Two 2 Tango


I obliged. "More, more, please Jaime, fuck me, fuck me harder" I cried.

"Tell her again, Jake, you little cocksucker!" Tara shouted while grabbing my hand and wrapping my fingers around her cock.

"Oh please!!! Jamie, please give it to me! I want you in my ass, I want you inside me! Please, I need your cock! Fuck me! FUCK ME HARDER! HARDER, PLEASE!"

Tara shouted into my ear while making me jack her off. "Are you a little cocksucking whore? Are you going to be our little cocksucking whore from now on? Our little bitch? You going to suck our cocks and get fucked by our cocks, boy?" She was getting into it, I could feel her hot and sweaty and her cock was rock-hard in my hands. I only wanted to bring her off, so I stroked her just as I knew I would want to be stroked.

I yelled, filled with nothing else but a desire to be fucked by Jaime and completely taken by the foxy duo. "Ohhh, Jaime, fuck meeee! I'm you're little cocksucking whore! I'm your little bitch! Just please, fuck me harder! Baby please, fuck my ass with your juicy cock!" I felt so strange saying it, but so, so good.

Tara remarked, "you heard him Jaime, give the boy what he wants." She placed her hand on my cock and began to stroke me off too.

"With pleasure," Jaime replied, almost breathless as she fucked me. With that, she fucked me harder and faster and without abandon; she began to shriek and I began to groan and breathe heavily, all the while being stroked by Tara and stroking her with my own hand. Then I felt Jaime cum inside me . . . hot liquid deep inside my body, what a sensation . . . and then I came between the sensation of Jaime's hard cock hitting my prostate and Tara stroking me off . . . I felt my own hot liquid spurt onto my chest, followed only seconds later by another few spurts of hot white semen hitting my mouth and nose, which must have been Tara finishing herself off onto my face at the same time. We all collapsed on top of each other.

"So, baby, are you glad you read that email?"

"I think it's the best thing that's happened to me at that job in three years," I said, and I really meant it. "I can't believe that the two of you, both of you are . . . and that you both decided to do this . . ."

Jaime lay next to me, licking the cum off of my face, and I nuzzled up to her breasts as Tara licked the cum off of my stomach with delight. "C'mon, silly boy, of course we both decided to do this. We wouldn't have done this alone. It takes two to tango, you know. Well, maybe now it takes three," Jaime mused. She and Tara laughed, and I smiled.

The two of them surrounded my body and wrapped their arms around me. It was an amazing experience, and I hoped that it wasn't going to end there . . .

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