tagLesbian SexTwo & A Half Girls In A Sauna

Two & A Half Girls In A Sauna


Suzy was about to enter the Sauna with her new friend Candy. She had only known Candy for about a month. She felt that Candy had lesbian tendencies, even thought Candy had never physically approached her. A not so subtle hint here and there had convinced her of Candy's probable lesbianism. Suzy hadn't discouraged the remarks and felt at some point Candy would probably come on to her. Since they were both naked Suzy felt that this could very well be the time. She was apprehensive, but not afraid or disgusted by the thought, even though her sexual experiences were entirely heterosexual. There was something about Candy that excited her, not too unlike the excitement she felt with men.

There was only one other women in the Sauna. She was stretched out showing every inch of her well-developed figure. She had her eyes closed as if half asleep. She didn't appear to have heard the two women come in. Candy grasped Suzy 's arm pulling her to her. "Wow! Is that pure sex or what?" she said in a whispered giggle to Suzy. Suzy giggled in return. They sat there staring at the nude women, exchanging whispered sexual remarks.

Suddenly they both gasped. The women stared touching herself intimately, seemingly unaware of her audience. They stared, unable to take their eyes off the women. They watched as the women began by caressing her own large breasts. They saw the nipples harden. The woman made small noises her eyes shut tightly, as if fantasizing. The two girls giggled quietly as the women began caressing her pubic hair. They watched as her body began to squirm. Soon she began finger fucking herself. Within seconds her hips began humping and she climaxed with a moan. And then astonishingly, she laid back; eyes still shut, and appeared to fall asleep. Candy and Suzy looked at each other dumbfounded.

"Is this all a dream or did we just see a women finger fuck herself in front of us?" Candy whispered.

The scene had really turned Suzy on. She didn't protest when Candy put her arm around her. Candy's hand brushed against the side of her breast.

"That certainly was exciting", she breathed, shifting her body so that Candy's hand rested against her breast. She hoped Candy realized that the movement meant she was open to further advances.

Candy got the message, cupping Suzy's breast in her hand. They sat there in silence, while Candy tentatively caressed her breast. Immediately Suzy felt warm and good. Her nipple swelled. Taking the hardening nipples as a que Candy turned toward Suzy and began caressing both of her breasts. This continued until Suzy 's nipples became hard as pebbles. Soon after, Candy's hands began exploring elsewhere. Suzy let out a weak protest as Candy's fingers touched her pubic hair. But it was too weak to be believed, or to stop Candy. She rubbed Suzy's pubic area. Suzy's protest was short lived.

They began kissing. Suzy couldn't believe how good this all felt. Their tongues darted in and out. Candy's finger found Suzy 's clitoris.

Suzy let out a gasp, kissing her lover all the harder. Soon she was laying on her back with Candy on top of her. Her breasts were being ravished by Candy's lips, while her finger worked away inside Suzy 's cunt. Suzy began moaning softly, her body swimming with pleasure. She thought briefly about the women lying across from them, how she might wake up and see what was going on. But before she could say anything Candy's lips moved off her breasts downward. The anticipation of where the lips were going sweep all her privacy fears away. She tensed as Candy's lips reached their destination.

"My God!" she gasped as Candy's tongue slid inside her cunt. She moaned loudly, beginning to cum within seconds. She couldn't believe what was happening. Her climax continued for at least a full minute. Her body refused to come down. She had never experienced as intense or as long a climax as this.

Suddenly there was applause. Someone was clapping. Suzy realized the woman whom they had watched masturbate was cheering her on. The woman came and knelt beside her. Suzy reached out and caressed the woman's large breasts. She was completely into the lesbian scene.

"Let's all go over to my place and continue this", the big chested woman purred.

And that is how Suzy experienced the most sexually satisfying night of her life.

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