tagIncest/TabooTwins Fall Hard

Twins Fall Hard


My twin sister, Dyana and I were never very close. Since the day our mother gave birth to us all we did was stray from each other's fields of interest. Consequently we excelled in our own fields. I in Athletics and Arts, she in Sciences and Extracurricular actives. We grew further apart, as we grew older and into college. A grand amount of jealousy and animosity developed between us and we nearly got into a fistfight on graduation when we tied for Salutatorian.

University put a country in between us as I headed to California for History and she to New York for Biochemistry. Even with that much between us we still managed to compete. I met with the Governor 2 days before she was given a research grant by a huge pharmaceutical conglomerate. These types of coincidences brought us further apart as the years went by until we finally graduated and were reunited for the first non-holiday occasion in years.

Dyana and I had changed considerably, at least in the physical sense. I had developed into a man with stubble and pecks. She a beautiful tanned blond with the figure of a supermodel. Our brains of course were as always highly developed in every sense of fulfillment, at least that's what we thought. After bumming around the home throughout the summer after graduation we decided to take a trip to Europe together. Well it was more of a surprise graduation present from our parents. I was to attend Law at Berkeley this September and she Columbia for Med-School and this would really be our last chance to do anything together. Our Father actually paid the entire trip and filled our bank accounts with enough money to do whatever we wanted for an entire month. To this day believe it was suggested by our Mother who wanted her children to develop some sort of kinship before they became fully matured adults.

Once we arrived in Europe we did all the sites and tours in the main western countries like France, U.K, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Portugal and finally we ended up together in Mallorca. Mallorca is a small island located in the Mediterranean Sea, owned by Spain and fully developed in regards to partying. The bars were stocked with tourists from all over and we had an absolutely crazy first night drinking with some fellow Americans.

On the second night we once again drank a little too much and as we headed back towards our hotel I fell down a few steps twisting my ankle pretty badly. Dyana helped me into the hotel and elevator and as we approached our room I collapsed. Fearing I was not going to be able to walk well for a while on that foot I hopped into the room and onto my bed. Dyana followed in and told me to take off my jeans, as she wanted to check my bones. During her studies she had volunteered at a local hospital as a nurse's aid and was able to handle minor wounds like a twisted ankle. I complied by carefully sliding off my jeans careful not to let them come into to much contact with my ankle as it was starting to swell up a bit. The ankle itself was not alone after long. Mix in a couple of drinks and an awesome massage to my legs and another part of me began to swell up as well. Dyana seemed not to notice or ignored it as drunkenness. She did not comment on anything and as I relaxed and the pain seemed to go away she turned off my lamp and headed to the bathroom to shower before going to bed.

I laid awake in the darkness as I contemplated fucking my sister. She really was a great looking girl and although she had had the same boyfriend for years I knew she didn't really like him that much. We both grew up in a fairly conservative home and sex had never been a big issue. As I heard the shower stop I removed my shirt and underwear and laid in bed naked and stiff as a rock. We had been sharing the same bed for almost a month and she definitely would not be expecting this. Or would she? I occasionally caught her glimpsing at me, especially at the beaches and gyms we had visited during the summer. I honestly did not know what to expect but felt safe knowing that she thought I was plastered drunk. My ankle was killing me but in no way did it weaken my arrousal.

"Dylan?" she whispered loudly upon walking into the room. It was quite dark as the only light was from the bathroom and it was pretty dim. I saw her figure emerge and quietly climb onto the bed. She had a towel over her head and a long t-shirt going down to her knees. As she slid under the sheets I slowly turned in towards her.

"How's your ankle?"

"Hurts a bit" I was so horny now I would do anything to get her to touch me again. "Can you rub it a little more?"

"Sure." she sounded reticent but only slightly. If we'd been back home she'd have surely refused, but this was Europe and there was no way she would get on my bad side at this point. I'd been there for her whenever she needed me during the trip it was the least she could do.

As she began to rub the ankle I turned on my back and closed my eyes. After a few minutes I could tell she was getting bored. I opened my eyes and looked up at her and smiled. She returned with a cute one of her own. I knew if I was to make a move this would be it. I had to have her now. I gripped her wrist and pulled her down to me and before she landed began kissing her neck.

At first she didn't respond at all. I could tell she was reluctant to continue this or make the next move so I pulled her face to mine and whispered "Don't worry Dy. I won't tell a soul."

"You're my brother" she shrieked. "That's incest."

"Just give in. I know you want me too." My reply was cut short as she started to kiss me. This was flat on the lips and before I reacted her tongue was in my mouth swirling with my own.

At this point I was so hard I couldn't stop myself. I responded to her kiss and gripped her waist which was still cover by that fucking t-shirt. I began to pull it up and eventually made it to her chest and our kiss was interrupted by it's complete removal. Her breasts were completely exposed and finally looking at them I was breathless. She had magnificent breasts and I felt idiotic for not noticing them like this before. I slid my hands over them and was overcome with the firmness. I had been with several women and none had breasts like this. They were like cantalopes, defined with 2 perfect pink nipples that I could see even in the dim light. I pulled them to my face and began kissing them as I squeezed gently.

She let out a soft moan as I continued to caress those deliciously strong tits of hers. "You like em?" she whispered.

"Love em" I replied curtly. Finally I slid her forward until she was on top of my face. Before she knew it I was licking her wet little pussy as fast I could. After applying a coat of saliva over it she began to lower herself hinting me to ram my tongue inside. I began by sticking it out as far as I could and bringing her on it by gripping her ass and pulling it down as hard as possible. She began to moan a little more harder and her breath took on one I had never heard from her before. Odd what we think about during sex.

I began bucking my neck matching the movements of her hips as she kept grinding her soaked little pussy against my mouth, fucking my tongue like a small penis. Before long she halted me for a moment and turned around while staying above me. Except now she was putting us into place to 69. Her mouth began on my stomach and as I resumed licking her greedily she made her way down to my crotch slowly and softly but I didn't want to rush her. The teasing was driving me crazy.

Finally she reached my hard cock and kissed it gently. She slid her hands up and down my thighs and she continued to peck it finally sliding both hands over my cock and eventually started licking it. Her hands worked over it like an itch and suddenly took it in her mouth as much as possible. Her speed intensified as did her hands. One was playing with my balls, gripping them gently and the other taking a firm grasp over my stiff cock. She was sucking it so good I almost couldn't keep up with my own mouth and tongue. I relented though and managed to keep up with her. How? I have no idea. This was such an amazing blowjob I couldn't help but enjoy it. I was relieved as climbed off of me and began to turn her body between my legs. I looked down at her face and her eyes were piercing into my own. It was incredible how she could stare at me like this. It was obviously not her first time because she definitly knew what she was doing.

At last I couldn't look at her anymore and laid my head back. Her hands eventually let go of my cock and moved up to my chest where they stayed as she continued with just her mouth, going mostly on the side of my cock this time teasing me even more. Feeling her soft, full and moist lips all over my dick was driving me wild and I started to feel the need to take her.

I grabbed the 2 wrists of my chest and pulled her up slightly but she stopped me. Moaning now, like a baby who'd just had her pacifier removed and when I finally let go she continued to suck me off. I guess because she knew it had been so long since I'd had a woman that the first release had to be completed before any serious lovemaking was to occur. I decided to relax and let it happen until I was finished.

And that of course is what she did. As she felt my dick begin to twist and quiver in my mouth she did not hesitate or pull away for even a second. This round of felatio was completed as she swallowed a large bulk of hot semen bursting from my cock like a hot Georgian spring. She seemed to know that no woman had ever completed that act with so much enthusiasm and selflessly and she was right. As she continued to inhale it looking up at me I looked down at her with so much passion and knew it was time to get down to FUCKING her.

As I sat up and looked at her she smiled up at me knowing she'd shocked me intensly. I brought her up to me and kissed her with more fever than I ever had another woman in a long time. I threw her flat on her back and placed myself between her long tanned legs. I lifted them as I began to kiss her feet and slid my cock close to her wet little pussy which I knew was soaking. She moaned slightly looking up at me waiting for me. I knew it was time to turn the tables and show her what I could do. It was my time to tease and that I did.

As I kept kissing her little tanned feet I slipt my cock against the tight little strawberry pussy of hers. I had the head of my cock rubbing against her rubbery little waterfall of a cunt and kept flicking it up and down with enough contact to tease her. She started moving her legs away from me and tried to use them to pull me into her. I stopped her by loosening the grip of her legs around me and placed my hands on the sides of her. I knew the task of teasing had been achieved. It was showtime.

I layed down on top of her keeping my weight to the back of me as I slid my arms under hers and gripped her shoulder and allowed hers to squeeze around me. Her fat tits pressed against me and as soon as I felt those hard little nipples against my chest I rammed my cock in as deep as she could take it. Since she was soaked and I was still just as stiff as before the blowjob it went perfectly right off the bat. She lifted her knees and quickly wrapped her legs around me. I started slamming into her really hard and she really liked it. Her moaning grew to screaming and she began to stifle it by sucking on my shoulders and neck. The inside of her was so soft and wet that it was like ramming my cock into heaven.

After about five minutes in this position she whispered "Take me from behind." I quickly abided and turned her over onto her knees. She buried her face in the pillow and began to scream even louder. I gripped tightly onto her firm little asscheeks and continued to fuck her like crazy. I raised one of my legs and went even harder. She really was enjoying herself and even bucked against my pelvis as hard as 'she' could. We were like starved animals after a piece of meat and finding it through each other. Her pussy was so warm I felt like I was in a microwave or something like that. I knew I could cum any moment but knew I wanted her to get her off first. I pulled her up by her chest so her back was against my chest and cupped her breasts as I began to slow my movements. We were rised and in such a prominent position I almost wanted to have a picture of this.

I stopped from behind and blew down on my cock. The cold air calmed me down a bit and I layed down next to her. In about a moment I pulled her on top of me. She became my cowgirl instantly and commenced riding me. Her riding was exquisite and she knew exactly what she was doing once again. She even began to grind her clit into my pelvis and I felt her climax almost begin. I closed my eyes, determined to enjoy the moment and just let it happen. She rode and rode and it started to leak all over me. Finally she started to climax and it endured about 5 minutes of her screaming "I'M CUMMING." We must have woken someone in the hotel. She finished but knew I hadn't cum yet. Conceding that her pussy was worn out she advised me to fuck her in the ass. Before I made a move she turned around and rose on her feet crouching over me. As I looked up at her bare sexy back I felt my cock enter her tight ass.

Her ass was something I hadn't contemplated when this had started but man was it good. She rode me in reverse cowgirl and seemed to enjoy it. I knew I was right when she began chanting about her G-spot and how I was hitting it perfectly. she leaned back and sat still with my cock buried deep in her tight little ass. I just sat there still and suddenly felt myself begin to cum. She moaned as I shot another load. It soaked up into her ass and it was amazing. I had never came like that in my life and it was one of the best I had ever felt in my life.

Dyana got up to the bathroom to wash up and I followed her to do the same. During the cleansing process we smiled at each other and shared a steamy kiss.

As we climbed back into bed she snuggled up against me and we began to drift off to sleep. Funny enough my ankle didn't seem to hurt at all anymore. Nor did it the rest of the trip.

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