Margaret and I visited the Boston Hospital and they opened the records for us. We found positive proof we were twin sisters and found out our Mothers name.

"Should we try to contact her? Margaret asked as we sat in a small coffee shop near the hospital?

"I don't know. It might be pretty traumatic for her to see us." I replied.

We decide to put it off. We were so happy to find each other we did not want to mess up our happiness.

We had to head home the next day so we exchanged addresses, phone numbers and emails. I hated to leave her but I knew we would see each other again.

Actually it was sooner than expected. The girls decided to attend the Boston School so we packed up our UHAUL and headed east. Margaret and John insisted we stay with them while we were in town. The twin boys also decided to attend college nearby.

My sister and brother-in-law helped us unload the UHAUL truck and move the girls into the dorms. Bill and I decided to spend a few extra days in Boston to get to know Margaret and John a little better.

The first night we were all dead tired from moving the boxes, clothing and other junk the girls brought to the dorm. We returned the UHAUL and all collapsed on the floor in the den of their house.

John and Bill hit it off right away. John took Bill for a tour of his workshop out back while Margaret showed me the house, which was huge. I fell in love with the large walk-in shower in their Master bathroom. It had three jet sprays that massaged your body while you just stood in the streams of water.

"Why don't you try it out?" Margaret suggested.

"I couldn't." I answered. But, my body was so tired I needed it badly. "What about the guys?"

"They will be busy out back for a while." She said. "I'll get you a robe and some towels. Go ahead."

I agreed and as she closed the door I turned on the water and striped off my sweatshirt, jeans, bra and panties. I looked at my body in the large wall-to-wall mirror. Not bad. I was standing there naked when the door opened. I suddenly put my hands over my tits and bush. It was Margaret. She laughed.

"Shit. Even our bodies look the same. How much do you weigh?" She asked. I removed my hands from my privates. "About 115 pounds." I answered.

"I'm at 118." She said. "Go ahead enjoy yourself. I have to run down to the market to get some bread for dinner. I'll be right back."

She closed the door and I moved into the large shower. The hot water beating on my body on three sides felt great. The sprays were so loud I didn't hear the door open. My body was facing the other way when I heard the shower door open.

"So, where is Janet?" I heard a voice ask.

I suddenly turned and saw John standing in the shower doorway looking at my naked body. I started to cover myself but realized he thought I was his wife. I don't know what possessed me to do it but I pretended to be my sister.

"In her room." I said very softly.

I turned to show him my whole body but he just looked uninterested. "Let me know when you are done because I need to get in."

"Why don't you join me?" Came out of my mouth. I shocked myself.

"Not now. Bill and Janet will be expecting us downstairs." He turned and walked back into the bedroom. My heart was beating faster and faster as I finished my shower. I opened the door and stepped naked out on the small rug.

"I'm out!" I yelled as I toweled my body. I was looking in the mirror when John reentered the bathroom. He was only wearing his boxers. I almost giggled but kept a straight face.

"I can't believe how much your sister looks like you." He said as he pushed his boxers down his hips.

I peeked in the mirror to see his soft prick under his full bush of hair. He was about 5 inches soft. As I dried my legs I bent forward which showed him my ass and pussy. His hand moved to touch my ass cheeks. I jumped. His fingers moved under my ass and slid into my wet pussy.

"Ahh." I cried from the unexpected violation.

"Why are you so jumpy?" He said as he moved away from me. "You are the one so hot to jump in bed all the time."

"Maybe later?" I said as I moved my naked body into the bedroom. I grabbed my clothes, closed the door and made a big sigh. I was pulling my sweatshirt over my head when Margaret returned. She moved into her bedroom and saw me standing with wet hair. She heard the shower running in the bathroom.

"Who's in there?" She asked. "John. He came upstairs and into the bathroom while I was showering. He thought I was you." I giggled.

"Did he really? You mean he saw you naked and…holy shit that is so cool." She said with her hand over her mouth. "Did you see him naked too?"

"Yes, please don't tell him." I said. "I don't want to embarrass him."

"Don't worry. This is too good. But remember, you owe me." She laughed.

I found Bill downstairs and brought him upstairs for his shower. I thought about letting Margaret watch him shower but it was too risky. The rest of the night my sister and I kept winking and giggling. Being identical twins was going to be a lot of fun.

The next day Margaret and I went shopping while John and Bill went golfing. "Why don't we buy identical clothing as well? It will really mess up the guys." I agreed as we bought identical sexy underwear and sleeping gowns. I think we both knew where this was taking us but we didn't talk about it. The only different clothing we purchased was two bikini bathing suits. She picked out a red one and I chose a blue one. Margaret and John had a nice swimming pool and Jacuzzi we were going to try out later.

We also visited the beauty shop and had our hair colored and cut to the same length. As I was getting my hair done looking over at Margaret I remembered how my girls switched with their boyfriends. As we drove back to her house I was searching for the words to suggest a switch of husbands. She beat me to the proposal.

"How far do you think we can go with the men before they would know?" She asked.

"From my experience with John I think we could go as far as we wanted." I laughed.

"How far do you want to go?" She asked.

"That's not fair. Let me ask you that question." I said.

"Well, I don't know how your love life is but ours is basically non-existent. I would be willing to risk it if it meant getting some action." She said not looking at me.

"Until a few months ago I probably would not agree. But, we had a small party at our house and things got out of hand between me and another man."

"You fucked him? She asked with her Boston accent.

"No, but I gave him a blowjob. It was my first." I said with my mid-west accent.

"The first time you ever went down on a man?"

"Bill is the only man I have been with and he is not big on oral sex."

"Well, maybe I can change that?"

"Maybe." I laughed.

"We need to practice each other accents so they won't know from our voices." I said. We spent the rest of the day in the car and at the house speaking and repeating. We were ready.

Margaret put on her blue bikini and I put on my red one. We were sitting by the pool when the men returned home. We were not going to do the switch until later.

The men opened the door and froze looking at us. The length and shade of our hair was now the same so they could not tell us apart. They both looked at each other and laughed.

"You pick first." John said to Bill.

Bill laughed. "Amazing."

They walked closer and looked up and down our bodies. They really could not tell us apart and they had lived with us for over 20 years. Finally Bill moved his lips down to mine and kissed me. Somehow, he knew.

As we broke the kiss I asked him. "How could you tell us apart?"

"The ring." He said. I looked down to see my wedding ring. It was a round diamond with two small blue stones on each side. Shit. We had forgotten about the rings. John sat down next to Margaret.

"Yeah, I knew which one you were all the time." He said as he reached up and cupped her covered breast.

"Yeah right" She said as she let him play with her soft mound.

The men went inside to change into their swimsuits. While they were changing so were we. We moved into the house and quickly swapped our suits and wedding rings. We even swapped our earrings. There was no way they could tell us apart now.

We swapped our seats and waited for them to come back down. John was the first and he walked over to my chair and sat down. His hand moved over my back and down to my breast. My heart was beating fast as he cupped it and played with it like he did to Margaret before. My nipple was so hard as his fingers lightly pinched it. Margaret was smiling as she watched her husband play with my boob.

Bill walked onto the patio and smiled when he saw John caressing my breast. If he only knew I thought. He was more reserved than John and sat down in the chair next to Margaret.

"Let me get some drinks." John said as he stood up next to me. His fondling of my breast had caused a rise in his trunks.

"Want to help?" He asked me.

"Sure." I said in the best Boston accent I could muster up.

He followed me closely as we walked into the house. Whatever happened now would be private between husband and wife. At least that's what he would think.

"I think your sister's breasts are a little bigger than yours." He said as his fingers again moved up to cup my breasts.

"Think so?" I asked as I pulled my bikini top down exposing my naked flesh. His fingers played with my hard nipple.

"Maybe a little. But, I like yours best." He said as he lowered his lips to my hard nip.

"I'm glad." I moaned as he sucked and licked my nipple.

Our bodies were turned so I could see out the small window in the patio door. As John sucked on my breasts I could see Margaret sitting on the side of Bill's lounge chair. Her fingers were moving through his chest hairs. I noticed John's chest was void of hair.

I watched as her fingers moved down his chest to his stomach. She curled her arm until her fingers moved under his waistband. I saw his body jump when her fingers touched his prick. My shy husband looked at the house and pulled her hand out of his trunks. He would not be easy to have sex in the open.

It was my chance to check out John's tool. I moved my hand under his body while he sucked on my hard nip. I leaned forward until my hand brushed against his bulge. His prick hardened in my hand as I gently squeezed it through his trunks. I measured its length as I stroked it. He was at least 8 inches when it stopped growing.

John moved his lips up my chest to my neck, which gave me more room to check him out. I moved my hand up to his waistband and pulled it out and downward. His prick jumped out into my hand.

"You think we might have enough time for my favorite?" He whispered.

Shit. I didn't know what his favorite was. I moved my fingers up and down his shaft keeping him rock hard. "Yes. But, I want you to tell me what to do. It's more exciting that way."

John smiled and whispered in my ear. "Put it in your mouth and move your head in small circles."

I gulped. Another man wanted me to suck his penis. I hoped I could do it good enough that he would know be suspicious. My lips moved down his chest as I stroked his rod. I moved down to my knees until his prick was even with my face. I did as he asked and put my lips around his crown. My lips sucked him tight as I moved my head in small circles. My tongue moved out to taste his juices. He moaned. Great.

My fingers played with his balls as I moved his shaft in and out of my lips. My head continued to make small circles.

"That's it. Don't stop." He moaned as my tongue moved up and down the underside of his shaft.

I was really getting to like giving blowjobs when I heard the patio door open. I moved my head quickly off his prick, which made a popping noise. I jumped up to my feet to see Margaret and Bill standing there.

"Oops. Sorry Sis." Margaret said in her phony Chicago accent. John turned and put his prick back into his pants.

"We were wondering if you two wanted to go into the Jacuzzi with us?" Margaret asked. Actually, I wanted to jump into bed with John but I knew we had to go slow.

"Sure." John quickly said giving Margaret's body a long look up and down. Funny, he had the hots for his own wife mainly because he thought she was a different woman. Men!

"Why don't you guys get comfortable in the Jacuzzi? We will be right out." I said. The men smiled and walked out the door.

"Holy shit. Were you giving him head?" Margaret asked.

"Yes." I giggled. "He has no idea we switched."

"I know." Margaret laughed. "I had Bill's penis in my hand and he was nervous we would be caught. He's got a nice piece of meat."

"How far do you want to go with this?" I asked hoping for her to say all the way.

She read my mind. "I'm willing to go for it if you are."

"OK." I whispered and kissed her on the cheek.

"But, I want to do it while you are doing Bill in the Jacuzzi." I said.

"Deal." She replied.

"We gathered some beer and wine and headed out to the hot tub."

The men were already in the hot tub laughing. They suddenly stopped when we came out. "So, what were you two talking about?" I asked.

"We were wondering just how identical you two really are?" John answered.

"Well, you can see just about everything right now." Margaret said looking down at her string bikini.

"Well, not everything." John laughed.

Margaret and I sat the drinks down and slipped into the hot tub. "Why don't you two find out for yourself?" I said as I sat next to John.

"Yes. Why not find out for yourself?" Margaret said as she sat next to my husband.

John looked at Bill and they smiled. "OK." John said as he moved his body out of the hot tub until he was sitting next to me. His hands moved behind my neck and untied my bikini top. He held the strings up in the air.

"Your turn." He said to Bill.

My husband smiled as he did the same to Margaret's bikini top. He held her strings up as well. "1, 2, 3." John said as they both pulled the strings down until our naked breasts popped out. We both had identical breasts and very hard nipples as they stared at them. I glanced down to see both of their trunks bulging.

"They look the same." John said. "Yes." Bill agreed.

"But, we don't know if they feel the same." John said as his fingers moved under my arms until his hands cupped my naked mounds. I glanced over to see my husband's hands doing the same to my sister's boobs. This was so ironic. They had the other woman's tits in their hands and thought they were their wives. I knew what was coming next.

"The only way we can tell is to touch all the breasts." John said. I looked at Margaret and smiled.

"OK, with us." I said. I moved through the water and passed my sister as we returned to our husbands.

Bill didn't waste anytime as his fingers moved to my breasts before I even sat down. John was groping Margaret's breasts as well. They were touching us with passion we had not experienced in quite a long time. I moved my fingers down and accidentally on purpose brushed against Bill's tent in this pants. He jerked backwards.

"What are you hiding in there?" I whispered.

"Maybe you will find out tonight?" He replied.

Margaret and John were also slipping some accidental touches as he played with her breasts.

"OK. Does that answer your question?" I asked wanting to get back to John.

"Well. There is one other area." John said. I looked at Margaret and she again smiled.

"OK. But, we get to do some comparison's as well." I said.

"Sure." John replied.

Margaret and I switched again. John's bulge was at max as I sat down next to him on the edge of the hot tub. His fingers moved down to push my bikini bottoms down my hips. I lifted my hips to allow his fingers to pull my bikini bottoms down my thighs and off my feet. I was sitting naked next to my brother-in-law but all he could think about was to look at his wife's body as my husband pulled off her bottoms.

John's fingers moved between my thighs and moved north until his fingers evaded my pussy. I spread my legs wide to give him room and to allow my husband watch the action. His fingers found my clit and caressed it.

"Right there." I moaned. Margaret's legs were also spread wide as Bill fingered her pussy. He did his normal finger in and out, which increased the dampness on her slit.

"OH YES." Margaret moaned.

I was almost ready to come when John stopped his movements. "OK, we can switch now."

"Please finish." I moaned. "Maybe later." He replied.

Shit. He wanted to touch Margaret. This was getting fucked up.

"OK." I said looking over at Margaret who was also close to cuming.

We moved through the water again to allow our husbands to bring us off. They thought they were getting to touch strange pussy. Funny.

Bill's fingers moved into my pussy and explored like he had never been there before. "I think there is a difference." He said as he slipped two fingers up my tunnel.

"Definitely." John said as his fingers explored his wife's cavern.

Both my sister and I had reached a point that we didn't care who was touching us. We wanted satisfaction. My husband was panting as he slowly brought me to a climax.

"OH GOD!" I cried as his fingers took me over the edge.

"ME TOO!" Margaret yelled as her husband fingerfucked her to completion.

My eyes were closed when I felt Bill pulling me down into the water next to him. I looked over to see John removing his trunks. Shit. They were going to fuck us. Their own wives. This was not what we had planned. My eyes caught Margaret's and I could see she wanted to switch again but how could we without giving up our secret?

As Bill pulled his trunks off I said, "I think we need to think about this. We are moving a little too fast."

Margaret smiled. "Yes, we don't want to ruin things now that I have found my sister."

I moved over and kissed my husband on the lips. "Maybe one day?" I whispered. He smiled and slid his fingers up my thighs. I jumped when his fingertip invaded my pussy. "Now, now." I laughed and moved away.

Margaret and I jumped out of the Jacuzzi and ran into the house.

"Holy shit. Can you believe they want to switch?" She laughed as we slipped back into our bikinis. She held up my blue one.

"Well, do you want to switch back or spend the night with John?"

I pulled the small red bikini bottoms up my leg. It was all the answer she needed as she slipped on the blue bikini.

"Good luck. Anything I need to know?" She asked.

"Bill likes to do it doggie style." I giggled.

"OK. Not my favorite but, it will be tonight." She whispered.

"How about John?" I asked.

"Well, he likes it when I give him head to…" She started to say.

"Move my lips in little circles." I giggled. "I found out already in the kitchen."

"Do you think we can get them in the same room?" I asked wanting to watch her teach Bill about oral sex.

"Let's give it a try." She snickered.

The guys came in the house and Margaret and I stood waiting for them in our bikinis.

I moved over to John and pulled him aside. I whispered in his ear, "Janet and I want to do it with our husbands in the same room." I nibbled on his ear. He turned his face to me and looked at me for a few seconds. I thought he had discovered who I was.

"You're serious?" He said. "Yes." I whispered.

"OK, with me." He whispered back. I looked over at my sister and smiled. It was up to her and she had the toughest job.

I watched as she whispered in his ear. His face told the story. He was too nervous to fuck his wife in front of others. He whispered back and I knew it was a negative. Margaret whispered again. This time his facial expression changed to a "thinking" look. She said something to make him think about doing it. Finally, he whispered back to her and she looked at me and smiled. He agreed. Damn.

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