Derrick and I were married not long after college not so many years ago. He'd been pre-med and I was completing a law degree when we'd met and only a few months later we were married. Our honeymoon as abbreviated by his school obligation to volunteer (is it really 'volunteering' if it's mandatory?) at a clinic in Bolivia for the summer. While he was there, he contracted a foul disease from the filthy, third-worlders and he came back to me sterile.

My dream of being a mother was over.

His brother Danny, older by only a few minutes, is married to Olivia and the two of them (dutiful Catholics) always seem to have another baby on the way. Olivia would no sooner get done with breast feeding one baby before her belly would swell up with another. I have to admit being quite jealous of the two of them, especially Olivia. She had four children and I would never have any. She had a powerfully fertile husband and I didn't.

Marta is Derrick and Danny's mother and she figures into all of this by sponsoring a huge family gathering at the family estate up in the Cascades outside of Seattle every summer. So last summer, July 2003, we all gathered for the traditional two weeks and had our usual wonderful time. Olivia shared her wonderful tales of motherhood with me and I'd laugh with her as she told them and then cry about them later each night. Derrick was wonderful, of course, but he'd just never understand what I truly wanted from him. One early evening, after dinner, Olivia and I were up on the "Widow's Walk" (if you don't know what it is, go look it up!) and I was freely swigging a nice port from the family cellar while pregnant (again!) Olivia looked on. I don't recall the whole conversation, but I do recall that I spilled my guts about my envy of her big belly and the lovely children running all over the house.

It was two days later when Danny and Olivia and the whole family went off to Issaquah to do some shopping when Derrick came up to me on the veranda with a big, silly smile on his face. I'd expected him to go shopping with the family so it was a nice treat to see his smiling face.

"Hey, sweetie, let's you and I go get the canoe out on the lake. Whatsay?"

Canoeing wasn't Derrick's big thing, but he knew I loved it and I couldn't resist the offer. We were soon paddling our way across the lake and enjoying the nice breezes, free of the mosquitoes around the shore.

"Hey, sweetie," he said, "howzabout we head over to the springs?"

This was a real surprise! 'The springs' are a series of hot springs off of the lake where the water is always like bathwater and the sulphur smell is just enough to make you feel alive when you settle into the warmth. Derrick usually dismissed the springs as being for pussies so his offer to go there was his way of trying to please me and I readily accepted. We pulled the canoe up on the shore and trod the half-mile through the trees until we made it to the small clearing where the warm water bubbled up into crystal clear pools. There was one pool where the water was about five feet deep and you could just wallow in the warmth while your toes played about on the sandy bottom. Derrick and I chattted a little bit as we walked up to the pools and I was kind of surprised when he fell silent as I stripped down naked to get in the water.

"Derrick, what's wrong?"

He gulped. "You''re beautiful is all. I'm...I'm sorry for staring, really."

I walked over to him and started undoing his shirt. "We ARE married, you know, it's okay for you to admire your wife."

His shirt fell to the ground as I undid his shorts. "And maybe I'd like to admire my husband once in a while."

I swear he was beet red when his shorts fell down! And his cock was showing some serious signs of interest, too. I kind of giggled and slipped into the warm waters.

"You coming in?" And with that, Derrick waded in as well.

I had no problem relaxing in the heat but Derrick just seemed tense and I asked him what it was a few times and he just dismissed it. I could tell he was horny and, maybe it was the springs he didn't like, but I'd usually expect him to be all over me by this point. I waded over to him and took him to the 'sitting rock' where he could sit down in the water and relax.

"Hold still." I said, and then sat in his lap, facing him with my legs wrapped around him. His cock throbbed against my belly as I held myself hard against his body. I just had to kiss him and I soon had his passions going like it was our first time together. I rose up and caught his cock in the cleft of my pussy and expected him to thrust like he always did, but he hesitated. I'd been teased enough and with a couple of my own moves, settled down on my husbands' wonderful cock. He amazed me with his passion as he deep thrusted me again and again, each slow thrust an agonizing tease of my body.

He pulled out of me all while kissing me deeply.

"Here." he said, guiding me to a shallow part of the pool where he knelt me down in the water and guided my hands to the sand.

"Mmmmmm" was all I could manage as his cock slipped into me as my husband mounted me 'doggy style' for the very first time in our marriage. It was so erotic to have him hold my hips as he plowed into me. I felt like a pure, sexual being as he...fucked me. I felt like a woman. A warm, sexually demanding man was fucking me, FUCKING me, wanting me, satisfying himself in me. It was wonderful.

He was getting close to coming, I could feel it in him.

"Hey," he grunted to me, "Do you wish I could get you pregnant right now?"

Just the thought made me go off as I said something that resembled 'yes'.

He picked me up at the hips and pounded me as hard and fast as he could and then he suddenly stopped, holding himself tight inside my belly. I swear I'd never felt Derrick come in me like he was doing that very moment. His cock spewed more and more into me until he finally was just holding himself in me. I expected him to soften and let me recover but then he fucked at me again and we were soon deep in the throes of passion. We fucked each other like animals and I loved it! He worked himself up into another release and he'd never done that with me twice in the same day before. I was blown away when I felt his cock squirt more come into me when he came the second time.

He pulled away from me and swam into the deeper part of the pool, catching his breath.

"We oughta get back before everyone else gets home, don't you think?"

It was weird how he'd been an animal with me and then he was sheepish again. Maybe he was ashamed of himself for doing me doggy style, I didn't know. I got out of the pool and pulled on my clothes, not caring about the wetness or the ample amount of come that dribbled out of my pussy as we made our way back to the canoe.

It was pretty quiet as we paddled back to the house and Derrick went off to put the canoe away while I went in for a quick shower. I came out just in time to see the family van pull up and Danny came out wearing Derrick's favorite shirt! I couldn't believe his nerve and I was about to say something when he walked right up to me and kissed me full on the lips! Right in front of everyone! I was speechless and couldn't imagine what else he could do to shock me until he said,

"So, what did you and Danny do for fun while all of us were off shopping?"

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