My daughters were driving me crazy. It all started a couple of months ago when I came home from work one day and caught my 18 year old twin daughters looking at porn on the internet. We live in a two-story house in Leesburg, Virginia, and my work is in the Tyson's corner area so it's quite a drive out to the suburbs during rush hour. I usually don't get home until well after seven, but this one fateful day I managed to finish my work early (I own my own company, a fashion magazine that specializes in lingerie and sexy attire for women) and I was able to beat the rush hour traffic to arrive home around 4:30.

Most of the square footage of our home is on the 1st floor. The stairs to the second floor are at one end of the large living room/family room space. At the top of the stairs there are three bedrooms on the right hand side. On the left hand side it is all open and overlooks the family room/living room space. There is a railing along the left hand side of the walkway to protect people from accidentally falling.

The first bedroom on the right was our computer room. The second bedroom was mine, and down at the end of the hall was my daughters' room.

That fateful day I climbed the stairs to the bedrooms intending to duck into my own and change into something more comfortable before going downstairs to the kitchen to see what I could scrape up for dinner. But as I passed by the computer room I noticed that the door was wide open and my daughters were in there on the computer, so I thought that I'd just peek in and say hello. They looked so beautiful sitting there together side-by-side at the computer with their gorgeous, long blonde hair cascading down to their shoulders. They had both blossomed out into voluptuous young women so fast, so recently, that it was hard for me to think of them in any other way than my "little girls."

And just as I thought that thought I had the shock of my life!

Looking beyond their beautiful blonde heads to the computer screen I saw what they were looking at: Two beautiful women kissing each other, their faces filling the screen. Then a click of the mouse and it was the same two women from a little further back. They were naked and they were fingering each other as they kissed. As my daughters slowly clicked from one naughty image to another I noticed the tell tale movements of their shoulders. They were masturbating to that nasty lesbian porn!

My first impulse as a mother was to barge right in there and make them stop, and scold them about looking at porn on the internet. But before I could take a step I noticed that my own pussy was getting wet. I was getting turned on not so much from what was on the screen as I was to the idea of my daughters masturbating to lesbian porn. I remembered that I used to masturbate and even fool around with other girls when I was their age. It's all a part of growing up and self discovery, so let them be, I finally told myself.

But I couldn't help standing there and watching them some more.

Speaking of masturbation I suddenly realized that one of my hands had lifted the hem of my business dress up and the other hand was rubbing my cunt through my now very wet panties. I was masturbating over my daughters masturbating over lesbian porn! I was shocked at myself, and also afraid that they'd hear the sloshy sounds my pussy was making, so I retreated to my bedroom, laid down on the bed, pulled my panties down and finished the job in private.

The following Saturday was laundry day for me. My twins worked at a fast food joint and were always gone this time of day, so I had the place to myself. I entered their room to see if there were any dirty cloths lying around—you know how girls that age are, never picking up after themselves. And I received the second big shock of my life.

There on one of their beds in plain view was something printed out from the internet. I piked it up to get a closer look. It was a story entitled Snow Bunnies chapter 6, and was a lesbian incest story about a girl who seduces her mom with the help of several of her naughty girlfriends.

On the other bed sat a couple of white panties with identical, small, bullet-shaped pink vibrators resting on top of them. I picked up the two vibrators and sniffed them, finding myself getting turned on to the tangy aroma of my daughters' cunts that still lingered on the sex toys. Then, realizing that they had probably used these vibrators last night when reading this naughty mother/daughter incest story really set my brain aflame.

My attention was attracted to their panties next. I noticed the identical lipstick marks on the crotches of both panties—meaning that they had kissed each other down there while wearing their panties. I also noticed that my horny cunt was throbbing and gushing beyond control. I laid the panties and the vibrators back down on the bed again and took off all of my clothes. I found that I got a perverse thrill out of undressing in my daughters' bedroom, a thought that added to my escalating state of arousal.

I sniffed each of their panties then held them up in front of my face so I could kiss their sweet crotches, their sweet wet crotches. I pressed my lips to the sexy-looking lipstick marks, tasting their wetness, while imagining that each of my daughters was still in her panties. Then I slipped one of the pairs of panties on, pulling them up to my knees, took up one of the vibrators turned it on, teased my pulsing, puffy cunt lips with it while thinking of my daughters using it. Then I inserted it deep into my own cunt. Then I pulled the panties the rest of the way up my thighs and around my hips and ass, pulling them up real tight so as to hold the vibrator in place. Then I sprawled out on the bed to read the nasty lesbian incest story while the vibrator worked my cunt relentlessly, and with one hand I used the other vibrator alternately on my tits and on my clit. And I had several good cums by the time I finished the story.

When I was done, I set the story back down on the bed where it came from and laid the two vibrators on top of the story wondering if my daughters would notice that there was a fresher, stronger aroma of sex on their toys than there was when they had left them there. I put my clothes back on, took their panties to the laundry room and tossed them in with the rest of the wash.

After that, the idea of having sex with my own daughters became an obsession with me. I masturbated every night thinking about it. I read mother/daughter incest stories on the internet. But I was still terrified to actually act out that fantasy. It was too forbidden, too risky. Okay, I knew they were masturbating to lesbian porn, and they were reading mother/daughter incest stories but that didn't mean that they were actually ready and eager for sex with another woman—much less their own mother—in real life. Fantasies are one thing, but actually doing it in real life is another. Okay, they had kissed each others' pantie crotches, but that doesn't mean that they were actually eating each other out. They may have just been fooling around, teasing each other, I kept trying to tell myself.

But all of those rationalizations did not keep me from fantasizing about my daughters. And the slutty way they dressed and acted around the house didn't help any either. They never failed to wear the shortest little skirts possible, and hardly an evening went by that they didn't find some opportunity or other to flash me their panties. Not that I didn't return the favor. Often during the late evenings when I was sitting in the living room reading, they'd plop down on the floor right in front of me pretending to read. I'd exploit these opportunities by slowly crossing and re-crossing my legs from time to time knowing that they were looking right up my skirt. And that thrilled me to no end. By the time it was bedtime, my panties would be thoroughly soaked and I'd go to bed to masturbate thinking about my daughters looking up my skirt and seeing my wet panties. I fantasized them masturbating over having looked up their mommy's skirts. I fantasized them doing it with each other, going all the way, and I fantasized being right in the middle of them, their beautiful, naked young bodies making a sandwich out of their horny mom.

Often, they'd grope each each other right in front of me. Then they'd giggle, pretending that it was a joke. But for me it was no joke—it was only more material for my masturbation fantasies.

Then came my birthday.

My birthday fell on a Saturday, a day that my daughters had to be at work fairly early so by the time I got up, they were gone. But when I went downstairs I found a nice big present siting on the table. It was wrapped in red paper and tied with pink ribbons. On top of it was a card. I opened up the card and it said "We love you mom, happy birthday, Tiffany and Brittany."

I was overwhelmed. That was so sweet of them, it almost brought tears to my eyes. Then I opened the package. On top there was a box of chocolates. Oh bless them! I thought. And then setting the box of chocolates aside I got the next big shock of my life.

Underneath the box of chocolates was a brand new rabbit vibrator. A stickum note they'd attached to the box said "to mom with love, Tiffany and Brittany." The idea of my daughters giving me a gift like this was both shocking and embarrassing—and yet, at the same time, thrilling. I felt my pussy start to warm up.

I set the sex toy aside and what I saw next made my mouth go suddenly dry and made me tremble all over. There were two DVDs and another sex story they had printed out from the internet, from that

Literotica site. It was entitled Dressing Daddy, ch. 03, but the subtitle indicated it was another mother/daughter incest story where the daughter and her girlfriends seduce the mommy. And as if that wasn't bad enough (good enough?) there were the DVDs. They both featured stories about moms and daughters seducing each other.

Needless to say I didn't get much housework done that day. I was so hot and trembly that I had no choice but to spend the whole day masturbating to the naughty story (using the new vibrator) and the nasty movies—while fantasizing that my daughters gave me these gifts as a hint that they really wanted to do it with me.

Fortunately, by the time my daughters came home I was sexually exhausted and satiated, otherwise I may have raped them the moment they walked in the door.

As it was it was extremely difficult for me to keep my composure. Right before they came home from their job I had dressed myself and took up my position on the couch and pretended to be reading a suspense novel.

"Hello, mom!" They both chimed in unison as they slammed the front door.

"Hi girls," I said as calmly as I could. And then as they approached me with these big grins on their faces I said. "Thanks for the birthday present this morning. It was sweet of you to think of me." I really felt embarrassed to bring up the matter of that birthday present, but it would have been so rude of me not to, I had no choice and hoped that the conversation would remain on proper levels. But they sure made it difficult for me.

Tiffany plopped down on the couch right next to me, her thigh touching mine. And Brittany perched herself on the arm of the couch her hips touching my left shoulder and arm, her arm around my shoulders. I was only all too aware of their closeness, the sweet smell of their perfume and their young skin.

"Well mom, did you enjoy the presents we gave you?" Brittany asked.

"I tried a couple of the chocolates, and they were wonderful. Perhaps we can share a few more after dinner this evening. I certainly don't want to eat them all."

"What about the other gifts mommy?" Tiffany asked placing a hand on my thigh. "Will you share those with us also? Will you let us watch one of the movies with you?"

My mouth went dry as the Sahara, and I let out a sigh. In spite of masturbating all day, I felt my arousal begin to mount again. But, in the end I managed somehow to play the role of the proper mother. "Girls," I began then paused, not sure how to handle this, "I appreciate your gifts very much, and to be honest with you the story and the movies you gave me turned me on to no end. And, yes, I did use the vibrator today and had several orgasms with it—thanks to that story and those movies. But, you must understand that these movies and these stories are just fantasies. And, there are some fantasies, that no matter how much they help you masturbate, are better left as fanatasies."

"Yeah, sure mom," they said in unison. Then they both leaned in to kiss me lightly on the cheeks. Then the next thing I knew both of their lips were on mine, side-by-side, and then they both slipped me a little tongue and quickly pulled away. Then they scampered upstairs holding hands and giggling.

Were they really trying to put it to me? I wondered, or where they just teasing me, seeing how far they could push the envelope?

Either way, I found that it turned me on to no end. Every night as I went to bed I had to masturbate to orgasm two or three times while thinking about my daughters and their antics (that rabbit vibrator they gave me certainly came in handy).

The straw that broke the camel's back happened one evening when I came home after work. It was my usual time, so it was not that they could not have been expecting me. Anyway, as I went upstairs to head to my bedroom and I saw that they weren't in the computer room, I heard strange sounds coming from their bedroom. I also noticed that they had left the door wide open.

And there were my two beautiful daughters, both completely butt naked, laying on the bed intertwined in classic 69 position eating each other out like there was no tomorrow. Writhing and moaning and slurping like hell-cats.

And I felt like all the fires of hell were burning me up from the inside out. But oh, what a pleasant roasting it was. My cunt throbbed and gushed like a volcano ready to spill its hot lava. And my clit erupted up out of its hood and pressed against my panties almost hurting in its urgency. My nipples quickly hardened and bulged out against my bra cups demanding to be sucked and teased. Chills and goosebumps rippled all up and down my body, every square inch of skin—in counterpoint to the fire from within.

As I lifted my skirt with one hand and the other sought out my pussy, I thought how wonderful it would be to be there on the bed with them, helping them do what they are doing with each other. Oh, to be right in the middle of that, having them make a sandwich out of me.

But of course, I was afraid to step into their room, afraid to interrupt that most beautiful, erotic happening that they were enjoying together. And so I retired to my own room to bring myself off with my own hands—because I was in way too much urgency to be able to dig out the vibrator they had given me until I had gotten that first cum.

From that moment on, though, every day, and especially every night, was pure torture. I knew that I had to make it happen somehow, someway. Otherwise I'd go totally crazy. But would they want their mother? It is one thing for twin sisters to do each other, since twins almost have a mental telepathy thing between them and so doing each other might seem to them like just an advanced form of masturbation. Whereas to do their mother, well, that's a completely different proposition. Then there was the age difference thing. I mean, I still had it, still had the nice voluptuous body, and no wrinkles had as yet invaded my face. I got stares and whistles wherever I went, but, let's face it, my daughters were less than half my age.

But then, I thought of all the hints they had been dropping, and the erotic gifts they had given me for my birthday. I absolutely had to do something to break the ice so as to be included in their incestuous love-making. And then and idea struck me. Their own 19th birthday was coming up soon, so I could give them something erotic like they'd given me—except that I'd up the ante a bit.

On the internet I found the name and phone number of a woman who advertised that she gave sex-toy house parties to women in our area. These were all-women affairs like Tupperware parties, except instead of selling kitchen products, the saleslady demonstrates and sells various kinds of vibrators and other sex toys for women. I dialed her number and made an appointment to talk with her.

I was as nervous as hell as I approached her front door (she worked out of her suburban home) on the day of the appointment. I had never done anything like this before, and knowing that the reason I was here was because I wanted to seduce and have sex with my own daughters it all caused my finger to shake so badly I missed the doorbell entirely on my first try.

Finally I got it, and then expecting Harriet herself (that was the name of the saleslady) to answer the door, I was surprised to see standing there a girl about the age of my daughters, only a lot more petite. She had her red hair done up in the double ponytail that is so popular these days with young women who want to look even younger than they are. She was dressed in one of those school-girl outfits with the skimpy little plaid skirt that barely covered anything, and the white bobby socks that came up to just below the knees. White sneakers and a white sports bra/halter top thing that left her midriff bare completed her ensemble.

The look was so erotic that it made my already dry mouth even drier. "Uh, excuse me, miss," I said, "But I'm looking for a Harriet Johnson?"

The little pixie-like girl smiled up at me and said, "that'd be my mom, you must be Sandra Davidson?"


"Hi, I'm Muffy." She held her hand out to me. "My real name is Margaret, but mom likes to call me Muffy. I like it when she calls me that because its sexier than Margaret." She smiled so sweetly at me when she said the word "sexier" that my toes wanted to curl up inside my shoes. And the touch of her sweet little hand inside of mine as we shook hands seemed to deliver a message of more than just 'glad to meet you.'

"Y-y-y-yes, it is a nice sexy name," I managed to say with a giggle.

"Come on in, mom's waiting for you." She gave my hand a squeeze and a tug and then she continued to hold my hand as she led me into the front room where her mom was sitting on a couch.

The woman immediately rose and came to greet me. She was a redhead like her daughter, except a couple of inches taller and more filled out in the bosom, hips, ass, and legs. All of which was quite evident given what she was wearing. She had on a white latex micro mini that was so tiny that it extended only from somewhere between her belly button and her clit to just barely below the bottom of her pussy lips. And up top, she had on a white bra—not a sports bra, but a real underwear type of bra. And not a stitch more except for her pumps, not even a pair of panties. I know because as her daughter led me towards her she uncrossed her legs and I caught a good view of her red bush up under her tiny skirt.

And, oh, my gosh, what a sexy-looking woman she was. I suddenly felt overdressed in my heels, hose, nearly knee-length business suit, and my white, button down the front blouse with more than a few buttons undone. I had ample cleavage and was always quite proud to show it off. But the amount of sexuality I was showing was dwarfed by this mom and daughter team.

"Mom, this is the woman you were expecting, Sandra Davidson." Muffy let go of my hand.

Harriet stepped forward to take the hand just released by her daughter. "Harriet Johnson here. Glad to meet you Sandra. Please, have a seat." She pulled me over to the couch where she had been sitting.

We sat down together on the couch, her bare leg touching my nylon-enshrouded one. Muffy sprawled out on the floor a few feet in front of us. She had her knees pulled up and her legs spread showing off her cute white panties underneath that plaid school-girl's skirt. Causing me to dry swallow another "gulp."

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