tagIncest/TabooTwins Saved by Nudity Ch. 18

Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 18


After an extended clean up period, the crew assembled downstairs.

Abby said gleefully, "Tom and Janice, you're WELCOME."

Tom and Janice blushed. They had not been able to look at each other after 'the event'.

Abby hugged Janice, "Don't be embarrassed. Doesn't the Good Book say, 'Feed the hungry'?"

In a more serious tone, Abby continued, "I love you. I wanted to thank you for all you've done for Beth and me. You deserved a good tryst. I gave you the best I had to offer."

Abby tenderly kissed her on the lips and then skipped over to her boyfriend.

"Tom, I know you have to go." Abby giggled and continued, "I hope you remember me, and come back soon."

Abby kissed him passionately and then whispered in his ear, "Thanks for taking care of Aunt Janice. I owe you big time."

Tom's eyes and cock bulged when he heard that comment. He left remembering what had happened that night, and certain that he would not be sleeping this night. The five family members went to bed. Nude, they all slept together in the king-size bed because they were still craving each other's company. Tyler was in the middle, his mother, Janice, was to his right, and his wife, Brenda, was to his left. Abby was lying next to Brenda, and her twin, Beth, was beside Janice.

Perhaps it was because of her recently re-discovered sexuality or maybe because of the fierce orgasm she experienced tonight, Janice's brain had called up some old memories. Whatever the reason, Janice was having a beautiful dream. In her dream she was a twenty-two year old newlywed sleeping in the arms of her beloved husband Dan. It was pre-dawn, and the room was pitch black. That evening they had made love and it had been wonderful. She awoke to find her husband's erection pressing against her ass.

Janice still got a thrill every time her husband got an erection. She was so pleased that she could have that affect on her man. "Wouldn't it be grand,' she thought greedily, "to have a second orgasm?" She began to push her backside into his hardness.

Tyler too was having an enjoyable sex dream. In his dream, he was in bed with a beautiful woman. He was spooning her. They had made love once and he was hoping to convince her to do it again. He signaled his interest by pressing his erection against her butt, and then he reached around his sleeping partner and began to play with her breasts and nipples, hoping to arouse her for round two.

Maybe tonight's action was why all participants had sex on their minds. Brenda found herself dreaming of a night when her childhood best friend and former kissing partner, Barbara, visited her at college. They had a great day hanging out. That night they slept together in her dorm room on her single bed. It was a close fit. Brenda awoke in the middle of the night to find Barb's back pressed up against her front.

Janice was pleased to see her lover respond. He had begun to play with her breasts. Her nipples were hard and his manipulations were sending lightning bolts to her groin. He had a magic touch! Soon her vagina was hot and wet, not to mention hungry for dick. She was surprised, but pleasantly so, to discover that both of them were naked. They didn't normally sleep that way. But it certainly would facilitate her plan. She reached behind her butt, grabbed his erect penis, and guided it into her waiting pussy. She was so ready for him that he easily penetrated her.

Tyler could feel his partner respond to his touch. She arched back into his erection. Soon she reached around and shoved his erection into her warm and wet box. Together they set an easy motion as he fucked her from behind.

Brenda didn't have an explanation as to why she and Barbara were naked. She would have sworn they wore pajamas to bed, but who knows why things are the way they are in dreams? She enjoyed the feel of girl flesh against girl flesh. She pressed her tits into Barbara's back and reached around cupping her friend's boobs. Stroking and gently pulling on her hardening nipples, she kissed the back of Barb's neck.

Abby was dreaming about her wonderful love making with Tom. It had been the first time for both of them and it had been magical. She dreamed they were sleeping together, she could feel him gently kissing her and caressing her breasts. She sighed contentedly.

Janice enjoyed the easy pace they set. It contrasted nicely with the passionate hot and hard sex they had enjoyed earlier. She sighed softly as they fucked quietly in the night.

Tyler gently rocked his lover. The sensation was exquisite. She wasn't the tightest girl he had fucked, but she was comfortable and satisfying. He found her breasts especially warm and so soft. The tits on most girls his age were so firm they felt like un-ripened peaches. These were perfectly matured fruit, soft and malleable. They were truly a pleasure to touch. He dropped his hand to her slit and rubbed her clit as he picked up the pace.

Secretly Brenda had always found Barbara attractive, though she had never admitted it, even to herself. Brenda had been late to develop; maybe that's why she lusted after her friend's beautiful breasts. Barbara began to stir. Panicking, Brenda wondered what should she do? She didn't want to stop. But she did. She had to. She would have been heart broken if Barbara got mad and never spoke to her again. Her life had been hell when she was the only flat-chested girl in the 8thgrade. Some of the boys had called her "Pancake Brenda". God, what would her life be like if everyone found out about this? Would called her a "Lesbo"? Brenda reluctantly released the breast she so desired and pretended to be asleep.

Abby was enjoying the touch of her lover, Tom. Her body moved in response as she welcomed the warm and wet sensation developing in her sex. She was distraught when he stopped touching her breasts. She grabbed his hand and brought it to her pussy.

Brenda could not believe her luck! Barbara had guided her hand to her obviously excited pussy. Brenda was thrilled that her longings and desires were being reciprocated. She furiously fingered her best friend and, seeking some satisfaction for her self, drove her clit into Barbara firm naked ass.

Janice was thrilled when Dan dropped his hand to her sex. She had never told him, but she longed for him to touch her there. He was more of a kissing, breast groping missionary position man. "Oh God," she screamed silently. His hand rubbing her clit felt great and he began to pick up the pace. She cried out as she orgasmed. Her body shuddered with the intense, wonderful feeling.

Tyler's partner was thrusting back hard into him. She went wild when he started rubbing her clitoris. They fucked furiously. He found enough friction in her sloppy pussy so that when she cried out in bliss, he achieved his orgasm. He arched his dick into her as deep as he could and spewed his load into her comfortable cunt. As he ejaculated, he could feel her orgasmic pussy spasm.

When Janice cried out, Beth woke up. Concerned about the cry, she turned on the table lamp and said, "Aunt Janice, are you okay? Are you having a bad dream?"

The light and Beth's voice woke them all up. They opened their eyes and struggled into consciousness. Brenda reflexively withdrew her hand. Janice hadn't realized that she had actually called out loud. None of the four knew at first that their dreams were more than dreams.

When Janice didn't respond, Abby spoke up. "Speaking of dreams, I had one that felt so real. I has being held, cuddled from behind by Tom. It seemed so real. He was very gentle. One hand softly caressed my breasts and then my pussy. It felt so wonderful. God! I'm sopping wet."

Abby began to giggle embarrassed by her own honesty. It just dawned on her that maybe she shouldn't have made such an explicit confession.

The story had a tremendous impact on Brenda. "Oh my God," she thought "it was me. I was acting out my dream on Abby." She blushed a deep red. She felt so guilty, certain that she had been the caressing lover.

Tyler and Janice had a hard time letting go of their sleep and their dreams. They each could still feel the glow of their dreamy orgasms. They could smell the sex and even feel the physical contact with their partner's genitalia. Of course there was a good reason for this. Ty's softening dick was still in his mother's vagina. His cum was oozing out of her pussy and running down her ass and thigh.

Realizing that their dream had not a dream, they both were mortified. Janice pulled the sheet up to better hide their union. She looked at him begging him not to say anything. He recognized the panic in her eyes because he felt exactly the same way. Tyler slowly eased his dick out and nonchalantly backed away from his mother.

Janice finally found her voice. Looking at Tyler she responded,

"Ahh, you're right Abby dreams can feel very real. Don't' feel bad about yours. No one can be held responsible for a dream."

Tyler nodded vigorously in affirmation.

Janice continued, "Beth, I'm sorry I woke you up by calling out. It was just a dream and to tell you the truth, I don't remember now what the dream was about. Let's all go back to sleep, tomorrow's another day. Maybe we all should go back to our own beds. I don't know how we all ended up here like this."

Janice stood up and squeezed her cunt lips together as hard as she could. She wanted to avoid having Tyler's cum drizzle out of her vagina. It made her walk stiffly.

"Good night all. My, my... the old bones are stiff tonight."

Abby said, "Is it all right if we stay with you two? I was sleeping so well."

In unison and louder than necessary Brenda and Tyler both said, "No."

Brenda added, "Sorry to shout at you sweetie, I'm tired. I think you two should go downstairs. Okay?" she kissed her on the forehead.

The twins reluctantly went downstairs.

When they were alone, Tyler turned the light off. Both said a goodnight quickly and they rolled apart even quicker.

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