tagIncest/TabooTwinspiracy Pt. 01: Guardian Angel

Twinspiracy Pt. 01: Guardian Angel


"Honey, I'm home," Dana called out, as she struggled through the door overloaded with groceries. Dana wasn't married, but she did live with her sister, and she'd done so long enough that what had started out ironic ended up routine. They say if you live long enough with anyone and you become an old married couple eventually, and that's pretty much what how it was these days, unless their parents were over.

"I've got good news and bad news. They had that feta you like," Dana said, some strain evident in her voice as she wrestled with holding open the door and picking up the bags she had set down to unlock it, "None of that fruity yogurt though, so you'll have to pick that up somewhere else when you're out tomorrow."

Dana dumped her load on the counter of their almost big enough kitchen with its nearly good enough appliances, which was situated in their almost fashionable apartment located in their soon to be trendy part of town, and busied herself putting away her haul, all the while continuing her conversation, apparently with herself. "Work was fun, we got a new client," she said, certain her twin was home, despite all appearances to the contrary. "and you'll never guess who I saw at the store. Thomas, Thomas Frazeta, you remember him, right? Tommy?"

There was no indication that Dana's sister Diana was even home, but that was the sort of connection they had - an instant certainty in all things related to one another. Not that anyone else could tell them apart if they were trying. "I dated him for a few weeks last year. He was there with a new girl - and she seemed nice, but you know what?" she continued, giving her imaginary conversational partner a moment to carry her half of the conversation. "He got fat. Fat!" Dana said, slamming the refrigerator for emphasis. "Can you believe it?"

"Well, not fat exactly, but he certainly put on weight." Dana's heels tended to be higher, and Diana often wore her hair longer, but on the whole, they were tall willowy identical brunettes. It was their personalities that really provided some contrast between them, but they could both fake that whenever they wanted to. "I mean, what's the point of dating a guy like that if he doesn't have a six pack." Dana called out, laughing as she threw away the bags and walked toward the bedroom. "I certainly wouldn't fuck him, would you?"

The apartment they shared, their home, was nice enough. They'd lived here together since they moved out of the dorms their sophomore year, and had been here long enough to make it comfortable. The living room and bedrooms all had two things in common: they were sparse and largely Ikea. The Hallway that Dana walked down though was decorated with pictures of both of them though, with friends and family or during their vacations. They were rarely in the same shot though, since it was usually Dana taking picture of Diana and vice-versa, so one could be forgiven for thinking that all of the pictures were of a single self-involved woman.

"Sooo, what were you thinking tonight for the salad," Dana said walking though the bedroom door as she checked her phone, "chicken or..." Dana stopped, momentarily lost for words. It was a rare look for her. "Aww, baby, what happened?" she said as she rushed to her sister and hugged her.

To anyone else, Diana looked perfectly fine, but Dana could see the puffiness under her eyes that showed she'd been crying, and she could read the wan smile that was as close as her sister ever got to a frown. To her sister Diana might as well have been a sobbing mess.

Her response was just to shake her head as she sat down with her sister on the bed. Sometimes comfortable silence was the best answer.

After a few moments of silence "I had a bad day," was Diana's only response.

"There there," Dana said, drawing her sister in and holding Diana to her chest, was it that paper you turned in Monday? You worked so hard on that." Diana had chosen to stay in school and pursue her master's degree even after Dana had left to pursue a career in the business world after they had both graduated with their bachelors.

"No, not that," Diana said, her voice not much above a whisper. "I got an A."

"I missed you," She said, following up a moment later - obviously trying to change the subject.

"I missed you too," Dana answered smoothly. She almost always missed her sister when they were apart. "So you don't want to talk about it.

That's fine. Want me to kiss it and make it better instead?"

Diana lifted her head from her chest to meet her sister's gaze, "Let's talk after dinner," she said simply before giving Dana a very unsisterly kiss whose enthusiasm was returned in kind. Normally they didn't eat their dessert first, but on a day like today, it could hardly be helped. As they reclined back on to the bed, and hands went from a sisterly embrace to Sapphic exploration, Dana reflected, and not for the first time that there was nothing sexier than making out with a mirror, especially a mirror that reflected her own beauty so spectacularly.


Days spent pretending to be her sister were usually pretty boring, Dana thought, as she walked in to the university library, but this one had potential. Diana was working on her degree in biochemistry, and in between classes and research for that, she had a truly exciting part time job in the library, which is where Dana was today, dressed down to blend in.

Right now her job today was to shelve these books, pretend to read ponderous tomes when nothing else was going on, and to act natural. The job itself was a bore, but a necessary evil; it was nice to be back on campus though - she hadn't been here in months, and the nostalgia was palpable every time she went back. Pity being an academic didn't pay for shit. No, Dana preferred the finer things - Diana too, though she wouldn't admit it, and someone was going to have to pay for them.

Dana contemplated the slowly accumulating differences that separated her life from her sister as their life choices diverged. At 24 they were much more different from each other than they were at 14. Where would they be at 40? It was while she pondered this question that she spotted her target. Down the isle from her was Mr Jackson. Mark. Shift manager for the Baldwin library.

"Mark," Dana said simply, offering him the same low intensity smile her sister might before turning the corner to continue her shelving duties. Diana was a master of the understatement. She'd never use five words when one might do.

But that one word was enough. Now that Mark knew she was here, he haunted her. Always deniably, and always at a distance, but he was there, checking out Diana's body while he pretended to do something else. Dana was surprised her sister had waited so long to say something to her about this. It was subtle, but still entirely unacceptable. And it's not like Mark was a bad looking guy - he just needed to go hit on girls he wasn't the boss of.

When her cart was finally all but empty an she was about to go back to the front desk to get another assignment, he made his move.

"Diana," Mark said, suddenly behind her, and just close enough to betray that he had no understanding of personal space, "could you help me get some of these volumes from the special collection?" He proffered the list at her like a set of orders, which Dana supposed it was, since he was her boss for today at least.

"Of course," Dana said, shrugging and parking her cart against the wall before following him to the stacks in the back. He didn't seem like a bad guy, all in all, a little young and inexperienced. His creepiness probably came from the lust he had for his sister, not something darker she thought, charitably.

"So, how are classes going," Mark said, struggling for creative topics for small talk almost immediately. "Did you get that paper you were working on for Stevens yet?

"Yes," was the only response Dana offered, making his task of trying to raw her out that much harder. Her impulse was to smile sardonically but she suppressed it. It would break character.

"That's great," Mark responded after waiting a moment too long to see if she would say anything else. "Well, it is, isn't it? How did you do?"

"I got an A," she said simply as they entered the special collection archive. Dana closed the door behind them, locking it surreptitiously to prevent any interruptions to her games while Mark grabbed a ladder.

"Nice, nice." Mark said, nodding, as he carried the ladder over to where it was needed trying to look like he wasn't struggling under the weight. "Let's get these two on the top shelf and then we can split the rest up - it will go quicker that way."

Dana's observation was borne out almost immediately when he said this and started setting up the ladder halfway down the third isle. This was the exact same shtick that he had tried on Diana yesterday. Smoothness was not in his vocabulary.

"I'll hold the ladder," he said bracing it with both arms, "Can you grab the one right there with the red spine and Michelson's 'Los Novios,' on the shelf below. Diana had said he would probably try this again, that he would try to get her alone and look up her skirt again. Diana had wanted to switch shifts, or wear pants instead of skirts on days when she had to work, but Dana hated half measures almost as much as she hated men who made her sister cry.

Dana climbed the ladder, acting completely obvious. For her part she had wanted to do this with no underwear on, but her sister had forbidden it. If she was going to let her sister fix it, underwear were nonnegotiable.

When she finally handed down the second book after taking her time to find it she could see immediately that she had caught him looking up her blue cotton panties. Dana pretended not to notice as she climbed up another two rungs and reached for the red book. Diana said she had to wear panties, but she never said she couldn't put on a show.

"This one?" Dana asked, playing for time as she reached for the wrong book on purpose. It was in the perfect place for her to over reach allowing her skirt to fall open as wide as possible.

"No, no" Mark answered, "the other red one, to the left right there."

"Yes, that one" he said when she finally put her hand on the right spine.

When she climbed down she could see that he was sporting wood. It would have been impossible to hide in that outfit. Mark was packing. Dana handed the book to him, letting her fingers brush against his.

"You said you had a list for me?" She said with all the innocence she could muster. Her tone and body language were certainly having their effect on Mark. He looked at her for a moment not comprehending, and then spent entirely too long producing what she had asked for.

And so the games began. Dana spent the next twenty minutes stalking her sister's boss without seeming to. She was always where he was going next, sometimes bent over at the waist to reach something on a low shelf. She didn't need to see him to know she was looking.

Finally, as they were running out of books requested by faculty and grad students, and about to head back to the will-call desk, she turned a corner the same time as Mark did and ran into him sending books everywhere.

"Oh, man - Diana, I didn't even see you there - are you okay," Mark said, jumping to his feet and offering her his hand.

In the time it took Dana to be helped to her feet, she'd considered a disregarded a number of of possible ways to handle this escalation, but had dismissed all of the fun options for fear of scaring Mark away. Instead she went with what Diana would probably do if she was interested in this guy: she looked vulnerable and dazed.

"Mark, I..." and then Dana waited, lips drawn together to make her as kissable as possible, and then, just when it was about to get awkward and Dana was going to have to move on to try another tack, Mark surprised them both by leaning in sharply to kiss him.

At first the kiss was to timid, and then it had too much tongue. Clearly Mark needed to find someone to practice with, but Dana didn't let that deter her as she crushed herself against him.

As he went with it, she wondered why the passive men always went for her Diana? What were they after there? A kindred spirit? A platonic life partner? Who would strike the spark in that sort of relationship?

Dana ended the kiss, voicing her passion with a throaty moan, "Oh Mark, what are we doing," she kissed him again.

"Diana, I..." Dana kissed Mark again before he could gush romantically too much. They were well past the point where she could risk bursting into gales of laughter.

"You're my boss we can't be..." Dana ground herself hard against Mark as his hands started to work up the courage to roam her body, which she noted would have been easier if he had the indecency to pin her to a wall, or in this case bookshelf, like any experienced lover would.

"Oh, Mark," Dana feigned surprise at discovering how hard she made him as her hands "Did I do that to you?"

"You sure did Diana" Mark said, finally sounding like he had some confidence, "You want to see it?"

Dana answered his question with a kiss while her hands busied themselves with his belt and fly. Moments later his pants were around his ankles. This was the point where she should break off from this little game, and read him the riot act for treating her sister like a sex object. The game on the ladder might be Mark's boldest and most recent harassment, but Diana had cited lesser examples going back months. It was unacceptable.

That's what the decent part of her brain told her anyway, as she reached into his boxer briefs to unleash his cock. The other part of her brain though, the part that was connected to her tingling pussy knew she was a little bit of a slut, and she was okay with that.

With that in mind Dana pushed Mike against the bookshelf and sank to her knees with well-practiced ease. What she found was eyeful. Eight inches, cut and thick, Dana couldn't help but think she could have a lot of fun with a dick like this.

"Mmmm, Mark, is all of this for me?" Dana purred, for the first time her tone since she started this game her reaction was more than just an act as she took his dick in her hand. She looked past his dick and up at his face, looking for permission, pleading with her eyes, but he looked like he was more likely to have a heart attack in the face of his most cherished fantasy than spar with her using dirty Banter. "Mark?"

"Yeah, Diana," he said breathlessly, "all for you beautiful."

Dana took what she could get and inhaled his cock. Normally she would look lustfully at her lover while she deep throated it, but in this case, that could prove distracting because typically the men in her life looked cool and confident as they were getting their dick sucked, not like they wear about to pass out. So instead she closed her eyes as she played with her new toy. It was more demure that way anyway; Diana would approve.

Dana bobbed up and down, thrilling in the taste and smell of dick, feeling it jerk in her hands and mouth. By the time he got around to even stroking her hair, she could tell he was starting to get close. It was hard to blame the guy too much - its not every day that your wet dream became a wet reality.

And the reality was that Dana was getting really wet in all of this. She loved to play games almost as much as she loved to suck dick, and if she didn't get going to the next step her plan soon, she might just let him fuck her on one of the reading tables instead.

"Mark," Dana said breathlessly, reluctantly pulling his dick from her mouth for a moment, "I need to tell you something."

"Diana, baby - don't stop," Mark pleaded. He had been so close to cumming in her mouth. "whatever it is it can..."

"I'm not Diana," Dana said flatly, interrupting whatever urging he thought might coax relief from her.

"Wait, what?"

The confusion was palpable, and the moment hung in the air as he tried to figure out what game she might be playing.

"I'm her twin," Dana said simply, "and I'm not very happy with how you've been treating my sister Mark, not very happy at all."

"Diana, Look..."


"Dana, you've worked here for years and you've never mentioned a sister - is this some sort of kinky role-playing thing, because I can..."

"Mark," Dana interrupted again, "This is not some kinky role-playing thing - this is the most vanilla thing I will do all month. This is a trap for a pervert like you, and you fell right in."

"Dana, I don't know what your ... sister said, but" Mark started before Dana cut him off instantly by producing and flicking open a switchblade. When someone has your cock in one hand and a razor sharp knife in the other, you are all ears as it turns out.

"Mark," Dana said, flatly, "The only thing that would upset me more than what you've already done is to call my sister a liar. Please don't do that, for your own sake."

"In fact," she added as an afterthought, "Don't say anything at all. Don't speak until you're spoken to."

Mark held his hands up like he was being robbed, nodding mechanically.

"I saw how you were today Mark. You're a creep. You're trying to take advantage of your position to give you a shot with my sister who is WAY out of your league. Diana is very sensitive, and I need you to respect that Mark, I need you to respect her."

"Okay," Mark tried to agree with her, "I can..."

"Shhhhhh," Dana said shushing him. It's not your turn to talk Mark. You'll know when that is.

"If my sister comes home one more time in tears because of how her creep of a boss has treated her, I'm going to come to work in her place just like today and you won't know the difference, and I'm going to cut your balls off Mark," Dana moved the knife closer to his cock for emphasis. Mark tried to flinch away, but his back was against a bookshelf - there was nowhere for him to go.

"And that's not a metaphor for a lawsuit, or some sort college investigation Mark. There will be no police, no campus investigations or terminations. I will castrate you myself, with this knife, in this building." He shifted nervously, trying to pull his dick out of her hand, but she only tightened her grip until he winced. "There will be blood everywhere - across all these rare books, and I'll scream and cry rape and you'll go to Jail Mark, without any balls." Dana smiled wickedly, "And do you know what they do to men in prison that don't have balls? Me neither, and I don't want to."

The pause hung heavily in the air, Mark afraid to interrupt Dana, and Dana enjoying his abject compliance.

"So what are you going to do when my sister shows up for her shift on Friday Mark? How are you going to make this right?" Dana asked, lowering the knife now that she had his attention. "Go on, Speak up."

"I'm going to... I'm going to apologize for making her uncomfortable" he started, as earnest as he was nervous. Dana squeezed once, to express her displeasure. Hard.

"...for being a creep, a creep!" he corrected himself quickly, the pain evident in his face.

"And?" Dana asked expectantly. She noted that even after all of this his hardon still hadn't gone down. No matter how uncomfortable he might look or sound, part of him was enjoying this.

"and then I'll leave her alone. Hundred Percent. Cross my heart." Mark said quickly, "I promise."

Dana slowly released her grip, and took a moment to close and pocket the switchblade. It was telling that he didn't move. Neither did Dana though. She was already down here afterall."

After a moment of pregnant silence, Dana finally broke it. "You've got a nice dick Mark. You're going to make some girl very happy, just not my sister."

"Ummm... thank you?" he said, tentatively, uncertain of where she was going or how he should respond.

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