tagIncest/TabooTwins Saved by Nudity Ch. 14

Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 14


The BJ lesson was over, and the party broke up. Tom and the twins went upstairs to clean up. Janice quickly scooted inside to avoid a confrontation with Brenda.

Tyler tried to get away too, but his wife stopped him and asked,

"Tyler, what is going on with you and your Mom?

Tyler froze. How could he explain the attraction to his mother? He hadn't plan for any of this to happen. Tyler chose to play dumb.


"Your Mother just gave you a blowjob!"

"Err. It was a ‘lesson' …for the twins." Tyler had no defense so he went on the offense and said,

"You were sucking on Tom's cock!" Tyler tried to sound indignant. He added softer, "I thought we had an agreement that it's okay to have sex with others as long as we do it together."

"Oh, I'm not mad about the sex. I'm upset by the passion…She really kissed you!"

"Brenda, my mom and I have been thrown together this week in some bizarre situations."

A voice screamed in Brenda's head, "I know! I've orchestrated most of the situations. Is it my fault?"

Tyler continued, "At first, I thought it was just a physical thing. A man reacting to a woman, but…the intensity has grown. The feeling…I feel…It's like the night we went out on the town and you didn't wear any panties. That was hot even though no one else knew.

Tyler paused to see if she understood him. When she didn't say anything he continued,

"It's exciting. It's naughty. It's dangerous. Like the time we had sex in public. The extra thrill that at any moment we could get caught. It's that kind of feeling."

Brenda was beginning to understand. At times, she found straight sex boring. She got off on manipulating and embarrassing people and on being an exhibitionist. She just had never considered incest a turn on.

Brenda nodded and said, "Honey, I think I do understand. Sometimes dirty sex is more fun. Please find out where Janice's head is. Let's make sure no one gets hurt.


Tom spent the afternoon with them. He remained unclothed like the rest of the group. He was getting comfortable in his own skin. He had even come to terms with exposing his ever fluctuating cock to the ladies. Tom was surprised that at times, he forgot the females surrounding him were naked. That is until someone moved suddenly causing their tits to bounce provocatively or like when Beth had to bend over to pick up a dropped fork. To suddenly see her shaved pussy framed by her tight little ass, that reminded him that he was a man, a very lucky man.

In the late afternoon, they sat together while the adults had a glass of wine. Tyler and Brenda were sipping theirs through a straw. The twins were discussing the emotions they felt during their first blowjob.

Abby said, "At the beginning I was apprehensive and so nervous."

"Yes," Beth agreed, "and embarrassed. What if I couldn't do it?"

"Then it was fun," Abby interrupted. "I was excited. I thought, ‘I can do this!'"

Beth completed the description, "I got a lot of satisfaction out of pleasing Tyler. It was fun. It was naughty and it was…stimulating." Beth giggled remembering how wet her pussy was.

"I guess those are the same feelings you have the first time…you make love," Abby postulated.

Beth thought for a moment and then asked, "Aunt Janice, tell me about the first time you made love.

Janice was not one who easily talked about such personal events, but she was feeling good. She had a buzz on from the wine and from the satisfying sexual encounter she had just experienced with her son.

"Well," Janice said, "The first time I had sex it was with Tyler's father. I won't lie to you and say it was on our honeymoon, but we were in love and in a committed relationship

"I did have all the feelings you mentioned," Janice said looking over at the twins, "the same fears and sense of anticipation."

"I'll be honest with you it was …it was…a comedy of errors," Janice laughed.

"We were both virgins. Neither of us had much sexual experience. We didn't know what we were doing. Dan was on top of me, we both were flopping around in the dark," Janice broke up laughing.

The twins were listening with undivided attention. Janice's laughter morphed into a chagrinned smile and she continued,

"I though I was ready, but I wasn't…I mean mentally I was ready. I loved Dan, but physically I wasn't ready for intercourse. Our foreplay had been minimal. We rushed because we were both so excited that tonight was the night we would go all the way. I was happy and a little scared. My girlfriends had told me it would hurt at first…" Janice took a big gulp of wine and continued,

"The biggest problem was I was not knowledgeable about sex. I was just plain ignorant," Janice said shaking her head. "I didn't…Oh Hell, my pussy wasn't properly lubricated," Janice said frustrated that she couldn't express herself better.

"So there we are in the dark. Dan is…poking me down there with his erection. He can't find my opening. He's getting anxious. I'm all ready anxious…Finally, I reach down and line him up with my opening." Janice grimaced re-living the experience.

"Dan was trying to be gently. He hit the roadblock of my hymen. We both knew he had to forcefully pierce it. He jabbed through and I was too dry. It hurt. It just hurt me..."

Janice wiped away a tear and continued, "We didn't know better. It wasn't good for me, but I so much wanted to make his first time special. I started bucking like crazy determined to…to make him cum. It burned…it hurt so bad… He wondered if something was wrong, but I wouldn't let him stop. Finally he came. I cried. My insides were rubbed raw."

Sniffling Janice said, "I always told him they were tears of happiness, but…" Janice stopped and gained her composer. "We did it again a week later. The pressure and apprehension that were so evident the first time were gone and it was wonderful."

Everyone was silent. Janice realized that her story had cast a pall over the group. She turned to Brenda asking hopefully,

"Was your first time magical, Brenda?"

"My first time with Tyler was magical. He was so handsome. I was so hot for him I was dripping. We made love under the stars and it couldn't have been better." Brenda smiled and looked lovingly at Tyler. Brenda continued,

"Sex is great. I just hope you girls aren't fantasizing about ‘the first time' like a girl dreams of her wedding day. You are in charge of your wedding day. It can be everything you want it to be, but the first time you have sex...well..." Brenda paused. Should she continue? She had always told the twins the truth. She decided there was no reason to stop now.

"You know I was an army brat. We moved a lot. I entered my sophomore year of High School at a new school. I was so excited. I had just gotten my boobies and I was sure my social life would take off."

"It did," Brenda's smile faded. She looked pensive as she continued,

"I was soon going out with the big football star. I was in heaven. I was popular. I had a boyfriend. We had a few dates and I slept with him. I didn't know what I was doing, but he really enjoyed it. I was shocked and embarrassed when I went to school the next day and discovered that everyone knew about it."

"My Romeo had bragged to his buddies about screwing the new girl…about how he stole my virginity… and I was some sexual idiot that didn't know anything. Needless to say I was devastated. We never dated again."

The twins sat there with a sad concerned look on their faces. Tyler hugged his wife. He had heard that story before. They had each shared the details of their first time.

"But girls the first time isn't always so gloomy," Brenda said with a forced smile. "Tyler honey, tell them about your first time."

Tyler smiled. "Well my first time was with an older experienced woman. It came out of nowhere. I mean, I knew her, but we had never done anything before. She was married. She came over to the house to talk with my mom..."

Janice interrupted Tyler, "One of our neighbors. Was it Susanne from next door? That slut…"

Tyler laughed and said, "No. Closer."

Janice was confused. Closer?

Tyler continued the story, "So it seems she was mad at her husband for cheating on her. She had been drinking. She drank some more while she waited. I was just keeping her company when she blurted out ‘I'll show him, that cheating bastard". She grabbed my leg as I walked by the sofa, pulled me down and said,

"Tyler, I've got a present for you and it isn't $50 stuffed inside a birthday card!"

"She kissed me and ripped at my clothes. Soon we were both naked and she was giving me a world class blowjob. She was telling me how handsome I was and asking me if I liked her boobs. She had great tits like…" Tyler stopped himself. He'd almost said 'like yours Mom'.

"Ahhm, "Tyler continued, "I liked everything about her. We kissed and groped each other. The blowjob turned into "69". It was the first time I had gone down on a girl. She had a thick bush and her pussy was hot and juicy. Her sweet nectar poured out all over my face." Everyone could see Tyler was re-living the experience. "Then she told me to lie down and that she was going to ride me hard. She straddled my hips and plunged her pussy down on my dick. She took me all the way in with one motion. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Who knew anything could feel so good? It was hot and wet and so soft. She fucked me hard. I came. She came. And she made me do it again." Tyler had a big smile on his face. He added,

"We never did it again."

Janice was distressed by the story. Not because Tyler had had sex with an older woman, but because it was someone she knew. Who could it be? Janice thought it over, "Closer than next door? Birthday card? Oh my God! Could it be her sister? The twins' mother". Janice could not stop herself, she blurted out,

"That was my sister, wasn't it?"

The twins had thought the story was funny and erotic. Now they were stunned. "Was the story about their Mother?"

Tyler realized that he had drunk too much wine and had given too many details.

"Yes. It was Aunt Cindy," he said with a sheepish smile. Brenda had heard the story before, but even she was shocked to learn who his partner had been.

It was quiet for a long time. Finally, Beth decided there was no use being upset about spilt milk. She teased her sister by asking,

"Abby, tell us about your first time?"

Abby blushed and said, "You know darn well I'm still a virgin, just like you!"

So Beth turned to Tom and said, "You're the last one, Tom. Are you a virgin too, or do you have a story for us?"

Tom gently grasped Abby's hand and said, "I don't have a story to tell…I've been waiting for the right girl."

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