dad was stroking mom's tits just as I had been doing all night and was now doing to Jean. He looked at us and said, "Before we get some much needed sleep, before this big orgy you have planed for tomorrow, your mother and I want to see what you two have been doing be hind our backs all these years."

Laughingly I said, "You want me to fuck my own sister right here in front of you?"

Mom was stroking dad's cock and said, "Yes baby. I want to see you make your sister cum like you did your mother."

Jean and I turned to face each other and started kissing as Jean lay back. I rolled on top of her and she guided my cock to her pussy. We stayed there with us kissing and my cock just at the entrance to my sister wet pussy. Then in one stroke I shoved it into her. Jean's head rolled back and she moaned. I started fucking her slowly and she was grabbing me with her arms and legs. As many time as we have fucked I've never seen her this excited. We were fucking away in an even tempo when I noticed dad lying next to Jean's head. He was stroking her face as I fucked her. Then I felt a hand and looked and mom was next to me. She had her hand under me feeling my cock slide in and out of my sister. Dad kissed Jean and mom pulled me over and kissed me. So here we were brother fucking sister while dad was kissing his daughter and mom was feeling her son's cock slide in and out of her daughter and kissing her son wet and deep. It was enough to push Jean and I both over the edge and we both came like never before. We all knew that everything was fine between the four of us and we were all very happy.

No one questioned the sleeping arrangement as mom and I went into the tent and lay together on one side. Jean lay on the other side waiting for dad. He came in and cuddled up with his daughter like they had been sleeping together for years. Mom and I were stroking and petting and kissing like new lovers but then I guess we were. Mom rolled on her side and I took her from behind and just before we went to sleep I shot one more load deep into the hole I once came out of.

When I woke up the next morning Jean was giving dad a morning blowjob. He was standing and Jean was on her knees. I softly woke mom and we watched as Jean took her dad's load in her mouth for the first time. Jean and dad went to start breakfast. Mom rolled over on her back and said, "God that was hot. Now I want you to cum in my mouth." I pulled the sleeping bag back and showed mom my raging hardon and said, "No problem." She dove right in and started sucking my cock and before long I was shooting load after load into my mother's mouth and she drank every drop.

Dad insisted that we all dress and be presentable when the other got there. Jean and I didn't understand why since we all knew they were coming up just to fuck the shit out of mom and dad, but we dressed anyway. When they finally did get there Sandy came running over to me and jumped into my arms. She kissed me harder than she had in some time then whispered in my ear, "Did you get to.....How was it?"

I set her down and said, "Yes we did and it was more fantastic than I ever thought it could be." Then I turned to Jim and asked, "What took you so long?"

Jim laughed and said, "Your wife is so excited that I think she will burst before anything gets going. She made me pull off the road three times, twice to blow me and once she made me fuck her."

I laughed and said, "She made you fuck her?"

He was kissing Jean and said, "Well maybe made is not the right word, I think we both needed it. I think she was expecting to get here and find all of you in the middle of a big family orgy."

Mom walked over behind me and Sandy and hugged us both and said, "If you'd gotten here last night you would have gotten quite a sight, but this morning we are just your normal close loving family." Mom reached around and grabbed Sandy's tit and my cock.

Dad said, "Wanda, there's plenty of time for that." He walked over to Jim and shook his hand saying, "We're glad you could make it" just as if nothing had happened. Then he walked over and kissed Sandy on the cheek and said we've all been waiting for you too." Mom, Jean and I looked at each other like what is going on when dad said, "I think we should at least feed them before we fuck them." We all stood there with our mouths open.

Sandy went running over and hugged dad and kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear, "I can't wait for you to fuck me."

Dad looked very flushed and said, "Well let's get lunch started. I thought I knew you two but I feel like we need to get to know each other all over again." We sat around eating lunch and dad was full of questions, "The fact that your wife and your husband are brother and sister and are fucking each other doesn't bother you?"

Sandy spoke first and said, "I find it very exciting and have even had thoughts of seducing my own brother."

Then Jim spoke, "I only have a brother but I have talked to Jean about sharing her with him and she is more than willing."

Dad spoke again looking at Jim and said, "And now you want to fuck my wife?"

Jim answered, "When you say it like that it seems so common, I was planning on fucking Jean's mom. I never thought of her as your wife."

Dad laughed and said, "Either way son she is looking forward to you fucking her and I just might join you."

Jim was now the one to look flushed and said, "You're more than welcome to join us, sir" then thought how stupid that statement was but what else are you going to say.

Dad then turned his attention to Sandy. She knew it was coming and tried to prepare her self for his questions. He looked at Sandy and said, "So you are not only fucking my son but also my daughter?"

That one she didn't expect and just nodded and said, "yes, sir."

Dad continued, "And now you want to fuck me and my wife as well?"

Again she just nodded and said, "Very much sir."

Dad came back with, 'What's all this sir shit. If we are going to be fucking each other call me David and this is Wanda, or you can just call us mom and dad if that makes it more interesting."

Jim and Sandy both said, "ok, dad."

Jean and I were about to bust a gut. We knew how good dad was at putting people on and now it was our partners and not us he was playing with. As we finished lunch dad stood up and said, "As head of this family I guess it is up to me to get things started." He undid his shorts and dropped them to the ground and stepped out of them. His cock was rock hard and stood straight out, he said, "Well there are three pussys here which one should I start with?" He walked over to mom and kissed her pushing her skirt up exposing her panties to her son-in-law for the first time. He rubbed her pussy and said, "This one I have enjoyed for many years and it is the best I've ever had" looking at Jim" you're going to enjoy this one." He walked over to Jean and did the same to her and said, "This one I enjoyed many times last night and expect to enjoy a lot more." Then he came to my wife and pulled her to her feet. He kissed her passionately and ran his hand over her pussy. While he continued to kiss her he undid her shorts and let them drop to the ground. He put his hand inside her panties and shoved two fingers into her pussy. Sandy's knees were getting weak and he was holding her up. He finally broke the kiss and with his fingers still fucking her said, "This one is brand new and I think I'll start with her" he looked down at me and asked, "would you care to join me in fucking your wife?"

Dad and I both started stripping Sandy's clothes off and she was just limp from the excitement. Once she was naked and dad and I had taken our clothes off dad pulled her up on her hands and knees. He was behind her just ready to enter her and whispered in her ear, "Is this what you want?" Sandy didn't say a word she just pushed back and took his whole cock in one stroke. Dad started pumping in and out of her and said, "Well I guess it is." I was watching my dad fuck my wife and forgot all about joining them till Sandy grabbed my cock and brought it to her mouth. She was going after my cock like a mad woman and dad and I both came at the same time and fill my wife from both ends, father and son.

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