tagIncest/TabooTwins: Sports, Sex & Trouble Ch. 02

Twins: Sports, Sex & Trouble Ch. 02


Chapter 02

Their foes draw them in

My apologies to all. I posted the second chapter in this series with a slight different title. I will re-post, make some corrections and get the additional chapters done soon.

All characters are over 18. This will be a multi-part story that will cross categories -- incest, non-consent, group sex, etc...


The next couple of days passed quickly. All the twins did was practice, eat and sleep. Jimmy continued to excel in football and to make friends. He stayed away from Jane's laundry basket honoring his pledge not to use his sister's panties as a prop to jerk off.

Jane continued to have a tough time. She showed flashes of brilliance on goal scoring breakaways, but she struggled to play as an integral part of team. On the field the other girls did what they could to sabotage her. Off the field everyone, except for Jazmin, totally ignored her. At home, Jane abstained from masturbating all together.

Jo was the driving force behind the scene making life tough for Jane. She recruited her cousin Evan to help in the effort.

"Evan, we both know you owe me. I want you to help me humiliate a girl on my soccer team."

"Cousin, I don't owe you nothing. Our activities have always been mutually beneficial. You got a beef with some bitch and need to knock her down a peg or two what's in it for me?"

"Plenty . Remember the fun you had the last time we partnered up?"

"Yeah I remember."

Jo explained, "I want to mess with Jane and Jimmy Wilson. They're twins new to our school. Jane could be a problem for me on the soccer team and Jimmy is playing your position on the football team."

Evan interrupted, "This Jimmy character is only there because the doctor won't let me play yet. When I'm cleared . . ."

"Yea, I hear you," Jo cut in. "When you've recovered from your injury you'll start. But what if this Jimmy makes a few lucky plays and impresses the coach? Work my plan and the coach will be counting the days until you're back on the team."

Evan never missed an opportunity to better his odds. He said, "Okay .Tell me more."

"This two don't know anyone in town. Let's be extra friendly and charming. I'll make sure Jimmy falls for me and you will become the best boyfriend Jane ever dreamed of. We'll meet them at the keg party on Saturday night."

"And then?" Evan asked.

"I'll fill you in as needed. Trust me, I know what you like. Let's focus on phase one: getting you a new girlfriend. Okay?"

"Yeah. I don't have anyone special in my life at the moment," Evan answered and then laughed in a maniacal way.

Jo had heard that laugh before. It always gave her a chill. She told herself not to worry that she could control him. She had usually been successful controlling him in the past.


"Jane are you ready?" Jimmy called out. The two of them were headed to the keg party. His friends were going to introduce him to some hot chicks. Jimmy hoped Jane would meet someone she liked.

"One more minute," Jane shouted back in response. She took one more look at her outfit. She had on a short demin skirt that showed off her long tanned legs. She matched it with a pink top that had a see-through mesh high on her chest above her boobs.

Jane said to herself. "The mesh is fun, sexy, but not slutty. Well, I guess this will do."

Jimmy said, "New top? You look nice. Do you want me to hang with you at the party?"

"Thanks, but I will be cruising the scene with Jazmin. You have fun with your friends."

The twins didn't plan to arrive fashionably late. The other kids were excited to attend the first big event of the new school year and they got the party started early. The site was a house on the outskirts of town. The parents were out of town making it the logical location.

As soon as they walked in they heard multiple cries of "Hey Wilson" from a group of football players over by the keg.

Jenkins, the quarterback, said, "Join us Wilson."

Jimmy turned to Jane and said, "I can stay with you."

"No need my friend Jazmin is over there dancing. See you later."

Thomson, the nose tackle, asked, "Who's the hotty you walked in with Wilson?"

"My sister."

"No way that fine looking female could be your twin," Johnson teased.

"You lug-head, they are fraternal twins," Werh said. That explanation did not clear up the situation for the slow witted Johnson.

Jimmy helped him out. "Johnson, we aren't identical twins. We're just like any other brother and sister except we were born at the same time. And for the record, NO ONE mess with my sister."

A chorus of "Ohs" broke out and some of the players backed away feigning being afraid.

"Good. Glad we all understand each other. Now someone hand me a beer," Jimmy said.

"Party time. May we all get lucky tonight," shouted Jenkins. The boys raised their glasses.

Johnson made the second toast. "And thank God for Old Oak Crossing. . See you all there tomorrow. If you strike out tonight, I can guarantee you a booby sighting tomorrow."

The other guys drank and shouted, "Yeah!"


Jane walked over to Jazmin. Jazmin was grooving to the music on the make-shift dance floor.

"Who knew an Amazon could move like that."

Jazmin turned to see who was critiquing her dancing. She broke out in a big smile when she saw Jane.

"Come here girl," Jazmin reached out and hugged Jane tight.

Jane was enveloped in a warm loving bear hug. It was nice. It took away some of the jitters Jane had about being at a party where she didn't know most of the attendees.

"You look good, girlfriend," Jazmin said.

"You too, Jazmin."

Jazmin had on a form fitting low cut dress. It emphasized her bubble butt and put her double D's on display. Jane envied the girl's substantial cleavage. Jazmin made the introductions to her friends and dance partners.

"Everyone, this is Jane. Jane, this is my man Jamal. The big man is Charles and the well-dressed dude is Windell. They all play ball with your brother."

Windell doffed his fedora and bowed to Jane and said, "Hi Jane, care to dance?"

Someone turned up the stereo. Jane, Wendell and the rest of the group began to move.

The twins had fun. For the first hour everyone mingled, danced and drank. Then people began to search out partners. Jane met a few boys, but no one that caught her fancy.

Jo bided her time. She waited until Jimmy was alone and his sister Jane was outside on the patio. She collided with Jimmy and pretended to fall.

"Oh," Jo called out in alarm.

"Excuse me," Jimmy said. He reached out to catch the stumbling blonde. Jo twisted so Jimmy's helping hand settled on her breasts. Jo leaned into him furthering the intimate contact. Jimmy was embarrassed to be fondling the stranger. He attempted to pull his hand away. Jo grasped his hand and forced it deeper into her large, soft mammaries as she pretend to use Jimmy to stop her fall.

"Oh . . . God!. I'm sorry," said a flustered Jimmy. He was embarrassed to be groping this braless girl.

Jo stood up and turned her big blue eyes on Jimmy. She smiled and said,

"There's no reason for you to apologize. This was entirely my fault. I ran into you."

Joan released Jimmy's hand and then re-arranged her blue halter top. She grasped her breasts, plumped them up and re-positioned them in her top.

"There. Do I look okay?'

Jo's actions had Jimmy's eyes focused on her bountiful breasts. The tanned orbs jostled about as she manipulated them. Jimmy stuttered in response,

"Ah . . .ahhh. Yes . . . they're perfect."

Jo smiled brightly at Jimmy. She flipped her long blonde hair and casually said, "Since you've already gotten to second base with me, I think we should know each other's name. My names Joan, Joan _y_n."

The music was loud. Jimmy thought she said her name was Joan Ryan.

"My name's Jimmy . . . Jimmy Wilson. Look I'm really sorry for touching your . . ." Jimmy was too embarrassed to finish his sentence.

"They're breasts, boobs, knockers or some people call them tits. Jimmy, don't be embarrassed. As I said it was all my fault. You saved me from crashing to the floor. Look if you want to make it up to me dance with me."

"Sure. I'd like that."

Jimmy couldn't believe his luck. This girl was nice and beautiful and so cool about him accidentally touching her breasts. Jo and Jimmy went to the dance floor.


Jane was out on the patio getting a beer. She took a sip and stared up at the stars. It was a clear night and they shined brightly. Evan sidled over beside her and said,


"Excuse me?" Jane was startled.

She wondered if the comment was directed to her. She looked to see who was beside her. She saw a good looking guy in blue jeans drinking a beer. He had longish blonde hair, grey eyes, a rugged face and a solid build. His left arm was in a sling.

Evan said, "I love looking at the night sky. The stars shining and twinkling. It's a beautiful sight, isn't it?"

"Yes," Jane said. She returned her gaze to the sky.

Evan softly began singing Don Mclean's song "Vincent" in a beautiful tenor voice.

"Starry, starry night.

Paint your palette blue and grey,

Look out on a summer's day,

With eyes that know the darkness in my soul.

Shadows on the hills,

Sketch the trees and the daffodils,

Catch the breeze and the winter chills,

In colors on the snowy linen land.

Now I understand what you tried to say to me

how you suffered for your sanity

how you tried to set them free.

They would not listen

they did not know how

perhaps they'll listen now."

"That was lovely," Jane said impressed with his ocopela rendition of the song.

"Thanks. It's a great song. Tonight's sky brought it to mind. I'm Evan, by the way."

"Jane Wilson. What happened to your arm?"

"Oh, I had a little accident. I'll be fit as a fiddle soon," Evan said.

Evan smiled at Jane. He had a beautiful smile. Jane liked him and felt very comfortable with him. They sat under the stars and talked of school, sports and the meaning of McLean's song. Jane enjoyed their time together. He was funny, sincere and a good looking guy.


As the evening wore on the music changed from fast paced songs to smooth slow dancing tunes. Jo was a good dancer and not afraid of body contact. Her breasts often brushed up against Jimmy. During the slow dances she mashed them into his chest. Jimmy's penis was rock hard in response.

"Mmmm," Joan moaned into Jimmy's ear.

They danced cheek-to-cheek and rubbed their toned bodies against each other. Jimmy was embarrassed when his hard-on pressed into Jo's abdomen. He backed away. Jo pulled him in tight bringing their bodies back together. She said,

"I like the feel of your body next to mine."

She lifted her head and looked him in the eyes and said,

"If you agree, kiss me."

Jimmy kissed her warm soft lips. They lingered savoring the contact. The kiss went on and on.


Evan asked, "What is your favorite fairy tale."

"What? Where did that come from? " Jane said surprised.

She played along answering, "Cinderella."

"You'd be a perfect Cinderella. You're beautiful, charming and you have the necessary luxurious black hair."

Jane blushed at being called beautiful. She shyly asked, "Who would play the Prince?"

"Would you object if I volunteered?"

Before she could answer, Evan knelt in front of Jane. He used his good arm to quickly removed her right shoe.

"Ready to try on the glass slipper?"

Evan rubbed her bare foot, then he gently caressed her ankle and eventually he slid his hand up so he could feel her calf. Evan said,

"You have beautiful skin."

"Thanks. You . . . You're giving me goosebumps," Jane said shyly. Actually she felt more than the warm touch of his hand on her leg. She felt chills running down her spine. She also felt a warm, slightly aching feeling developed in her sex. It was a little bit scary and a little bit nice.

Evan switched from caressing to tickling. Jane laughed and lifted her foot attempting to get free of his tickle attack. When she raised her foot high, she gave Evan a clear view of her purple thong. She quickly snapped her legs closed, but not quick enough.

Evan tried to put her at ease with a corny John Wayne impression. He said,

"Pilgrim, I know you're new to these parts, but in this neck of the woods we don't flash our underwear at people when we first meet them. We wait until the second time."

Jane's face was turning red embarrassed over her accidental squirrel shot. Suddenly she guffawed and broke out laughing over Evan's silly impression. It broke the tension. They both laughed.

"Can I finish my audition for the role of the Prince?" Evan asked.

Jane nodded. Evan surprised Jane by bursting into song again singing the Disney tune.

"Do I love you because you're beautiful, or are you beautiful because I love you?

Am I making believe I see in you a girl too lovely to be really true?

Do I want you because you're wonderful, or are you wonderful because I want you?

Are you the sweet invention of a lover's dream or are you really as beautiful as you seem?"

Evan stopped singing. Jane was stunned. It was so romantic to be serenaded. She sat there looking at Evan with big dreamy eyes.


Jo broke their kiss. She grabbed Jimmy by the sleeve and said,

"Let's find a more private spot."

She dragged him down the hall to the parent's bedroom. Jimmy was nervous.

"Should we be in here?"

Jo untied her halter top and exposed her generous tits to him. She explained,

"Yes, if you want to play with these."

Jo moved into Jimmy. She kissed his mouth and brought his hand to her breast. Jimmy squeezed the soft, round boob. Jo broke free of his lips.

"Not so hard," she said. "Like this."

She guided his hand over her breasts. She explained patiently.

"Be gentle with my boobs and make sure you don't neglect my nipples. Rub them, suck 'em, tweak them. Be gentle . . . at first."

Jo played with her nipples showing him what she liked.

"In time, you'll know when to be rough with my nipples."

Jimmy was sweating. He was excited, mesmerized by Jo's actions as she played with her breasts. He placed both his hands on her boobs and enjoyed their wonderful softness. He asked,

"When do you like the rougher nipple play?"

Joan said plainly, "Wait until you're at least six inches deep in me."

Jimmy's hard dick lurched at that comment. Jo laughed at the shocked look on his face. It made her suspect that he was a virgin.

"Perfect," she said to herself. "I'll have this guy doing anything I want." Out loud she said in a breathy voice,

"Suck my tits, Jimmy. I need you." She pulled his head to her chest.


Evan stood and took Jane's hand. He kissed it.

Suddenly Evan looked away as if he heard something.

"Darn! My rides leaving. I'm sorry I have to rush off. Tomorrow a bunch of us are going swimming at the river. " He quickly added in a calculated way, "Don't worry, it's in the afternoon so it won't interfere with you going to church with your family."

He looked at her longingly.

"Maybe we can talk more there. Two o'clock at the Old Oak Crossing. It's a mile East of here, follow the dirt road beside the barn."

Evan leaned down and kissed Jane on the lips. His mouth was warm. The caress of his lips was softer than she expected. The kiss was everything Jane had dreamed a kiss would be except that it ended too soon.

"See you tomorrow. I hope," Evan said and he bounded away.

"I'll try," Jane called out.


"MMmmm. That right baby," Joan cooed.

Jimmy was lost in Jo's breasts. He licked and sucked. He caressed her soft flesh and then flicked her hard nipples. He was in heaven. Last week he had never seen a live naked girl and here he was with his face buried in Jo's chest pillows. He was happy and his hard dick throbbed in his pants.

Just when Jimmy was sure his life could not get any better. Jo dropped her hand to his crotch. She squeezed his dick. It pulsed in response.

"My turn Jimmy." Jo gently pushed Jimmy off her breasts. She dropped to her knees and quickly pulled his pants and boxers to his ankles. His engorged member stood out stiffly.

"You're so big," Jo squealed with faked enthusiasm. Jimmy had an average size prick. Jo was not above lying to play to his ego.

She quickly enveloped his cock. Her experienced mouth went to work on him.

"Ah...AH...AH...AHhhhh,"Jimmy cried out as he came in less than a minute.

Like most first timer, Jimmy shot his load quickly. Joan swallowed most of his cum and rushed to the bathroom in pretend distress with a mouthful of jism. She spat it out on a cloth she pulled from her pocket.

Jimmy slumped down on the bed. All he could think about was "WOW. That was great."

When she returned Jimmy was sad to see that Joan was fully dressed. She stood away from him acting shy and anxious. Jimmy dressed and said,

"Is everything ok?"

"Well, I'm embarrassed. You must think I'm a whore the way I . . . . I swallowed your cum. I didn't know what else to do. I couldn't let you explode all over Mrs. Terry's bedspread."

"I don't think badly of you. I think you're great. I'd really like to see you again."

"Really? I was hoping you'd say that," Jo said now smiling. She added,

"The gang is going swimming tomorrow. We could meet at the river. The Old Oak Crossing is just down the road from here. Most people start showing up around 2:00."

"Yeah, I heard the guys talking about that. Great. I'd like that," Jimmy said. "Like a date?"

"Okay let's make it a date, but . . ."

"What?" Jimmy asked suddenly concern had this hot girl he like so much had reservations about him.

Joan spoke in a small voice, "I . . . I got off on the wrong foot with your sister. I bet she hates me. It started out as a misunderstanding and it has ballooned into a huge thing. Girls can be so bitchy, me included. If this is a problem for you and you don't want to see me again I understand."

"No. I don't see that as a problem. I'm sure we can work it out."

Joan smiled as if relieved. She asked, "Maybe she can come along with you. I could apologize to her."


Jane was smiling and eating her breakfast when Jimmy walked into the kitchen whistling. She was dressed in her normal sleeping attire of an old tee shirts and panties. Jimmy did a double take and stopped whistling abruptly. Jane was wearing the panties he had in his mouth the other day.

Jane noticed the change in his manner. She said, "What's the matter. Did I spill something on my shirt?"

Jane looked down and didn't see any stains. She was braless and her hard nipples were obvious through the soft cotton top. "Oh God," she thought. "I hope he's not weirded out over my pokey nipples. Is this because I exposed myself to him?" She worried.

Jimmy was knocked off stride when he recognized the panties. It triggered an embarrassing memory. Jimmy suddenly remembered the smell and taste of Jane's pussy. He shook off the sense of shame that enveloped him. He forced himself to act normal. He said with forced cheerfulness.

"Nothing's wrong. I . . . I just noticed someone's in a good mood or are your Cheerios just extra tasty this morning."

Relieved, Jane answered. "I have fun at the party last night. What about you?" Jane asked. "You were whistling a happy tune."

"I met someone. Joan Ryan. In fact, I'm seeing her again this afternoon at the river." Jimmy watched Jane to see if she reacted negatively to the name. When she didn't Jimmy was pleased. He asked,

"Why don't you come with me to Old Oak Crossing?"

"Old Oak? Yes I'd like to go. I kind of met someone last night too."

"Well look at us. Making new friends," Jimmy said, "So who's the lucky fellow?

"Evan. Oh shit," Jane exclaimed. "I don't know his last name. He's really sweet. He sang to me last night. Oh, you might know him. He played safety last year."

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