tagInterracial LoveTwisted Love Ch. 04

Twisted Love Ch. 04


*This is the second story that I'd ever written. It was meant to be short and sweet. I may add more to it in the future since it has become one of my more popular stories. I'd like to thank you all for the ratings and great feedback. Hope you all enjoy.*


"Em's got a da-aate!" Erica sang, teasing her sister.

"It's not a date. He was just trying to be nice. I told him I liked metal, so he just asked me to come out."

"Well, technically if a guy asks you out to eat and wants to take you to a show, that's a date!"

Emily rolled her eyes at her sister and wished she would stop trying to assume that there was more to Luke's invitation.

"What are you gonna wear? I hope it's not one of those stupid baggy t-shirts you always wear. You look like a dude in that get-up!"

"I'll wear what the hell I wanna wear. Shut up!"

"Come on Em... he gave you a pretty little tatt on your shoulder, and you're gonna repay him by covering it up?"

Emily thought about this for a minute. She hated to admit it, but Erica was right.

"Fine... what should I wear then?"

"I got you! You are gonna look sooo sexy for him." she smirked.

"Ugh! What-ever man!"

Erica quickly rummaged through her own closet and brought out a few outfits. The two weren't far apart in size. The only difference between them was that Emily was more heavily endowed in the chest area. They spent a while disputing over what would be the best outfit; Emily didn't want to look trashy. They finally came up with an outfit that they both could agree on and Erica straightened her sister's hair for the approaching date.


Emily walked down the steps where Luke was waiting for her. She was really nervous, because she didn't know if this was really a date or just a friendly invitation. Her sister had put these thoughts into her head and now she was on edge.

"Wow! You look really nice" Luke said staring at her outfit.

Emily wore a black, short sleeved blazer with a low-cut, red silk tank top underneath, and tight leather pants which showed off her curvy hips. Erica also threw in a pair of her favorite red heels to complete the ensemble. She wore no heavy makeup; only red lip-gloss to go with the look.

"Thank you." she said smiling.

"If I had known you were gonna get so fancy I would've dressed up too." he laughed.

"It's too much isn't it?" she said feeling a little awkward.

"No, no you look great!" he said in his black button-up shirt and black jeans. "Who's that?"

She turned around to see Erica grinning at them.

"That's my idiot sister." she sighed.

He laughed and waved at her.

"Ready to go?"

"Yeah!" she said wanting to get out of Erica's sight.

Luke wanted to take her to the Grand Lux Café. It was one of his favorite places to dine out but she had never been there. It sounded very high class. She was used to eating at restaurants which were probably much less formal and she didn't know too many rules of etiquette.

Their short drive to the restaurant was a quiet one; only with a little small talk about the state of the tattoo and whether or not she felt any unusual irritation. He still made her nervous and she didn't feel completely at ease around him. Of course she could have canceled their dinner date but she hadn't gone out since the accident. She was hoping to enjoy herself just this once.

When they pulled up to the parking lot, she was surprised at how grand the three story building was. The cafe could have compared to a 5 star hotel. The scarlet walls were adorned with gorgeous scone lighting and a sparkling crystal chandelier hung from the top floor's ceiling. The restaurant's color theme was crimson and gold, and blood-red Catina chairs and tables matched the décor perfectly.

Emily was dazzled by all the beauty around her as they were led to their reserved seats. Their table had a great view of the city lights and Emily began to think about how much this all seemed like an actual date. Luke proceeded to order a bottle of red wine and waited for their server to leave.

"This place is really nice!" she smiled

"Yeah, thought you would like it."

"I was expecting a pizza place or burger joint." she laughed.

"Now what kind of date would I be if I took you for burgers?" he said, confirming that it really was a date.

"Well I uh... didn't think this really was a date to be honest. I thought it was just a casual thing."

He smiled and his eyes fell upon the waiter approaching with the bottle of wine. They were both served a glass and were left alone once again as their orders were taken.

"I like being very direct with people... and I like you. I'll bet you thought that I was into only a certain type." he said sipping his glass of wine.

"Well, yea... I haven't had many good experiences when I was dating, and now with this scar on my back, things just got worse."

"If you ask me, I don't think you needed to cover it up. You're beautiful as you are Em. But ... I guess I wouldn't have met you if you hadn't tried to get it covered up. "Why don't you show it off? You can't hide that beautiful skin tonight!" he smiled.

She smiled bashfully and carefully removed the blazer, baring her shoulders for him to see. She really wanted him now. She loved how he called her Em. It made things seem more intimate and she found herself being turned on by him once again.

"I always wanted to ask you this... I hear a slight accent when you speak. Where are you from?" he asked.

"I'm from the Caribbean. I grew up in Saint Lucia and came to the U.S. when I was 10."

"It must be really beautiful over there. I've heard a lot about it. It's like a perfect honeymooning spot right?"

"Yeah, I grew up near one of its beaches. I had a lot of fun there as a kid."

"Don't you miss it?"

"I do... even though that's where my accident happened, I'd still love to go back. It's home."

He paused and took another sip of his drink, as did she.

"Do you still want to get your whole back covered up?"

She thought about this for a while. Here was a gorgeous man telling her that she was beautiful and had no need for a tattoo; yet did she really believe that? For someone who had experienced more downs than ups in life, she couldn't rely on his opinion of her. She wanted to feel beautiful... or at least normal again.

"Yeah, I hate feeling deformed." she said sadly, almost wanting to cry as memories of past insults came back to her.

He reached for her hands which were clasped on the table.

"Em... you're not deformed. If anyone thinks you are they're shallow and you don't need people like that in your life." he said with a serious face.

She almost believed what he just said. Life's circumstances had taught her to think that way. Her motto had been "doubt everything and everyone".

"Shit happens right? I just deal with life, as it comes my way." she said forcing a smile.

He looked sad.

"Well then I guess it's my job to change that."

"Good luck!"

The alcohol was slowly affecting her and she was starting to lighten up.

"I'm sorry. I didn't want to talk about depressing things. Everyone has their issues right? I'm just dealing with mine the best way I know how. I came out with you intending to have some fun... so don't look so sad OK? For me?" she said with a warm smile.

He smiled in response.

"I really meant what I said Em... but if you really want to go through with it, I finished the sketch."

"You did? When can I see it?" she asked a little excited.

"Whenever you want." he smiled. "I was wondering... do you still wanna go to the show? I had a long day at work and I'm kinda tired. If you want, we can go see the sketch at my place after we eat."

"Yeah, I'd love to see it."

They had a few more glasses of wine as they enjoyed their courses, and Emily found herself getting more comfortable with him. She told him more about her early life in St. Lucia, which he seemed to take a lot of interest in. She also learned that Luke and Ethan's parents had passed away when they were very young.

Ethan took it upon himself to take care of his brother and they slowly found a niche that could both thrive in. The two now lived together in a flat not too far from Twisted Ink. She was having a great time and didn't want the night to end but she was eager to see the finished design.


Luke kissed her lips tenderly while he caressed her arms. As soon as they got to his room he grabbed unto Emily and gave her a surprise kiss. She was startled at first but slowly released the tension in her body since she wanted him just as much.

He held her against the wall and pressed his body onto hers, letting her feel his need for her. She came to her senses however and quickly pulled back from the kiss. Emily began to worry that he lied about finishing the design and only said so to lure her back to his home.

"I'm sorry Luke but... I can't."

He stopped in his tracks and loosened his grip on her arms.

"Shit Em, I'm sorry I couldn't help myself. You look so beautiful tonight... I could've kissed you when you first walked down the steps tonight."

"I... it's alright." she said giving him a smile. "Did you really finish the sketch?"

"Yea, it's right here."

He her go and walked up to a large covered easel near his bed.

Emily felt cold and empty without his arms around her but she had ruined the moment and couldn't take it back. He lifted the white cloth covering and stood aside for her to see. It was much more beautiful than the first sketch. He used a greater variety of colors to give the butterfly wings more depth, adding a 3d effect to the design. Emily was speechless and overjoyed at the same time. She felt unworthy of such a beautiful piece.

"I don't think my body can do this justice." she said. "It's too beautiful for someone like me."

"What? What do you mean? You think you don't deserve this?" he asked sounding a little upset.

She was quiet since she didn't want to say anything more to get him upset. Luke realized how harsh he sounded and his face softened.

"Listen Em, I don't know what you've been through with other guys but I'm telling you... you are fucking gorgeous. If I could take your scars onto myself, just to save you from how you're feeling right now, I would. "

"My scar, you mean?

"No... scars. Scars from those who've hurt you in the past."

"I'm fine, don't worry about me." she smiled sadly.

"No you're not but I'll do my best to show you your worth. You deserve that tatt and it's yours if you still want it."

Emily smiled and couldn't resist him anymore.

She slowly leaned in to kiss him and hoped that he wouldn't reject her. He didn't and their lips met again for the second time. Luke seemed hungry for her and sucked on her full lips as his hands caressed her neck. He gently removed the blazer and trailed his fingers along her arms as the jacket dropped to the floor.

Emily moaned softly as he ran his cool fingers below her neckline and down to the curves of her breasts. He massaged them, yet refrained from touching the sensitive and hardening nipples beneath the silk fabric.

Can you turn around for me Em?"

She didn't mind this common request and turned around. Luke walked backwards to the edge of his bed and pulled her along with him. He then slid the straps of the matching bra and tank carefully down her right shoulder. The tattoo was healing well but that was not his focus.

His lips went for her neck and he held her close, as he reached for her right breast. This was all surreal to her and she was frozen in place as he slid the top down, exposing her right breast. She felt weak and fell back against him as he pinched her brown nipple gently. He was teasing her painfully and slowly.

"I've wanted you ever since I saw you Em... just tell me that you wanted me too."

She did and couldn't deny it. "I did and..."

Her words stopped as his fingers slid down her pants into her smooth, wet pussy. His fingers found her clit and he rubbed it gently. She moaned as she felt a sudden heat rushing to the soles of her feet. He slowly pulled her pants and panties down to her feet and dropped down onto the edge of the bed.

Then he grabbed her waist from behind and pulled her down in between his legs with her back against his chest. Luke's hands spread her thighs apart and went again for the hot, wet lips. Emily gasped as he stroked her pussy gently. Her nipples were getting harder and she was about to reach for her exposed breast but he had beaten her to it. He squeezed the underside and pinched the hard bud as he stroked her pussy with the other hand.

"I know no one's made you feel this good in a long time." he said, with his lips still on her neck.

"Luke... I'm going to..."

"Yes Em, I want you to get wetter for me." and with that he inserted his finger deep into her tight, silky center.

"Oh fuck..." she said in a combination of a gasp and moan.

It was music to his ears and he continued to fuck her with his finger. He increased the speed and then pulled out of her suddenly, only to lick his drenched finger.

"God you taste so good! Can I taste you some more?" he asked as he stroked her soft thigh with the wet finger.

She was so dazed that she didn't move or answer him.

"Em... can I? If you don't answer me I'm gonna stop."

"No... Don't stop, please don't!" she said with a whisper.

Luke pulled back from her and stood up. He took off his shirt and pants and propped a pillow behind Emily so that she couldn't fall back. He wanted her to see what he was about to do to her. He dropped to his knees and pushed her legs wider apart.

Emily's juices were dripping unto the bed sheets but he didn't mind this at all. His fingers went for her caramel pussy lips and spread them apart exposing her clit and the soft, pink flesh in between.

His head dipped and licked her from the tight pink hole to the top of her clit with one swift movement. Emily couldn't contain herself and more of her juices gushed out. She couldn't believe what was happening and shuddered as she felt his warm lips, as well as the cold metal of his lip rings on her pussy.

She ran her fingers through his thick curls as he lapped away at her lower lips and clit. His tongue twirled and dug deep into the folds of her flesh, making her writhe in ecstasy. He even had to hold her thighs tightly to keep her convulsions from separating his tongue from the sweet feast.

"Ooooh fuck!" she moaned as her pelvis jerked against his face.

She could feel the waves of pleasure rising in her abdomen and she fell back against the pillow as he still held her tightly. She was almost there. That sensation was coming closer, closer... and suddenly he just stopped.

Her mouth was dry and she had to swallow and catch her breath to utter the softest "...but why?"

"Not yet gorgeous" he smiled.

He took her hand, pulled her off the bed and slowly lifted the tank. He was careful not to hurt the tender skin on her shoulder. Emily pulled the other strap of her bra off her left shoulder and fully exposed herself to him. She was gorgeous and he dipped his head to lick the tip of her hard nipple.

"Want more baby?"

"Yes please, don't tease me Luke." she said pouting.

He lifted her heavy breast and his mouth hungrily went for her left nipple again, then her right, teasing and pulling hard with his teeth. The tiny bites to her nipples were causing a flood between her legs and she was getting more impatient. She was aching badly for him and wanted him inside her.

"No more teasing... please I can't take anymore, just do it to me...please Luke?

"Do what baby?"

"Fuck me please!" she pleaded.

"You want me that bad baby? Tell me how bad Em."

"I want you in me NOW, you tease!"

Luke smiled, seeming satisfied with that answer. He pulled his boxers off and revealed his thick 8 inch cock. Emily had never had anyone so big but was too irritated to admire him. She bent over the bed and looked back at him.

"Put it in please."

"Whoa, isn't someone in a hurry... but I can't give it to you yet baby... I wanna play with your pussy some more. I wanna get you dripping all over my dick before I put it in."

He moved closer to her and tapped her plump lips with his hard cock, wetting the tip with the clear juices that ran down her thighs. She moaned and bit her lip as he slapped her pussy again and again; harder and harder with his thick organ. The sight of her gorgeous ass bent over was almost too much to resist, but he wanted to enjoy every second with her.

Luke spread her apart and enjoyed the sight of her pussy lips opening from the back. She was glistening with moisture. He slid his cock in between the fat lips until the pink tip of his cock touched her clit. He moved it back and forth drenching his cock in her juices, enjoying the silky and slippery feel of her.

Luke couldn't keep quiet anymore. He fought so hard to stay in control but he had never had anyone so soft and wet wrap around his cock like that. It was amazing that even with the slightest movement, her juices would keep gushing out.

"God baby, you feel so good. Tell me how deep you want it. Ill fuck you till it hurts, if that's what you want."

"I want it all Luke. Beat my pussy up baby."

She didn't have to say it twice. He pulled his dick from in between her pussy lips and eased into her tight hole. It was such a tight fit that he almost wondered if she was a virgin. Slowly, she opened up for him. The thickness of his cock hurt her as he slid in and she shifted forward, as if scared of the large tip.

"Don't run away. Come here." he said pulling her back. She was turning him on even more by denying him entry.

He slapped her pussy hard with his cock as if to punish her.

"You bad little pussycat... you wanted it but you're running away. Now you're teasing me Em."

He pulled her towards his body and quickly slid his cock deep inside her, not easing in this time. The shock made her knees buckle and he caught her before she fell flat on the bed. Luke grabbed the pillow and propped it up under her plump ass making it stick up. He couldn't hold back any longer.

He dug his fingers into her soft ass and slammed away, watching her flesh jiggle as he fucked her tight slit. He loved the sight of his cock as it disappeared into her caramel flesh. She turned around and begged him for more as he tore her open.

"Fuck me harder baby, beat it up like I told you to."

"Anything you want baby."

He pulled out of her, then slammed back in, repeating the motion harder and harder as she screamed under him.

Nothing would stop him now. He slammed into her tender insides as if he wanted to render her numb. He was calling out her name and sweating profusely but would not slow down. Emily grabbed tightly onto the sheets as he ravaged her with a force that she had never felt before.

She didn't know where he found the energy to keep going but she wasn't complaining. He was deep inside her...so deep that she felt his thrusts in her chest. She was on the verge of an orgasm and reveled in the moment as he took her.

"You like my pussy, don't you baby?" she purred as he bucked inside of her.

"I love it Em, you feel so good baby."

"So don't stop baby, give it all to me. Make me cum daddy."

And that was the word that did it for him.

He had always wanted someone to call him that... and when she said it, he gave it his all reaching a spot that made her scream and tremble furiously. She came and he could see her creamy juices seeping out from the corners as he still moved in and out of her.

He waited for her and didn't want to release until she was satisfied. He finally pulled out of her and spilled his seed on her already glistening ass. He fell down next to her almost out of breath.

They were both exhausted and couldn't find the energy to talk but Luke still reached for her and held her close. He nuzzled against her soft breast and it wasn't too long before he fell asleep in her arms.

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