tagIncest/TabooTwins Saved by Nudity Ch. 13

Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 13


Janice grabbed Brenda's hand and said, "We better get out there before this goes too far."

Brenda thought to herself, "Yea, before he mounts her." Brenda pictured that in her mind and thought, "I bet that thick dick would hurt...hurt so good."

Speaking out loud, Brenda said sarcastically, "What trouble could three naked sunbathing teenagers get into?"

Tom applied sun screen to Abby's inner thighs. He made an effort to avoid her pussy. But Abby had other plans. She moved causing his fingers to bump her clit and to slightly penetrate her virginal opening. Tom marveled at the heat and slickness he felt. Abby's body froze as she experienced an orgasm.

Beth smiled at seeing her sister pleasured. Watching the two of them had aroused her.

"Maybe sex isn't just for the participants," she pondered. Beth ground her clit into the towel trying to release the tension that she was suddenly feeling. The air was filled with a womanly aroma, heavy breathing and sexual tension.

Janice, dragging Brenda behind her, burst onto the patio like Cosmo Kramer entering Jerry's apartment on Seinfeld.

Tom was doubly embarrassed. Janice and Brenda had caught him touching Abby and they saw his erection. That unnerved him. He quickly retreated to his towel and lay face down.

Beth halted her unladylike behavior. She stilled the motion of her hips and swallowed her sexual frustration.

Abby didn't move. She was concentrating on the lingering waves of orgasmic bliss that flowed through her body. Then with her eyes still closed, she stretched out on her towel. She did not notice Janice and Brenda. She didn't notice anything.

Janice had come outside to ensure appropriate behavior; however, she wanted to maintain the façade that she wasn't monitoring the twins' behavior when in fact she was. So she lied,

"Ah...It's just such a beautiful day. Brenda and I wanted some sun. Do you mind if we join you?"

Brenda listened to Janice's fabrication and thought, "I think Janice just gave me an easy opening. " Brenda didn't let such opportunities slip away.

"Yes. We were inside saying 'What a lovely day it is. We should get some sun.' Janice, you promised if I came outside you would put sun screen on me." Brenda said with a huge smile. She then lifted her arms and bandaged hands above her naked body proclaiming she was ready for the rubdown.

"Err..Yes..." Janice struggled to find an exit from Brenda's trap. Her daughter-in-law had a habit of putting people in embarrassing situations. Janice was hoping to avoid being forced to fondle Brenda's nude parts in front of everyone.

Janice suggested, "Maybe Abby can help you?"

"Oh, she has a friend to entertain and YOU promised." Brenda kept her arms in the air and bounced up and down on her toes impatiently, making her boobs bounce provocatively, teasing Tom and taunting Janice. Janice gave up. She knew that Brenda would not hesitate to further escalate her behavior if she didn't get her way.

"Oh all right," Janice thought. She picked up the bottle of lotion and went to work on Brenda's back and shoulders.

"Oh, that's cold," Brenda lied jumping away from Janice. Brenda took this opportunity to slide over a step or two so that she was now in front of the open sliding glass door. When Janice began applying the liquid again, Brenda waved at her husband getting Tyler's attention.

Tyler stood and stepped forward to get a better view of his naked wife. She was a beauty 5' 6" with a trim, firm body and a satisfying 34 B rack. She had a flat stomach, shapely legs, and a delicious shaven pussy. Her jet black hair was cut short in a playful style which mirrored her personality.

Tyler saw Brenda spread her legs and his mother applied sun screen to Brenda's firm ass and bald pussy. Brenda sighed when Janice touched her sex. This was for everyone's amusement except, of course, Janice who was mortified to be portrayed as having just stimulated Brenda.

"Oh my Lord! This girl is trying to embarrass me to death!" Janice said to herself.

Janice worked her way down Brenda's tanned legs. Janice bent fully over at the hips the way only woman are capable of doing to reach Brenda's calves and feet. Janice was so focused on getting the job done as quickly as possible that she didn't realize that she was mooning her son. Tyler saw the moon and all the stars.

"Look at that!" Tyler said to himself. "That is one big, round, gorgeous ass."

Tyler's dick went stiff as he relished the front row seat view of a spectacular naked pussy and the puckered asshole that accompanied it.

Brenda was the only one who could see Tyler. She let out a 'Whoop' when she saw Tyler's reaction to his mother's exhibition.

The teenagers shot Brenda a confused look not knowing what her strange cry was all about. Tyler knew and his expression quickly morphed from 'Oh yea' into 'Oh shit'. He immediately realized that his wife knew he had been checking out his mother's private parts.

Janice stood and looked around wondering why Brenda had crowed. When she saw her son standing behind her with a huge erection, she realized that she had accidentally put on a show that was more explicit than anything done at a Niagara Falls strip club.

"Oh no," Janice sighed and said to herself, "The vixen has maneuvered me into another embarrassing situation." Janice was humiliated but what about her son's reaction? He could easily have turned away if he found the situation uncomfortable. His erection was proof that he had stayed and enjoyed it."

Of course Brenda was not done yet. She called out to Tyler,

"Tyler, don't stay inside all alone. Join us on the patio. I insist."

When Tyler hesitated, Brenda threatened in a good natured way, "Do I have to send the twins in to get you?"

The twins sat up on their towels and turned his way. Checkmate. Tyler knew the twins would be there in a second and would be happy to drag 'Good old Cousin Tyler' out to join the group. With a red face and a steely dick Tyler joined them on the patio. Abby and Beth giggled when they saw his erection. Tom sympathized with Tyler thinking "Poor guy! With all these stunning naked females on display, what guy wouldn't be in that condition?" Tom certainly was.

Brenda was pleased. She got a kick out of manipulating and humiliating people. So far she had been successful embarrassing Janice and Tyler. Brenda turned her wicked sights on Tom and said to herself, "Tom has been watching my naked performance. I'd bet anything that he is as hard as a rock. What can I do to get him to show that rigid prick to everyone? Hmm..."

Brenda asked sweetly,

"Tom, would you mind bringing the patio chairs over here so we can all sit together?" Without waiting for him to respond she smiled and added. "Thanks."

Tom began to panic. One minute he was saying bad luck old chum for having displayed your erection to everyone and now he's facing the same dilemma - in front of his hoped for girlfriend and her Aunt!

When Tom didn't move, Abby looked over at him puzzled. "Great," Tom thought, "Now the girl I'm trying to impress wonders if I'm a jerk."

Tom did what generations of men have done. He answered the call by standing and marching forward, consequences be damned. Everyone soon learned why he had hesitated. His engorged cock was thrust out for all to see. The twins giggled and shared the secret smile they've reserved for cock sightings. Janice and Brenda admired the thickness of his short dick. Tyler said to himself, "That thing could hurt someone!"

Abby handed Janice the sunscreen and said in her best little girl voice, "Auntie? You aren't going to make Beth and me ..." She paused pretending to be embarrassed and just stared at Tyler's hard cock. She didn't want to touch Tyler in front of her potential boyfriend.

"O for goodness sake," Janice thought. "It wouldn't be right to make the twins touch Tyler's cock in front of a guest and Brenda is unable to. Damm it!" However, the more Janice thought about it maybe this wasn't a bad situation. Maybe it was time to settle the question she had been pondering this week. Minutes before Tyler had obviously been excited by her body. She too had experiences this week of being aroused by him.

"Tyler, Mother will take care of you." Janice purred.

Tyler's heart pounded. Part of him wished what she said would come true. Brenda was unaware of the development of desire between the mother & son. She mistakenly believed that all the reactions she had observed were purely physical responses that would occur between any male and female.

Janice looked deep into Tyler's blue eyes searching for an answer as she applied sun screen to his chest. Tyler's pupils dilated. Janice took that as a hopeful sign. Smiling she moved behind him and worked on his broad shoulders and muscular back. He felt good in her hands. She moved on to his firm butt and strong legs.

No one, but Brenda, was paying any attention to Janice and Tyler. Brenda was disappointed that Janice did not look distressed. "Why is she smiling?" Brenda wondered. "I want her to look terrified or mortified."

Janice knelt in front of her son. She caressed the lotion onto his feet, calves, and thighs. Tyler began to tremble, anticipating what was next. Janice looked up at him, still questioning. Next she studied his hard penis which was mere inches from her. When she saw his penis weeping pre-cum she knew! He wanted her as much as she wanted him.

Janice reached out and grasped Tyler's erection. She felt it throb. That was when she decided that she was not going to settle for a few unsatisfying strokes. Holding him lovingly in her hand, she said,

"Brenda, I think we have another teaching moment."

Janice did not let go of Tyler's cock. She had Brenda's attention. The others looked on, curious as well.

"I've overheard the twins talking about your early morning bathroom encounter with Tyler. They had so many questions. I believe a 'blowjob lesson' is called for," Janice said.

Janice took the head of Tyler's tool into her mouth and sucked. "Oh, it has been too long", Janice thought.

It was Brenda's turn to be distressed. "What happened to my matronly mother-in-law?"

Janice released Tyler's cock from her mouth with a big popping sound and said, "So, Abby, you saw Brenda pleasuring Tyler orally and you want to know how. Come on over. Beth, if you're interested, please join us."

The twins were interested. They had been talking about Brenda's morning blowjob. How Tyler loved it and how Brenda seemed to enjoy it too. Abby and Beth had been too afraid to ask the older women about it. To say that Abby and Beth were sexually inexperienced was putting it mildly. They had not even been of a date before this week. Sex was strange and mysterious and if their mother was to be believed some aspects were too 'dirty' for 'nice girls like them'.

The twins came forward. Janice was pleased. The 'lesson' would give her an excuse to have the sexual contact with her son she had been craving. She also took it as a positive sign when Beth joined in. Hopefully, it meant that she had not been too traumatized by her disastrous date with Paul.

"Girls," Janice said as she lightly stroked Tyler's penis, "The basics are simple. Almost any contact you give a man's penis is greatly appreciated. Where we have multiple erogenous zones, he only has the one. The only rule is the same one we told you about at bath time, handle him gently. So when it comes to oral sex, keep your teeth away."

Janice opened her mouth wide and engulfed the crown of Tyler's prick. She gently began bobbing up and down the shaft. Tyler moaned. Janice closed her eyes and allowed herself to get lost in the moment, enjoying the sex. He moaned. She savored the thrill of pleasing her partner and she enjoyed the rush of heat and moisture to her pussy.

Tyler was panting. Brenda was stunned that her mother-in-law had actually initiated sexual contact with her son and that Janice was enjoying it. Tom stood in the background perplexed by this surreal situation. Blowjob lessons?

Janice released Tyler's cock begrudgingly and said,

"Abby and Beth, from the sounds of it, our man is enjoying himself. And why not? Our mouths are warm and wet just like our vaginas."

Janice smiled up at Tyler. He was flush and breathing heavily.

"What type of variations do you do, Brenda?" Janice teasingly asked. Janice was pleased to have turned the tables on her daughter-in-law. Brenda was too stunned and surprised to answer so Janice continued instructing the twins.

"You can speed up your action or slow it down. You can try to swallow his whole dick. Suck. Kiss. Lick....Stroke his shaft. Play with or even suck on his balls. Any contact is good contact, right Tyler?"

Tyler moaned affirmatively and said, "All those options sound good to me."

The twins listened attentively.

Janice took Tyler back into her mouth. She demonstrated the variations. She alternated between lovingly sucking and then passionately attacking his member much to Tyler's enjoyment and the twins' fascination.

Beautiful minutes went by for Tyler and Janice. The others observed in silence becoming aware that they were not just observing a lesson. The loving passion they saw was real and it was mutual.

Janice finally yielded to the voice of reason in her head. She knew she had to continue the charade that this was only a 'demonstration'. With regret she released him. Tyler's cock glistened with her saliva. Tyler groaned in disappointment. Aroused, Janice took a moment to compose herself and said,

"Girls, are you ready to try?"

The twins nodded eagerly. Over their shoulders, Janice caught sight of Tom reminding her that he was present. Janice thought, "Oh, right. It probably won't help their relationship if he watches Abby 'do' another guy." Janice smiled and called out to him,

"Tom, I know this must be the strangest request ever, but would you be part of our practice squad?"

Of course it was the oddest request anyone had ever made of him. He had experienced many weird events and activities at this house and since he had liked them all, he said "Yes" and practically ran to them.

"Brenda, be a dear, and help Abby with Tom. I'll work with Beth," Janice instructed.

Brenda had recovered her balance and her adventurous spirit. She told herself, "This was completely unexpected, but I can go with it. Maybe I'll even enjoy it as much as Tyler appears to be. God! Tom has one thick dick."

Brenda took over. She had the men sit and she had the twins fold up towels making a comfortable kneeling platform. Brenda and Abby knelt in front of Tom. Janice and Beth were with Tyler.

Brenda had been lusting after Tom's stout dick and she wasn't going to be denied a taste. However, she thought of Abby's feeling and decided to let her go first.

"Abby dear, you go first. I'm only here if you need help," a kind hearted Brenda said.

Abby was thrilled. She knew that she couldn't compete with an experienced cocksucker like Brenda and she worried that Tom would notice her inferior skills.

As expected, Abby had trouble getting her mouth around Tom's husky prick. It was only 5 inches long, but it was 2 inches in diameter at the head and it got thicker as one traveled down the shaft. Her mouth was stretched open almost to the point of being uncomfortable. Abby froze. Her nose was filled with Tom's musky manly odor.

Brenda smiled looking at the teenager struggling with her first dick. She said,

"Don't worry Abby. Tom is thrilled with what you've done so far. Aren't you Tom?" Brenda asked.

Brenda was telling the gospel truth. Tom looked down on this beautiful nude girl who was trying so hard to please him and he moaned and then said,

"Abby this is wonderful. You look sooo HOT!"

Abby looked up at Tom batting her big brown eyes while feasting on mouthful of cock. It was almost enough to make Tom blow his wad then and there.

Beth had an easier time accommodating Tyler's erection. While Tyler's dick was an inch longer than Tom's and he had a respectable, satisfying width, he wasn't monstrous like Tom. Just as at the kissing lesson, Beth wasn't shy. She imitated the movements she had seen Janice do and surprised Tyler and Janice with her competency.

Janice was a little high from her sexual encounter with Tyler. She leaned into Beth's ear and whispered encouraging,

"Aren't you the good little cocksucker!" Louder, Janice said for everyone's benefit, "I think we have a 'natural' here.

Tyler agreed. He said, "Beth, this is great. I thought you were a good kisser, but man..." Tyler finished the sentence with a groan and a sigh.

Abby was doing better with Tom. Her mouth had adjusted to accommodate him and her movement had increased.

Brenda said, "Abby, no one is going to take all of that thick piece of meat into their mouth. You're doing great. I can show you some tricks. That is... if you share."

Abby pulled off. She shook her jaw to prevent a cramp from developing. She was beaming as she slid out of the way. She knew Tom had enjoyed her actions and she no longer worried about Brenda or felt self-conscious about her own skills.

Feeling naughty Abby giggled as she said, "Yes, I share. With Tom there is enough for everyone."

Brenda crawled into position in front of Tom's burly erection. She hungrily slurped his erection into her mouth. She savored his dick: the firmness and the girth. She slowly, conscientiously blew him. After a couple of satisfying minutes she said,

"You don't have to keep it in your mouth the whole time." She kissed the tip, licked the underside and even took one of Tom's balls into her mouth, sucking noisily. Tom moaned approvingly.

"So you can do that," Brenda explained, "and you can use your hand on the part of his dick that you can't get into your mouth."

Brenda moved aside and said, "Suck on his cock or just hold the tip of his penis in your mouth and jack him off."

Abby did as instructed. She stroked Tom's shaft rapidly, eliciting groans and heavy breathing.

"You go girl," Brenda encouraged. Moments later, they heard Tom cry out and his cum began to flow. Abby squealed, surprised to find her mouth overflowing with cum. Her mouth let him go and he shot sperm on her face and boobs. Brenda laughed. Tom was lost in an orgasmic feeling of bliss and total satisfaction.

Tyler was close to cumming. Beth was doing an excellent job, but he really wanted to finish this with the woman he started with. He wanted his mother back. He didn't ask though because Tyler didn't want to insinuate that Beth was giving a poor effort. Tyler lovingly looked over at Janice.

Janice seemed to understand. She came to his side and while Beth sucked his cock, Janice tenderly kissed Tyler on the mouth. That put Tyler over the edge. He exploded into Beth's mouth causing her to gag and pull back. Stream after stream sprayed her face, hair and breasts while Tyler and Janice savored their kiss.

Brenda laughed at Abby, seeing her covered with spunk. She turned to Beth when Beth screamed to see her being coated with Tyler's jism. Brenda's smiled fade when she saw Janice and Tyler kissing. She was instantly jealous over the passion she was seeing.

The squealing of the twins caused Janice to break off her kiss. She looked around hoping no one had seen the amount of feeling she had put into the kiss with Tyler. When she saw Brenda staring at her, her heart skipped a beat. Janice had to look away.

Janice glanced over at the twins who were laughing, so proud of their accomplishment. The proof of their blowjob proficiency was the white streaks and gobs of cum on their bodies.

"Errr...Emm," Janice mumbled. She didn't want to think about Brenda right now so she said looking to the twins,

"Oh, I guess we forgot to tell you two about the ejaculate. It can be fun, but it is messy. Some girls swallow it, some don't."

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