tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTwistominoes Game 03

Twistominoes Game 03


Please read Games 1 and 2 for the rules of this game called Twistominoes. There is no big rule change in this game, only a change to their game strategy. If you're ready for a little more accidental contact, read on dear reader, read on.

Twistominoes Game 3

Another five minutes have passed since the second game, and our group of college students are getting more worked up. Alan is still looking forward to a more involved game having been poorly placed in the first two games. Simon got fresh with Mandy and Trisha in the first game, but had an uneventful second game. The last game was all about Jake and Gina, or at least Gina hoped no one had noticed. Jake had been literally pushed past the borderline and had momentarily gotten Gina's clothed breast into his mouth.

"Gina, are you alright?" Mandy asked her through the closed washroom door. "Just fine," came the reply. "You've been in there a while."

Gina stood before the mirror, staring at her flushed reflection. "Stay calm, Gina, be cool." After psyching herself up and making sure the wet spot at her left nipple had faded, she exited the washroom to find the other five hanging around the couch area talking. Was it her, or was there a nervous tension in the air?

"Are you feeling alright Gina?" Jake asked. She felt a flutter in her tummy and wondered what was behind his smile. "Yes, much better. So what are we doing now?"

"I think we should play it again," volunteered Simon. He wanted to get back into the game. All this stalling for time was not helping his game plan.

"I'm up for another round," quipped Mandy. "Though I think we should mix it up a bit more. I think Alan's bored of starting us out."

Alan made a big show of rolling his eyes to express his boredom and Trisha giggled. Alan always got into lousy positions because he started first and couldn't reach Trisha afterward. Perhaps a chance would be nice. Trisha's gaze flittered from Alan to Jake and then to Simon. Simon was the shortest guy, maybe half a foot shorter than Alan, but still half a foot taller than her. She could blame her mother's Asian genes for being so predominant. Not that she could really complain.

Trisha had a really good mix of genes. She received her mother's dark hair, fair skin and small stature, but her father's bright grey eyes and nose. She was glad not to get her mother's thin lips too. She kept fit with volleyball and was in the college team. She got her mother's temper and her father's demand for perfection. That drove her and she made no excuses for them

"I liked the mass chaos at the end of the last game. We should do that after each of us have taken our turn, before the next round." Everyone agreed that Trisha's idea was great. "We'll all go once, and then we'll all do the group play."

"How about we score no points for the group play, but we can connect with anyone we like? This way, it'll make more connections between multiple people rather than just a circle." Mandy offered.

They threw out a few more ideas before deciding that talking about the game wasn't as fun as actually playing it.

The new changes they decided on were:

1. They would each pick a tile to decide the order in which the play would go. The player with the largest number would go first, followed by the next largest, etc.

2. They would put all the tiles back into the bag after each round, i.e. after all players and before the group play. This was decided so that they wouldn't pick the same tile in a single round, though it may show up again in group play, but the game could continue on for longer because they wouldn't run out of tiles. No one wanted to limit the number of rounds they were going to play.

3. The group play would not be scored, as per Mandy's suggestion. The simple purpose of the group play was to further compound the connections. They would work as a group to make sure that everyone got connected.

4. A player could opt to lose 10 points to break an existing connection. If a connection was inadvertently broken, it would be a penalty of 5 points if it were reconnected. If it was left broken, it would be the full 10 points.

They kept the same number arrangement and scoring:

1 & 2 - Left & Right arm, worth 1 point.

3 & 4 - Left & Right leg, worth 2 points.

5 & 6 - Head & Body, worth 3 points.

After randomly picking out tiles, their new order was Simon, Mandy, Alan, Trisha, Jake, Gina.

"Okay Simon, start us off!"

Simon could not believe his luck. He already knew what he wanted to do if he were to start first. He moved to the center of the room and sat down on the carpet. Mandy smiled knowingly. Trisha was the first to speak up. "That would change a lot of dynamics." Gina looked around nervously and saw that Jake was looking at her. She looked away quickly as if his brown eyes could read her thoughts.

Jake admired Gina unabashedly. He thought she was enticing, all aqua eyes and long blonde hair. He had checked if the damp spot at her nipple had dried, and it had. That had been awkward and random and strangely erotic. She'd probably think I'm nuts or crazy or something. He brought himself back to the game.

Mandy had been dealt 4-4 and now sat on Simon's right side so they were facing each other and their legs were touching on the outside. She in turn produced 5-6 so Alan knelt down facing her so he could rest her head on his chest. Trisha was just moving into place with a 1-1; she opted to shake Alan's left hand and sat cross-legged on the opposite side of Mandy with Alan's outstretched arm hanging over Mandy's head.

She drew 5-4 and Jake was the first player who chose to stand. He placed himself on Trisha's left so she could lean against his thigh. His draw was a 1-5 so Gina had to touch his head with her left hand. Fortunately he wasn't too tall, but she was forced to stand as well. She picked 3-5 and Simon had to reposition himself to reach her left leg. It wasn't far, but because he started off sitting, he would have to change his sitting position to get there.

He stood up and making sure not to break the connection between his right foot and Mandy's right leg, he sat down in front of Jake and next to Trisha with his knees bent and feet between Mandy's knees. Once he was comfortable, he placed his head on Gina's left thigh.

"That was a pretty fast round!" remarked Alan. "Yeah, we're getting good at this!" Mandy pointed out as they tossed their tiles back into the bag for the next round. "Simon, what's our group play challenge?" "1-4" came the reply. "Left arm, right leg."

Simon grabbed Mandy's ankle since it was already under his legs on his left side. Mandy rested her left palm on Trisha's knee. Alan leaned forward and lowered his hand to touch Trisha's ankle so he didn't have to move. "That's cheating!" Trisha exclaimed. "Not at all," Alan replied. "That's just convenient."

Trisha decided to slide over so her elbow could touch Simon's raised knee. Since Trisha had to lean over to reach Simon's knee, Jake had to come down more. He chose to sit facing Simon's back and touched Gina's left knee. Gina had no choice since her hand was stuck to Jake's head. She sat down next to Jake and he raised his knee so she could prop her arm between his right knee and his head.

"Gosh that was hard," remarked Gina. "You look like you're pretty uncomfortable over there Trisha." "You're in a pretty similar predicament," Trisha noted.

Simon drew 3-6 and Mandy grabbed his left foot under his right knee to rest on her belly. "No tickling!" she warned. Alan had to think when he saw the 4-1 that Mandy picked. He lowered his arm even more so that his elbow now rested against Mandy's thigh. Mandy had to move her head around so it was on his back. This in turn moved Simon's foot lower so he was barely connected to her belly with his toes. No one seemed to notice or comment but Simon felt a slight stir of excitement. His toes were less than two inches away from the crotch of Mandy's green shorts. He wondered what kind of panties she wore, having seen Trisha's whites earlier.

Mandy had noticed, of course. She made no show of it, but the thought of Simon's foot dipping lower made her quiver with anticipation. The game had to go on though. Maybe she'd be dealt something good later.

Alan retrieved 5-5 and Trisha muttered under her breath. Being stuck to Jake's right knee, she couldn't move over to touch Alan's head. "Alan, you owe me for this one." Even in defeat she was fiery.

She produced 6-4 for Jake and he moved in closer to her so his rose right knee would be under her armpit. He picked 2-6 and Gina put her right hand on his shoulder. Shoulder is pretty much body, she reasoned. No one seemed to argue.

"I think we should be allowed to drop a connection if we already have two on it and we get a third." Gina suggested. "Yeah, I've got three links to my left arm. I wouldn't mind letting go of Trisha's hand so we can both stretch back." Everyone agreed that the game was getting much harder with so many connections. They decided that when a third connection is needed, the first connection will be dropped.

Alan and Trisha cheered when they released their handshake. He still had to keep his hand on her ankle, and her elbow was still on Simon's knee, but at least they had some breathing room. Mandy could remove Simon's right leg from under her knee, but since neither of them had anywhere to go, they left it there.

Gina finally removed her hand from Jake's head and moved her hand to his knee. She caught herself staring as he shook his head to release the tension in his neck. She was surprised that she had never met him before today. Their campus was pretty big, and they hadn't introduced themselves much apart from their names.

Her draw produced 1-5! "That can't be fair; I just had this last round!" she complained. "Don't worry, my head can't be in two places at once," Simon comforted her, his head propped against her knee. "I'll forfeit this round."

"Ready for the group play? It is, drum roll please, 6-2, déjà vu." Simon said as he displayed the tile. "We should make a new connection even if you are currently connected in this fashion," he continued, pointedly at Gina who stuck her tongue out at him.

Trisha put her right hand on Mandy's left shoulder. Alan's right hand went to Mandy's right side.

Mandy wrapped her arm around Alan's waist since her head was still against his chest; it seemed like the smart thing to do. This pulled him even lower and closer so her head rested on his right shoulder blade. He was stuck with his elbow to her right thigh and hand

Jake placed his hand on Trisha's back. Gina decided that she would also reach for Trisha's back since Jake was sitting next to her. She brought her hand from Jake's shoulder and across his chest to reach Trisha, but she was blocked by her own knees. Jake's left hand was still resting on her knee and Simon's head was on her other knee. She knew she had to change position to reach. She motioned to Jake and Simon that she needed to move and she rotated onto her knees with her left hand propped on Jake's knee. With her move complete, she could now stretch across Jake's chest - why did it have to be so wide? - to touch Trisha's back.

Mission completed, Gina let out a short breath. She tried to ignore the fact that Simon was now resting the back of his head against Gina's left butt cheek and Jake's hand was on the back of her right thigh. Her position put her dangerously close to Jake and she could hear his breathing. She could feel the rise and fall of his chest as the memory of his hot breath against her breast came flashing back. She wondered if she was playing with fire, coming up so close to him again.

His hand looked huge next to hers, she thought. Whatever she was thinking about disappeared in a flash as she felt Simon's hand on her belly. She jumped in shock. "Sorry, there's no where else to go," chuckled Simon, stretching his fingers wide across her belly.

Jake watched in bemusement at Gina's reaction. Her position seemed rather compromising, but as long as she was comfortable with it, he wasn't going to stop her. If there were someone behind her, they would have had a perfect view of her shapely ass, well framed by her grey shorts. No one else had a better view of it than him. He could see the outline of her panties through the thin material of her shorts and he wondered if it were lacy like her bra. Maybe they were a matching set? He couldn't see her hanging breasts since she was too close, but he imagined them moving rhythmically as she breathed. All these thoughts were building a fire in his loins which he carefully hid with his raised knee.

On the other side of the scrum, Alan could see the lovely breasts in question. He wished to have a girlfriend with such a beautiful body, but he hadn't much luck so far. His major was in software programming and it was dominated by dudes, with the occasional nerdy girl. None of them would hold a candle to Gina, Mandy and Trisha.

"Are we all good? Let's carry on. Mandy, 3-4." Simon picked his tile.

Mandy's right leg was free so she flicked it back towards Simon's thigh. His left foot had slipped all the way to the floor by now, and was barely touching the tops of her shorts, but when she brought her leg in, it shifted his foot inward until three of his toes were rammed up against her crotch. Simon's eyes widened and he nervously looked to Mandy to see if she was going to scream, but to his surprise, she simply gave him a mysterious smile. "Okay, my turn. Alan, you've got 6-6."

"That's easy considering we're pretty much already touching." He pointed out. "Yes, but we don't want to break the connection. You'd lose 10 points remember."

She jerked forward, jutting her chest forward to solidify the connection. This drove her breasts into Alan's side and surreptitiously forced Simon's foot deeper into the crotch of her shorts. Alan and Simon nearly died and went to heaven. Alan could feel her 38Ds in high definition, and knew the tent in his shorts was not a roll of quarters. Simon's breath got caught in his throat and he nearly choked. He imagined his big toe would be positioned right up against her clit, with his other toes touching her pussy. What would happen if he wiggled his toes a little?

Mandy shivered as Simon moved ever so slightly. The boy must be dense, she thought. It took him quite a long time to get the picture. She had been on edge since the first game, but since the others had never played it before, she couldn't just jump right in. She rubbed against Alan's side with the pretext of taking a deep breath and enjoyed the way he tittered. With her arm around his back, she could always accidentally lose her balance and bring him crashing down on her. That would be nice. She shifted her hips so Simon's toe was right where she wanted it and closed her eyes in pleasure as she felt her panties grow moist.

Alan's voice was a little shaky as he announced his tile "5-2." Trisha's right arm was already on Mandy's shoulder so she reached up and touched his head. He brought his head closer, and found himself staring right into Mandy's deep cleavage. That brought his erection to full strength and he hoped no one would notice, or if they did, he hoped they wouldn't mention it!

Trisha didn't say a thing and carried on with the game, focused as she was. 6-5 meant that Jake had to put his head on Trisha's back. Since he had put his hand on her back first, it meant that he could remove it, while Gina had to remain there. He pondered awhile, and then placing his arm on the floor for support, he snaked his head under Gina's arm and placed it on Trisha's shoulder.

This placed his face directly in front of Gina, neither of them allowed to move from it. He could have chosen to go further away, but he liked this position. Gina tried to look away, but found herself trapped by his gaze, like a doe held rapt by the stare of a lion. "You're deliberately making this difficult," she hissed quietly at him. "Yes I am," he replied under his breath. "And now it's your turn, 5-5," he continued, louder.

"You planted that," she whispered furiously. "I didn't, but I'm glad it came out just this moment," he returned.

"So are you guys going to get on with it? You're already only two inches apart." Trisha cut in, oblivious to Gina's discomfort.

Gina opted to connect them with their right cheeks. It was getting harder for her to stay calm. His left hand was on her right thigh and had moved higher to the edge of her shorts. Her left hand was balanced on his knee and her other arm was wrapped around his neck. His breath was hot in her ear and she couldn't think straight. She felt the butterflies in her tummy dance beneath Simon's palm. The moistness in her panties was coming back as Jake breathed at her ear.

Jake breathed in the scent of her hair. She smelt as gorgeous as she looked. His incident with her breast may have been an accident, but this time, he had played his moves deliberately. What did she think of it, of him? Would he scare her off?

Gina quickly drew a tile for Simon so the game would carry on. 1-3. Simon wasn't going to move his left leg from its wonderful location, so he quickly forfeited.

"Has anyone been keeping score?" Trisha asked. "I'm at an even 0, so I'm not winning this round."

Gina and Jake could care less about their points, but they had 14 and 16. Alan had 15, Mandy 13 and Simon was at -2 for giving up all his challenges to keep his prized position.

"Shall we do another round?" asked Mandy. "I've an idea to make it even more exciting."

How could it get any more exciting than this, Simon wondered. Making sure no one was watching, he wiggled his toes hard against Mandy's crotch and smiled to himself when the seam started to show signs of dampness. He knew it! The horny slut had wet herself. He suddenly felt very virile and powerful, the growing wet patch on Mandy's shorts a monument to his abilities.

Gina couldn't focus on what Mandy was saying. Jake's hand, hidden from everyone's view, was now mobile. It made its way lazily down her thigh, then caressed its way back up. She buried her face into his neck and let out a soft moan as her nipples peaked in excitement. I don't even know him, her mind cried as she involuntarily twitched her hips.

Alan couldn't fathom a more exciting way to play the game. He had been staring down Mandy's top for a long time and it had taken a lot of concentration not to drool. She had an impressive rack, and his cue stick and balls were a raging testament to their beauty.

"I'm game, what's your idea?" Trisha piped up, the only non-preoccupied player.

"We turn off the lights." That got everyone's attention.


All rights reserved.

If you liked it, please give me a 5. If you want to play this game or write a story with it, please give me the proper credit and link to the first game.

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