tagInterracial LoveTwisted Love Ch. 02

Twisted Love Ch. 02


Emily's appointment with Luke was in a few hours. She wasn't as nervous as she had been yesterday, since he'd guaranteed her privacy. She was actually looking forward to seeing him. Now, she stood in front of her mirror topless, with her hands covering her 42 DDD breasts.

She didn't like looking at herself topless, or even naked for that matter. She wanted to see what Luke would see, and to also prepare herself for any looks of disgust or rude remarks.

Emily turned her back to the mirror and looked back at herself. There it was; the main source of all her insecurities. She touched the surface of the smooth, thickened flesh on her shoulder and wondered what he would really think of her deformity.

She could usually tell when people were horrified by the mark on her body, even when they didn't say a word. Their eyes would give it away. "What would his eyes tell her?" she wondered. She had already gone this far; there was no point in regretting her decision now. It was time to take the first step towards her new body.

It was a hot and humid Saturday afternoon. Emily didn't want to go through the hassle of straightening her hair, just so her sweat and the humidity could make her look like she was having the worst hair day.

Instead she applied a palm full of mousse to her hair and let her natural curls do the rest of the work. The soft curls in her hair suited her nicely and had it not been for the loose black t-shirt she wore over her tight black jeans, she would have definitely caught the eyes of a few men that day.

Emily arrived at Twisted Ink, relieved to find the block vacant of Barbie girls. She smiled to herself and entered the shop. She walked in almost expecting the Barbie girls to come out from hiding and yell, "Ha, fooled you...we're in here today!" As silly as this thought seemed, she scared herself a little thinking that it might actually be true.

She walked slowly towards the waiting room and peeked into the spacious workplace. No one was in sight. "Thank goodness." she thought.

It was eerily silent. She had at least expected to see Liz, but there wasn't a soul in sight.

"Hello?" she called out, wondering if Luke had forgotten about his appointment with her.

"I'll be right there!" a muffled voice yelled from behind the black curtains.

Luke drew the curtains aside and stepped out.

"Hey!" he said smiling at her. "You're a little early, sorry I wasn't there to meet you."

"It's okay, I was wondering if you had forgotten about our appointment." she smiled, showing off her full, soft lips.

"No. Never!"

She laughed and was beginning to feel more comfortable in his presence. He was wearing a white Nirvana t-shirt and dark green shorts. She took notice of a beautiful Koi tattoo on his left leg; probably done by Ethan.

"That's a beautiful tattoo." she said, with her eyes still fixed on the highly detailed piece.

"Oh thank you. It's the first tattoo that Ethan did on me. I'm thinking of adding more to the design."

"It's really impressive!"

"Well, he's one of the best!" he smiled. "We're just going to have to find you something equally impressive."

He motioned for her to follow him to the back room and drew the black curtains aside for her. She had always wondered what was back there and she was about to find out. She followed him down the long dark hallway where she saw many closed doors along the sides of both walls. He led her to the last door which was slightly ajar. He held the door open for her and she stepped into the brightly lit room.

To the front of the room was a reclining chair and a large work station with many tattooing instruments neatly arranged. She didn't know their function but the neat arrangements gave her the impression that Luke was serious about his art form and would do his best to ensure her satisfaction.

The entire left wall was covered with a mirror, where three dark velvet couches were aligned against it. On the opposite wall were posters of what she assumed were his favorite bands. She was familiar with and loved many of them: The Deftones, Rage Against The Machine, Kittie, (hed) P.E., and Slipknot.

She followed him to the back of the room where a few, fat, black folders were piled on top of a huge metal table. He grabbed one of the folders and flipped through it, set it aside and finally pulled out the last folder in the stacked pile.

"Is this gonna be your first tattoo?" he asked, looking up from the stuffed folder.

"Yea, I've never had any work done before."

"I see...well I'm sure Ethan's told you that judging by the size of the scar, it's going to be a long process. I'm not sure what you really think about that. Depending on your tolerance of pain it can take up to 20 sessions. I wouldn't want to make this too difficult for you, so we'll start off slow okay?"

Emily nodded in agreement.

"I'm going to have to test the scar to see if it will absorb the ink. If it doesn't, I wouldn't advise getting tattooed. The ink might bleed and ruin the design."

She took in all of this information and let him continue.

"I'm not going to tattoo you today but I'd like to take a look at the scar and take a few pictures with my camera. Ethan said you didn't have a design in mind yet but after seeing the Polaroid I have a few choices that you might like. They're all my original designs and would go well with the movement of the scar."

"Alright that's fine." she said taking a deep breath.

The time had finally come to bare herself to him.

"You can have a seat on the chair...I just need to see your bare back. I'll be right back, need to grab my camera." and he headed for the tiny closet in the back wall.

Emily made her way to the table and sat down. He never said that she had to get topless and she was glad for it. She undid the hooks of her black lace bra and pulled her arms and neck out of the t-shirt. She clung to the crumpled t-shirt, hiding her breasts and belly as she waited for him. He came closer to her with his camera in hand and began.

Luke asked her to straighten her back since she was slouched over and trying to hide her body from him. She obeyed and straightened her back, giving him a much better view of his soon to be canvas. He took a few shots from different angles and was done, all within a few minutes. He put his camera down on the workstation and came closer to Emily.

It was finally over and she expected him to tell her that she could put her shirt back on but there was nothing except silence. Emily waited a few moments and suddenly felt cool, soft fingers on her back. Luke was slowly moving his fingers gently along the edges of the scar. It made her shudder and her nipples grew hard from his unexpected touch.

"How did you get the scar?" he asked softly.

"I had an accident while hiking." she replied hoarsely, almost ready to choke on the lump in her throat.

"It's a shame that this happened to you...you have really beautiful skin." he said, still trailing his fingers along her scarred back.

She could feel her panties getting wet as he continued to touch her. She was stunned, yet so turned on by him. If only he knew what he was doing to her. Suddenly the touching stopped and she felt a tug on her bra as he hooked it on for her.

"Thanks." she said, trying hard not to seem affected by what he had just done.

"Well, I have everything I need. I'd like to begin testing the scar on Monday...same time okay with you?"

"Sure...I'll be here." she said with her back still turned to him.

"Okay, well we're done for now. I hope I didn't make you too nervous." he said with a smile.

"No you didn't, thanks for being so patient with me."

"No problem."

She straightened her shirt and got off the table. The two then made their way back down the long hallway into the front of the tattoo shop. He walked her to the door and wished her a good night. Emily wished him the same and walked down the street, still craving his touch.

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