tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTwistominoes Game 02

Twistominoes Game 02


This is a continuation of events from Twistominoes Game 1, so if you should read that if you haven't yet. The rules of this game are described there, and I will only cover the variant that our plucky demonstration team will use in this second game. If you're ready, read on dear reader, read on.

Twistominoes Game 2

Variant Rule: Scoring

Twistominoes can be played with scores and players may choose to complete or fail each challenge. Each number and corresponding body part is given a score. When a player completes the challenge, they will get a score based on the difficulty of the play. If the player chooses to pass on the challenge, they will lose the same points they would have earned. This will encourage each player to complete their challenge for each missed opportunity comes with a hefty cost.

Back to the story!

Just five minutes prior, Alan, Gina, Jake, Mandy, Simon and Trisha finished their first game of Twistominoes. Trisha had claimed victory since she was the last girl standing even though all three guys had survived. They took a break, but now they were itching to play again, though no one wanted to be the first to voice it out.

Gina was the first to speak up. "I'm ready for the next round, but I'd like to propose a change to the rules." Everyone was attentive before she finished her first sentence. "Why don't we play with points instead of dropping out? We can choose to perform it, or choose to pass. Harder plays means more points."

"Good idea. Arms can be 1 point; legs can be 2 and the head and back should be worth 3 points." Jake offered.

"We should also include the difficulty from both players. So arm to arm would be worth a total of 2 points, while a foot to head should be worth two plus three so five points." Gina continued and everyone nodded in agreement.

"To make this even more of a competition, we shouldn't be helping other players out." Mandy's eyes seemed to be smiling as if she had something up her sleeve. "In the last game, we were accommodating each other. This time, whatever position we stop at will be the position that the next player needs to conform to." The group shrugged their acquiescence.

"I think we should change six to body instead of only the back." Alan chimed in. He didn't want to be trapped facing the wrong way all game this time. No one had any violent objections. Simon was already thinking about rubbing up against some of the girls.

They set their numbers up and got ready to play: 1 - Left Arm, 2 - Right Arm, 3 - Left Leg, 4 - Right Leg, 5 - Head, 6 - Body. This would mean that 1s and 2s would be worth a point, 3s and 4s two points and 5s and 6s worth three points.

Standing in the middle of the room again, Alan drew the first tile for Gina. 6-1 meant Gina had to place her left arm on Alan's body. She opted to stand parallel to him and placed her palm on his sternum. Alan wasn't as well built as Simon, but right then he was happy for his flat tummy. At 6'3", he was the tallest of the guys, an inch taller than Jake and half a foot taller than Gina.

Her pick was 2-3 and Jake brought up the first question of their game. "So if I need to touch her hand with my foot, can I get her to help me hold it up or do I need to balance it myself?" The group thought about it and decided that it would be safer for Gina to hold it up, though he would be responsible for his balance. Since Jake was also tall, he held on to Alan's shoulder for support and raised his left leg to hook on Gina's waiting arm. "I'll balance on my right so you won't have to carry the weight of my leg." Gina smiled her appreciation.

Jake got 4-4, so Mandy stood facing his right side so their feet touched. She knew better than to face away from the scrum. Her tile was 3-3, so Simon stood on her left side in the same manner. Mandy obviously knew how best to play the game.

"How are we keeping score? So far we've all been really successful." Trisha asked before Simon drew her tile. "We could do a mental sum. They're not big numbers and we're all college students. So far we've all got 4 points except for Jake with 3." replied Gina. "Alan hasn't scored a point yet." "It's coming up shortly," he remarked in his defence.

Simon picked 4-3 from the bag, another leg to leg combo. Trisha stood directly behind Mandy so that Simon's both feet were touching the girls' left feet. Her turn produced the first of what could be many challenges. A 1-4 meant that Alan needed to get his right foot into Trisha's left hand without extra help. However, they were at opposite ends of the group. "I'm allowed to modify any of my connections to make my way there right?" He moved Gina's hand from his belly to his back so he could snake his right leg around Jake and Mandy to where Trisha's hand was. Precarious as it was, he completed it with a sigh of relief. "That was a hard-fought three points!" The back of his knee was resting on Mandy's hip as it turned around her, but Mandy didn't mention anything.

Gina laughed in delight when Alan drew 6-2, right hand on body. She moved Jake foot over so she could put her other hand on Alan's side. Jake wobbled slightly but stoically kept his balance. Another easy four points for her.

Jake groaned when she pulled 1-5. With his left foot perched up on Gina's right arm, he couldn't bring his head to get to her left arm on Alan's side. With his right foot immobile, he decided it wouldn't be feasible to lean forward into her arms and put all his weight on her. If he chose to pass on the challenge, he would have to subtract 4 points from his current total of 3. Unless... "So if I can't get you to move for me, can I physically move you?" he asked Gina. "I don't want to be the first player to have a negative score!"

"I think as long as you don't make the other person move their connections, it should be fine? What do you guys think?" Trisha coined in. "So as long as her hands on me stay in the same place, Jake can move her forward and backward since her feet are still free?" "I think that's fair," replied Gina. "What do you need me to do?"

"I need you to come forward so I can put my head near your left elbow." Gina closed the gap between her and Alan and Jake could bring his knee closer to his chest. Jake tried resting his forehead on her forearm near Alan's back. "It's hard to balance, but if I hold on to Alan, I think I'll be alright. Are you okay Gina?"

"Umm, yes..." came her tentative response. Alan turned his head around and found his eyes two inches from her left breast. "Wow, this place comes with a view," he remarked cheekily. "If I had a free hand, I'd hit you," warned Gina. "I believe you, please be nice to me."

Gina was very nice indeed, Jake thought to himself. A true blonde at 5'10", Jake was glad she was tall. This would have been a miserable if he had to do it with Trisha. Gina was darker from spending time in the sun, but not very much so. All that work out at her parents' ranch meant she had such a good muscle tone. Right now, the muscles that had Jake's attention were her breasts. No beating around the bush there - she had nice breasts. Not as big as Mandy's seemed to be, but at least a 34, probably 36 from his vantage point. He could see the outline of the lace toppings on her bra through her white cotton T-shirt. Her T-shirt was opaque for the most part, but he could have sworn that her nipple had hardened under his scrutiny. His cock twitched in response.

Gina forced herself to take long calm breaths. She hadn't had a boy so close to her before, not counting Tommy from next door. Even though she was trying to deny it, Jake's proximity was making her feel uncomfortable, but in a good way. As he gazed unabashedly at her breast, she wondered if he could see her nipples straining against her bra and T-shirt. The thought of it only served to compound the problem, causing them to protrude even more.

Jake suppressed a grin at Gina's expense and selected 2-5 for Mandy. Easy! She put her head on his right shoulder. "Don't lean too much," warned Jake, "I'm in a pretty precarious position." "You'll be just fine," Mandy smirked as she drew 6-4 - her body to Simon's right leg.

Simon opted to slide his right foot up Trisha's leg and touch Mandy's back with his knee. Trisha laughed and mentioned that it was ticklish, but didn't complain much. For her, Simon had 5-5. "Simon, you'll have to come down a little. I'm quite a bit shorter than you." "Maybe you need to come up a little," he taunted. "Whoa, don't forget my foot," reminded Alan, his foot in her left hand. Trisha moved herself towards Simon and reached up with her right hand to pull his head closer so the tops met. "There, done!"

Her draw revealed 4-2. Alan stretched best he could and barely touched her right leg. "You've got to keep it there," warned Mandy. "I know," he muttered in response. Another good stretch and he managed to get a grip on Trisha's thigh. "This was easier when we helped each other." "Yes, but harder is more fun!"

They took a breather to tally their scores. Alan now had 6, Gina had 8, Jake had 7, Mandy 8, Simon 9 and Trisha was ahead with 10. "The two heads were the clincher! That was an easy 6 points," she exclaimed.

He brought out 4-5 and Gina let out a sigh of frustration. "I can't get my leg up to touch your head, not with Jake in the way!" "Then lose the 5 points!" laughed Simon. Gina growled, but had little choice. She was down to 3.

Jake had to forfeit as well when she drew 4-5. He didn't want to move his head from its wonderful place. He had unintentionally started to slide down her forearm and was now close enough to see his breath fluttering against her T-shirt. He was also certain that the stirring he had seen before was her nipple subconsciously reacting. Her body was also having a similar effect on him, his erection beginning to take full form.

Gina wondered how long she would take the mix of humiliation and arousal before she bowed out. A little longer, she decided as she felt her nipples harden again. She could feel a heat building in her loins; surely she wasn't getting wet!

Jake produced 6-6 and Mandy quickly moved in for the kill. With her head still on his shoulder, she leaned in and pressed her breasts against Jake's side. Jake jerked with the sensation, and that drove his face right into Gina's breast. She gasped she felt his nose, his open mouth, his hot breath on her. She too flinched in shock, her right hand slipping down Alan's side to stop at his hip. She almost lost her grip on his back if she didn't grab on to his T-shirt.

Gina's state of arousal doubled instantly and she felt the first bit of dampness between her legs. Jake quickly drew back and apologised quietly before anyone else noticed what had transpired, but the damage was done. There was a wet spot where his open mouth had collided with her breast and it was conspicuously situated at her nipple. Her cotton top happily absorbed the liquid and she was sure Jake could see through the wet material.

Jake couldn't decide which was best, Mandy's breasts against his right side, the accidental collision with Gina's breast or the now-translucent area right at her nipple. He could feel Mandy's full breasts moving against him as she breathed and that got his nether regions to full attention. He was suddenly so grateful he went to this camp and that there wasn't anything good on television.

Alan heard the brief commotion behind him and noticed Gina's renewed grip on his T-shirt and wondered what was going on behind him, but once again, he was facing outward. Damn!

Mandy picked out 1-2 and Simon took Mandy's left hand with his right. He selected 2-2 and Trisha's right hand joined in. Alan had to forego Trisha's 6-5, though the thought of pressing his face into her chest was worth losing the game over.

Mandy was now leading the pack with 14 points, ahead of Trisha and Simon at 12 and 11 respectively. Gina had dropped to 3, Jake to 2. Alan's chances of winning were negligible at 0. He had lost all his points because he couldn't reach Trisha.

"There are only 3 tiles left," remarked Alan as he felt the contents of the bag. "That won't be fair because Simon, Trisha and I won't get our turns."

"Since you're losing, what do you propose?" Mandy asked.

"Let's do it this way. We'll draw the tiles and all of us need to perform that action. It's a chance for all of us to get points, or lose a whole bunch," he suggested.

"Sure. That sounds fair." Trisha had not given up on winning this round too.

"Ready? Let's go!" Alan drew 3-1 and there was a quick flurry of action to touch left legs to left arms. Simon was the first to react, pulling Mandy's left hand down to his left hip. "3 points," he shouted enthusiastically. Alan was the first to pronounce defeat. His left leg was too far away from Trisha's left side. Trisha winked at Simon and he willingly brought his left hand to rest on her left hip, an easy 3 points for her too.

Jake could not move his left leg anywhere so he took the loss like a man. He then quickly moved his left arm over his head, well out of reach of Mandy. She didn't seem too upset about and graciously lost the 3 points. Gina kicked her left foot out and Alan caught it on his left side. This new angle brought Jake's face back within breathing range of her breast, but she was already wet and didn't care. 2 more tiles and she could excuse herself.

"That round went well," remarked Alan. "The next one is... 1-1!"

Jake quickly brought his free left arm to Gina's. Gina's left hand was gripping Alan's shirt to balance the weight of Jake's head and couldn't move. Alan had committed to holding Gina's leg the round before and was equally immobile. Mandy wasn't getting these points either. Trisha moved her left hand over to her hip where Simon had placed his hand. Easy points again. Simon leaned sideways to touch his elbow to his hip where Mandy's left and Trisha's right hands were.

"Last one, everyone hold on! 3-6!" Alan shouted.

How would they move their bodies to touch each other's left foot? Alan, Jake, Simon, Gina, Mandy and Trisha all knew it was futile.

"Are we done then?" Gina needed to get away from Jake's hot mouth. His breathing was making her flustered and she was beginning to feel faint. "Let's tally the scores before we break," Trisha exclaimed. "Well I'm at -1," replied Gina. "I'm at -4!" returned Jake. "Probably the lowest score." "Shouldn't Alan be lowest? I'm at 11." Simon thought aloud. "Nope, I actually have -2 now, so I beat Jake." "I've 4 points. I was ahead early, but a bunch of left hands and feet were impossible for me."

"I won again!" crowed Trisha. "I've 12 points!"

With the scores tallied, the group unravelled gingerly. Jake's leg was numb from being raised for so long. His groin was also numb from over-stimulation. He hoped no one noticed the extent of his arousal. Mandy took her time moving away from him, and seemed to be deliberately rubbing against his side. He thought nothing of it, his eyes following Gina as she took off to the washroom in a hurry, possibly to avoid questions about her wet spot on her T-shirt he thought. He watched her bound away, admiring her grey shorts and toned calves. Lucky me!

Gina blushed as she escaped. She could feel Jake's eyes boring into her back as she closed the door to the washroom behind her. She peeled off her shorts and stared at the damp spot in the middle of her panties. She let out a long breath, and screwed her eyes tight as if to imagine the offending evidence away. Jake was quite a handsome guy and this game had brought them a little too close for comfort. Maybe she ought to talk to him after and see what he thought of her? Nah that would be awkward!

Simon was slightly upset at the uneventful game. Maybe he could convince them all to play again? He believed the main problem was that they were all standing and it was hard to reach around everyone. If the starting person began by sitting on the floor, everyone would need to get closer. And closer meant more contact. The possibilities would be limitless.


All rights reserved.

If you like how this is turning out, please vote favourably for it! Once again, you're free to play this game in real life. Write up a story of your adventures! If you would like to use this game in your own story, don't forget to make a reference to Twistominoes Game 1.

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