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Twists and Turns


Twists and Turns: Over, Under, Sideways, Down,...Backwards, Forwards, Screwed Around.

We had been emailing each other for over two years since we met on line and had become friends,...as much as one can without ever actually meeting. Indeed, we had even spoke about the possibility of a mutual let-down if we did actually meet due to what our minds had conjured up about one another versus reality. In addition, we had first met on a web site catering to men meeting men and doing so under highly sexual circumstances. However, reservations aside, we decided to take the plunge and meet one late Spring day.

Since we lived a couple hours apart, we decided to meet somewhere in between. After some thought, I suggested the park near the Mercer Arboreum near Spring, TX. I had been there years before and remembered that the park had numerous trails and secluded private spots hidden among the trees, perfect for a private picnic. We agreed and planned to make a picnic outing of the afternoon. We decided upon a menu of several types of cheese and each would bring along some finger sandwiches of their choosing, as well their choice of something to drink. We decided to meet around 12pm and described each other's vehicles so we would readily recognize one another.

On the drive there, many thoughts went through my mind and I suspect, the same happened to you.

"Would we get along in person even though we did via email?"

"Would our inhibitions take over and would we suddenly find that we had little in common in person?"

Hell, I even thought about meeting someone and just being repelled by their smell. Not that it was bad, but maybe I just didn't like their cologne or the type of soap they showered with,...who knows? As an anecdote, let me describe "Sandy". Yes, she was a woman who was fairly attractive. Even after a shower using Ivory soap she had a way too sweet smell to her. It repelled me. She also liked pain. During sex, she wanted me to twist her nipples,...I mean hard to the point I was uncomfortable. I was just not comfortable doing that. The point being is that there are some things I am just not into.

About 15 minutes before arriving, I began thinking about whether or not I should wear my cock rings. I kept several in my truck and decided, "Yeah, why not?" and reached into my console and retrieved three of them. Cruising down Rte 59, I opened the button fly of my sweat pants and pulled out my cock and balls.

As anyone knows who has ever worn a cock ring, there is a certain trick to putting one on, let alone three. Of course, if they are too big, they will simply fall off unless one is erect. I had found that my best fit was 2 and a quarter inches diameter. Once on, they didn't overly restrict my blood flow even when erect, but stayed on when I wasn't.

That said, one has to pull one ball through at a time (at least I do because I have big balls,...about the size of large eggs), and then follow it with the other,...then slip the tip of one's flaccid cock through what is left,...hopefully,...and necessarily, while not being erect. Add to those facts was the added challenge of now doing it with one hand while driving down the freeway at 70 mph and it's a significant challenge!

I managed to get my balls through all three rings (two chrome and one gold) with a little effort, but my cock had become partially engorged in the process. As luck would have it, I had slowed down a bit and traffic was beginning to pass me. I quickly pulled my shirt tail down to cover my exposed cock and balls as several vehicles and two tractor trailers passed by. One has to be wary of those tractor trailer drivers since they have such a high vantage point.

After they passed, I quickly reached down with both hands, allowing my truck to steer itself in a straight stretch of road and pulled my now less engorged cock through the three rings. Then after correcting my steering, I reached down and fully pulled my balls and cock fully through, paying special attention to all loose skin underneath my ball sack. That helps keep them on, by the way. Success!

Not wanting to yet cover up, I left my cock and balls lay outside my pants and slowly began to masturbate. I often do that while driving any distances. I think that serves two hidden agendas,...break the boredom of a long drive because I tend to edge myself, but more importantly, it creates a mental situation that I "might be seen", but not seen,...but that I'm secretly getting away with something only feet away from other non-suspecting people as they drive past. Oddly, I find that there is something exciting about that. No, I'm not a flasher or anything close to that. It's the "danger or risk" of getting caught that excites me, I suppose.

Anyway, back to the story,...

I drove into the parking lot and almost immediately spotted your car,...a red BMW Mini. You had recently told me that your had traded in your Honda and bought one. I had mentioned that I fell in love with them after seeing the movie, "The Italian Job".

There was a parking space next to you and I quickly turned into it. There was a brief and awkward moment as we each studied each other for a moment, but that was followed by broad smiles.

We both exited are vehicles at the same,...then a big hug at rear bumpers..

Breaking the silence, I asked what you had brought along and we each retrieved our coolers. I pointed to a trail and we began to walk down it.

We "chit-chatted' along the way,...mostly about things we had done many times before via email. Along the path, we passed several groups of people,...a family, at first,..a male/female couple lying on a blanket kissing and completely oblivious to us passing, and then a group of 5 younger looking guys (early 20's, possibly college kids) playing Frisbee.

As we passed the last group, we heard a guy yell, "HEADS UP!" You attempted to catch an errant Frisbee but missed and it rolled off into the bushes along the path. You went to retrieve it and were about to toss it back when one young, tall, slim guy ran up, saying,

"Hey, Thanks,...my name is Rick. What are yours?" To which we both simultaneously replied,

"Mike and Ray,...No problem", as we turned and continued on.

I began to recall the paths from the last time I had been there and recognized one that I remembered led to a very secluded opening. The path was overgrown by now, but I knew it was there. You followed me single-file as I wandered up the path. There were several twists and turns along the path. If one didn't know it was there, they wouldn't be able to find it.

Eventually, we reached an opening in the forest canopy. It was about a 20 foot wide grassy lea with no tree limbs above, which allowed the sun to freely shine down and was 60 feet from the main trail. Since it was off the beaten path, it was very private.

"This is it", I said, ...and turned around to expose my cock and balls hanging outside my buttoned sweats. Honestly, I had somewhat planned doing the same. Yes, it was a bold move,...but I had been working myself up since leaving my home.

Your initial reaction seemed one of shock, and I suddenly felt stupid, but in a single moment, your eyes narrowed, a coy smile crossed your face, and you stepped forward and took my cock and balls in both of your hands. One hand held my cock while the other cupped my balls. You leaned forward and we kissed,...not deeply,... just a prolonged full-lip one, and rest our heads on each other's shoulders with another hug.

You said, "It's good to finally meet you, Mike".

I said, "Ditto".

Though calmly said,...there was a certain urgency in both of us. We had been emailing for so long and shared so many inner thoughts, we both knew where this first meeting was going. You unbuttoned my sweats as I unbuckled your belt and unzipped you. Our pants fell effortless to our ankles and we stepped out of them. You brought one hand up and began to lick the precum I had been spewing since I put on my cock rings a half hour before. Overwhelmed with desire, I abruptly knelt down and placed your cock into my mouth. You moaned aloud as I took you into my mouth. I didn't waste anytime and took you all the way in,...then looked up at you. You had your hands on the back of my head while looking down at me. I slowly withdrew my mouth, but never lost eye contact with you,...then slowly,...ever so slowly, sank back down your rapidly hardening shaft.

You groaned aloud as my lips reached your pubic hairs. I moaned in unison, knowing how good it must have felt. I withdrew again, allowing my tongue to drag along your shaft as I did so. I slowly ran my tongue back down your cock and then suckled your balls, one at a time. I looked up at you and your cock and noticed a slight drop of clear precum appear from your tip. I rose and used my tongue to lick it off. As I pulled off you, your precum created a string from your cock head to the tip of my tongue.

This moment had been so long in the coming and we each felt a certain urgency about it. We had each sent videos of ourselves to one another, but, now, this was the real thing. It was like smelling the delicious aromas before Thanksgiving dinner for hours, and now the meal was being plated.

We hastily threw a blanket on the ground to lay upon and dropped our coolers. You then sank to your knees opposite of mine. Your hands never left my cock and balls and I still held yours. With no words, you wrapped your lips around my shaft as I did yours.

We laid astride one another for a bit sucking each other and I then pulled you atop of me. You now laid on top of me, albeit kneeling, with your cock in my mouth. I laid underneath you, my legs apart and knees raised,...with your mouth wrapped around my cock.

I relished and dwelled in your smell. One "test" passed, LOL. It was slightly musky, but very nice. As you knelt above me I watched and felt as you slowly sank your cock into my mouth,...watching, then feeling your balls rest over my nose and eyes. I felt your cock make its way deep into my throat as you pushed forward and laid upon me. I felt your cock head reach the back of my throat and I swallowed as you passed deeper into me.

At the same time, I felt your lips slip further down my cock until I felt your nose rest against my balls.

In unison, we moaned, "MMMMMMMM,...",..the vibrations of which upon our cocks made us both quiver and moan again. You then slowly lifted your hips,...gently withdrawing your cock until just its head was in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it and felt you slowly push it back down over my tongue and deeply into my throat again. I tasted your precum as your cock rode over my tongue. It was so sweet and coated my mouth. I raised my hips slightly while pushing your shoulders down as you sank back down on my shaft. I felt you swallow deeply as my cock head rode over your tongue. We both moaned again,...which only increased the fervor. I held and pulled your ass cheeks towards me as you did the same to me.

Oblivious to all, we continued this for a time,...essentially fucking each other's mouths,....until,...

Suddenly, I sensed a shadow pass by my closed eyes. Although my eyes were shut, I sensed a change in the bright sunlight. A man appeared,...not a man, but more of a boy,...but not a boy either. Without pants, he knelt before me totally bare from the waist down,...his legs were inside yours and his already erect cock stood inches away from my face and your ass. I was shocked and wanted to move, but you laid upon me and I still had your cock in my mouth as you had mine,...basically pinning me under you.

I thought,.. "Is this something Ray planned"....,Should I go along with it?"

I was thinking that this was something you planned and arranged with some friends. Who else would be so bold as to just walk up to us?.

Anyway, the man,...who had a bandana over his nose and mouth, essentially obscuring his face, was already erect, with his shaft wet and well lubricated. It glistened in the sun light.

At the same time, lost in what was watching, I felt my hips being raised by a pair of hands, a folded up towel being placed underneath my ass,...and then,,,. my legs being raised by a fourth party and placed on their shoulders. Again, my mind raced. Ray had to have planned this. Dare I go along with it?

I'm not normally compliant, but under the circumstances, I figured this was something you had prearranged and I wanted to go along with it as far as I could.

With your cock deeply imbedded in my throat, I watched as the guy between your legs edged forward and placed the head of his cock against your ass. I felt you tighten up as he slowly slid his well-lubricated cock head back and forth over it. You relaxed a tad, but as you did, he quickly took advantage and pushed the head of his cock through your sphincter into you. I felt you moan, or try to moan,... your ass cheeks tighten, but you had my cock in your mouth, so your moan was more like a vibrator on my cock. I felt your ass cheeks tighten, then relax after his cock head entered you and stopped just after passing your sphincter.

As if choreographed, the man kneeling between my legs did the same at the precise moment. As I watched a cock entering you, I felt one entering me. There was a sharp pang that soon relaxed as it seemed to "pop" into me.. They both paused to allow us to adjust,...having just placed the heads of their cocks into us. I thought, "they had to be friends to yours. They just seemed way to choreographed for this to be an accident."

Judging from my vantage point, the guy who entered you was a full 10 inches, but very thin. Even his cock head was "torpedo shaped". Later, you described the one who "violated" me as being more like 12 inches,,...and also very thin.

After a few moments,...I watched as the cock in your ass slowly,...ever so slowly, began slipping into you,...inch by inch until his balls rested upon yours and covered my forehead. At the same time, I felt the one in my ass filling me, in unison, as it sank into me Again, you and I moaned in unison. We both pushed our cocks until we reached the back of our throats just as the cocks in our asses reached their depths.

They continued to fuck us very slowly at first. They never pulled entirely out of us. They would withdraw just until their cock heads met the resistance of our sphincters,...hold there for a few moments, before slowly pushing back into us. I watched as the one in your ass plunged into you until his balls covered my eyes. He then began to withdraw as I felt the one in my ass do the same. His balls would lift off my eyes and I could see his cock slowly slip out of you.

Anyway, these two "strangers" gently fucked us as you and I resumed sucking each other. They took their time,...being very gentle the whole time.

After the initial pause, they both slowly began withdrawing their cocks as slowly as they had entered us. As if choreographed, they stopped just short of pulling out,...leaving only their cock heads in us. I felt your ass cheeks relax,...as did mine, but that was soon followed by both of them slowly sliding their cocks all the way back into our asses,...all 10 or 12 inches.

The visual, mental, and physical aspect of it all was intense. Both of our mouths were filled with each other's cocks,...while watching each others' asses being penetrated,...while feeling the same being done to us. The two guys worked in unison, as if finely choreographed. Both plunged and withdrew at the same time. We were basically trapped beneath them as they did so..

We were their "prisoners" and enjoying it. I was locked around your cock as were you on mine. We both had cocks in our asses,...fucking us with cocks in our mouths. This went on for 15-20 minutes. You later told me that I was constantly spewing precum. I admitted that you were, too.

I heard a voice ask, "Are you ready?",...followed by, "Soon".

I witnessed the balls of the lad in your ass withdraw,...I noticed his thighs shake,...as he buried his cock deeply in your ass. At the same time, I felt the guy in my ass tense and bury his balls against my ass,...then release a hot spurt deeply into me. Honest to God, I felt it at my stomach just under my belly button as he came. At the same time, I moaned loudly and I heard, felt, the same from you.

Both of us felt a huge swell of cum as the two interluders came deeply in our asses.

When they were done, they quickly withdrew and even that was a sensation as they pulled their cocks out of out asses. You and I had yet to cum.

That action (them withdrawing their cocks simultaneously from our asses, threw both you and I into a spontaneous orgasm. I held you tight as you did I as we both came at the same time. It was so intense that we rolled over twice as we came and ended up aside each other.

You said, "AW Gawd!"

I said, "Wow!"

We laid aside one another for ten minutes,...holding hands, with our rapidly shrinking cocks still in each other's mouth...not moving.

Finally, we broached the subject,...

"Ray ( I asked), So who were your friends?"

You replied,...

"My friends!? I thought they were yours?"

"No Ray, I thought they were yours?"

In deed, it seems we were both "taken" by strangers. It went silent for a bit, but we both raised up and saw a Frisbee laying next to us. In it laid our two cell phones. There were text messages on both.

On both there were text and picture messages. There were several very intimate pictures of what we had just done. Some were very close ups, but, oddly, others showed you and me,...and the "Interlopers" from head to toe,... Like a fifth party had taken the pictures!

Within a few seconds, my cell phone chimed again for a text message.

It contained a picture of all four of us,...that only could have been taken by a third or fourth party.,...followed by a number to call if we wanted more. They said they also video it .

Later, we spoke about this,

Neither of us had planned this. Neither of us knew the "interlopers"

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