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I quickly finished drying myself off, took the towel and began drying my still damp hair as I turned and headed back into the bedroom.

"Oh! Sorry, I was just seeing if the girls had done a good job of..."

She never finished. As I hurriedly grabbed the towel from off my head and covered my self as best as I could under the circumstances, I looked up and saw her standing there simply staring at me. Jill stepped into the room closing the door behind her.

"The girls just left, they ah, finished cleaning," I stammered. Jill still hadn't said anything, but began to walk across the room, a wicked little smile pursing her lips.

"What about Pete?" I threw out from out of nowhere. And finally she hesitated; a slight worried frown crossed her face as though she were considering what I'd just said.

"You'd tell him?" She threw back at me.

But it wasn't at all what I was thinking, or had meant when I'd dropped his name. I shook my head no. "Not that. That's not what I meant, it's just that I thought the two of you sorta had something going."

She was smiling again, though she hadn't come any closer to me.

"Oh...we do. We are. But it's not anything serious, nothing like that at all. I've even talked to Pete about you."

"What?" I said still holding the towel in front of myself, but feeling more and more like a trapped rat on a sinking ship. Not that I'd mind getting it on with Jill, in fact that thought had crossed my mind on several occasions as well, especially after I had shortly moved in until I picked up on her and Pete seeming to have something going on together.

"I said, I have discussed the fact that I have always wanted to experience two men together, and we've talked about it. Wondering if you might be interested in doing something like that."

"And Pete would go along with that?" I asked somewhat incredulously.

"He suggested it. Told me to ask you, said that if I didn't have the nerve, he'd feel you out himself about it. But I told him not to. Wanted to think about it a while first and see if the opportunity ever presented itself."

"Like now?"

"Like now," Jill said.

I decided that I was through trying to hide myself. She'd seen me anyway, and went back to drying my hair with the towel while I walked over to the dresser and pulled out a clean pair of shorts to put on.

Jill sat down on the edge of the bed watching me. "I like your cock," she said casually as though we'd been discussing the weather.

"Thank you," I did feel self-conscious now.

"So. You interested in doing that sometime?"

I hurriedly put my shorts on, stepping into them quickly, but not too quickly. I didn't want to appear like I was nervous or embarrassed in front of her. Though I had turned slightly, I hadn't done so, so as to appear like I was trying to hide myself from her either.

"You have a nice tight ass too!" She added.

No point in being polite and thanking her again. We'd end up doing this all day. But maybe that's what Jill wanted to do anyway. I grinned at her instead.

"Think about it?" She questioned, finally rising.

I breathed a faint sigh of relief. I wasn't a young kid anymore for sure. And having just cum a few minutes ago, I wasn't even sure I'd be up for anything so soon.

"Sure. Yes."

"'ll think about it? Or'd be interested in doing it?" She asked me as she reached for the door.

"We'll see." I stated then. But I said it in such a way that it was more of a yes than a nice way of letting someone down easy. Jill' eyes opened wider with a mischievous twinkle to them, and a look of hopefulness behind them as well.

"Soon I hope," she said, finally turning and heading back down the stairs.

"I really do need to start locking my doors!" I thought to myself as I ventured downstairs shortly afterwards. Though the thought of fooling around with her, even with Pete there wasn't all that difficult to consider. We all got along really well together, and I did like Pete on the whole. Just never had considered that as any kind of possibility before. Until now anyway. And that reminded me about the twins and this evening. Suddenly I wondered if it was such a good idea after all, especially now. The last thing I needed or wanted was some convoluted, complicated relationship to have to contend with, especially with my next-door neighbors. I liked living here, and if things got sticky, which they could easily do, I couldn't see how I would be able to continue living here for much longer after that.

Perhaps I'd better head the twins off if I could before anything really serious happened. Unfortunately, though I sort of kept an eye out for them, I didn't see either Stacy or Tracy the rest of the day. As evening came on, and as night finally fell, I became more and more worried as well as nervous, but excited too. With mixed emotions, I weighed the problems and complications against my lust filled desires to spend the night with two perfect "twin" visions of loveliness. Thinking with my cock was extremely difficult, and I tried initially to dull that aspect of my thought process with several stiff drinks. As it became late, and though I was far from drunk, but getting sleepier all the time, I eventually made my way up to my bedroom. With any luck, the twin's would have difficulty sneaking out of the house, or even better, they'd reconsider the situation themselves and decide against coming over anyway. I'd still forgotten to lock my door, and that was the last thought that crossed my mind as I drifted off to sleep.

I have no idea what time it was. But I gradually slid out of the erotic dream world I was in and enjoying, to the reality of the erotic dream I was about to experience. Someone was slowly and softly sucking my extremely rigid cock. It was pitch black so I couldn't see which of the twins it was, wouldn't have made any difference anyway. I felt the other one laying by my side, caressing my chest and playing with my nipples.

"He's awake now," one of them had said. "Told you we'd come," the one who'd been licking and sucking me stopped long enough to say. I still wasn't sure this was such a good idea, but once again the pleasure of having my dick sucked was melting away all my fears and concerns. I felt movement on the bed, and sensed one of the girls moving over to position her self down on top of my face. She didn't even ask. Though it wasn't necessary anyway. Suddenly her pussy was inches above my face, and just as suddenly my tongue was licking and lapping a very wet, very sweet tasting cunt!

"Ohhhh," she moaned. "Yes!" "Oh Tracy, he's a good clit tickler for sure!" She announced.

I couldn't see them now, but at least I knew which one of the girls was sucking me, and which one I was licking at least. I still didn't know which one was which however, and even reaching up to cup and caress those wonderful soft breasts; there was still no real way of knowing. But as I busied myself in the plentiful abundance of pussy lips and nice slick soft flesh, I forgot worrying about which twin had the freckle and which one didn't and contented myself with pleasuring her, while being pleasured myself.

Soon after Stacy quit sucking me. " Lets trade sis," she said. " I want him to lick me now." Tracy reluctantly climbed off my face, and I heard the two girls quickly walk around the bed repositioning themselves. Seconds later I was licking Stacy's pussy, and just as I had experienced before, it was no different to me than when I had been licking Tracy's. Even her pussy juice tasted the same to me, and her lips and clit seemed no differently shaped, or sized than the others. I felt Tracy's hot sex positioned over my cock, and enjoyed the sensation as she fitted herself over the head of my prick. I didn't slide in immediately however, there seemed to be some resistance, and it took several moments of positioning. Stacy though sitting on my face while I licked her, was facing towards her sister.

"Slow...take it slow. Just ease yourself down onto it," she coaxed instructing her sister.

It suddenly dawned on me. Tracy was a virgin!

Now that was a different matter entirely, and I began to voice my concern, and tried to rise up from underneath her. But they had obviously been prepared for that, and I felt Stacy press herself more forcefully against me as though trying to pin my head back against the bed with her pussy. Tracy was still trying to force the head of my dick through her hymen, and the pressure was becoming almost unbearable for both of us.

Once again I fought back, no longer working in conjunction to help Tracy, and certainly no longer engaged in licking Stacy's cunt either. Even having two women sitting atop me, I knew that I would easily overpower the two of them. It was far more important that we sit down and discuss this first. " It shouldn't be happening, not like this anyway!" I thought to myself, and nearly said so out loud.

"Tracy. Help me!" She said. I can't hold him like this. And suddenly Tracy was helping her sister to pin my shoulders down. And I realized. There were three of them.


That thought took me by surprise so much so that I quit struggling with them altogether, and in that moment, I felt my cock push past the opening of Andrea's cunt. She exhaled with a loud "Arrrrrggghhh" deep-throated half pained, half pleasured moan as my cock slid fully and deeply inside her.

"Now...just hold it there inside you like that for a moment," Tracy said, though she was no longer trying to hold me down anymore. That wasn't necessary now either.

"Yea, just hold still until you get used to it. The pain will go away in a moment, and then you can start moving up and down as soon as it starts to feel more comfortable. As soon as you do that, it will begin to start to feel good too!" Stacy had added onto her sister's instructions.

"I hope so," Andrea said, her voice sounding strange in the darkness. But she was already starting to move against me, and the sensation of her loosening up considerably added to that, I supposed. As well as the lubrications I felt, and wondered then if she might be bleeding considerably. But Andrea continued to move up and down on my cock, and Tracy moved around to her side though I could not see her still, and seemed to be holding onto her and touching herself in someway in the darkness.

"Feeling better now?" We all heard her ask Andrea after a moment.

"Hmmm yes. Much better," she replied. And then she was fucking me at her own speed and pace, and I resigned myself to the situation, what was done was done after all, and went back to licking Stacy's pussy.

And I had wondered at what kind of games the twins might come up with. " Well I had certainly found that out in spades hadn't I?"

I reached over and managed to switch on the small little desk lamp sitting on my nightstand. I didn't do it so much for finally getting to see the three girls I was in bed with, though that was certainly a side benefit, as it was for making sure that Andrea was ok. In all these years, she was my very first 'virgin' too!

Andrea was still sitting atop me. By this time, each of the girls however were standing, one on either side of Andrea, not really supporting her, or soothing her any longer as I had felt they'd begun doing, but were now more actively trying to stimulate her instead.

I'd half expected to see quite a mess covering the bed sheets, but was actually surprised to see next to nothing of that. The 'moisture' I had felt, had been more of her womanly lubrications and excitement more than anything, and I was at least comforted to know I hadn't torn or injured her terribly in the process of her losing her virginity.

Tracy and Stacy had each taken one of Andrea's breasts in their mouth, and was lovingly and tenderly sucking and kissing it. I had no idea which one was which of course, but seeing the twins standing side by side the two of us was like seeing two perfectly molded bookends of femininity, which in a way they were. After a few more moments, I felt Andrea once again beginning to slowly move against me. Obviously she hadn't come anywhere near feeling this as a pleasurable experience, yet. But as the twins stood there helping to arouse and excite her, she did seem to begin to enjoy the feel of me as she took me in.

"Feeling nicer now?" One of the girls asked Andrea.

"Ah huh," she said softly, with eyes closed now, and her tongue just curled up against her top lip as she licked it.

"I think it's starting to feel good to her, "Stacy or Tracy stated with a giggle, talking back and forth to one another like I wasn't even there.

Even I was starting to feel a difference. As Andrea continued to move up and down my cock, her pussy seemed to loosen considerably, and though much of that was due to her continued flow of aroused lubrications, which certainly helped, the nervousness and fear was slowly melting away, being replaced by pleasure...finally.

Unfortunately, I was now fighting against the uncontrollable stimulation of Andrea's fairly long-time fucking of me, and was nearing the point of no return. It was evident that she wasn't nearly as close as I was, and the last thing I wanted to do right now was to cum already.

"I'm sorry!" I admitted honestly. "I'm way too close, and if you keep doing what your doing, I'm not going to last very much longer."

One of the twins laughed. "Men!"

"Well? What do you expect?" I retorted. " Three delicious looking women in my bed, and I'm not some kind of super-stud, especially at my age!" I said in my own defense.

"Come on, Andrea. I'll help you 'freshen' up!" Miss tiny freckle on her breast said then. Pulling Andrea off of me, the two girls soon disappeared into the bathroom. The other twin came over and lay in bed beside me, close enough that I was able to capture her breast with my lips and kissed and sucked her nipple.

"Will you make her cum with your tongue then?" She asked me.

"Sure. Don't see why not," I said with a mouth full of nipple.

"While you fuck me? I promise I won't go too fast!" Now it was my turn to laugh. "Go as fast as you want to!" I told her, I guess I can manage a couple of times tonight, if you let me have a bit of a breather between them."

"Only a couple?"

"Women!" I responded.

The other two girls quickly returned. It was evident that they'd already discussed things while in the bathroom together, as Andrea quickly climbed onto the bed and began to position herself over my face. Though her tits certainly weren't nearly as full rounded as the twins were, the softness of them in my hands, pear-shaped to some degree, were each capped by the longest stiffest nipples I think I had ever felt before in my life. Just pulling on them was a treat in itself. Then adding to that the sweet fresh just violated pussy that I was hungrily licking and running my tongue up and down was almost more than any one man could ever hope for.

"Hmmm doesn't he lick pussy good?" I'd decided that Stacy was the one with the freckle, and also the one that was busily bouncing up and down on my cock at the same time. Her sister was standing nearby, and occasionally I could feel her hand reaching in and playing with my balls, and frequently grabbing at my cock as I fucked in and out of Tracy.

"Oh yes!" Andrea near hissed through her breath. "I love what his tongue is doing to my pussy, I am definitely going to cum in a minute if he keeps this up."

"Good!" Tracy chimed in. He hasn't even licked mine yet, and I'm dying here!"

"Want to fuck with him for a minute sis?"

"For a minute, I'd love too yes. Just long enough to get my cunny all buttered up for him before he licks it!"

Once again I had the distinct impression that they were talking as though I wasn't even there, at least as anything more than a device to take their pleasure from anyway. But then again, who was I to complain? I was licking and sucking one of the sweetest cunts I'd ever tasted before, which is when the girls switched places however. Once again, I was treated to an equally delicious tasting snatch-snack as Tracy settled her bare-shaven pussy down onto my face.

I knew the other twin had inserted my stiff cock inside of her a moment later. Though she was not easy to see of course with her sister astride my face. I could see from the corner of my eye, Andrea. She was standing off slightly to one side, but what surprised me, was when I realized that Stacy was obviously fingering her friends' cunt while continuing to fuck her self on me. Seeing this, seeing Andrea standing there with eyes closed, legs slightly bent at the knee and holding onto the bed, well the look of her was pure ecstasy. And it wasn't long before she was falling over that climatic cliff either.

"Oh yes...oh yes please!" She moaned. "Right there...that's perfect...just like that! Oh fuck, just like that!"

I had to take a look, having glanced at her a moment ago, the look on her face was incredibly sensual, and wanting now to see her, what was going on, was just something I could not miss.

Stacy was obviously circling her hard clit nub perfectly; the motion of her hand was almost negligible, just enough so to tell that's what it was she was doing. Andrea's face was contorted in a pleasurable grimace, and seconds later it was quite obviously she was climaxing as she all but collapsed against the bed. Even Stacy quit fucking herself up and down against me, a welcome reprieve as it were, for watching Andrea cum had nearly sent me over the edge as too. Even Tracy turned to watch, though still sliding her incredibly wet pussy in small pleasured circles atop my face, which made it a little difficult to watch things without actually moving out from underneath her.

"Cum baby!" Tracy urged her. "Make it feel good for her sis!" Andrea seemed to suck her breath in, and in a long incredibly deep-throated drawl, finally succumbed to her pleasure, exploding against Stacy's still twirling fingers.

"Oh!" She moaned drawing the word out, then screaming it. "OH FUCK!" And for a moment, I was worried that her cry of lust-felt joy might awaken the neighbors. Worse, her father, and that thought suddenly hit me between the eyes!

"What was I thinking of?" I asked myself then. But it was of course far too late to worry about that now. Certainly later perhaps, but I still had a cock that was beyond ready to explode, and balls that would soon turn blue if I didn't release the pressure that had been building up in them.

Andrea had managed on unsteady legs to sit down in a nearby chair, watching now, and recovering her breath. Stacy began fucking herself against me in a hard forceful coupling much like a thoroughbred racehorse heading down the home stretch. And my saddle horn had suddenly found itself deeply embedded inside the rider, and about to come unglued.

"Oh...Oh...Oh..." she began, pausing, then adding. "Here...I...CUM!"

Stacy bucked atop me, her orgasm overwhelming her, and I joined her in that moment. I felt the first rich spurts of my jisim filling her, felt the splashing inside her pussy walls, bathing her with such force that they literally began to make erotic squishy sounds even as she slow rode herself to the finish line.

I had not forgotten Tracy however, and my tongue continued to twirl and dance inside her pussy even as my cock lurched, throbbing, still spewing ropes of my rich creamy spunk into that tight heated cavern of her wet hot sex.

What surprised me most about Tracy was, that she was a quiet cummer. Which indeed caught me a little off guard, for she was not at all as vocal as her sister. She tensed, I felt her stiffen, then as the obvious orgasm began, she shook, thrashed atop me for a moment, and then quietly collapsed against me without having so much as uttered a single solitary sound.

We lay in a heap of bodies for a moment, shallow quick breaths slowly calming, slowly returning all of us back to normal afterwards.

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