Twist of Fate


Another Saturday night back at the same place. The difference is that this week I'm alone. I haven't been here since he dumped me 3 weeks ago. I sit at the bar tonight and order a margarita. I look longingly at the booth we shared not so long ago. It's fun to see the regulars who I have spent so much time with over the past few months. We chat and dance and have a pretty great time...for awhile.

And then he walks in. Ugh. He certainly thinks he's God's gift to women. But maybe I'm just cynical being on the backside of our relationship. Oh, of course at first I was as enamoured as anyone was. I loved the jealous looks and the pouty girls who saw me with him. I never dreamed this was all part of his norm. A new girl every few months, a new club to show her off and then, when boredom sets in, "It's just not working baby" and he's off to his next conquest. Oh well.

I watch him make his rounds. He says hi to all the regulars and then he spots her. She is cute, not beautiful, but then again that's not who he goes for. He likes them to be pretty, but shy and a little insecure. He makes his way over and begins his routine. He talks, tells her a few jokes, buys her a drink and then they head out to the dance floor. I am fascinated and can't seem to keep my eyes off of them. This is exactly how things started with us. A few drinks, some dancing and then back to his place for magnificent sex.

After about an hour of dancing, which consisted of a lot of gyrating and groping, they head to the dark side of the club. From my perch at the bar, I can see him lead her to our old booth. Once there he orders another round of drinks and slowly begins his advance. He kisses her neck, her cheeks, along her jaw to her lips. My body begins to ache watching them. I can see her responding the way I did so many times. I can tell by the way that she shifts that his hand has begun to wander. I toy with the idea of confronting him, but oddly can feel myself getting aroused at the thought of him with her. I leave the bar and head to a booth where I'm more concealed.

I watch them kissing. His hands in her hair, holding her close, controlling her moves, her hands around his neck, massaging his broad shoulders. I see his hand drop below the table again. She catches her breath and looks around nervously to see if anyone is watching. I avert my eyes just in time. I see her head roll back and her eyes close, her face a picture of ecstasy. I know he has just slid his well-trained fingers across her labia and over her bud. I find my fingers following the same course. Surprisingly, I feel moisture cross my fingers. Watching them has made me wet. I slide my lacy panties aside and dip a finger in between my lips. Very wet.

I look back to them in time to see her slide her leg behind him. She's now sitting sideways in the booth, her legs wrapped around him. His front hand is around her midriff and by the look on her face, I know where the other hand is. Her hand has also slid under the edge of the table. He slouches down in the booth to give her easier access. My fingers quicken in my own panties as I watch them.

They continue to kiss his front hand now on her breast. She begins to move noticeably. As she looks around again, our eyes lock. I can tell by her blush that she knows that I know what is happening. She then gets a sly look on her face as she realizes that I am masturbating while watching them.

"Enjoying the show?" She mouths to me. I nod to her, a blush creeping across my own cheeks now. "Want to watch me cum?" She mouths. Again I nod.

Keeping my eyes locked on hers, I begin to slide my fingers in and out of my dripping honey pot. I can feel myself approaching orgasm, so I slow down, wanting to wait for her. She arches and her head tilts back, her gaze never leaving mine. Her arm quickening in his lap, he closes his eyes and leans against the cushions. She begins to buck faster on his fingers. Watching him finger her, I think of the times that it was me. His rough fingers deep in me, rubbing my g-spot while his thumb worked my clit. I remember him making me squirt for the first time, how I could finally have more than one orgasm in a single session. I can't help but try to mimic his motions in her on my own aching womanhood.

"So close." She mouths.

"Cum with me." I mouth back, licking my lips seductively.

I see her rocking faster, her face flush, her chest rising and falling quickly as she approaches orgasm. My fingers find my button, hard and throbbing, and I rub furious circles around it. My free hand reaches up under my shirt to my hardened nipples. I wish that I could lift them to my mouth to suck and nibble on them. I thrust my fingers into my wetness and move them in and out quickly, my own face flushed and breath ragged.

"Oh, God!" She mouths to me. "I'm going to cum!" I watch her push onto his fingers, her lips in a tight "O" as her whole body shakes. As her climax rocks her, I also drop over the edge. The waves of pleasure starting in my clit and crashing outward towards my toes and the tips of my fingers. Eyes still locked together; we both experience an orgasm like no other. As I contract on my own fingers, I feel myself expel my warm juices, squirting them into my already wet panties. I continue to slide my fingers deep into me, wanting to cum again. Almost on top of my first, I feel my second orgasm approaching, this one even bigger than the first. My body tenses and then shivers uncontrollably. I can feel the intensity in every nerve in my body. I almost cry out, forgetting where I am for a moment. I look around and no one seems to notice that I have just exploded in such incredible pleasure. As wave after wave racks my body, I slowly massage my clit. We lock eyes again as we both come down together. She blows me a kiss.

I see him looking longingly at her as she shakes her head. He gestures at his lap and I know she did not allow him to finish. She kisses him on the cheek as she scoots to the edge of the booth. She stands, straightens her skirt and walks directly over to me.

"I'm Jen." She says in a sexy voice as she leans forward to plant a kiss on my lips. "That was amazing. Would you like to head back to my place to try it with each other?" I nod as she takes my hand and leads me out of the club. I look over my shoulder at him, an evil grin across my lips. His stunned face is the last thing I see as we saunter out the door hand in hand...

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