tagIncest/TabooTwins Ch. 01

Twins Ch. 01


You know that old cliché about twins? The one that says they supposedly have this invisible bond and connection? Well it's true. I should know; I am half of a set of identical twin females.

My sister and I have been freakishly close since our birth 35 years ago. We often have the same feelings and thoughts when we aren't even in the same room together, which isn't often . Our bond has been at times a blessing and a curse depending on what is going on in our lives. When something joyful happens, our pleasure is two-fold, but the same occurs when some tragedy occurs.

Marti and I joined the same clubs growing up, wore matching dresses to the prom, and attended the same college together. Our likes and dislikes, just like our faces, were so identical that it was really no surprise when we fell head over heels for the same man.

For the first time in our lives we were in competition with each other. We didn't want to admit this fact to ourselves, much less each other. Being so in-tune with each others feelings, we were aware of what was going on and spent many evenings discussing it late into the night.

We'd met him at the local Country Club. Marti and I had decided to take some golf lessons for fun and exercise and to try to balance our lives a little. We'd been working crazy hours since we opened our own advertising firm 5 years ago and knew we needed to loosen up a little and have some fun too. Neither of us had had but the occasional gentlemen friends in our lives since college and had really dedicated ourselves to building our business. But now, our biological clocks were ticking and we realized that time was running out to build our own families. Plus, a women reaches her sexual peak in her 30's and we were both about to scratch the paint off the walls for some male attention.

Our first golf lesson was a fiasco. The man we were both so attracted to turned out to be the Assistant Golf Pro and conducted the majority of the golf lessons for beginners. Marti and I acted like 13 year old girls with their first crush. We stammered and vied for his attention and the feel of his hands on us as he adjusted our swing of the club.

Scott was tanned, fit, and handsome. He looked like he was born with a golf club in his hand and had the look of a man who was content with his life . He always wore these dark sunglasses that gave him a slight air of mystery and had a smile of confidence that he was generous with, especially when there were attractive ladies present. He had the reputation of being quite a womanizer, but was popular with the men on the course as well as the women. The first time he saw us, a mischievous little grin appeared on his face and we knew he was having the very common male fantasy of landing the both us in bed together.

Marti and I had never shared a man together, but to be honest, we had done a little sexual experimenting in our high school and college years with each other. We'd always shared the same bedroom when we were growing up and as you get older and more curious, it was pretty natural that we would turn to each other to "practice" our kissing techniques and see if our secret places were as identical as our faces. It was pretty innocent during our high school years. We'd compare breasts and look at each others pussys' and ask each other if we had the same kind of tingling feelings when we touched ourselves. It wasn't until college that things went a little further.

We'd gone to our first college party and drunk more then either of us had ever had before. We giggled and weaved our way home across the campus quad. When we reached our dorm room, we both undressed and put on little skimpy nighties and crawled into our respective twin beds. I don't remember who started the conversation first, but we began discussing the boys at the party and who we thought was cute and who was hot! Marti and I were still virgins when we left for University, but now that we were out of the confines of our hometown and strict parents, we were anxious to experience sex to its fullest.

One night while we were laying in bed, Marti asked me

"Mary, do you think it will hurt?"

"What?" I asked.

Marti rolled over in the semi-dark room and looked at me.

"The first time a man puts his cock in me." she said

I stared up at the ceiling in our room and pondered the question for a minute.

"I think it will hurt a little bit, but we have both used tampons for years and been very active. Everything I've ever read about it, says that that should make a difference for the first time." I said.

Marti sat up and swung her feet to the floor. She looked wide awake now.

"Well, I don't want it to hurt. I want to enjoy it when it happens and I plan on being ready." Marti spouted

I watched her as she got up from bed and walked over to our little dorm-room refrigerator. Laying on top was a basket of fruit and I was curious as she pulled a greenish yellow banana from the pile and brought it back over to the bed with her. She looked so cute in her little flounced nightgown that barely covered the cheeks of her ass, that I smiled to myself in pleasure, knowing that I looked the same.

Marti reached for the bottle of hand lotion that was on the bedside table. She squirted a little into her hand and then rubbed it all over the outside of the banana. Laying on her back and lifting her butt up in the air, she pulled off her little panties and flung them to the floor.

"Will you come help me?" she asked

I sat up in bed and looked at her. Without responding I got up and went over to her in the matching bed. I silently took the banana from her and placed my hands between her knees and spread them wide. I could see her little pink pussy now, with just a soft dusting of curly hair at the mound, but almost hairless at the lips. She had her eyes closed now, just waiting to see what I would do.

Reaching my hand between her legs, I parted her pink lips and stared at her wet and swollen clit. A little hesitantly my finger found her wetness. She flinched a little when I made contact but didn't pull away. I ran my finger very gently up and down her slit getting it a little wet before making a circle around her clit. I rubbed it around and around several times when Marti opened her mouth and let out a long moan.

"Oh my god Mary, that feels so good." she cried.

I continued the attention on her, becoming a little more aggressive with each stroke. Her clit began to swell a bit now as did the inner lips of her pussy. The wetness had increased and she opened her legs a little wider. I rubbed harder on her pearly clit and she started thrashing her head back and forth on the bed, with little cries and moans coming out of her mouth with each stroke. Sensing her excitement level was nearing its peak, I slid my middle finger inside her pussy. I could feel the tight yet warm and wet ridges of her cunt around my finger as I moved it slowly in and out of her. Her face was flush with excitement now and I knew it was about time to move on to bigger things.

Removing my finger from her slot, I resumed the slight stroking of her clit with one hand while placing the tip of the banana to her pussy entrance with the other. She opened her eyes to look at me and I saw they were glazed over in passion and I felt my own pussy become warm with excitement at what we were doing.

"I'm ready. I want it." Marti whispered to me in a very deep and sexy voice.

Placing pressure against the banana, I slowly slid it up into the creamy pussy. Her lips parted for me easily and the banana began its slow descent moving easily for a moment before meeting a little resistance. I paused for only a moment before popping my sisters cherry. She responded with a sharp hissing noise but didn't tell me to stop, so I continued along in my play.

I pressed the long banana deep up inside her, moving slowly and gently and letting her get used to the feel. It didn't take her long however to raise her hips up in response to the feeling. I saw that her face was becoming red again and her nipples were hard and pointy beneath her nightgown.

Increasing the rhythm of the strokes and making them deeper and harder with each pass, Marti began to pant and moan again. It was so exciting to me to see her like this. I was going to make my sister orgasm. She was going to come on that banana for me and I was going to watch her do it.

My own passion began to rise and I reached over and pulled up her nightgown exposing her pink and hard nipples. I lowered my head to her left nipple and began to lick and suck her as I fucked her long and hard with that banana. She was really in a fit now, and I felt her body twitch and clench as her orgasm melted through her body. I let her reach the peak and then began to slow my motions, coming to stop as her body came to rest from its convulsions.

Marti opened her eyes and looked at me deeply. I was kneeling to the side of her so that I had been able to suck on her nipple and fuck her with the banana at the same time. Now I let the banana fall from her onto the bed and she pulled me by the hand down on top of her. Our lips met with a lack of inhibition from the alcohol we had consumed earlier in the evening. We were hot and passionate now, sliding our tongues into each others mouths and grinding ourselves against each other.

I had never let a man get me this aroused before, but now I felt free to let myself go and explore the passion that was driving me half crazy. Marti removed her lips from mine and kissed her way down my neck and shoulders. She lifted my night shirt up to my neck and soon her wet little tongue found my perky nipples. I felt my face get red with heat and desire and I rolled over on my back to give her better access. Marti's mouth covered my right nipple and sucked it lightly while her hand wandered down my stomach and between my legs.

When her breath reached my mound I jerked with the powerful shock that went through me at her touch. A moan escaped my lips and I would not have stopped her for anything in the world. Parting my thighs, she placed her fingers at the entrance to my slit and gently slid her finger into my moist hole. I could have cried at the amazing feeling of pleasure. Marti then put her tongue on my clit and began to circle it while she moved her finger in and out of my cunt. I began to cry out to her not to stop.

"Oh Jesus, Marti. That's amazing. Don't stop. Please." I begged her.

She sucked my pussy lips into her mouth and fucked me harder with her finger. I felt like I was a balloon with too much air inside and then after a few more moments of her sucking me, I exploded with a scream. I had had my first major orgasm from the touch of another person! The air hissed out of me and I felt my muscles all go weak from the experience.

After that night things changed for us. We'd had an orgasm and we wanted more! We began to date more frequently and always shared with each other our experiences with the opposite sex and in what positions we found the greatest pleasures. But until now we had never desired the same man before. The Assistant Golf pro was to be a challenge to our relationship to each other and to ourselves.

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