tagBDSMTwins Saved by Nudity Ch. 17

Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 17


Brenda rushed the recovery from her orgasm. She had a plan. She roused Janice and dragged her into the bathroom. While Janice peed, Brenda dampened towels.

"Janice, we need to clean them up. There's going to be blood and cum everywhere."

"Oh, okay," Janice responded still in an orgasmic fog.

They returned to the bedroom. Brenda directed Janice over to Tom and Abby and she began to clean up Tyler and Beth. Beth groggy and perspiring appreciated the gentle touch of the towel. She rolled off Tyler onto her back in an attempt to cool down.

Brenda admired the view. Beth's freshly deflowered pussy gaped open showing the void where Tyler's big dick had been. After a soothing cleaning, Brenda said, "Beth, I share, but what's mine is mine."

Beth didn't understand or respond.

Brenda said, "I want my man's sperm."

Brenda knelt on the floor and put her head between the teen-agers legs. She then licked her cunt. Brenda tasted a mixture of blood and cum, but was undeterred. Softly she explored the girl's pussy. Extending her tongue, she dug the jism cream pie out of her.

Beth went with it. The new sensation brought by Brenda's tongue built upon the climatic bliss that faintly echoed through her body. Beth could feel the orgasmic spring inside her being re-set and starting to wind up again. She reached down and held Brenda's head in place.

Janice was approaching her clean up in a more honest straightforward manner. She cared about the young lovers and courteously tended to them. She was surprised to feel Tom's erection begin to return as she cleaned it, but then she remembered his age and the wonderful restorative power young men are blessed with.

Tyler's dick was also making a miraculous recovery. Watching his bi wife eat out the hot teenager he had just fucked had him firm again. Tyler moved behind his wife. He stuck his hand into her pussy and found it hot and wet. He slid two fingers into her snatch as Brenda moaned and moved back into him.

That was all the encouragement Tyler needed. He grabbed his dick and, like a heat seeking missile, it found its target. He slid all the way in. Soon his balls were slapping her ass as he pounded his wife. Brenda responded by groping her new girlfriend's tits and licking Beth's pussy fiercely.

Abby watched Tom's prick harden under the loving care of Aunt Janice. Abby thought, "Poor Aunt Janice she hasn't been made love to in years and here Beth and I are throwing that fact in her face. We have been teasing and taunting her, only thinking of ourselves".

An idea popped into her head. She knew Aunt Janice would never ask and probably couldn't be cajoled into having sex with Tom, but maybe she could be forced.

Abby went to the clothes closet. She grabbed a handful of items off Tyler's belt and tie rack. She took everything back to the bed.

Abby said sternly, "We all have to learn to share around here. You two do as I say now or there will be Hell to pay."

She snapped one of the belts. That startled Janice and Tom. Abby had their attention.

"Aunt Janice. Get on the bed. On your hands and knees. Put your hands on the lattice headboard." Bewildered, Janice did as she was told.

Abby pushed her down so that Janice was on her knees and elbows. She then took two belts and tied her hands to the headboard.

"My word," Janice thought, "What was gotten into Abby? What have I gotten into? Really, this is too much". Janice started to object. As she opened her mouth to speak, Abby gagged her with a tie and then loosely blindfold her with another.

"Tom, get behind her and shove that big cock of yours into her pussy. I'm going to watch you fuck her and you better do it right."

Intimidated, Tom moved behind Janice's big round ass. Abby reached under Janice and played with her pussy. She found her warm and wet. She brought a dew covered finger to her mouth and tasted the tart fluid. Abby determined that Janice was ready.

"Now, Tom. Put it in her NOW!"

Hesitantly, Tom lined his erection up with Janice's hole. He barely touched her with the head of his dick and waited. He expected Janice to object or Abby to change her mind. Janice couldn't object and Abby didn't change her mind; she slapped a belt across his butt and pushed him forward.

"Fuck her Tom. Fuck her good!" Abby ordered.

Janice moaned as her neglected cunt felt the warm thickness of his cock. She involuntarily moved back into it, driving it further into her grateful abyss. Abby encouraged the coupling by fondling their junction. She caressed Janice's clit and Tom's shaft.

Tom plunged into his second pussy of the night. They were similar in that they both felt wonderful – so hot and so wet. This one was different in that it accommodated his width. He could move with more ease and so he began to drive it into her. He pulled his penis almost all the way out and shoved it quickly and forcefully back into Janice's love tunnel trying to satisfy his carnal lust.

Janice joined Tom in the hard fuck. She was powerless, yet she met him thrust for thrust and relished his attack. Soon she was breathing heavily, perspiring and had pussy juice running down her thighs.

Abby egged Janice on by groping Janice's breasts and pulling and pinching her nipples. Abby encouraged Tom by massaging his shoulder and neck and, occasionally, playfully whipping him.

She also talked 'dirty' to them. Abby asserted control so both of her charges could fuck without a care. She knew that neither Janice nor Tom would engage in this behavior on their own or even if Abby had asked. She wanted them to enjoy themselves guilt-free, so she made sure they felt no culpability for their actions.

"Tom, slam your dick into her cunt. If I don't hear her begging for mercy soon..." Abby brought the belt down on his thigh. The leather bit into his flesh.

Abby cringed. "Ah oh," she thought, "That was a little more forceful than I planned. Oh well". Abby had let herself get carried away by her role playing.

On the other side of the bed, the train was huffing and puffing. Brenda had Beth squealing with pleasure. She had a finger up Beth's ass and she was sucking and humming on her clit. The vibrations drove Beth to an enormous orgasm, and she almost passed out.

Tyler was banging all 6" into Brenda. He grabbed her hips and jackhammered her to a climax. Brenda came with a small cry just as Tyler came with a loud groan. Tyler emptied what felt like a thousand gallons of spunk into his beautiful wife.

Abby had Tom and Janice screwing like wild animals. As Abby had hoped, they both felt the situation was out of their control. Janice was able to freely and shamelessly fuck the kid from next door, her niece's boyfriend. Tom enjoyed the same serenity, and with abandon gave sexy Aunt Janice his heavy wood.

Janice's face turned red, she stopped breathing and her body froze as she had her first non-masturbation orgasm in 4 years. Tom exploded into Janice when Abby stuck a finger in his asshole.

Abby laughed as her plan succeeded. She was the only one capable of laughing. The other 5 people in the room were struggling to remain conscious and to catch their breath.

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