tagIncest/TabooTwins in College Ch. 01

Twins in College Ch. 01


Chapter 01: On Our Own

Only Siamese twins could be closer.

My big brother and I may not actually be Siamese twins, only fraternal twins, but, to borrow a cliché, we are effectively "joined at the hip." Society may frown intensely upon the profound love we have for each other, the profound love which has only intensified since shortly before our high school graduation, but – even though we try not to express our true emotions in public – we do in fact love each other deeply and plan to spend the rest of our lives together.

At least we have been able to essentially "buy" four years' worth of time together, thanks to college admissions specialists.

Our parents began encouraging us both as early as eighth grade to think about where we would like to go for college. Admittedly, our parents had a lot of money – part of it came from our mother's share of an office pool's lottery win, part of it came from a multi-million dollar class action settlement our father had smartly orchestrated. While they never truly spent a lot of money, my big brother and I both knew that we could attend any college or university in the States – and perhaps in the world – and not need to worry about paying for our post-secondary education.

By the beginning of our junior year of high school, my big brother and I had narrowed our choices to fifteen schools each. Interestingly, as we compared our lists, we shared eleven schools in common, with the top five identical on each list. It is often said that twins tend to share a special bond, able to "know" about the other at seemingly all times even when separated by great distances; something similar had apparently taken place in our minds as we individually chose where we would like to learn more about the world around us, the world which decreed that he and I are never to have the type of relationship we had nonetheless developed.

It was a few days before Christmas Eve of our senior year of high school when my brother received some very welcome news: Just as I had done, he had applied Early Decision to all of his top ten choices for higher education, and one of them had accepted him. I was genuinely overjoyed for him, certainly evidenced by my overly-enthusiastic hug... although he definitely did not complain.

My Early Decision acceptance never came, however. My grades had never been quite as good as his, so I was not particularly surprised that an Early Decision acceptance was not granted to me, but at least my applications were rolled over into the general application population. Plus, I soon realized that my twin brother and I could very likely be separated – perhaps even on opposite coasts of the United States – for the first time in our young lives. Those two elements combined to cast a gloominess over Christmas Break for me.

At least I knew that my big brother would be attending a school in the San Francisco area. Together, we began to research the area: the attractions, methods of transportation, the airports in the area, annual festivals and major events, apartment prices, restaurants... For me, it was great to know what I might be able to do when I went to visit him there, but I still felt both sad and mildly depressed at not knowing whether I would be able to share in those experiences with him on a regular basis.

Months passed. Then, in a span of three days, I was accepted by twelve of my top fifteen chosen schools. Once those acceptance letters had all arrived, I sat at the center of my bed, each letter spread out before me, and began to rank them all to help in deciding my future. An hour later, my choice finally made, I walked into my big brother's bedroom, and gave him a big grin. He knew.

We would not be attending the same school, unfortunately, as the college which had accepted him rejected me, but we would at least be in the same geographic area.

Toward the end of the school year, my big brother's girlfriend dumped him. Not three days later, my boyfriend dumped me. Only then did we realize that throughout our dating "careers" were we each looking for someone just like our twin, and even before my tears had dried, the foreplay had began. Not three days into the eighteenth year of my existence on this planet, I became my big brother's woman, and our love grew exponentially.

Perhaps because they knew that we had always been incredibly close (likely a natural extension of having spent nine months together in the same tiny space), our parents actually agreed with my big brother's idea that perhaps we should get an apartment together in the Bay Area. During the summer, we made several trips to California, searching for a nice apartment in a good neighborhood, a place where my big brother and I would not be constantly in each other's way, a place close enough to major public transportation lines that we could survive somewhat-easily without a car.

By mid-July, we had found such a place in Berkeley, just two blocks from the nearest BART station and with several bus lines also located within easy walking distance. It was a two-bedroom apartment in a complex with twenty total units, ten units on each floor. We would be on the upper floor, living above the laundry room and some of the storage cages. Since it was a second-floor apartment, we would also have a small balcony, really just deep enough to sit in a chair and still have relatively good legroom. The bedrooms were indeed small – smaller than our bedrooms at home – but sufficient for two college students. Gas, water, and basic cable were included in the rent; tenants were responsible for any other utilities or amenities they wished to have.

In one of his few "heavy spending" moments I have ever known, however, as my big brother and I were about to sign the lease, my father pulled out his checkbook and made one lump sum payment. "I want them to focus on their studies for their first year of college," he said as an explanation. "After that, they are essentially on their own, and should have found jobs to allow them to pay rent on their own." The landlord smiled and nodded, as if our father was not the first concerned parent to have taken this unusual step.

Before we returned to the hotel, we located an independent mailing store a few blocks away, and our father did the same thing: He paid for one year's rental for a mailbox my big brother and I would share. Since our landlord did not live on the premises and my big brother and I would likely be away in classes (or, eventually, at work) most of the time, this would allow for us to have packages delivered even though they would not fit into our tiny mailbox at our apartment building.

One month passed before we would finally move into our apartment.

It was a long, long day. We landed at Oakland International Airport about 8:45AM. By this time, we were nearly experts at using the AirBART and BART systems, and were in our Berkeley apartment seemingly minutes later. While our mother and I hung the curtains and unpacked the general things required for a new household, my big brother went with our father to go buy some basic groceries to get us started in life on our own. Then it was time to confirm the deliveries for that afternoon; we were sitting on the floor eating store-bought deli-style sandwiches when the first of the deliveries arrived, which ironically included the table and four chairs.

By dinnertime, all the scheduled deliveries had been made – the sofa, two futons and bedding, two desks with chairs, the table and its chairs, several bookcases, a few lamps, and plenty more. It was a Saturday evening, and we all knew that the restaurants would likely be crowded, so we instead went back to the grocery store, bought more deli-style sandwiches, and ate those on the way to the nearby BART station. We were quite early for our parents' late flight back home, but we all said our goodbyes nonetheless. I actually had a tear in my eye as our parents passed through the security checkpoint, then turned to wave to us one final time before rounding the corner and disappearing from view.

By the time the AirBART arrived, my big brother had me laughing again as he often does. My spirits were flying high once more. We were on our own at last; the world was our oyster. And as the AirBART pulled away from Terminal 2 with no one sitting near us, my big brother took my hand in his and offered me a warm smile.

Only then did I truly realize that our life as a couple deeply in love could truly begin. We were effectively alone in a strange city where no one knew us, so we could be (a little) more free with our growing relationship. And that realization warmed me from the inside as I patted his thigh with my free hand, looking up into the eyes which were so eerily like mine as I returned his smile.

The rest of the trip to our new "home" was effectively a blur in my mind. I just barely remembered transferring from the AirBART to the main BART. I remembered only tiny snippets of our quiet conversation. Then, suddenly, we were on the sidewalk approaching the back side of our building, looking up at the balcony of our apartment.

We entered the building and, strictly out of curiosity, I checked the mailbox. There actually was something awaiting us: an envelope clearly containing a greeting card of some kind, from our parents. As my big brother watched, I opened the envelope and showed him the cover, an artist's rendition of a pair of astronauts standing beside a spacecraft on a sparsely-vegetated planet as they regarded the star-studded sky in the background. Then I opened the card and read aloud:

"The universe is yours to explore. May you learn about life and about yourselves through your college careers and beyond." Both our parents had signed it, although our mother had clearly been the one to address the envelope and write the message inside.

"I certainly hope to learn a lot more about you during my college career and beyond," my big brother quipped with a gleam in his eye. "Ditto," I replied softly with a smile and a wink. Then we mounted the stairs, ready to enter our "home" for the first time alone.

"Wait." He unlocked and opened the door, put the key back in his pocket, and then surprised me by picking me up. At least for a few seconds, I was the wife and he was the husband; for just a moment, we were young newlyweds, upholding the tradition of crossing the threshold of the home together.

Then my stomach rumbled, breaking the illusion of wedded bliss but at least causing us both to laugh a bit, even as I blushed slightly from the embarrassment of the poorly-timed sound. I was set down upon the sofa, and I watched my big brother close and lock the door and turn on a nearby lamp, then move to the phone atop the bookcase. "Pizza?" he asked, even though he knew I would heartily agree.

Our home was still in disarray; it was quite evident that we had just moved in, and there would be even more for us to put away on Monday once we had an opportunity to go back to the independent mailing store to pick up the many boxes which had been shipped ahead of our arrival. But neither of us cared at that moment. All that mattered was that we were together, alone. Despite hearing a car horn in the distance, the outside world no longer existed. Our relationship was no longer a taboo. We were no longer twin brother and sister.

We were simply a consenting, loving couple.

After my big brother had ordered the pizza, we kissed for the first time in well over forty-eight hours. I practically melted into him, and readily admitted him entrance when his tongue knocked at my teeth. I clutched him tightly as his strong arms enveloped me. I felt needed, protected, loved, cherished, in a way that none of my high school boyfriends had ever made me feel, and I knew that this relationship was real, that we were indeed destined to be together no matter what others might say.

At some point, I moved from a sitting position to a horizontal position, my head upon a nicely-upholstered armrest. I only realized my position had changed when the door buzzer sounded, startling both of us from our intimacy. As I lay on the sofa gasping loudly for breath, my big brother – my lover – reluctantly lifted himself from me, squeezing my heaving breasts one more time, and went to the speaker. The pizza had arrived sooner than expected, even when accounting for my losing track of time.

Dinner was a little unusual. At home, the dining room table was in the dining room itself, and the television was in the living room and could not be seen by anyone sitting in the dining room. Without a separate dining room in our apartment, the table and the television were just several feet away from each other. We ate in silence, using the remote to flip through the scant number of basic cable channels, finding nothing of particular interest to either of us. On Monday, we would definitely need to go buy a DVD player; then we could at least enjoy the anime and movies we had obtained over the past few years; Monday would also be the day we would be able to enjoy our PlayStation2 again.

But for now, it was Saturday night. More importantly, it was our first night alone... the first of many, many nights alone. No more would we be forced to sneak a brief hug or a quick kiss. No longer would we need to send instant messages to cryptically reveal our heartfelt desires. Never again would we be expected to sleep solo and silently suffer in solitude.

Eventually, we had eaten our fill, and with the television off, our meager conversation had passed from our mouths to our eyes. We were definitely tired, having awoken well before dawn in an earlier time zone that day, yet I for one felt more alive than I had since our special camping trip during the summer.

"What are you thinking, baby sister?" he finally asked, placing his hand upon mine.

I looked into his eyes once again. It was just like looking into a mirror: I saw my own eyes as well as the bright flame of love being reflected back at me. My heart beat a little faster, a little louder, and, for just a moment, I could have sworn that my chest expanded subtly to accommodate my heart's increased rhythm and sound.

"I was thinking about how our last camping trip ended," I admitted, honestly and without any shame. "I was remembering how wonderful you made me feel that morning, teasing me from one climax to another."

He smiled again, squeezing my hand, his eyes flickering as he remembered. "I still don't know how I lasted as long as I did that morning," he acknowledged. "You were definitely quite the tease!!!"

In my mind's eye, I relived that entire morning in the space of a few scant seconds. "That was indeed a very special morning," I finally said softly, looking down at our hands, our fingers intertwined.

"You are indeed a very special woman," he whispered, lifting my hand to his lips for a gentle kiss.

A long silence passed as we simply gazed upon each other, our eyes communicating what mere words fail to express, even for the most experienced of professional authors. The Big One could have severely disfigured the Bay Area just then, but I strongly doubt that either of us would have noticed.

In time, I stood. He pushed back his chair to stand as well, but I motioned for him to remain where he was. After quickly putting the remainder of the pizza in the refrigerator, I turned off the lamp, plunging our apartment in near-complete darkness. Only the curtain-diffused light from a nearby street lamp allowed me to make my way back to my lover without inadvertently bumping into anything along the way.

I sat straddling his thighs and pressed my body against him, my arms wrapped around his broad shoulders. We simply held each other in the dark, contentedly enjoying each other's presence and warmth and love. I could almost sense a sphere of loving energy gradually forming around us, surrounding the table, enlarging to fill the room, expanding to engulf the entire apartment. As the sphere grew, it seemed as if the temperature in the room rose – subtly, yet significantly. If we had been making love at that very moment, I would certainly have understood the sensation, but we were instead simply holding each other.

As the sphere grew, so did a certain portion of male anatomy trapped between us. I smiled to myself, placing a soft kiss upon the side of my lover's neck as I gently pressed myself against his lengthening manhood. As his erection grew more solid, my panties grew more moistened, and we both held each other just a little tighter.

His lips sought mine, and I offered them to him without question. Despite the fatigue of the long, historic day, I needed this, needed him. I opened my mouth wide, and his tongue suddenly probed so deep into my mouth that I very nearly panicked, resulting in a loud squeal of surprise as I clutched at the back of his head.

He was relentless. His lips affixed themselves to my mouth like a leech, sucking the breath from my lungs as our tongues fenced like two bitter rivals. His hands began to roam my body, feeling me, groping me, possessing me. My molested body responded by moving a little faster against him as I held his head still so my tongue could perhaps gain an advantage in our sparring. Soft whimpers rose from my throat as more of my growing passion filled my panties.

"Take off your shorts and your panties," he whispered in a husky voice between gasps for air once the kiss ended. Despite my surprise at that particular request, I complied, kicking off the sandals and standing between my lover and the table, removing the indicated articles of clothing quickly before him. "On the table," he requested, and I sat on the edge of the table, leaning back as my mind at last realized what he intended to do next.

Seconds later, he slid the chair closer to the table and leaned forward, his head perfectly placed between my legs. I heard him inhale deeply, savoring the aroma of my sex, my passion, my love, then felt his kiss directly above my womanhood. "Don't tease me!" I pleaded, fearful that he would indeed tease me nonetheless.

He did tease me. First, he planted soft kisses all around the area where I most needed to feel his kiss, this as his hands slid up underneath my Usagi t-shirt and kneaded my breasts through the cups of my bra. When he finally withdrew his hands, he stood between my legs, kicked off his shoes, and proceeded to undress as I watched through lust-hazed eyes. Then he stepped forward, his powerful phallus in hand, poised to pierce my willing body so that we would be joined at the hip once again.

Instead, he used his meaty erection to gently beat my clitoris. Each strike sent a shockwave of pleasure throughout my body, each shockwave registering in my soul as a foreshock. I felt myself trembling even as the fingers of his free hand respectfully stroked along my labia, spreading the passion seeping from deep within me. Soft purrs and mews filled my ears, and it took me a moment to realize that those sounds were actually coming from me.

Then he sat again, his head leaning forward once more. With a hand on each thigh, I felt first his hot breath, then his hot tongue upon my feminine folds, and another lewd vocalization rose from my parted lips. My hands moved to my chest, crushing the image of Usagi, my hardened nipples responding to my touch despite the two layers of material between breasts and palms.

Time stood still. In the darkness of a strange new apartment in a strange new city, two destined lovers grew ever closer. Love filled the air, charging the atmosphere in special ways and adding to the intensity of the action behind the closed door and curtains.

When he plunged a pair of fingers inside me, he brushed repeatedly against my "special spot" as he fiercely sucked upon my clitoris. Every cell of my body exploded with carnal delight, my body lurching with every powerful gulp of air. My entire body shook with the power of an intense earthquake as my molten passion was expelled into the world.

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