As Muffy sucked her mom's tits, Harriet reached her hands up Muffy's skirt to play with her pussy and ass.

And I watched in rapt fascination watching this mother and daughter get it on. I fantasized that it was my own daughters sucking my tits while I played with their pussies, just as Harriet and her daughter were doing.

When Muffy and Harriet had driven me beyond horny once again, Muffy paused in her sucking to say

"mommy, you have no idea horny it made me from looking up Ms. Davidson's skirt all day, and then when I stuck my head up between her legs to munch her panties. She's really a sexy woman. Such a beautiful pussy she has—especially when it's nice and wet."

Still holding her daughter on her lap, Harriet turned to me and smiled. "I think my daughter likes you. I mean really likes you."

I opened my mouth to speak, but it was so dry that nothing came out.

"Muffy dear," Harriet said, "why don't you give Ms. Davidson a nice big kiss like you did me just to show her how much you like her?"

Before I knew what was happening Muffy was on my lap her knees straddling my thighs. She held my face between her hands, looking me in the eyes with her own face only inches from mine. Not knowing what to do with my own hands, they found a life of their own and snaked around Muffy's waist. Muffy brought her face down closer to mine. With her mother encouraging by placing one hand on the back of my head and one hand on the back of her daughter's head she brought our faces together.

Muffy's hot slippery tongue instantly fucked its way between my lips sending new bolts of electricity through me. I couldn't believe it! Here was this beautiful young girl, the same age as my own daughters, and she was eating my mouth out so nastily while plying with my tits. As Muffy frenched me and fondled my tits, her mother licked the side of my face and neck as she rubbed her erect nipples against my arm. My own hands, again with a life of their own slipped up under Muffy's skirt to fondle her ass the same way she was fondling my tits.

When we broke off to catch a breath of air, Harriet said, "Muffy dear, since Ms. Davidson was so nice to let you look up her skirt all day, and even stick your head up there, why don't you return the favor?"

"I'd love to." Giggling Muffy stood up on the couch and walked in closer to me until her feet were on either side of my ass and her crotch just above my face. I kissed the insides of her upper thighs right at the hemline of her plaid skirt. I nuzzled my nose up under her hemline and inhaled her horniness as I kissed and licked ever higher on her thighs.

By this time Harriet had got down on the floor and was caressing my nylon-enshrouded feet and legs.

My own hands were running up and down the backs of Muffy's silky smooth legs. Then. Running my hands up under the back of her skirt I grabbed her ass with both hands and sticking my face up under the front of her skirt I mashed my drooling mouth into the wetness of her panties. The heat of her excitement tingled my lips better than any kiss had ever done.

"Ummmmmommy this feels so fucking good!" Muffy said as she began to grind her cunt into my face while playing with her own titties.

"I'm glad you like it sweetie. Keep on fucking Ms. Davidson's face like that because she loves it too. You wouldn't believe how wet her pussy." And with that Harriet stuck her face up between my thighs to eat my throbbing pussy and tease her nose against my clit. And as the mom ate me out, I ate her daughter out through her panties now so soaked they were transparent. And the thought or that, eating the daughter out while the mom ate me out totally fried my already sex-crazed brain.

Soon Muffy was moaning and writhing, and fucking her crotch into my face while I squeezed her ass and sucked her cunt through her panties while rubbing my nose against her clit. Meanwhile her mom had positinged her own steamy cunt on my foot and was humping it while eating me out through my equally soaked panties.

Arching my back I lifted my hips up so that Harriet could get her hands up under my ass. She squeezed my cheeks while mashing her face all the harder into my cunt.

"Oh, God! Mommy, this is so fucking hot." Muffy moaned as she exploded her orgasm into her panties and my loving mouth.

Her mom and I came at the same time amidst cunt-muffled moans.

While Muffy's body shivered in the aftermath of her orgasm, I pulled her panties down her legs and had her step out of them.

"Let me see how wet you made my daughter," Harriet said standing up and taking the dripping wet panties from me. She held them up to her face and sniffed.

By this time Muffy had stepped down from the couch and standing behind her mom, began to fondle her mom's ass and snuck one hand up under her mom's latex micro mini to tease her mom's cunt while her mom sniffed and licked her panties.

And I watched, getting all hot and wet again.

Then Harriet turned to me and said. "It looks like you did a good job on my daughter's panties, now let me see her cum in your mouth. She bent over and kissed me while rubbing her daughter's wet panties along my face and neck. As she licked my mouth out, tasting her daughter's nectar, Muffy, standing behind her continued playing with her mom's ass and rubbing her crotch.

Harriet broke off the kiss with me and stood up straight again. Still holding Muffy's panties in her hand she addressed her daughter. "Honey, why don't you show Ms. Johnson that you know how to take off h mommy's panties."

"But you don't have any panties on." Muffy giggled.

"Well, you can pretend."

With a giggle, Muffy went to her knees before her mom who stood facing me so I could see everything Muffy did.

With Muffy on her knees between my own knees, she started out by kissing and licking the insides of her mom's thighs while her hands ran up under her mom's skin tight skirt to fondle he ass again. This forced Harriet's skirt up so high her glistening, dripping, red framed cunt was exposed right before my eyes.

Muffy wasted no time in working her way up her mom's legs and soon had her face burring in her mom's crotch licking and sucking on her hot pussy while rubbing her nose against her mom's clit. Harriet let out a groan of pleasure from what her daughter's loving face was doing. And while Muffy played down below, Harriet held her daughter's panties before her face and licked the wetness.

And I got so hot watching this Mother-Daughter play that I couldn't help but play with myself rubbing my own cunt with one hand while toying my tits with the other.

As Muffy munched on her mom, I stuck my foot under Muffy's ass and teased her cunt with it. She let out a muffled moan against her mom's cunt and eagerly began fucking her own sloppy wet cunt against my foot.

At this point Harriet stuck her daughter's panties in her mouth so she could use both her hands to play with her own tits. She tugged this way and that on her engorged nipples.

Deep moans purred deep inside of Harriet's throat, muffled as they were my her sucking on her daughter's panties.

And I masturbated like a demon, my foot still teasing Muffy's cunt.

And then we all three came at about the same time. Harriet got weak in the knees and collapsed to the floor as Muffy withdrew her face from under her skirt.

"Wheew!" Harriet said laying down on her back, "Muffy, you were such a good girl, why don't come and sit on Mommy's face so I can return the favor?"

Giggling, Muffy stood straddling her mom's head while facing me. And then as she gradually began to lower herself over her mom's mouth, she looked me directly in the eye licking her lips and flicking her tongue at me.

And then Muffy cunt was only an inch above her mom's face. And, oh, what an erotic sight it was to see Harriet's long tongue slither out to lick her daughter's slit. At the same time Harriet, laying directly before me on the floor had her skirt hiked up to her hips and her knees drawn up with her legs spread wide so I got a bird's eye view of her hot cunt.

"Well, Ms. Johnson," Muffy, said, "don't just sit there. Why don't you come join us?"

At that point I didn't know what was the more erotically tempting, staring down between Harriet's splayed thighs and steamy wet cunt, or watching Muffy fuck her mom's face. I wanted both to bury my face between Harriet's thighs and feed my own hungry cunt by standing directly in front of Muffy and having her eat me out.

In the end I compromised. Getting down on the floor I scooted myself up towards Harriet and positioned myself so I could rub my cunt against hers. Then I leaned forward so I could take Muffy's face in my hands and make out with her while tribbing her mom.

Soon we were all three rocking in extasy, Harriet and I fucking each other's cunts together while Muffy and I face-fucked each other while playing with each other's tits, while Muffy fucked her mom's face.

And then we all exploded at once, and embraced each other in a heap on the floor.

After a bit of rest, we started in again trying different combinations until we were all three tired and satiated.

And before I left, I was bod enough, and relaxed enough to tell them what I really wanted to do with my own daughters.

((to be continued))

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