tagNovels and NovellasTwins Apart Ch. 2

Twins Apart Ch. 2


It's been a week since the 'incident' occurred. Shane showed no inclination that he knew something went on in Shaunny's room that afternoon. Shaunny felt fidgety towards Shane that evening and went on avoiding him all week. She was pretty embarrassed that she moaned so loudly that afternoon with such total abandonment. And when she knew that she couldn't hide anymore since school was starting the next day, she mustered up enough courage to talk to Shane over breakfast. Besides, maybe Shane hadn't heard her at all. It was getting a bit difficult to avoid Shane all together since they were living under the same roof. Her mother had been prodding her all week to spend more time with Shane. She brushed it off by saying that she thought Shane might needed some time alone to cope with their father's death since he was the closest to him. Her mother had then left her alone apparently satisfied with the explanation. She knew that she had to begin interacting with Shane again. It's either now or never.

"So are you excited that school's starting tomorrow?" she asked in between gaps of feeding herself with spoonfuls of cereals and milk.

"I guess…" he mumbled without looking up from own bowl of cereals.

"Honey, I know that it's going to take a while before you grow accustomed to your new school and surroundings but I want you to know that if you need anything please don't hesitate to ask me or Shaunny," the twin's mother, Arianna, smiled lovingly at her kids.

"I will."

"Shaunny, you'll introduce your brother to your friends won't you? Or had you already?" Shaunny's mother asked.

"No, I hadn't had the chance yet. Nina doesn't return from her grandparent's at Tahoe till later this evening and Bruce will be back early tomorrow morning."

"Oh, did Shaunny tell you she had a boyfriend?" Arianna looked expectantly at Shaunny.

"No she didn't," this time Shane looked at Shaunny.

"There's nothing to tell," Shaunny quickly brushed it off.

"But there is…. that's just Shaunny. She's very introverted when it comes to her own personal matters you see," Arianna playfully slapped Shaunny's arm. And continued ethusiastically, "Bruce and Shaunny got together before school went out. I knew that Bruce had something for Shaunny ever since freshman year. He'd come by often to help her with her studies and they'd dated on and off. I was beginning to wonder when they were going to finally get together. And after a year and a half, Bruce asked Shaunny to be his steady right before he left for the South of France for the summer."

"That's interesting. The South of France you say? It's a beautiful place. Been there myself for a couple of summers with Douglas," Shane was still looking at Shaunny as if expecting her to say something. "Bruce is a Caverson. If my memory doesn't fail me it was his great-great-great-great grandfather who founded this town. Hence, the name Caverson's Bay," Arianna continued her merry chatter oblivious to Shaunny's dirty looks. Shaunny didn't want anyone to fuss over her relationship with Bruce. Yes, Bruce was certainly wealthy but she was sure her late father, Douglas, and Shane lived the same high-flying life like the Caverson's.

Before her mother could continue detailing Bruce's biography to Shane the phone rang. "I'll get it. You kids finish up breakfast," Arianna said as she got up and sprinted towards the phone.

Shaunny suppressed a sigh of relief. Finally, she could eat her breakfast in peace.


Shane studied Shaunny for a while after their mother went to get the phone. He wondered why she didn't give him any indications earlier that she had a boyfriend. He recalled that she fled his room right after she spied on his porn magazine lying on his bed a week ago. If she had a boyfriend she would at least be aware that most guys indulge in porn every once in awhile. There had been a tiny fact that he had been nude as well. But he didn't think much of it. If Shaunny had a boyfriend she couldn't still be a virgin could she? She did, however, reacted like one. She was eighteen, attached and extremely attractive. Yes, she was attractive. Tall, tanned, willowy and she had curves in the right places. Bruce must definitely be a eunuch to have not deflowered Shaunny by now. He had lost his own virginity some years back to an attractive senior in his school back in England. He later went on to earn a reputation of being an insatiable sex god amongst the girls and that certainly went well with the boys who began to worship him. He chuckled at the thought. To think that his twin was the complete opposite of him. Naïve, innocent and shy! He then decided that he wanted to know more of this Bruce guy, in case if he posed as a potential competitor in the field.

"So Shaunny tell me about your boyfriend. You didn't gave as much as an inkling that you had a boyfriend," scrutinising Shaunny as he continued to eat.

'There's nothing much to tell. Mother had managed to tell all there is to tell," she replied.

"Is that so? I don't think that's all there is to it. You hardly talked about yourself, let alone your friends. You do have friends do you?" he asked coyly.

"Of course I do!" she protested.

"Then tell me."

"I don't think you'd be interested in such insignificant details," she said. There she went again looking slightly flustered and embarrassed. Shane figured it didn't take much to put her knickers in a twist.

"Well I mix with a lot of people in school. But two of my closest friends are Nina Chang and Bruce Caverson. I've known them since we moved here after the… um…. divorce."

"Nina and I are on the cheerleading squad. We have been inseparable since we've met. She stays over quite often too. So don't say I didn't warned you. The house is going to be pretty girly," Shaunny tried to lighten up the conversation.

"Can't say I mind. I've always liked girls," he grinned devilishly.

"Are all English boys as cheeky as you?" Shaunny laughed.

"Well some are and some aren't. I'm just being honest here. Anyway, do go on about Bruce."

"Bruce's Caverson's High star basketball player. He's on the Dean's Honour Roll, to cut it short he's a teacher's pet," Shaunny continued in a nonchalant manner.

"He is, is he? Well back in England I've been called that a couple of times as well. But I say, isn't it fancy to have the school named after you? Bruce sounds like a perfect guy, Honour Roll, star athlete, I'm willing to bet my penny's worth that he's an academic too," he pried.

"Yes, he is. Well about the school being named after him, I'm not too sure about that. You'll get a chance to ask him yourself tomorrow. I'm sure you two will get along fine."

"I'm sure we will."

Just then Arianna came back in to the kitchen. "Listen kids, Mr. Masterson the lawyer just called. Apparently, there's some trouble with your father's will and the transfer of assets to our respective ownership. It seems I would have to fly to England to settle the matters in person. And according to Mr. Masterson there's no other way to go about this. He's booked me on the next flight to London and it leaves this evening. I've just got off the phone with Mrs. Chang and I've arranged for Nina to come stay with you guys for the duration I'm gone. Mrs. Chang would drive Nina over as soon as she's back from Tahoe. As you know, I always believe in safety in numbers. And oh by the way, Mrs. Chang would be coming in every now and then to check up on the three of you. So please behave," Arianna said as she bustled around the kitchen.

"Yes, mom!" Shaunny was beaming ear to ear.

"Don't worry Arianna. I'd keep an eye on Shaunny and her friend," Shane piped in hoping that he would gain some points with his mother. After all, she'd still be the one who'd bail him out when he's in trouble. He had a feeling that he's definitely going to need some bailing soon enough.

"Aww, that's sweet of you Shane. I'm sorry I had to leave like that. If there was any other way…." Arianna went on.

"We'll be fine mom. Go on and pack. Shane and I will clean up," Shaunny offered.

"Well alright. Thanks sweetie," Arianna placed a kiss on Shaunny's temple and scurried off to pack.

"So are we throwing a party?" Shane asked Shaunny as he leaned on the kitchen counter.

"That's the whole idea," Shaunny gave him an equally devilish grin that could easily rivalled his own. That wasn't exactly the reaction he'd expected from her. He wondered what else she'd in stored for him…


Her mother left around 5 pm to the airport. And Nina didn't arrive until 7-ish. After breakfast, Shane retreated back into the attic and remained there until their mother was about to leave. He came down and gave Arianna a peck on the cheek and wished her bon voyage. After that he disappeared again to the attic. Just watching him move turned Shaunny on. Shane was gorgeous. And Shaunny cursed her luck for being his twin. It was quite upsetting that Shane didn't really paid much attention to her. But there were times she was sure he was leading her on into his intricate macabre master plan. At those times she felt small and pawn-like. Sometimes she could swear she sensed he was studying her. But perhaps it was her own attraction towards her twin that screwed up her intuition.

After that fateful 'incident' last week, she now masturbated regularly. All of her afternoon and nighttime fantasies revolved around Shane in various situations and settings. Before Bruce left for France, he'd tried cajoling her into having sex with him. She had declined and tried to avoid that subject altogether. But lately, after experiencing the pleasures of masturbating she'd been considering trying the real deal. She was starting to get arouse from thinking about her recent sexual escapades and was considering of indulging in a before dinner orgasmic delight when the doorbell rang. Jarred from her thoughts she raced to door and found Nina standing on the doorstep with her arms outstretched for an embrace, "Oh Shaunny!!!!!! It's good to see you!!!."

"It's good to see you too!! How was Tahoe?!" Shaunny looked past Nina's shoulder and waved to Mrs. Chang.

"Tahoe was great! Totally amazing!!" Nina exclaimed as she burst into the living room and plopped down into the sofa.

Shaunny closed the door and settled down on the sofa next to Nina. Nina looked great as usual. Nina had straight shoulder length jet-black hair, a cute button nose, almond eyes and sensuous lips that completed her picture perfect china doll look. Nina's pure Chinese lineage contributed to her small petite delicate frame. Sometimes Shaunny wished that she looked as exotic as Nina.

"So your mom's gone to England eh? And you have no clue when's she's going to be back?" Nina asked.

Shaunny shook her head.

"You know what that means? It's…PARTY TIME!" Nina exclaimed as both of the girls burst out squealing and giggling.

"But before that I've gotta tell you something!" Nina looked at Shaunny solemnly.

"What is it?!"

"I've had the greatest fucks in Tahoe ever!"

"Really?" Shaunny arched her eyebrow expectantly at Nina.

"Yeah really! It was out of this world. I was at this gas station for some cigarettes and mind you the store was quite crowded with bikers. And as I went up to pay for my ciggies, one of the bikers grabbed my butt. I was shocked but it felt strangely good. Being a horny bitch that I am, I pushed up my ass against his palm and started grinding my butt cheeks right there on his palm. By now he was quite shocked because he wasn't expecting that I'd respond. He's just a cheap motherfucker trying to get a free feel. But man, was it his lucky day! After I paid for the ciggies, I followed him to the back of the station. He started kissing me and went on pulling and tugging my clothes off. He sort of growled with need and asked me to get down on all four. By this time he was already getting aggressive. He groped my breasts and tore my bloody thongs off me like a bloody barbarian. He hastily unzipped his pants and whipped out his cock. Man, he was already sporting a massive hard-on on his nine-inch cock! He pinned me down and then started fucking my brains out! It was such an exhilarating moment. The idea of someone catching us was fucking feeding off my orgasm!" Nina said breathlessly.

"You fucked a biker behind a gas station?! I fucking don't believe it!" Shaunny said in disbelief. Her own escapades did not seem much now compared to Nina's.

"Wait, that's not all. As he was screwing me his other biker buddies came out back and saw us doing it. There was like another three of them all watching me fuck their friend. Aroused, they took out their cocks and started wanking. They were hovering so close to me. So I grabbed one of the bigger cocks and started sucking real hard," Nina's hands started to snake down to her navel, moving in slow small circular motions.

"The biker I was blowing was cussing loudly and was thrusting his cock deeper into my throat. The one who was fucking me got really excited from watching me blow his friend shot his load into my pussy. And right after he withdrew, one of his other friend who was wanking went on to plunge his fat juicy cock into my cum-drenched pussy. Here I was being fucked in my mouth and my pussy. Never was I so fucking satisfied! I was cumming and cumming so hard that I'd thought I'd die!" Nina was shrieking in excitement by this time. Her hand was already massaging the juncture between her thighs.

Shaunny's cunt was starting to get wet from imagining her best friend being fucked by the bikers.

"You'd thought you'd die of what?" came a voice from the stairs. Shane was slowly coming down the stairs and Shaunny wondered just how much he'd heard of their conversation.

"Die from eating too much on the plane…." Nina quickly interjected as she quickly smoothed out the creases on her clothes. Shaunny guessed that if Shane hadn't interrupted them, Nina would have masturbated right there in the living room. What would she have then? Would she have fingered herself too in Nina's presence? Would it have led to something else…? She pushed her wayward sexual thoughts to the furthest recesses of her mind and concentrated at the conversation at hand.

"The last time I checked plane food tasted just horrid. American airlines must be serving a feast these days," Shaunny could see the predatory glint in Shane's blue eyes. He was seizing Nina up like a hungry animal. Shaunny wished that it were her that he's looking at that way. Damn Nina with her sexual prowess and experience. She wondered just how much had Shane heard of their conversation. Quickly Shaunny stood up and introduced Nina to her twin.

"Nina, I'd like you to meet my long-lost twin brother, Shane. Shane, meet my best friend, Nina Chang."

Without a word Shane strode towards Nina, took her hand and lifted it to his lips and gently kissed it. Nina gasped and made a seductive comeback by purring, "Nice to meet you Shane…"

Shane replied with an equally seductive, "The pleasure is all mine…"

Standing there Shaunny felt jealous that her brother was so engrossed with Nina. So she cleared her throat and started "I believe we've got to do something about dinner."

"We'll call for pizza. I believe that's what most Americans do," Shane said not taking his eyes away from Nina.

"Yes, it is. And my, what a great accent you've got there. It sounds so sexy…" Nina purred.

"I'm afraid I've unintentionally adopted an English accent after living there for the past fourteen years," Shane explained.

"Well it's quite becoming. Shaunny emailed me two weeks ago telling me all about your arrival. So how'd you find Caverson's Bay?"

"It's a change. A nice change……"

Shaunny simply ignored them and went on to call for pizza. Somehow, she felt jealous of all the attention Shane was showering on Nina. So what Nina's a slut? Did sexual experience really mattered?


Dinner went horribly as Shane and Nina totally ignored Shaunny. They both were so engrossed in their own conversation that when Shaunny left the table nobody took notice. Shaunny was definitely green with envy as she trudged up into her bedroom and sulked. She knew that Nina was exotic, beautiful, smart and horny but wasn't she as good looking? Back in school, Shaunny was noted as one of the most beautiful and popular girls. Any guy at Caverson High would sell their soul to the devil just for a date with Shaunny McIntyre. It frustrates her that Shane would rather pay attention to Nina than herself.

"You never told me that your brother was so gorgeous!" Nina gushed as she unpacked her clothes into Shaunny's closet.

"Well you never asked," Shaunny retorted.

"My, my aren't we the green eyed monster. I'm surprised that you left the dinner table just like that. You didn't even asked to be excused," Nina said as she wagged her finger in front of Shaunny's nose.

"You and Shane were too engrossed with one another to have missed me that much. Besides, he's my brother. Why should I be jealous?"

"We've known each other since we were kids. I know you Shaunny McIntyre. And I know that you are jealous. Don't tell me you didn't drool the first time you saw your brother. He's gorgeous! He looks like a celebrity for god's sakes! He looks like…" Nina continued as she ignored Shaunny's glowering gaze.

'….he looks like Paul Walker!" Nina finished.

"I didn't notice," Shaunny snapped. Actually she did notice. Shane did look like Paul Walker. It took every ounce of her self-control to not fantasise about him. And now with Nina around, she wasn't sure whether she could control her jealousy and act normally towards him.

"Have you seen the colour of his eyes? It's impossible to have that kind of colour!" Nina sighed.

"The last time I checked I've had the same eye colour for the past eighteen years."

"I can't wait till I've fucked him," Nina said. That last comment sent Shaunny seething in fury. It then strucked her that Nina wasn't aware that she is sexually attracted to Shane. How could she? Shane was her own twin brother… As much as she hated it, she had to let Nina think that she was only jealous because they had left her out of the conversation earlier on during dinner. She took a deep breath, relaxed and tried to look indifferent. She couldn't let on her true feelings for Shane show. It'll be catastrophic.

"Did you hear what I'd just said? I'm going to fuck him," Nina said.

"Not if I fuck him first," Shaunny thought silently and smiled.

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