tagIncest/TabooTwins in College Ch. 51

Twins in College Ch. 51


With a final violent trembling, I collapsed forward, falling onto my big brother's heaving chest. We clutched each other fiercely despite the shared post-orgasmic haze, and I moaned softly into his neck upon feeling him twitch within me.

It was a very climactic way to begin the day.


As we strolled through Berkeley on that Saturday afternoon, shopping and stopping for coffee and just generally enjoying the sights and sounds of the holiday season, I kept thinking back to the morning. At times, I could have sworn that I felt my big brother's hands gripping my breasts and I impaled myself upon him. Standing in a used bookstore perusing the fantasy section, I was almost certain that I could hear my big brother's grunts as he tried to hold back his furious desire. As I leaned against him while we stood in line at a family-owned coffee shop, my body remembered how he had gently stroked my clitoris with his fingernail to send additional shockwaves of ecstasy coursing throughout my being. At random times throughout the day, I heard the echoes of my own passionate cries ringing in my ears, each time reverberating inside my skull before fading into the background noise of the holiday throng. As I grabbed my big brother's arm to prevent him from being run down by a speeding car, I recalled how the skin of his shoulders had given way to the growing pressure of my fingernails. Sitting across a coffee shop table from him, I again envisioned the contortion of his face in those final moments before he had volleyed his hot incestuous love deep into my core.

As we sat together toward the back of a bus to return home, I took my big brother's hand and pressed it firmly to the crotch of my jeans. No one was sitting near us, and we continued to chat quietly, but the message was unmistakable. And from the gentle pressure of his fingers, the message had definitely been received.

"I've been thinking about this morning all day long," I finally admitted, my voice softer than it had been. "Every little thing reminds me of this morning."

He only smiled, his eyes alight with typical male pride that he had thrilled me to such an extent that I was thinking about it even as dinnertime neared. My smile mirrored his own, for I felt so proud to have someone fulfill me and thrill me to such an extent.

"I've been thinking about it today as well," he admitted, his voice equally quiet. "I've always liked having you on top of me, riding me, your breasts and your hair bouncing nicely as you rise and fall."

I grinned, even as I blushed. I could feel my chest heating, then my neck and my face. Then I moaned softly as my big brother's fingertips applied more pressure, one finger positioned perfectly with only my jeans and my thong thwarting a direct tactile contact with my clitoris.

If any of the passengers in front of us had heard my moan and noticed the expression upon my face and the physical similarity with my forbidden lover, I did not notice and I most definitely did not care.


Once back at the house, the desire which had been simmering all day long finally reached its boiling point and would not be denied. The front door was left slightly ajar as I was pushed back against the wall, a knee pressed into my crotch. With one mind, my big brother and I both dropped our bags to the floor.

"I want you," he growled, "now!"

There is no graceful way to describe the ungraceful act of two heated individuals hurriedly stripping each other. It can best be equated to a fumble in football: Suddenly, everyone in the vicinity of the oddly-shaped "ball" start doing anything possible to gain control of it and beauty and gracefulness be damned. We were no different, for we were simply grabbing at clothing and doing anything and everything possible to render each other naked. I only know that as I was stripped, the neckline of my t-shirt was ripped, and at one point, the back of my head hit the wall fairly hard.

Then, suddenly, one leg wrapped around my big brother's waist, only wearing my socks and with my bra barely hanging on to my shoulder by a single strap, I was impaled rapidly, my sex spread open so quickly that I screamed from the swiftness and the pain as I clawed at my big brother's back.

He mauled me as he fucked me, and I did the same to him. We growled and yelled and spat obscenities between rough gropes and hard bites and deep scratches, the pleasure and the pain intertwining to further propel us into the realm of the primal. If people were walking past the house as we fucked, they certainly received an earful, for we were not loving humans - we were raging beasts.

When we at last collapsed into a sated tangle on the floor of the entryway, only then did I realize that either the door has been left more than just slightly ajar or the significant evening wind had blown it further open. Fortunately, no one was standing on the street or in the park watching us, and in the two cars passing by in opposite directions, the lone drivers would have been too focused on not hitting each other to have noticed us. With a nudge of my foot, the door closed at last, and I let my head fall back onto my big brother's arm as I tried to regain my breath.


Sitting on the sofa that night watching Perfect Blue again, I turned to my big brother at one point and pulled at the neckline of his sweatshirt, revealing several prominent bite marks upon his shoulder. We gave each other a knowing smile, and his hand rose to my chest, reigniting the dull ache from where his fingernails had burrowed deep into my feminine flesh.

Even several hours later, we were both still well marked, our bodies bearing the claims we had made on each other, signifying to anyone who might see our bare skin that we were indeed the closest - and perhaps the most primal - of fated lovers.

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