tagLoving WivesTwist of the Knife! Ch. 10.1

Twist of the Knife! Ch. 10.1


The true story of "Mrs. Z."

My wife's rebuttal to my, (Twist of the knife!), story.

My husband's intention was to write a story he hoped would help keep other men from acting out some of their fantasies, that might ruin their marriages. I have often told him that some fantasies are better left just "fantasies". He learned that lesson once, when he fantasized about fucking one of my friends, and then, made it happen! He was kicked out of our home and learned a valuable lesson.

This "short" story has put a great strain on our marriage! I am very jealous and I hate his "perfect" woman he created! He says she was based on "me", but I can't believe it. I have certainly gained more than one dress size! We don't have any children together. I am twenty-two years older than him, which is another reason it constantly pissed me off when he has taken ten months to write his "short erotic" story!

I am bi-polar and have only two personalities, so I feel slighted that his perfect woman, has four! He says they are not all "personalities", some are "personas". In reality, I have been all those personas and more! Did any of those "mother" him? Did any of them take care of our dogs? Did they nurse him when he was sick? Oh yes, Nurse Betty! She jacked him off and collected his semen for future "sex games"

I am offended when he makes his wife out to be the very "slut" he wanted her to be! I was a slut before I fell in-love with him, and I never behaved the way she did, on, or off the dance floor! A woman, who is well-taken care of, sexually, would not behave the way she deas! According to him, he has a constantly erect penis! At his age, even with testosterone, how would he ever be hard so much? Doesn't he go to work? When we are on vacation, my husband can be coaxed into several times a day, but they are not as spontaneous as this man's are!

My husband persists telling me, the man is only angry, because she didn't tell him all about what went on there, so he could be titillated, by her story. I say "Bull-shit" he was jealous and mad as hell! If my husband saw me acting like he says she does, he would drag me off the dance floor and take me home, fuck me hard and forbid me to go back there, no matter what our friends might think! I would not have begged for forgiveness but, would have bitched him out for spying on me and called him all kinds of names, for not confronting me there and for not setting down any rules, for the club! If she truly loved him and they had such a mutual respect for each other, (unless she was dead drunk), she would never have been such a slut! I have never had any man, including him, "Finger-fuck me or play with my awesome tits on the dance floor!

I think he is a real asshole and I hate this story! I hate the time it has taken to finish it and the tremendous amount of re-writes he has had to do, because of all the things he has had to learn, to make it readable! He either slept through or was high, in any of his classes that taught spelling, writing, or tenses! He was taught to spell phonetically, (as were most the children his age). He has never read a novel in his life. His reading, when he was young, was "Playboy". His reading has improved and he reads his "Discover" magazines now. He was ill-equipped to start such a huge undertaking! The great thing about his story is the fact that as he read it to me, I could feel every sexual move he performed! I love those parts and they make my panties wet, whenever he reads them out loud.

First I need to explain the meaning of the term "Houseboy", as it applies to this story. My neighbor had a nineteen-year-old man staying with her. He was a soldier who was A.W.O.L, that my friend had met and provided a home for. We didn't know his service status at the time he became our houseboy. He was very helpful around the house, doing housework and baby-sitting her ten-year-old son. She really liked his big cock and considered him a "good fuck". I was between men and very horny! I get quite cranky if I go three days or more, without sex. She offered to share him with me, as long as he agreed to have sex with both of us! I agreed to contribute to his financial needs. When we approached him with our proposal, he never hesitated to agree to take care of both of our sexual needs. Thank the Gods for the stamina of youth! There was never an emotional attachment and he was allowed to have a girlfriend closer to his age. The girl's father had other ideas and turned him in to the "military police", whereupon, they came and arrested him! We were left without a houseboy! We had become accustomed to his attentions, but we never saw him again.

I will refer to my husband as either C.C. or Houseboy, from this point on. While standing in my Kitchen, surrounded by my friends, C.C. had said he wished to apply for the houseboy position. I explained he would not be given sexual privileges until he could prove he could obey orders from both house-mothers! He thought he could do that and my friends were all laughing at him. C.C. was standing behind me, as I took both his hands and placed them on my tits telling him, "If you can't be houseboy, maybe you can be my, "Living Bra!" He turned beet red and exited the room. He was one of my son's best friends and I never considered him in any way, as a potential sex partner.

I was married to a man, who neglected me sexually and had been forewarned that it was not a good idea to "leave me on the shelf", to long. Before I married him, the phrase "If you don't take care of me, someone else will, that is a promise, not a threat!" had been explained to him, after the first three years of marriage, he quit performing oral and had somehow, decided I only needed to have sex, two, or three times a month! That did not work for me! I told him what I needed, and like my husband before him, he chose to ignore my warning! I started taking lovers and for the next ten years, until we divorced, I made myself happy with whomever I chose. I started seeing younger men when I discovered that men over forty, could not keep up with me, I am a sex addict and have been in "Talk therapy", several times. I don't seem to feel that a "cure", would be good for me, it was far more rewarding to seek young willing men, to fulfill my insatiable needs and want's!

I set out to see if C.C. would be an adequate lover. I was in for a really big surprise! C.C. was quite shy but could never seem to quit looking at my tits. I decided it was time to see just how far I could tease him, without him breaking down and making a play for my big tits. I went out to weed my strawberries and just happened to wear very short, purple, and blue satin shorts and a multi-colored satin half-bra, that just covered my nipples. C.C. came outside to see if I needed some help (just like I knew he would), and I told him I really could use his help. He weeded across from me and I couldn't help from noticing the nice long and hard bulge in his blue-jean shorts! He never made a pass, but blushed the whole time, as he noticed I was looking at his cock. Men are soooo easy! Now, that I had his attention, I knew I had my "prey" cornered and as good as bagged. I don't know how many weeds he pulled but we had fun teasing each other.

Please understand, we were friends for a long before I saw him as a "man", and I admit to being a bit of a pervert, but I had known him long enough to see how sensitive and intelligent he was. He used to talk about the girls he had been with and had even dated my youngest daughter, for about two weeks! Later, I found out he was a virgin! The girls only let him go down on them and never reciprocated with oral sex or penetration! Nice work if you can get it!

When my friend, Marilyn and I decided to accept C.C.'s bid for houseboy, we never thought either of us would have sex with him! Marilyn was the bad "housemother" and she would frequently bark orders at him like, "Houseboy, fetch the pipe!" Sometimes, he would stomp his feet and pout, but he was more often complaint. I was the "good housemother" and he was always asking when his probation period would end. I would tell him "Someday" and he would think I was just teasing him. He never believed he would gain my sexual favors, but like a "Pavlovian" dog, he continued to be obedient, even though I teased him relentlessly. The flip-side of the teasing was I began to desire him more! I began to see him as more of a "man", instead of a boy-child! His fingers were long and sensitive looking and every time I looked at them, I imagined them caressing all of my body! He had very long eyelashes and eyes that turned from dark blue to dark grey, whenever he was angry or sexually excited, (which was often) and I would catch myself blushing and stammering whenever I found watching me.

I knew he had been looking at "Playboy" magazines since he started puberty. Unfortunately, young boys get some wrong ideas and have un-real expectations like, getting a blow-job in an elevator, by a complete stranger! Today's youth, who watch porn, sometimes believe that all women come in just a few minutes, with little effort, on the man's part. Most men seem to think that if they "go down" on a woman for two minutes, she will come! I bet I met a whole lot of those men. I was amazed that C.C. loved to give oral and didn't care if he was left with "blue-balls". Oral is my favorite sex and the only way I will come, loud and demanding to be fucked. My husband had quit "going down" on me and I was in desperate need of an orgasm when I decided to have sex with my young "best friend". I didn't think it was wrong, I just knew that he would be very happy and I would be well satisfied! I could teach him sexual moves that the young girls would be grateful for. His early obedience training made him a perfect "sub". I wasn't into S&M, until later in our relationship.

It was nearing Halloween time, I was thirty-nine and C.C. was the legal age of eighteen. I had spent the last couple of months teasing him, bending over in front of him in tight jeans, with just enough "camel toe", showing to fire his imagination! My shirts were tight and low cut, I licked my fingers when eating and never missed a chance to brush my tits across his arm, whenever I passed him. He was very responsive and seemed to have an erection whenever I was around. I was grateful that the "loose pants" fad had not happened, in the early 80's. I was taking my daughter to see a friend, when she noticed C.C.'s car, setting in a stand of trees, off the road. I was terrified! I didn't see him anywhere! I turned the car around and headed for his parent's house, where I found him getting out of a police car. I ran over to him, threw my arms around him and asked if he was alright! His parents were standing in the yard and had to wonder who the crazy woman was that was weeping and holding their son! I had never met them before and informed them I was his friend's mother.

He came over to my house that evening complaining of a sore back, and since nobody else was home, I straddled his back and gave him my most suggestive back massage. He began to groan, with pleasure. I informed him that my husband would be leaving the house early the next morning, and told him to come upstairs, as soon as he was sure my husband had left. We needed to be very quiet, so as not to wake my kids (especially my son). He believed I was teasing him and would not fuck him! Poor baby! I assured him I wanted him so bad my panties were wet, just thinking about it! When I saw his car accident, I realized I had accidentlly fallen in-love with him, (Most accidents happen within ten miles of home). I don't think I slept more than a few hours, as I fantasized about my time with him. I hoped he wasn't a virgin! As soon as my husband left, I ran into the bathroom, took a pee and washed my pussy, knowing I must smell "cunty", from thinking about him.

I heard him cumming up the stairs and was suddenly scared, what if my older body turned him off or what if he chickened out and could not make love to me! I had never had such a lack of self-confidence in my life. There he was, looking down at me, with no fear in his eyes, as he dropped his jeans. He was 6' 2" and only weighed one-hundred-sixty pounds. His hairless chest was a reminder of his youth but, when I saw his very large erect cock, he didn't resemble a boy at all! I gasped when I saw it and he grinned with pride, I turned back the covers and invited him into my "Booby-trap". He immediately reached for my "triple D" tits and began to suckle them like a starving baby! I didn't think his cock could get any bigger but, to my amazement, it could and did, as he rubbed it on my thigh and dripped pre-cum all over me. As he moved his cock to my pussy. I thought "No; too soon" more fore-play! As if I had spoken my thoughts, he left my tits and started slowly licking and kissing me all the way down my belly, until he reached my wet cunt, where he licked and sucked it, the same way he had my tits! I needed to acknowledge my appreciation, by grabbing his turgid cock and running my tongue along his shaft until he was squirming, at which time, I took the head of his cock into my mouth and nibbled at it, biting ever so gently, before taking as much as I could, deep into my throat. He refused to cum in my mouth and, instead, pulled my body back up until my cunt was right in front of his mouth and he sucked more aggressively. This time I screamed, "Fuck me, Fuck me now!" I hadn't come yet and made him suck my wet hot cunt until I was sure he had slurped up all of his cum and was hard enough to fuck me again! I left scratches all over his back, as I pulled him deep inside me. He wore those scratches as if they were badges of his combat with my insatiable pussy! He earned every one of those scratches! I made him continue to eat and fuck me until I heard my kids waking up.

I was married and living with my husband, for the first three years we were seeing each other. C.C. liked to take too many chances when it came to being discreet! I would take the family puppy outside to potty and wore a caftan, with nothing under it. He would crawl up under this roomy garment and start sucking my pussy. He knew my husband was inside and could see us out of the upstairs window! When we went to the store together, he would take my hand, with no regard for who might know me or my husband, and stare down at me with lust and love until I had to kiss him. When he was around, my panties were always wet and I just knew everyone could smell my heat and see the huge bulge in his pants!

My children did find out about our affair and they understood and did not fault C.C. since they didn't feel very loyal to my husband.

I kept trying to break up with him so he could fall in-love with someone his own age, get married and have children. I didn't feel it was right for me to steal his youth. We couldn't stand to be apart for a couple of days, let alone a lifetime! I was the adult, I knew better but couldn't stand his tears (or mine), when we tried to break up!

After three years, I left my husband and we bought a house. We lived together for a year and then went to Las Vegas, to get married.

Life was not easy for us. C.C. is obsessive over anything he does. We had problems with other women and were apart for six months, twice! I kept making excuses for his behavior, believing it was because he never dated many girls before me. Our sex life became too boring for him and sex became less frequent. I had health issues and was unable to go out and have "grudge fucks", as I would have done in my past marriages. I always knew we loved each other but, sometimes that wasn't enough.

Six years ago, I became very sick and C.C. suddenly decided he did not just love me but, had fallen in-love with me again. I wanted him to get his testosterone tested, he was a bit low.

I had found a doctor that would give me replacement hormones, including testosterone! I became so horny I was afraid to leave home! We went shopping and bought Little bits of lingerie that allowed my beautiful nipples to show along with glimpses of my pussy. We bought videos and I learned new ways to turn both of us on! C.C. wanted to try everything! I will do almost anything with him as long as it doesn't involve other people. I'm not very good at "role-playing" but, I have stood in the shower in high-heels and forced him to be my slave, covering my body in soap-suds and making him suck it off my nipples then kneel and clean my soapy cunt and my sensitive little ass. I make him stroke his cock, without letting him come.

I am a cruel Mistress and have been known to tie him to the bed, with chains and shackles, making him watch porn while I stroke his cock and make him watch me rub my cunt, inserting my fingers and making him suck them then, hover his face and let him smell my heat. I watch him squirm and writhe with desire when I stroke his cock and tease him, not letting him come. When I tire of that game I straddle and ride him until I "squirt" all over his cock then, rub my ass over it and let him hope that I will slide his cock into my tight ass! I get so hot that I might accidentally slide it in, knowing he will come in my ass! He says my ass and tits are as firm and enticing as a much younger woman and he loves it all!

We had tried anal once when we were first living together, and I had found it too painful and him to large! We watched more and more porn until it was almost an evening ritual! I bought some teaching DVDs from a reputable sexual institute that had a chapter explaining the dos and do not's of anal play. One day, it was storming out, with a lot of thunder and lightning. I was so hot and wet! I kneeled on the edge of the bed, ass in the air, feeling one with the passion of the storm. All of a sudden there was an ear-splitting thunderbolt and I felt his cock slide into my ass, with no feeling of pain! It felt great! It felt like "Mother Nature" and I had conspired to give my beautiful husband something he had wanted for twenty-five years! He came so hard I thought he might pass out as he fell across my back! The big thunder we heard was accompanied by a lightning bolt that split a power-line-pole in half! I felt so much a part of him and Nature, that I was moved to tears! I am an "Earth Witch" and commune with nature to protect my property and family.

I bought him a "dog collar" with a chain and sometimes I make him suck my cunt while I make Sunday breakfast. I can pull him, on his hands and knees, into my crotch, whenever and wherever I want! He is not allowed to object or I might "whack his pee-pee" with my smaller whip! He doesn't like sharp pain but a little pain is good for him and reminds him who his Mistress is. When it's "play-time" he must always address me as "Mistress" and if he fails to obey me, he will be forced to wear his "Cock cage" until I decide it is time for him to fuck me. If he fails to make me cum or comes without permission, he must put his cage back on for an indeterminate time. The man does love his cage as it is a symbol of my undying love for him,... if I didn't love him, I would never punish him, making me a very boring and Mistress!

I look forward to the fall, here in Michigan and when we do "color tours", to see all the beautiful leaves. I like to ride beside him, with his cock in my hand, until we turn into our local campgrounds, were I have him park so I can lick and suck his gorgeous cock until he shoots hot cum down my throat, warming the chill off my cool throat and making me want to hurry home where he can give me the orgasm that has been building the whole trip! We take several "color tours", making sure we don't miss any of the glory of the season.

We have been in love for thirty-five years and married for almost thirty. I am the real Mistress Z.

P.S. my wonderful husband has given his blood, sweat, tears, and left nut, for this "short story". I'm hoping he can hold onto the right nut, so I can put it back in my purse, where it belongs! He has said to me, many times "Fiction" whenever I questioned his story line. Mine is not fiction and I still love him "more than anything or anyone else, in the world... even more than chocolate!"

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