tagLesbian SexTwins Saved by Nudity Ch. 06

Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 06


Nudity Saved the Twins Ch.06

The Girls get a quick Shave and a long Lick
By Regularguy13
Edited and made readable by snowbear

The next day Janice woke up early after having a fitful night’s sleep. She was wracked with guilt for having spied on her son and daughter-in-law as they had sex. And, as if that was not bad enough, she had gotten caught and had to apology to them! Embarrassing as the whole situation was, she knew she had to put it behind her. She still had her mission to focus on. She had to save the twins. Naked, she padded downstairs.
Her twin nieces were sleeping in the nude on the sofa bed. They were stretched out on their backs with their limbs all askew.
Janice smiled and cooed, “Ooohh, look at my precious little angels. They’re so adorable.”
The twins had kicked off the bed sheet. It was in a tangle down by their knees. Their furry brown pubes and their bare bosoms were on full display.
Janice gently woke them and began breakfast. She sent the twins upstairs to help Tyler and Brenda. They needed assistance because their hands were heavily bandaged having been cut in a fall. Tyler also had a broken arm. For the time being, Brenda and Ty weren’t able to care for themselves.
It had been Janice’s idea for the household to be nude. The stated reason was so that Brenda and Tyler wouldn’t be self-conscious about Ty’s mother and his teenage cousins helping them bathe and go to the bathroom.
The adults knew the real reason. The twins were intensely shy and withdrawn. Janice thought it was because of their physical handicap. The right leg of both girls ended just below their knee. Janice was hoping to shock the twins out of their private world and show them they were not damaged goods. She hoped to fill them with enough confidence that they would try to participate in society. She desperately wanted them to have a life.
Beth was Tyler’s assistant today. She held his penis as he peed, brushed his teeth and combed his hair for him. He didn’t trust his 18 year old cousin with a blade to his throat so he had her use his electric shaver. Abby helped Brenda. Brenda chatted with her as they went through the morning routine. Abby and Beth were helpful, but, as usual, not very conversational.
The morning passed uneventfully for the nudists in the house. After lunch, Janice set Tyler up to watch a football game and announced that the women were going upstairs to do “girl stuff”.
Janice suggested that the twins fix up Brenda. She was counting on the fact that all girls like to play with make-up. They did perk up as they began styling Brenda’s hair, painting her nails and applying make-up. Nude, the four of them had a good chat while the twins worked their magic. Part of the discussion was where Brenda and Tyler should go on their next date once their injuries had healed. Would it be the movies, dinner, the theatre, or a museum? The make-up session was over when they all decided that Brenda couldn’t be made more beautiful.
Then Janice asked, “Abby, Beth, how do you make yourselves up for dates and special occasions?”
Suddenly the twins were not so talkative. Their smiles faded and their brown eyes dulled.
Concerned, Brenda asked, “Girls what’s the matter?”
Abby replied quietly, “We haven’t been on any dates.”
“That will change,” Janice reassured them, “and not having a date doesn’t mean you can’t go to all the places we’ve talked about. I met my husband at a school dance that I went to with a girlfriend. Brenda, how did you meet Tyler?”
“I meet him at a Halloween party. He was there with a group of his friends and I had gone with a bunch of mine. We met. I batted my long eyelashes at him like this”
Brenda seductively winked one eye and then rapidly both eyes at Abby and Beth and said, “and he’s been mine ever since.”
The twins giggled, secretly wondering if capturing a man’s heart could be so simple.
“See girls, you don’t have to stay home if you don’t have a date. You can go out and do things you enjoy and you’ll meet interesting people. Of course, you have to be ready in case you meet someone special.”
“Brenda, do you have any recommendations for these two beautiful young ladies?”
Brenda raised a bandaged hand to her lips, furrowed her brow as if she was thinking deeply and said, “Hmm, let me think. I love your long brown hair. It was wonderful natural highlights.
“And you’ve both got such nice big brown eyes. We could use a little mascara and eye shadow to highlight them. Of course, you two know this won’t help if people can’t see your eyes. So no more looking down, you must make eye contact.”
The twins nodded, studiously absorbing her words as if she were the Oracle of Delphi.
“And your lips? A deep red would look good on you two or …if.. you’re feeling naughty, how about a blushing pink to match these. ” As she said that Brenda gestured at their pointy nipples.
The twins blushed and started to cover their breasts, but seeing only kindness in Brenda and Janice’s eyes and hearing only good natured laughing, the girls dropped their arms and joined in the joke.
After they all had a good laugh, Janice asked, “What about their bearing? I’ve always thought how one carried themselves is very important.”
Indeed,” agreed Brenda. “Heads up, shoulders back. Stick those delicious titties out as far as they will go girls.”
Everyone laughed again. They laughed even harder when Janice picked her saggy boobs up off her chest and hoisted them up and out and said “Like this, teacher?”
“Exactly!” Responded Brenda laughing.
Janice then reached out to the twins and pulled their shoulders back straightening their posture.
“That’s much better girls, no slouching. Be proud of yourself. You two are beautiful,” Brenda said seriously.
Returning to a playful tone, Brenda continued her critique, “The last thing I would recommend is that you address your pubic hair. You never know when you’ll meet Mr. Right and I like to be prepared in case… we get intimate. Now, I’m not saying you have to go as far as I have, but I think a little trimming is in order. What do your girls think?”
Beth asked, “Why did you take all of yours off?”
It was Brenda’s turn to blush. “Well…Abby and Beth, take one hand and rub it over your sex and rub you other hand over mine.” Seeing a hint of hesitation in their eyes, Brenda whispered, “Don’t worry, it’s just us girls.”
Cautiously, the twins did so.
“So what did you notice?
Beth answered for them. “Yours is so soft and smooth…and accessible. I can feel your lips and … your moist opening.”
“Exactly. To tell you the truth, sex with a loving partner is lots of fun. I like sex. I want Tyler to touch me….and to lick me. This makes it easier for him to please me.”
Janice didn’t know why, but she suddenly felt kind of antsy and needed to cross and re-cross her legs. “Err, I’m thinking it’s time to update my style,” Janice spoke up hoping to relieve her tension. “How about you two?”
“Shave me,” the twins said in unison. Brenda couldn’t help but laugh at the almost desperate tone in their voices.
Janice wiped a bead of perspiration off her temple and added, “Me too.”
They all went into the bathroom and the ritual began. They trimmed with scissors and shaved with razors until everyone was bald down below. All four women were feeling a little flushed and all nipples were fully erect.
Janice’s goal this week was to break her severely introverted nieces out of their solitary universe. They related only to their twin and often wouldn’t even speak to others. She planned to accomplish this by jarring them out of their private comfort zone and show them they could be successful in regular society One trick that she had discovered that knocked them off balance was nudity and the only other thing that seemed to rattle them was sex.
Janice thought of her goal as she applied lotion to her newly shaved sex. She noticed a musky odor emanating from Abby and Beth and thought “This may be another opportunity to change the twins’ perspective.”
She began to rub some lotion on them too. Janice made sure to hit the twins’ clits more that a few times and even to insert a tip of her finger into their carnal cavity as she applied the skin lotion. She could feel waves of heat coming off their shaven pussies. The eyes of the twins acquired a sparkle.
Janice was pleased that the girls were responding and interacting with Brenda and herself. She no longer had any qualms about using nudity and sexual contact as her key strategies to bring the girls out. She reasoned that “Desperate times called for desperate methods” .
Innocently, Abby asked Brenda, “Did it turn out all right?”
“Yes, did it?” echoed her sister Beth.
Both girls spread their legs, drawing their knees up to their breasts and rolled back to give Brenda an absolutely unobstructed view of their most private parts.

Brenda smiled thinking how far the girls had progressed. These were not the same painfully shy, non-communicative girls she met a day ago. Supporting the connection, she gave them her full attention. Brenda leaned in and studied their blossoming, fragrant vaginas. Brenda’s nose was struck by their acrid perfume. She thought, “They may be virginal teen-agers, but they have the musky scent of an aroused woman.”
Peering at the twins, Brenda noticed that each vagina was partially open and the pink inner flesh glistened with their lubricating juices. Also, their labia minors had engorged and actually fallen out of their holes. This pretty in pink scene contrasted sharply with the twins’ wrinkled brown button of an anus which puckered just below.
Each twin had a serious, “life or death” expression on their face as if wondering, “Would their bodies pass this important test?”
“Beautiful. You two are simply beautiful.”
Brenda was breathing in the heady scents of their womanly perfume. Dare she go further? Brenda loved having sex with Tyler, but sometimes she fantasized about being with women. These two wet cunts appeared to want her. She yielded to her curiosity and desire. She licked Beth’s virginal pussy. She ran her tongue the full length of the slit. After lapping up Beth’s delicious liquid, she planted a kiss on her clitoris. Suddenly Beth was in a fog, confused and overwhelmed by the pleasurable sensations so utterly foreign to her that radiated throughout her body. She expressed herself completely when she murmured “Mmm.”
Brenda turned to Abby and arched her eyebrows as if asking permission. The girl was physically shaking, her eyes appeared a little wild with fear, but her determine chin nodded “Yes”. Brenda repeated the action. She savored the taste. This time in addition to a long lick, Brenda plunged her tongue deep into Abby’s crevice digging out more of her angelic nectar.
Feeling guilty that maybe she was taking advantage of the younger women Brenda stopped, but not before she flicked the tip of her tongue over Abby’s hooded clit and sealed her adventure with a kiss. Abby, who had been holding her breath, totally concentrating on the fabulous feelings she was experiencing, released it in a long heartfelt sigh of pleasure.
Janice was shocked. However, she was not shocked at what Brenda had done, but at her own reaction to it. She wondered why she was filled with such a deep feeling of disappointment. She actually was upset that Brenda wasn’t raining kisses down on her sex too.

The looks of rapture on the twins’ faces told Brenda that they had no objections to her actions. “What about Janice?” she worried. Brenda turned to the adult in the room, the girls’ aunt. When she saw that Janice was pinching her right nipple and had two fingers rubbing her clit, Brenda grinned thinking “I don't think she will be raising any objections either”.
Janice stared deep into Brenda’s eyes and begged her, “Please I insist. Inspect me too.”
Brenda gave her an understanding smile and leaned down into Janice’s lap. She found a strong sexual aroma coming from her mother-in-law. “Am I really going to do this?” Brenda wondered. Janice grabbed her head and guided the hesitant Brenda down to her snatch taking full responsibility for the act. As Brenda’s lips contacted Janice’s freshly shaven pussy, she kissed it tenderly. Her probing tongue jutted in exploring the warm, fragrant oasis. Janice moaned and Brenda continued to lick.
With her blood pounding in her ears, Brenda sat up and looked at the others.
“You all look so sexy I would reach out and touch you if I had hands. You’ll have to do it yourselves. Girls rub your mounds, your lips. Explore your smooth, juicy opening.
The three shorn females did not need any further encouragement.
Janice cried out, “Oh my God. It is so soft and smooth. Wow! I’m so wet.” Two fingers sloshed easily into her cunt. Her thumb bumped into her clit causing her to see sparks.
The twins too were rubbing and exploring. The air was heavy with the women’s musky perfume and the sound of small moans and heavy breathing.
“Go for it Abby. Go for it Beth,” Brenda encouraged them. “Rub your clit. Faster. Harder. Cum for me!
With eyes closed in concentration and fingers flying, the girls did as they were told. Janice needed no instructions. She expelled a guttural scream as she climaxed first triggering orgasms in the twins. The bodies of the three women locked up in euphoric spasms and a warm wave of joy pulsated though their bodies.
The room was silent except for the sound of heavy breathing as the women struggled to extend and savor this joyful experience. Brenda smiled at the contented trio. She licked her lips smelling and tasting the women again thinking, “I’m glad I did that.”
“Wow that was a good one,” Janice said with a smile then adding, “Aahh… Brenda, I’m sorry we forgot about you.”
“You can owe me one,” Brenda said flashing a wicked smile.
Janice gulped and thought, “Oh, God what does that mean? Will I have to go down on my son’s wife?”
Brenda continued, “I’m sure there is something big and hard downstairs waiting for me. Unless, of course, Tyler dies first from lust when you three walk downstairs with your new bare vajayjays.”
Everyone laughed. The twins secretly wondering “Could they really attract the attention of a handsome man like Tyler?”
Brenda led the trio downstairs calling out, “Tyler, I have a surprise for you. Girls, present yourself.”
The twins scurried to stand in front of Tyler. Brenda added, “Wait. There is one more.”
Shaming the blushing Janice to join the pussy parade.
“Wow,” Tyler exclaimed. With bulging eyes he took in the extraordinary sight. He noted not only their absence of pubic hair, but also their signs of arousal. The heavenly odor, the engorged lips and breasts and the shiny clear stains that were on their sexes and thighs.
They all saw him go from limp to fully erect as they paraded past him. Each took full credit for the reaction.
Tyler smiled. He looked at all three of them without any pangs of guilt or embarrassment and said, “You all are beautiful and sexy as Hell.”
Brenda pushed him down onto the sofa and climbed onto his lap. Her knees were astride his hips. His erection was trapped between their abdomens. Brenda sat up so she could rub her clit against his hard shaft and so she could whisper in his ear.
“Sweetie, I know how hot and erotic it is for you to be around naked women. Mmmm…I remember our love making after the trip to the nude beach. We’re going to fuck tonight despite our injuries. I’ll make sure it happens.”
“I have another surprise for you.” Brenda teased as brushed her lips over his. She casually rubbed the womanly nectar she had collected all over his face. She whispered into his ear again,
“Do you recognize that smell?
Then for all to hear, Brenda said louder, “Here is a special kiss from Abby and Beth and Janice.”
Brenda laughed. At times she could be a so wicked and naughty. She was enjoying teasing her man. She kissed him passionately while keeping her eyes open. She thoroughly enjoyed the look of panic in his eyes as Tyler realized what made this kiss so special. Ty was horrified. What was his wife doing to him? But his dick had never been so hard! This kiss laced with the forbidden taste of his mother and his cousins was having an overpowering effect on him.
Abby and Beth didn’t understand the reference to the “special kiss”, but an embarrassed Janice did. First his wife and now her son had tasted her pussy. “What's next,” she wondered as she shook her head. She didn’t want to think about it.
The twins were very pleased with themselves. Brenda and Tyler had judged them attractive, no, beautiful and sexy. They now had a stronger bond with the older women so much so that they spent the rest of the day in their company talking with them. This was interrupted occasionally by the pleasant task of touching Tyler’s penis when he needed to go to the bathroom. All things considered, not a bad day, the twins thought.

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