tagNonHumanTwisted Tails Ch. 03

Twisted Tails Ch. 03


I hoped you enjoyed the Frisbees. Now to see how this romance continues... Please remember to vote and comment. My thanks go out to all of my friends who are in lust with Andrew, and my partner Wolf, who so patiently listens to my giggles.



Vivien cleared her desk and said goodbye to a couple of people she'd made friends with at the paper. They hadn't even given her time to make a cup of tea before the editor called her in and gave her the news. One of the security guards helped her carry her stuff out to the car. She put it in the back of her car, and drove off before the tears began to roll down her face.

She got home by 9:30am. She had the boxes unpacked and her stuff put away by 10:15am. She knew she should start hunting for a new job, but her heart just wasn't in it. She grabbed the pint of double chocolate caramel swirl out of the freezer, a spoon and curled up with a movie. She was watching one of her favorite movies, Anna and the King. She got swept up in the costumes, drama and tears while she ate ice cream. After that, she watched The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. When it was over, she picked up all the tissues and threw them in the trash. Around 2pm, she made herself a tuna sandwich and ate some corn chips. Next movie was Gone with the Wind. Somewhere around the burning of Atlanta, she fell asleep.

Andrew knocked on the door. He could hear the TV running. He knocked again. Sniffing the air, he knew she was inside. He opened the door slightly and walked in to hear the voice of Clark Gable saying "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" come from the TV. He looked over to the couch and saw that Vivien was asleep. She was surrounded by an empty ice cream container, a dirty plate and a trash can full of tissues. He looked around and saw two empty file boxes that hadn't been there on Saturday and what looked like more papers on her desk. It didn't take him long to realize that Vivien had lost her job. He walked back to the door, closed it and knocked loudly this time.

Vivien dreamed that Andrew in wolf form had said, "Frankly, Vivien, I don't give a damn," when she'd told him that she'd been fired. It was difficult to talk though as there was a sound of drums behind her.

"Bam! Bam! Bambam! Bam!"

Vivien woke up from her dream with a start to realize that someone was knocking on her door. She got up, looked at the mess and then headed for the door. She opened it to find Andrew standing there.

"Hi, I was beginning to think that you weren't home," said Andrew.

"Um... No, I fell asleep watching a movie," she said. "Would you give me just a second?"

"Sure," he said.

Vivien shut the door, ran for the couch and picked up the trash and dishes. On her way back from the kitchen, she folded up the quilt, turned off the TV and then went to the door.

"Okay, I had to pick up a little bit of a mess," she said.

"I understand. You should have combed your hair as well," he said with a smile.

Vivien put her hand up to her head and realized that the scrunchie had moved off to one side and that her hair was a lopsided mass of curls and ponytail. "Oh! You could have said something! Better yet, nothing!" she said as she headed off to the bathroom to fix the mess. Her face was almost as red as her hair.

Andrew smiled. He sat down on the couch and waited for her to come back. When she did, she perched on the edge of the couch. "So, how did your day go?" he asked.

Vivien looked at him and for about 1/10th of a second thought about lying. "I... I got fired today. Didn't even get a chance to explain a thing," she said.

"I thought as much. I'm early, you've been asleep for a while and there are two empty boxes over there as well as more papers on your desk," he said.

"Are you always this observant?"

"Yes. It's my job. Healer, priest, silversmith. If I don't watch what's going on, it is much more difficult to do my job," he said. "Now, do you feel up to going out for dinner?"

Vivian thought for a moment. "No, not really. I don't have much to cook here either. We,... we can always go out another night."

"No, that is not an option. You need to eat and I know you need company. So, let's go see what you do have in the kitchen and we can always make a run to the grocery store," said Andrew as he took her hand and stood up. They walked to the kitchen and Andrew peered into the fridge. He closed the door and then looked at Vivien. "Just when was the last time you bought groceries?"

"Day before the picnic. I had to get some stuff. I... I thought I could wait until at least tomorrow since we were suppose to go out for dinner tonight. I've got money, I just haven't gone shopping," she said softly.

Andrew wrapped his arms around her and gave her one of the hugs she so desperately needed. When she stopped trembling, he spoke softly in her ear. "I'm going to go shopping for dinner. Take a shower or a bath and I'll be back in about twenty minutes." He kissed the top of her head and then walked out the door.

Vivien stood there for a second trying to take everything in and then headed for the shower.


Andrew headed for a local deli. He picked up various deli cuts, cheeses, bread and his favorite brown mustard. He also grabbed a salad mix, potato chips and a box of the deli's peanut butter cookies for him and double fudge for her. Andrew stopped at the liquor store for a bottle of wine and then headed back to Vivian's.

He walked back into the house and started setting out his purchases on the kitchen counter. He looked around for glasses, plates, salad bowls and cutlery. Andrew had just uncorked the wine when Vivian walked into the kitchen. Her hair was wet and curling and she had a halter dress on that hugged her figure nicely.

"I didn't realize you were back until I heard the cupboards opening and closing,"

"I'm light on my feet. Have a glass of wine and build yourself a sandwich. I wasn't sure what you liked, so I got variety," Andrew said. He handed her a plate and poured her wine. The two of them made their sandwiches and sat down.

"To new beginnings," said Andrew as he raised his glass in a toast.

"To... to new beginnings," Vivian said clinking glasses with Andrew. She took a small sip and then another. "This is very good."

"This Shiraz is one of my favorites," Andrew replied as he sipped his wine and set it down. They ate and talked. Vivian talked about how her morning had gone and Andrew about the new commission pieces he had to work. After dinner, Andrew filled their glasses once more and got the cookies. They moved out to the living room and sat down on the couch. Vivien sat sideways so she faced Andrew.

"Peanut butter?" Vivian giggled looking at the boxes.

"Yes. At least I got you chocolate."

"That was very considerate," Vivian said taking a bite of her cookie. "Oh my god. These should be illegal."

"They smell good. However, I can't even take a bite. Luc and Peter can actually eat a bite or two, but not me," said Andrew.

"Are you related?" asked Vivian.

"No. Our families have known each other since just before WWII. My father Alexander enlisted with Buster Davy and about half the town. Father originally came from Calgary. My mom is from Croatia," said Andrew.

"Buster, the old guy who died?" asked Vivien trying to envision the time line.

"Yes. He's Luc's and Ginny's great-great-grandfather. It took a bit to figure out because no one asked me and I didn't recognize the name at first. My brother and sister grew up being bounced on his knee. I came along after he sort of left for a while."

"Left for a while?" asked Vivian.

"Yeah. He shifted and didn't come back. We moved to Calgary," said Andrew. He refilled their wine glasses with the last of the wine. "Do you want to keep talking family histories or watch a movie?"

"Talk. I had enough movies earlier. Do any of your family live nearby?" Vivian asked.

"No. My brother Ross died in the Tet Offensive in 1968. My sister Rose married and moved to Alaska. My Dad died in 1973 and about a year later, my mom moved back to to live in the little town she had when they were first married. Then she disappeared one afternoon."

"Disappeared?" asked Vivien.

"Yes. My mom just kept shifting more and more and one afternoon she never came back. I went up and closed up the cabin. She hadn't been there in months and no one had seen her. She was a lot like Lisa, Peter's wife. More wolf than human," explained Andrew quietly.

Vivien nodded and put her hand on Andrew's. "I didn't mean to make you sad."

"It's okay. I just hadn't really thought about things like that in a while. We all have our little walls we build around memories. It's your turn now," said Andrew as he nibbled on another cookie.

"My parents live in Burien, Washington. I have a brother named Eric who's two years older than I am and he's a pain in the ass. Always sticking his nose in my business. I'll probably get a phone call from him bitching at me for not having a real job," she said. Vivien took a sip of wine. "Grandparents come from Fermoy, Ireland and Cambridge, England."

"That explains the red hair," Andrew said with a smile.

"Yes, and the temper. Grandma Lucy was a real fist swinger," said Vivien.

"And how did you get a name like Sopris?"

"The result of a 194 day marriage," said Vivien.

"If it was that short, why didn't you change back to your maiden name?" asked Andrew.

"Simple. Sopris was better than Sunbery," said Vivien feeling her cheeks go red.

Andrew thought about it for a moment. He looked at her red hair and smiled. "Vivien, I can see why you kept your married name in spite of the short duration. Was it an amicable separation?"

"Oh yes. We were drunk, stupid and when we woke up, we realized we'd goofed. Most of that time was getting the actual divorce," said Vivien.

Andrew nodded. He reached out and picked up Vivien's hand. Turning it over, he rubbed his thumb along her palm. "And have you thought any more about us?"

Vivien loved what he was doing to her hand. It made her feel like he was unraveling all the tension knots. "Yes, I have. I have a bunch of questions, but umm... I feel really awkward asking."

"What kind of questions?" Andrew asked. He had an idea, but she needed to ask and he let her.

Vivien went almost as red as her hair. "Um..." she started and then grabbed her wine glass and finished it off. After a deep breath, she turned back to Andrew. "Are you any different in bed?"

Andrew smiled. "Yes and no. Sex is a mutual experience. I have enough control that some women I've been with have never noticed I was a shifter. Other women liked it. Should we have sex, that is as much your decision as mine as to whether I shift. Although, I will admit that sometimes shifts happen."

"Oh. Okay. I really didn't think much of this through. If I'd been smart, I'd have talked more to Angie or Meg. I just didn't know if you liked me enough to really date," she said with a little trepidation in her voice.

Andrew took her hand and pulled her to him. Then he kissed her. Vivien wrapped her arms around him and returned the kiss. It was a little awkward that she was draped across his lap, but he didn't care. His hand ran through her curls and then down the side of her face as they kissed. He could taste the wine and chocolate cookie.

Vivien kissed Andrew, letting her tongue explore his mouth. She realized his canines were big, and she wasn't sure if he was shifting or not. She almost stopped to ask when his hand moved from her face down her neck and caressed her breast. She moaned. The next thing she knew, Andrew had pulled her up into his lap. This way they could both touch each other better. As they kissed, she ran her hands through his hair and down his neck. Andrew was cupping both of her breasts and she could feel his cock swell under her thighs.

Andrew ran his hand across the tie of her sun dress and tugged. He pulled down the top of her sundress and began to caress her naked breasts. She was so pale and her nipples just barely showed against her skin. Across her shoulders were a sprinkling of freckles. She arched forward and he cupped her breasts in his hands. His thumbs rolled back and forth over her nipples.

"Annn...drew," she gasped between kisses.

"Yesssh," he said.

"I want to touch you," she said tugging at his shirt.

Andrew moved his hands off of her breasts long enough for her to unbutton his shirt. He took that off and then his teeshirt. Vivien's hands trailed over his chest. He had a sparse diamond patch of hair right between his nipples and a thin line headed towards his belt. She realized that it matched the fur markings she'd noticed the first time he shifted. While she touched him, Andrew bent down and kissed and sucked her nipples.

"Ohhh," she moaned. She wriggled her hips to rock against his erection that bumping her thighs. It was Andrew's turn to moan.


"Yes. Please," she said getting off his lap. Grabbing the top of her halter dress with one hand, she grabbed his hand and lead him to her bedroom. She wiggled out of her halter dress and crawled onto her bed in just her undies.

Andrew dropped his trousers and kicked off his shoes. He pulled off his socks and then joined Vivien on the bed. Pulling her mouth to his once more, he let his hand roam her skin. Her nipples crinkled tight under his palm. Down her side, he let his hand glide. Vivien moaned as his hand cupped her ass. She responded to Andrew's touch by rolling on her back and opening her legs which let his hand trace across her mound.

Vivien felt so alive and couldn't stop touching Andrew. Her hand roamed as far as she could touch. He was so tall, even laying down. Her fingers rested on the elastic band of his bikini briefs and then trailed across the front. She brushed his cock with her fingers.

"Oooh," Andrew moaned. The wolf whined.

Vivien smiled a little smile and let her hand slip under the waistband. She was rewarded by Andrew's shudder as her hand caressed his cock. His fingers dipped under her panties and found her slit. She was soaked.

Vivien wiggled out of her panties. Andrew took advantage and moved to lick and tongue her pussy. He smiled when he noticed her curls were as red as those on her head. He licked and sucked her clit and lips until she began to squirm. Vivien began to arch off of the bed and as she did so, Andrew slid his fingers deep inside her pussy.

"Oh! Ohmy," she gasped. She grabbed at the sheets as she came hard against his fingers and tongue. Andrew smiled and looked down at her as she tried to figure which way was up.

Vivien caught her breath and then rolled so she could pull Andrew's briefs off. His cock stood proud and she wrapped her hand around it and then lowered her mouth onto his cock. Andrew smiled and sighed. He stretched out amongst the pillows that littered the bed and watched as Vivien sucked and licked him. He wanted to touch her, but she'd moved down between his legs. His body began to tighten up.

"Vivien, hold... hold on."

Vivien stopped and looked up at Andrew.

"Do we need protection?" he asked.

"Shit! I didn't think about it," she said sitting down on the bed.

"My... my trousers," Andrew said trying to get his equilibrium back.

Vivien reached for his trousers and handed them to him. Out of an inner pocket, he pulled a package of condoms. She grabbed one and rolled it down his cock. She was afraid for a moment that it wouldn't go down far enough. His cock was 'tall', like he was. She also wasn't sure how well they'd fit.

Andrew could see Vivien hesitating just a little. "You having second thoughts?"

"No, I want you, just... you're a little longer than I've had before," she said.

"I'll lay on my back and you straddle me. That way you can take as much as you want,"

Vivien nodded. Andrew lay back and helped Vivien straddle him. She was tight and hot and it took all of his control not to thrust deeper. Wolf whined again deep in the back of his mind.

Vivien reveled at the feeling of Andrew inside of her. She slowly lowered herself onto his cock. Bit by bit she slid up and down on his cock. Each time she went a little deeper. His cock was rubbing all the right places until Vivien began to get lost in the sensations. It surprised her when she sat all the way down. "Ohh," she gasped.

Realizing that Vivien was comfortable with him, Andrew began to thrust in rhythm to her rocking motion. The sensations rolled his brain and he felt that the wolf was right there with him. His hands grabbed her hips as he thrust harder.

Vivien watched Andrews eyes shift ever so slightly yellow-gold as his hands gripped her hips. He felt so good. This felt so right. She rocked harder, and felt herself begin to orgasm. Her muscles clenched as she came. Crying out as she came, Vivien lost sense of time, feeling nothing but an orgasm that seemed to last forever.

Andrew held on to Vivien as she orgasmed. Her muscles gripped his cock and as she finished the last wave of pleasure, he came hard. It felt like his balls emptied every drop of cum he'd ever had. His body arched up off of the bed for a moment and then crashed down to the pillows.

Vivien twitched with another series of orgasms and then slowly rolled off of his cock. She lay there on the bed with a silly grin on her face. Andrew took a few breaths and walked towards the bathroom he'd seen earlier. He peeled off the condom and wiped off with a damp washcloth. Then he walked back to where Vivien lay half asleep. He curled around her and cuddled her close. Some point during the night, he shifted.

Wolf smelled the back of her neck. Sweet. His balls ached and he wanted to take his mate again, but knew he must wait. Two-legs said wait. He sighed, put his nose back under her hair and slept.


Vivien woke up and realized she couldn't move. Her hair was pinned to the bed by the wolf's back feet. Her body was pinned by the wolf's head across her hip. He'd curled around her like a shawl.

"Andrew, I need to get up," she said softly. "Andrew." She shook his head and he rolled over on his back. Once again she recognized the blaze of hair that showed up on his human body displayed on the wolf's belly. She disentangled her hair from his feet, got up and headed to the bathroom. She wondered if she should take a shower or wait for Andrew to shift back. She chose to shower. Vivien had just put shampoo in her hair when she felt the shower curtain move.


"Morning Andrew."

"How are you feeling this morning?" he asked.

"Content. Wet, and just a tiny bit sore."

Andrew nodded, grabbed the body wash and after squirting some in his hand, he began to wash Vivien. He smiled as he ran his hands over her body. Her nipples perked up as he ran his hands over her breasts. Then his hands went lower. Vivien moaned as his hand gently washed between her legs.

"Oh, you keep that up and we will be back in bed," she gasped.

"I wouldn't mind."

Vivien looked down and saw that his cock was bobbing against her leg. "I guess you wouldn't. Do you have to be to work today?" she asked as she rinsed off.

"No, it's Sunday. I switch off with Becky."

"Oh, then let's rinse off." Vivien made sure all the soap was rinsed off and then grabbed a towel for each of them. Andrew looked impish with his hair ruffled from the towel. She just squeezed the water out of hers and didn't try to do anything with it. They threw off some of the pillows and collapsed to the bed. Before Vivien could move farther up the bed, Andrew moved between her legs and began to lick and nibble his way to her center. While he wanted to let his tongue shift, he held back. He slid his fingers in to tickle her g-spot.

"Vivien, would you mind if I shifted my tongue just a little?" he asked.

"Uh, mmmm, what you're doing feels good," she moaned.

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