tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTwistominoes Game 01

Twistominoes Game 01


Many a risqué college game combines a simple innocuous element with horny co-eds to produce enjoyment for everyone involved and spectators too. I have devised this game in a similar fashion with a simple premise. What happens when you combine a crowd favourite like Twister and a non-favourite like Dominoes? Read on, dear reader, read on.

Twistominoes Game 1


Just a standard set of double-six dominoes. Pen and paper could be useful, but not necessary.


2-X. More players would make for a merry time, and would quickly ramp the difficulty level up. The bulk of the players won't make it past the second or third round.

Need for a game marshal:

Not necessary, though it would make it easier to coordinate the game and call people out when they lose. The first person out can easily be the marshal.


1. Mix the bag of dominoes.

2. Determine which body part the numbers 1-6 refer to. Clean versions would use more extremities like hair, ears, hands, elbows, shoulders, knees, and feet. Risqué versions may include lips, cheeks, necks, chests, inner thighs, etc. A pen and paper could be used to clearly define what each number references, or could be used to randomize the assignment of body parts.

3. Order the players in a row so that everyone knows whose turn is next. For ideal arrangement, the player genders should be alternating, though this is not a necessary limitation.

4. The first player starts in the middle of the room. He or she may stand, sit or perform any desired contortion, but standing is recommended for beginners.

Rules of the game:

A player (Player A) draws a tile from the bag and holds it horizontal. The next player (Player B) must perform the action stated on the tile. When the tile is held horizontal, the left number corresponds to the body part of A that must be connected to the body part of B referenced by the right number. It is B's responsibility to perform that connection. If it cannot be done, or if B breaks any previously made connections in the process, B is out and the next player C must make the connection.

The game carries on until there is only 1 player left.

What to do with blanks:

Blanks serve as a way to change existing connections. When a tile with a blank and a number is drawn, the player may remove a connection to the body part denoted by the number and should make a new connection with the same body part to any part of any player. It is particularly useful for escaping from a difficult position or for strategic placement.

Double blanks allow the player to break all connections to a single body part and make a new connection with that part.

Blanks also make the game more dynamic, so they may be removed from the bag before play for beginners.

On to the story!

Let me introduce you to my fortunate guinea pi... I mean intrepid demonstration crew. They are all suitably above 18 and have no baggage to interfere with the empirical execution of Twistominoes. Jake, Alan and Simon met Trisha, Gina and Mandy for the first time that day at some obscure camp in the middle of nowhere with naught to do but get into trouble.

Jake and Alan are tall and lanky, two or three inches past six feet. Jake is a blond, and Alan's hair is a plain chestnut. Simon is shorter but better built, having played some recreational sports in high school. Trisha is the smallest girl at 5'3", with black shoulder length hair inherited from her Asian mother. Gina is a taller blonde, perhaps on par with Simon for height. Having been raised on a ranch dealing with horses, she packs quite a bit of muscle in her wiry frame. Mandy is a comfortable 5'8" and a true redhead with a dash of freckles. It was a warm night so everyone was in shorts and T-shirts.

The story began with the six of them in a room flipping channels on a tiny TV with poor reception.

"There is nothing on, at least nothing that we can actually see," griped Trisha.

"Yeah, I guess when they said we'd have free time to do our own thing, they forgot to mention that we're stuck in the middle of nowhere with a crappy TV," Alan chimed in.

Jake got up and found a cupboard with a few musty board games. "They have Monopoly, Risk, Dominoes and Rummy."

"I hate Risk." Simon opined.

"Monopoly is boring." Gina piped up.

"That leaves us with Dominoes and Rummy? They're both the kind of games my grandpa would play!" groused Jake.

"I know what we can play!" Mandy stood, smiling. "Have you heard of Twistominoes?"

After explaining the rules of the game to them, the group lined themselves up alphabetically - Alan, Gina, Jake, Mandy, Simon, Trisha. Since it was their first play, Mandy set the numbers up comfortably. 1 - Head, 2 - Left Arm/Hand, 3 - Right Arm/Hand, 4 - Left Leg/Foot, 5 - Right Leg/Foot, 6 - Back. She took the blank tiles out of the bag, since this was going to be their first game she didn't want them to descend into chaos. Not yet.

"Everyone knows what to do? Alan, start us off."

Alan moved to the middle of the room and drew 6-6 from the bag. "Gina, you've got to go back-to-back." Gina moved herself into position. Alan was easily half a head taller than her. "Remember, if at any time, you lose that connection, you're out. You're allowed to make more connections if you need to maintain your backs touching." Mandy reminded them.

Gina reached into the bag and retrieved 3-6. "That could be complicated," remarked Jake. "So my back has to touch Gina's right hand? How about I stand here and she touches my back?"

"Of course," replied Mandy. Jake took his place half a foot from Gina and she plopped her hand on his shoulder. Mandy shrugged; her arm is touching Jake's back..

Jake drew 4-3 and Mandy laughed before kneeling and grabbing Jake's left leg. She got 5-2 out of the bag and Simon too knelt down to touch Mandy's right foot. At this point, he found Gina's thighs at eye level. He quickly looked away before Gina noticed. Drawing 3-5, he motioned Trisha over to his right side so he could touch her right foot. Trisha pondered a little and decided to face inward. It seemed logical to be facing the group.

"What's next?" asked Alan. "Here's where the fun begins," smiled Mandy. Trisha picked out 3-1 and reached out to touch the top of Alan's head with her right hand. She smiled, knowing it had been a wise decision to face him. Alan drew 4-6 and Gina stopped.

"So now my back needs to touch both his left leg and back?" "Yup!" replied Mandy. Gina thought about it a while and got Alan to take a half step back with his left foot. This essentially extended his left leg back enough for her to slide down a little and voila, she was in contact with both leg and back with her own back. She spread her legs slightly for support on both sides of Alan's extended leg. Simon chose that moment to look up and had to quickly look away again. He was in a perfect position to stare up her grey shorts.

Gina got 1-1 and she pulled Jake in so the sides of their heads touched. Jake extracted 6-5; Mandy needed to touch his back with her right leg or foot. Since she still needed to touch his left foot with her right hand, and keep her right foot to Simon's right hand, she got Simon to support her foot to touch Jake's back while she balanced on her left. Jake was tall too, so he graciously dipped a little to ease Mandy's stretch. He almost overcompensated when Gina reminded him that their heads needed to touch. They slowly moved into position, Jake moving back closer to Gina and lower towards Mandy's raised foot. They made it! Everyone let out a sigh of relief and a nervous giggle. What's next?

Mandy drew 3-3 - right arm to right arm. Her right arm was already occupied with Jake's ankle and Simon's right hand was on Trisha's right foot. The game was getting difficult. Since they were packed in closer now, Simon lifted Trisha foot and moved it over so his arm could touch Mandy's arm that was at Jake's ankle. They made the connection, albeit shakily. Trisha grabbed on to Simon's shoulder for balance with her free left hand. Simon realised that his current position now limits his surreptitious view of Gina, but opens Trisha up completely. In his kneeling position, his face is barely 6 inches from her open legs. Over to his left, Mandy had also got one leg up, her green shorts nicely tight over her butt.

He snapped himself out of it, picked 2-6 and laughed nervously. "You have to touch your back to my left hand, Trisha." Trisha looked down and followed his left shoulder to his left hand, currently supporting Mandy's right foot to Jake's back. "Wow, you certainly don't make it easy for me!" she remarked.

"Come on Trish, you can do it!" Gina cheered her on. Trisha took stock her precarious perch, balancing on her left foot. She was holding on a chunk of Alan's hair with her right hand and her right foot was all but tied up in the knot between Jake, Mandy and Simon. "Well, since half my body is already over there, I'll move over there completely." The group agreed that it was a good idea. She took a few tentative hops, stabilizing herself on Simon as she made her way over. Simon helped her cross him and decides to support Mandy's knee with his elbow so his left hand would be free to touch Trisha's back. Jake and Alan look back over their shoulders at the mess behind them and see Simon almost buried in Mandy's thigh as he supported both Mandy's right foot and Trisha's back with his left arm and Trisha's right foot with his right hand.

Damn lucky bastard, thinks Alan. Everything has gone downhill since the back-to-back with Gina. Now he was stuck facing outwards, balancing Gina on his back and leg and grousing about how fortunate Simon was. Simon was indeed thinking about his fortunes at the moment. Both Gina and Trisha were breathing-distance away from him and he marvelled at their toned legs. He could see her white panties through the legs of her blue shorts as they stretched wide above him.

Trisha could tell that Simon's gaze was flitting back and forth from the floor to her crotch. She shrugged it off. Games are meant to be played to win, and if Simon got a few lucky glimpses in the process, well, that was part of the game. "My turn!" she called out. "What's in it for me now?"

A 2-3 meant that she could not hold on to Simon for support, but instead needed to grab Alan's free right hand. Dropping her hand down between Gina and Jake, Alan met her halfway on his left side. Trisha has nice soft hands, he thought and he held on to her. "You've gotta help me keep my balance, Alan. If you move your head away or drop my hand, you're out!" Alan smiled, it wouldn't be so easy to get him out.

Alan drew 1-6 and Gina muttered under her breath. There is no way her back could stretch across Alan's leg, back and head! Rather than perform the impossible, she reluctantly opted to bow out. "What happens now?" asked Alan. "Well now that Gina is going out, anyone who is connected to Gina can let go." Gina was not entwined as much as the others, so she simply slipped herself out of the tangled mess and claps happily. "And then?" continued Jake. "You have to make the connection that Gina couldn't or you're out too." explained Mandy. "So I need to touch Alan's head with my back?"

"Wait a minute before you do that. I'm going to turn around so it's easier for me." Alan turned around slowly, making sure not to break the connection with Trisha. "Now I can support you easily." Trisha smiled her appreciation as Alan dipped lower to touch Jake's back with the side of his head. "Hope you washed your feet today, Mandy." Mandy wiggled her toes in front of his face and Alan faked a bite, eliciting her laugh.

"Now, now you two. Play nice!" Jake picked 5-5 from the bag. "Wow, my right foot to your right leg?" Mandy looked perplexed. "Well it's doable, but..." "What's matter, Mandy? Losing at your own game?" taunted Jake. What is she going to do, Simon wondered. Her right leg was on Jake's back and his elbow was locking her knee.

"Trish and Simon, you're going to have to lower a little so I can get up." Up? Simon and Trisha shrugged and complied. "I don't see how you're going to make it," remarked Trisha. "You'll see." Mandy promised.

Mandy picked herself off the floor, trailing her right hand along Jake's left side to the edge of his shorts as she stood up, sending shivers up his spine. Now standing on her left foot, she inched forward so her right thigh was connected to Jake's back and her right foot was hanging free. "Jake, take a step back with your right leg," she instructed. With his right leg extended backwards and a little more pushing, she managed to touch the back of his right thigh. "I've made it!" she crowed, the other five people looking on amazement.

"That's impressive," Gina clapped, the only one with free hands to do so. "This is picture worthy!" She declared, retrieving her cell phone from the couch. Before anyone could object, she had snapped two pictures of Mandy seemingly on Jake's back and Simon's arm wrapped around her thigh.

Mandy's turn revealed a 5-1 which meant that Simon needed to bring his head to Mandy's right leg. He had many options and chose to nestle his head at the small bit of exposed skin between her green shorts and his arm wrapped around her leg. Mandy suppressed a smirk. She knew he'd go for it. She considered wiggling her butt against his cheek but thought the better of it.

Simon's turn produced 2-4. Trisha needed to make her standing left leg connect with the over utilized left arm. Since his arm was entwined around Mandy's thigh and then her back, she knew that it was nigh impossible. But she wasn't going to give up so easily! "Simon, I want you to stretch down and touch my leg." "There's no way I can reach that far. I need to be in contact with your back or you're out." Trisha slid down his arm so her back was resting against Mandy's thigh and touching the inside of his upper arm. This brought her hip right up against his face and now his hand was free. But he couldn't reach low enough to grab her thigh.

"The leg goes all the way up to the butt right?" she asked Mandy. "Yes that would count," Mandy remarked innocently, even though she knew exactly what needed to be done and what Trisha would do. "Simon, rest your hand on my left cheek." Simon willingly complied, even giving her butt cheek a greeting squeeze. Trisha flinched, but didn't break any connections.

That exercise in contortion completed, Trisha drew 2-2 from the bag. Alan easily took her left hand in both hands. Alan picked 4-4 and shuffled his left foot over to Jake's. Jake got 4-1; Mandy needed to bring her head to the same left foot. Knowing that the impossible task had come, Mandy too bowed out. Simon seemed to be pouting as she extricated herself from the tangled web and he had to touch Jake's leg with his head.

"There are only 2 more tiles in the bag," noted Gina, who had taken more incriminating photos as Mandy was climbing out from Simon's grip. "Well we'll play to the end of the bag and then we'll take a break," Trisha decided for them all. "And since I'm the last girl standing, I should be the winner."

"We'll see," said Simon as he picked up 5-4. "There are still 2 more steps for you." "This one is easy. Simon, move your right foot over to my left." She crowed triumphantly as the last tile was 1-2. She shoved her head into Alan's left hand and they were done!

"Great job guys, we all survived Mandy's game." Alan clapped Jake on the back and gave Simon a mock punch. Next time, he'll be the lucky one, he swore.

"How did you guys find it?" Mandy smiled.

"I thought it was a great game!" remarked Simon. "I'm sure you did, you big perv!" Trisha exclaimed in mock horror.

"Let's take a break and play again!" Gina offered. No one was going to disagree.


If you liked this game and the story that came with it, please give it 5 stars. I've thought up variants and other ways to play it and I'm thinking of sequels. If you liked the game a lot, and want to try it out in real life, you may do so, but I reserve all rights to the game and the concepts behind it. If you'd like to write a story involving your own characters or even some of mine, please do so with a mention or reference to this story/article.

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