tagIncest/TabooTwins Understand Each Other Ch. 04

Twins Understand Each Other Ch. 04


I swilled the last of my beer and set the mug on the bar, sliding it towards the very attractive blonde bartender, holding my finger up, beckoning for one more. She placed the frosty mug down in front of me with a huge smile and a "Here you go, Darlin'!"

I was sitting in a nondescript bar in downtown Dallas, sucking on beers and getting hit on by the young bartender, a few years ago, I would have taken her home with me and pounded that ass all night long, however, I feel that I have grown up a little bit. Young girls are too much of a headache, besides, I felt like getting a good drunk on.

I smiled and thanked her, watching her delicious little ass that was encased in tiny cut offs sashay from me and I caught a glimpse of another attractive girl sitting to my left. She smiled and I returned it.

This lady was not model good looking, but had an air about her even from afar. It appeared as if she was with a girlfriend and another male, and it seemed as if she was alone, man wise. I beckoned the bartender and had her fix the lady a drink on me. The girls put their heads together and whispered together when my lovely blonde barkeep placed the spirits in front of her. I decided that I was too depressed to pursue, and prepared to pay my tab.

"Hey, now." A voice sounded off behind me, causing me to turn to see the origin of the lilting alto.

"Hey, now." I said, smiling into the face of the lady from my left.

"Are you leaving?" She cocked her head as she asked, "Because it really isn't normal to buy a girl a drink and not stick around to give her a chance to say thank you!"

I laughed. "You are right, and this may seem strange, but I really wasn't hitting on you."

She planted a hand on her thrown out hip and raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Don't like what you see?"

I didn't readily answer, just took her in for a few moments. She was thin and dressed very well, very chic. She looked to be in her mid twenties, medium straight brown hair cut to her shoulders that framed her pretty face, pretty even with an aquiline nose.

"No, I mean, yes!" I answered. "You are very pretty, pretty indeed, however, I am not feeling up to being social right now."

"Girl problems?" She asked.

"Sort of, but not like you would think."

"Try me." She said as she took the bar stool next to me and raised her hand to me.


"Max." I smiled and shook her hand.

"Well, where to begin?" I rolled my eyes, taking not a sip, nor a drink, but a gulp of my beer. "I have a twin, and she and I have not spoken to each other in months. Yesterday was our birthday, and she didn't call, nor answer her phone. That's it. That is the cause of my depression."

She touched my wrist, "Are y'all close?"

I just smiled, and began to tell her about us. Well, not ALL about us, I left out the sex stuff between siblings. I had discovered that people tend to think weird things about you when you bring that up.

I began the tale of Max and Athena just after we had graduated from UT in Austin. Athena actually graduated a semester before me and moved back to Dallas with the folks so she could start at UT Southwestern for medical school. Upon graduating, I attended SMU School of Law and moved back in with the folks as well. We continued our sexual liaisons as we had for the past five years, no big deal. Athena then became involved with a new guy, Jason. I was jealous somewhat, but I knew that eventually, both of us would move on.

Jason was a guy in her med class who, of course, I didn't like very much at all. Athena knew this and just blew me off. I had graduated from law school and took a good position with a firm in downtown Dallas while Athena decided to do her residency at R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, MD. Jason was going with her.

My first year at the practice was literally Hell as I got all of the grunt work, and I just threw my whole self into my work. I moved into a flat away from home, and Athena and I went from talking every day to every other day, to once a week maybe, and when she went to Maryland, we spoke only a couple of times per year. She was now a Thoracic Surgeon in Seattle.

Athena and Jason got married as residents and that lasted about four months. I had plowed my way through several relationships (no pun intended), never finding the right girl. Here we were, just turning 32, and now she won't even call me on our birthday.

I couldn't believe that I was pouring out my heart to this complete stranger, yet I was doing so. We went on to other subjects and ended up closing the bar down.

"Well," I started, "it was nice to have someone to dump on, sorry if I depressed you!"

"No, no," Raven assured me, "I pew-pewed as well."

There was an awkward pause.

"I live right around the corner; do you want to have another drink?" I asked her, so much for spending the night alone.

"I thought that you would never ask!" Raven grinned seductively at me, grabbing me by the hand and marching out.

I could barely get the key in the door before I was attacked by her, I half carried; half shoved her into my door as she kicked off her shoes, launched her clutch on the floor and turned back to me, engulfing me in a strong kiss, her tongue invading my mouth as I felt her tugging at my waistline. In one deft motion, she had my belt undone, pants unsnapped and zipper down and was staring intently at my crotch, her eyes blazing with lust.

I carried her over to my bed and sat her down; she reached to me and grabbed my cock through my boxers.

"Nice cock." She smiled as she pulled my thick half footer out of the piss hole of my Dickies boxers.

I stood above her, soaking in the sensation of Raven's hot wet mouth and tongue, her cheeks sucked in and her plump lips encircling my cock as she rammed my thick rod deep into her mouth.

I smiled and watched her masterfully fellating my entire length, her hand alternating between stroking my shaft and cupping my dangling nuts. A long strand of her saliva connected my head to her lips before it broke off and ran down her chin as she moaned while taking a breath. I stripped off my shirt and stepped out of my pants and boxers as she continued to let me fuck her face.

Her tongue and mouth worked wonders on my cock, and she was bringing me to the brink of orgasm. I was surprised as I could normally last quite some time while getting oral; however, I soon found the unmistakable tingle of the build-up from deep in my balls.

I warned her vigorously, which must have turned her on as she upped the ante, quickening her pace on my shaft and looking me deep in the eyes.

My balls tightened further as I desperately and valiantly tried to hold back my seed to no avail. I blasted in her mouth and my orgasm caused my knees to buckle, Raven continued to suck eagerly at my cock, cum dripping from her lips, hands feverishly stroking my balls, attempting to milk every last gooey drop of cum from my twitching cock.

She smiled broadly, wiping at her chin. "Jesus, you cum a lot! How long has it been, like two years?"

I just grinned and stood her up, kissing her deeply while I peeled her clothes off of her. She had a good body, a little on the thin side with a small landing strip embellishing her labia. She had a small set of implants, not done incredibly well, but nice nonetheless, capped off by areola the width of fifty cent pieces and nipples the size of pencil erasers.

I pushed her on her back on my bed and bent down between her legs, pulling her lips apart and smelling the essence that was emanating from her wet cunt. Her lips were already soaked, and I flattened my tongue down hard and firmly on her pussy, strongly licking her lips, nibbling on her inner thighs, my hand reaching beneath her and lifting her from the bed a few inches to allow better access for me, and then, slowly, flicked the very tip of my tongue over her clit, watching the 'little man' pop out completely, her pink lips glistening, trembling. I spread her cheeks and buried my thumb into her anal channel; the response was a long, loud, deep, guttural, primal grunt from her, followed by low, repeated squeals and moans. My lips now took her clit and sucked and pulled, my thumb buried in her ass.

I stroked my own cock as I savored her sweet cunt. My cock had stayed hard from the moment she had drank my cum, waiting for it to be buried in the wet hole that it loved so much.

Gasping, she leaned up to kiss me, her cheeks flushed and rosy, her skin milky white in the moonlight streaming through my bedroom window, pale freckles dotting her body. Her belly was flat, her pussy neatly shaved save for the thin strip above her gaping labia, and her mound jutted out high from between her somewhat bony hips.

Her long fingers reached down to tug at my cock and she found it hard and ready as my hands roamed over her stomach, her breasts, and finally opening up her glistening pussy lips with my index and ring finger, and dipping into her honey pot with my middle finger.

I knelt in front of Raven and lifted those long legs high in the air, docking them on my shoulders, and locked my gaze onto hers. She bit her lower lip and looked at me with a wondrous combination of anxiety and lust. She reached down between her legs and surprisingly, she pulled my sensitive glans through her dripping pussy lips, and then rubbed the head of my cock against her sphincter, I looked at her in wonder and she just smiled. I eased my cock into her slowly, gently, about one half-inch at a time, flabbergasted that I received no resistance from her anal cavity as my thick penis burrowed into her tight asshole.

Raven leaned her head back as I penetrated her sphincter, and then met my eyes as she broke out into a wide grin when my pelvis grounded out against her cheeks, my fat cock buried to the hilt in her ass. I pumped her and rocked her faster and faster, my steel rod now sliding effortlessly into her ass. I watched my tool play peek-a-boo with her gaping hole as I launched my assault on her Hershey Highway, fucking her almost animalistically as she writhed on the bed below me, impaled on my massive pole.

"You are simply incredible. MY GOD." She moaned.

Raven shuddered softly as an anal orgasm washed over her body, causing her goose flesh, her nipples tightening up and extending out further than when I was biting them earlier, and she pushed me off of her and I lay next to her, both of us staring at the ceiling as we panted, catching our breaths.

We paused just a brief moment before Raven reached out to my crotch and began to stroke me as she got onto her knees, her body perpendicular to mine, her mouth explored my groin, softly slowly, around my balls, then licking and kissing my cockhead, her tongue dancing over my shaft, and then licking along the side. Her face disappeared from my sight, her body now lying completely prone on the bed, her ass gyrating as I kneaded its soft flesh, her legs swinging upward, ankles crossed as she found that tremendously sensitive spot right between my anus and the bottom of my balls, her mouth sucking and kissing, my cocks skin stretched tighter than it has been in a long time. I was a bit uncomfortable in this position as my legs were splayed out wide, my left thigh brushing my ribs as she had her hand behind me knee, pushing it forward as she tongue fucked my ass and fingered my taint. This girl was into the ass.

I suddenly came again, powerfully, the intensity, surprising me. I blasted another plentiful load as the initial shot squirted high into the air, landing on my stomach and the back of Raven's arm; she let out a little shriek, yet continued to suck on my balls. I came again and again, surprised that I was orgasming so much. Raven climbed astride me, kissing me deeply and passionately, rubbing her naked torso against mine, meshing my semen between our bodies. We drifted off together.

We awoke an hour or so later as the sun traded positions with the moonlight and I rolled onto her into a missionary position, slowly and deeply fucking her, pulling out until the tip of my head was just barely in her then plunging firmly back into her womb in a rhythmic fashion. The sex was wordless but good.

I heard the shower water running and lazily rolled over to glance at the alarm clock next to the bed. 8:15. I got up and made no attempt to cover myself, my tumid member dangling between my thighs as I started a pot of coffee.

Several minutes later Raven appeared from the bathroom, her wet hair dangling down her shoulders, dressed in the clothes from last night, smelling of bar and Marlboros and my body wash.

"Well, that is a nice sight to see early in the morning!" She exclaimed, her eyes lighting up as she viewed me leaning against my counter, naked, sipping on a cup of strong black coffee.

I handed her a cup and she leaned against me, snuggling. We made small talk for a few moments as we downed the hot Joe, which turned somewhat pressed and uncomfortable. Raven made quite the gesture of looking at her watch.

"Oh, shit!" She scrambled for her purse and her shoes. "I gotta go, I am already late!"

She gesticulated for a pen and I gave her a pad along with one. Raven wrote her name and phone number, and then kissed the paper leaving a pink set of lips next to her writing.

Still naked as the day that I was born, I followed her out into the hallway.

"Jesus, Max!" She giggled, looking around as she gripped my shaft, pumping it softly. "You are crazy!"

We kissed hungrily for several moments, until she resisted me bringing me inside for another session; I was hard in her squeezing fingers.

"Good bye, lover." she whispered. "Thank you."

I watched her as she mosied down the hall to the elevator, her ass swaying exaggeratedly as she turned every few feet to see if I were still there, and I was. She turned to me just as she disappeared from my life forever.

"Max!" She yelled, her voice echoing in the concrete floored passageway. "You have a GREAT COCK!"

I locked the door behind me and ripped her number from my notepad, crumpling it up and tossing it into the garbage.

"Mom! Dad!" I yelled as I walked in the front door of my childhood home.

"In here, honey!" I heard my mom call from the den.

I put down some steaks that I had brought over in order to grill, and put a six pack in the fridge. I then made my way to the den where mom and dad were poring over some new hobby of theirs, some scrapbook thing.

"What are y'all doing now?" I queried, not being able to see over the sofa.

"It's a Christmas present for you and your sister, now, don't look while I put this away!" Mom commanded as she shoved two rather large photo albums into her hutch.

"I thought that I smelled beer!" My dad grinned as I handed him a cold bottle of suds. "Steaks, too?"

I nodded and raised my glass to him as I mosied out to the garage to grab the bag of charcoal so that I could fire up the grill.

A couple of hours later, the three of us were lounging around the kitchen table, dad and I sucking down beers and mom having a Riesling.

"Max," Mom assured me, "Athena has had a pretty grueling few years, what with her surgery residency, a cross country move, and her divorce. She just broke up with another boy, so I am sure that she is preoccupied!"

"That's what it is, son." Dad added.

I chuckled. "Yeah, sure. No card, no call. Busy, I am sure."

"Don't read too much into it, Max. She will come around, I am sure." Dad said as he got up, mom nodding in agreement. "Mom and I are going to watch The English Patient."

"You kids enjoy! I am going to head out, let me do the dishes while you two go slip into love-land."

Mom smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek.

I began to fill the sink with hot, soapy water as mom gathered the dishes from the table. We heard a loud thud, like a sack of potatoes hitting the floor.

Mom was gone down the hall in a flash, before I could hardly even react. I swung around the counter to follow as I heard her shriek.

"MAX!!" Mom wailed, "Call 9-1-1!"

I leaned my head back against the wall in the waiting room of Parkland Hospital, blowing out a long exasperated sigh. Waiting was not one of my strong suits.

By the time that I had reached dad, who was prone on the floor in the media room, mom clutching at his shirt frantically, saying his name over and over, he was clinically dead. I learned later that he had suffered a massive heart attack, and if not for our CPR efforts, we would be planning a funeral right now. Instead, he was undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery. It was amazing that someone who had zero symptoms, led a somewhat active lifestyle with a healthy diet, could have nearly 100% blockage of his arteries and whatever else led to his heart attack.

Finally, the surgeon came into the room, telling us that the surgery was successful, they had to perform a quintuple bypass, everything was so clogged. He was resting comfortably, however, and was sedated, we would have to wait to see him, and mom was having none of it. She went into the ICU to sit with him and I went home to shower, then grab a bit of sleep, then over to mom and dad's place to get some stuff for her, several hours later, I gave mom a call to see what the status was, dad was awake, sort of, and she was with him. I let her know that I was on the way back.

I made a brief stop in the gift shop to pick up some balloons, and then headed upstairs. I was momentarily confused when I entered as dad's surgeon was standing at the foot of his bed, partially shadowing another figure as they were going over some medical mumbo jumbo. I started as I realized that it was Athena.

I couldn't help but gaze at her as the surgeon filled us in on more of dad's situation. He was still resting, drifting in and out of consciousness as mom was planted next to him. The doctor informed us that he would be back in a bit to check in on him.

"You got taller." Athena said, looking at me.

"Maybe you got shorter." I quipped.

We hugged tightly for the longest time as Athena cried into my chest.

"Thanks for saving my daddy." She sniffed, holding me at arm's length and looking into my eyes.

She looked amazing. Her platinum blonde hair was longer than it had ever been, cascading around her shoulders and down to the small of her back in large, flowing curls. She had on a simple Adidas track suit, but she looked lithe as she always had. Athena wasn't deeply tanned as she had been, probably due to her wacky schedule at the hospital.

Dad slipped in and out of his drug induced fog and Athena and I decided to grab some dinner, mom wanted to stay, but not before Athena forced her to eat.

Athena and I were having great conversation, catching up on the old times and what the each of us was doing now. I was happy to hear that she is a well thought of surgeon by her peers, quite proud actually, and that her practice was going well after thirteen years of school and residency, finally.

"Being a divorce attorney is nothing like Arnie Becker on LA Law." I joked. "However, it is lucrative!"


"Always." I said.

She forked a sliced tomato into her mouth and chewed, very ladylike. The restaurant was dimly lit, the tables each housing a flickering candle. Oblivious to me, I watched her doing the simplest of things and was speechless. Her long blonde locks spilled about her shoulders, framing the cleavage that peeked from her dress. It was almost as if there was an aura about her that was visible only to me. Finally, she looked up and smiled.


"You are beautiful." I gushed.

She simply grinned and went about her salad.

"Athena, I know that you were a bit, oh, put off by my dislike of Jason, but we haven't spoken in years..."

"Max, please," she interrupted, "let's not delve into this, please?"

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