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Twisted Tales - Sleeping Beauty


Sleeping beauty – twisted tales

There exists in the mind of modern people a fairy tale named very aptly after its main character – Sleeping Beauty. It goes, then, that there once was a princess in a far away castle, in a land of rolling emerald hills and pearly spired-castles, who was born to a very happy pair of royal parents. They cooed and cuddled and fussed over her, and it soon became clear that a celebration was due, and so they sent out invitations far and wide for a party to celebrate young Princess's (there are many names for her – but in this instance, it's Vyona.) arrival. They forgot, however, or deigned to forget, one very particular fairy, a particularly cranky and nitpicky fairy.

On the day of the celebration, as everyone was revelling and doing what partygoers normally do in those days, including blessing the baby with gifts, the large doors flew open with a gust of wind and the dark fairy came in. She cursed the baby princess and sentenced her to death on her 16th birthday by a spindlewheel. She left a trail of smoke and anxiety in her wake. One last fairy had yet to bestow a gift, and so she gave the little princess the gift of not dying but being put to sleep for a hundred years, or until she found true love's first kiss.

And here is where the tale deviates. In truth, this is what happens.

And so the years passed and Vyona turned sixteen and correctly pricked her finger on some spindle and falls asleep. No prince could save her no matter how many kisses they plant on her lovely lips, and the king and queen fell to despair.

One day, however, there came on a brilliant white stallion the most dashing prince there could be – insert mental image of Hugh Jackman, Robert Pattinson or whoever you fancy – and he rode right up to the castle, and asked that he might try for the princess's life. The royal parents waved lax hands, not expecting anything, although the queen Did raise a slight eyebrow at his sheer stunning looks.

Prince Alex went up the curving marble steps to the topmost floor where Vyona was sleeping, and went in. He stood there, chiselled face musing as he took in her lovely form, her soft lashes pressed gently against her faintly blushed skin, even in sleep, her untamed blond curls flowing over the silk pillows, and her hands folded demurely over her curving breasts.

Very quietly, he closed the door and locked it.

With soft steps, Alex crossed the distance from the door to the bed and stood watching Vyona sleep. Slowly, he sat down, took off his hat and placed it on the bedside table, leaning closer to the princess's face.

He looked at her beautiful lashes framing closed eyes, and wondered if she'd really wake. Leaning in, Alex pressed his lips against her petal soft mouth.

A few minutes passed. Nothing.

Alex leaned back. He eyed her quizzically, and was about to stand to leave when he caught sight of something. Her small hands folded across her breasts. He'd always had a thing for small hands. And what they covered was something that he had a thing for, as well.

A thought occurred to him and he smiled wickedly – perhaps, she was to be kissed elsewhere.

Leaning in, Alex took Vyona's hands and laid them by her side. Swiftly, with need now, he opened the buttons of her bodice and bared her soft breasts to him. Licking his lips, he pressed in to kiss her chin, and slowly move down over her jaw and neck. Biting gently on the delicious skin, he went lower and closed his lips over one nipple. A slight tremor went through Vyona's body – so faint he couldn't be sure – but he suckled slowly and with his other hand fingered her other breast. After kissing and licking and sucking at Vyona's breasts for a long time Alex lifted his head and studied her face.

Still no sign of movement.

Perhaps he had to delve deeper. Literally.

Smiling to himself Alex parted her skirts and unlaced them where they met her bodice – pressing the layers aside to reveal smooth skin. Thinking to himself – ah what does it matter – he took out his pocket knife and slit the smooth satin.

Finally he peeled away the layers of material and left the princess sleeping in all her nude glory. He found himself breathing slower when he let his eyes rest between her legs. Alex laid his hand on Vyona's breast, and very slowly, watching her face all the while, albeit with hooded eyes, let his hand trail down.

Over her stomach, her bellybutton,

And between her legs. He parted her, and gently brushed a finger over the nub that lay nestled between curls at the top of her center. Another tremor went through Vyona. Alex grinned boyishly. He slid his finger down her slit, and brushed it over her clit again. Vyona shuddered. To his amazement and slight amusement, considering her cursed condition, she was getting wet.

Alex rubbed her clit slowly, watching her face flush slightly, and slowly, torturously, inserted a finger into her. This time he could really feel the shudder pass through the princess.

Deciding that he was done playing, Alex leaning in, pressed his face to the sleeping beauty's legs, and very deliberately licked her.

Vyona bucked slightly in her sleep, and Alex grinned against her curls. Gently, wickedly, he licked firmly up her slit, curling his tongue around her clit and stroking it. At the back of his mind he realized that he was actually close to bursting his pants – he'd been so intent on the princess all this while that he'd neglected to remember himself.

He released himself from the confines of his pants and went on licking her, as if licking her clean while in fact making her wetter and wetter. Finally he slid two fingers into her and began fingerfucking her while stroking her clit with his tongue with startling rapidity. Her hips pushed into his face harder and harder and he heard a small moan as she came.

Licking his lips, Alex looked up.

Her eyes were fluttering, but she didn't seem to be awake yet. That must be some strong curse, he thought to himself. Frowning, he decided to push her the rest of the way, since he'd come this far.

Lifting himself on his arms, Alex kicked off his trousers, stripped himself of his shirt, and pressed his hips to Vyona's.

He groaned low in his throat when the blunt head of his cock pressed against her slick warmth. Biting his lip he pressed in a little, and nearly died when he felt her tightness clench around him. He pulled back, and pressed in a little more. The princess was now squirming slightly, her mouth falling open in a distressed dream.

Alex pulled back, and when the princess opened her eyes and looked straight at him with dark, lust filled eyes he lost it and slammed his hips all the way into her, past her resistance.

"Why hello princess." Alex murmured, smiling wolfishly as he pressed inside Vyona. Vyona looked up at him, then down at where they were joined.

"Hello. It's a little strange," she said, thoughtfully, "but, I had the weirdest most pleasurable dream."

"Trust me, princess," Alex leaned in to whisper in her ear, "this is not a dream."

He withdrew from her and thrust back in hard, slamming her against the headboard. The princess moaned and it set Alex into a frenzied pace, his eyes black, beyond comprehension, as he pounded into Vyona, pushing her across the sheets, her feet locked behind his back as he took her, and took her, and took her

Until they both came.

The end.

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