tagFetishTwo Big Girls!

Two Big Girls!


I stood in the hotel elevator, staring at the doors. As it came to the next floor. The door opened and two young women stepped in. Both were black, neither was a raving beauty, and both of them were heavy. They wore terrycloth robes and it was easy to see they were headed for a day of fun in the sun. Both of the women smiled and said hello. They had nice smiles and thru the dark glasses they wore, they both had smiley eyes. I said hello back. One of the women began poking the other in the arm. "Stop touching me!"

"I can touch you if I wanna! See! I touched you again." This went back and forth until they were both laughing. I laughed with them.

I said to them, "You both must have a lot of fun together." One woman smiled and said, "Oh we act like this all the time."

"We do not!" The other woman said. "Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!" This started another burst of laughter. I laughed with them. "Oh you two seem like two people I could have fun with." They looked at each other then at me. "Want to go to the beach with us?" I didn't have any plans for the day and the beach sounded like a good enough idea. "Sure! Give me time to go grab my trunks?" They smiled. "We'll be at the front of the building." I got off the elevator and ran to my room. Grabbing up my trunks, I stripped, put them on and pulled on my pants. In no time flat, I was outside, towel over my shoulder with my bag.

The cab ride to the beach took about twenty minutes. In the cab, we introduced ourselves. I found out that their names were Gladys and Irene, they found out my name was Carl. Gladys was the bigger of the two and she wore a colored print bathing suit. Irene wore dark glasses and had on a black swimsuit. They lived in the next state over from me. We talked about going to the casinos at home and I found out they often spent the weekends there. At the beach, we found a nice spot that wasn't too crowded and had a few trees to shade us. I watched the girls as they stripped off their robes. Both women were heavy, like I said, but they didn't have obese, ugly shapes. They were just heavy. They both had cute faces and pretty white teeth when they smiled.

The one thing I noticed right away, Irene had a lot of hair on her legs. The hair didn't stop at her knees. It continued up her thigh and right up to her crotch. Gladys on the other hand, had perfectly smooth legs. Both girls had big tits and they seemed to bulge to try and get free of the suits. I looked up and Gladys caught me watching. "Hey! You checking us out?" I smiled up at her. "I wouldn't say, checking you out. I would rather say, observing a pair of very pretty girls." Both girls started laughing. "Oh that's rich! Do you always lie like that? We're two fat girls and we know it." I looked at Irene who had made the statement. "You're two big girls and you still have nice bodies and pretty faces. I would never call a woman "fat". Fat, is a state of mind. I've been with too many women who were big and healthy."

They looked at each other and burst out laughing. "Boy can you throw shit around." I jumped up and tickled Irene. I knew from the way she had acted when Gladys did it in the elevator, that she was very sensitive. She collapsed with laughter. Then I turned to Gladys. She too was soon dropped with laughter bubbling from her full lips. I stood with hands on hips looking down at them both. Irene's thighs had parted and I could see the bunch of hair that pushed against her crotch. The next thing I knew, my legs were pulled from beneath me. I landed flat on my back and two wild women were attacking me. My shoes were pulled off and they pounced. They tickled my armpits, my feet and anywhere else they could. I noticed that both women also tickled my crotch in an attempt to size me up.

We ended up in a tangle of bodies. And just like they had sized up my dick as they tickled me, I took the opportunity to feel tits and crotches. We lay there breathing hard, laughing in between breaths. Irene turned to Gladys. "Look at those ashy legs. We can't have a man around us with legs so white." With that, Irene grabbed up a bottle of lotion. With her on one leg and Gladys on the other, they proceeded to smear lotion on my legs. I had worn a pair of baggy pants and it didn't take them long to work their hands up to the hem of my pants. I have to admit their attention was getting me hard. They looked at the bulge in my shorts then at each other. Then on cue, they pushed their hands inside my pants legs.

I felt two pairs of hands reaching and searching in my pants. Both women reached my dick at the same time. It felt great to have two pairs of hands with chubby fingers rubbing and stroking my dick. Then one of them cradled my balls and massaged them gently. "Mmmm! It would seem that you're not such a small fella after all." Gladys turned to Irene. "You owe me a massage, he is longer than 6 inches." I looked from one to the other. They looked at me and burst out laughing. From the way they were sitting, no one could see just what we were doing. "We had a bet about you." Gladys was doing the talking, even as her hands continued to stroke my dick. Irene had pulled her hands away.

"I bet Irene that your cock would be longer than 6 inches. She said you were smaller." I could feel a bit of pre-cum oozing from the tip. Gladys rubbed her thumb across the head and pulled her hand free. She sucked her thumb. "Mmmm! You taste good too." I couldn't believe how things were going. I had two women sitting beside me and they had just finished stroking my dick to a raging hardon. "Mind putting lotion on my back?" I turned to Irene and she had spread a blanket on the sand. I knelt down beside her, as she handed me a bottle of lotion.

Irene didn't hesitate as she pulled her swimsuit from her shoulders and lay down on the blanket. I caught a glimpse of her huge tits as she lay on her stomach. I smeared the lotion across her broad back. I worked the lotion into her skin and Irene moaned softly. "Mmmm! You're a lot better at this than Gladys is." I looked over at Gladys. "She's only saying that cause you got what I don't." I smiled at her. "And what it that?" Gladys looked down at my obvious bulge. "If you don't know, maybe I should put my hands back in your pants?" I laughed at her words even as my hands slipped around Irene's sides.

"Careful! We don't want to get sand on the tits. Makes it rough when you suck them." I smacked her lightly on her wide ass. I moved further down her body and began to lotion her thighs. Irene had big meaty thighs with a lot of cellulite lumps from the knee to her crotch. As I worked higher up her thigh, she sighed and opened her legs wider. I glanced around to see if anyone was watching. They had picked a fairly deserted part of the beach. The closest people were way down the beach and didn't seem to be paying any attention to us. I stopped when my fingers touched the bottom of her swimsuit. She lifted her head up and turned to look at me.

"I'm tempted to take this suit off and let you do my whole body." This time I couldn't help laughing out loud. "Girl! You would have this whole beach full of men. They would come out of the sand to gaze at your luscious body. Besides, sometimes it's good to hide something for later." Gladys jumped into the conversation at that point. "And what am I suppose to be doing while you two play later?" Irene patted my thigh. "I'm sure he wouldn't leave you out of the fun, Gladys." She looked up at me. "What do you say? Think you could have fun with both of us? Think hard, it's both or none."

I looked from one woman to the other. I couldn't believe what was happening. I was being offered both women for some heavy fun. But could I handle both these big women. They looked big enough in their robes. But seeing them in their swimsuits, I could see that they were both BIG women. But I love a challenge. So I looked at Gladys and then at Irene. "I may die in the effort, but I'm game." Gladys laughed. "No honey! You're dinner and dessert." We laughed and Irene put her suit on. Gladys took her place on the blanket. As I started on her back, I felt Irene's hands rubbing my dick.

"Will it bother you if we all do it together?" I knew exactly what she was asking. I smiled at her. "Well, you did tell me it was both of you or neither one would play. But I have to warn you, I love to eat pussy." Gladys guffawed. "Not as much as Irene does, I bet. That girl can go all night." Irene slapped Gladys on her ass. Then to my surprise, pushed her hand underneath Gladys' swimsuit. Gladys' laugh turned into a gasp. "Oh you bitch! Take your finger out my ass." Irene stared at me as her hand continued to move inside the tight material. "Gladys loves to have something, anything pushed up into her ass. Don't you baby?"

Gladys was moaning softly. "I'm gonna get you, slut! Oh shit! Push it deeper, baby! Stroke it. Oh fuck! Push your finger deep in my asshole." Irene could see my dick bobbing inside my shorts. "If you use that in her ass, I bet she'll love it. Won't you bitch? You'd love to feel him fucking you in your fat ass." Irene's hand movement became more intense. I could only imagine how she would, do if the swimsuit wasn't in the way. And I guess I was gonna find out later. Reaching down, I began to massage Gladys' fat thighs. "Oh Gladys!" I moaned. "I can see just how deep Irene is pushing her finger in your ass. I'm gonna love pushing my dick even deeper."

I turned to Irene. "So Gladys loves to take it up the ass. What do you like?" Gladys was on the verge of cumming. "Pain! She likes it to hurt. Oh Irene! I'm gonna cum. You nasty bitch! Your makin me cum." Gladys' whole body shook as she reached her peak. And the crotch of her swimsuit turned dark from the flood of her juice. Irene pulled her finger from her girlfriend's asshole. "Does that shock you?" Instead of giving her an answer, I slid my fingers inside Gladys' suit. They slipped easily into her wet pussy. Two fingers probed her moist hole. Gladys moaned as I worked them in and out a few times. Then I pulled them out and sucked them clean. "Mmmm! Nice, sweet taste! But I bet you already know all about that."

Irene turned and wiped her hands on a wet napkin. Then she leaned over to me and our lips met. As I kissed her, my hands went to her crotch. I pinched the material hard between my fingers. Irene groaned between clenched teeth, but she pressed harder against me. I had her pussy lips between my fingers and as I pinched them, I twisted. Irene broke the kiss. "Oh you motherfucker!" I smiled into her eyes as I pinched even harder. "Oh you sweet bitch! I know exactly what you like." I turned to look at Gladys. Her eyes were glazed with lust.

When I let my fingers open, Irene slumped to the sand. I stood up and looked down at my two voluptuous women. "Maybe we should head back to the hotel? At least it would be a lot more comfortable." The girls struggled to their feet. I hugged and kissed each one deeply. Then, picking up our things, we headed back to the hotel. We decided to go to our separate rooms to shower. I told the girls that I would be up to their room in about half-hour. I took my shower and had a drink. Then taking the bottle with me, I went to their room. Gladys opened the door and was dressed in another robe. But when the door closed, she opened it and revealed her nudity. Like I said both of them were big women. And the rolls of fat on her stomach, thighs and ass were evident. But they didn't turn me on.

In fact, when she turned around, I stopped her. "Bend over." Gladys giggled but did as I asked. "Did you take your shower already?" My hand was rubbing her broad back. "Uhuh! Irene is in the shower now." My hand had reached her ass and I was rubbing one of her big cheeks. Then I slid my fingers down her crack. Gladys reached back and pulled her cheeks apart. I caught a glimpse of her puckered hole. But it wasn't fully closed. I pushed my middle finger in slowly. "Did you two have fun before I got here?" I made my voice sound light. My finger was slowly sawing in and out. "I had a dildo in the shower. I was thinking about your fat dick."

I pulled my finger free and lightly slapped her across the ass. "I hope you two drink wine. Cause that's what I brought." Gladys took the almost full bottle and walked to the kitchen. Her wide ass rolled as she walked and I stood watching her. Then Irene walked into the room. She hadn't bothered to put on a robe. "I thought I heard your voice." Irene was just a bit smaller than Gladys was. But her body was in the same proportions. Her big bouncing tits were the first things that caught my eye. She also sported rolls of fat around her stomach. And her fat thighs hid her pussy almost completely.

Gladys walked into the room with three glasses of wine. She handed me the first on then handed one to Irene. I lifted my glass. "To healthy women! And all the joy they give." Both girls smiled and raised their glasses. Gladys stepped close to me. She set her glass down and touched my pants. "You've seen us but so far all we've done is felt yours." With that, she unbuckled my pants, pulled the zipper down and pushed them to the floor. Next she pushed down my shorts. My hard dick sprang free. "Ohh! Nice size! And it looks good enough to eat." With that, she pulled me by my dick to the sofa.

Gladys sat down and pulled me to her. She easily swallowed my dick. Working her lips and tongue over my swollen dickhead I moaned, then turned and looked at Irene. Irene came over to me and I kissed her. Reaching down, I burrowed between her thighs and found her cunt. She was already wet. I pinched one of her lips, then slipped my finger up into her cunt. Irene held me as she jerked her stomach against me. I bent my head and grabbed one of her nipples between my lips. As I sucked it, I bit down on the soft tip. Irene moaned as I bit even harder. My fingers slipped from her cunt and I gripped one of her fat lips.

I pinched hard and pulled the soft pussy lip. "Oh shit! Oh fuck, that hurts." I opened my mouth and let the nipple go. Then I looked down at Gladys. As she worked her mouth back and forth, her fat chubby fingers worked her pussy. I eased my dick free and pulled her fingers from her cunt. They were covered with her thick crème. I sucked each fat digit. Irene stood watching us. "So! Are we gonna have some fun or what?" Gladys and I laughed as Irene handed us our glasses. We drank the wine then I put my glass down.

"Irene! Let's put the mattresses on the floor. We can bring them in here and have more room." The girls and I pulled the mattresses from the box springs and laid them on the floor. Then I had Irene lay on her back with her fat thighs open. I looked down at her. Damn, but she was a juicy fat bitch! Gladys and I got on each side of her. We took turns kissing her. Then we moved down to her tits. Gladys had one nipple and I had the other. We started out sucking her nipples but that soon turned into small bites and nips.

I lifted my head up and looked at Irene. Her eyes were squinted tight! Gladys knew just how to bite her friend. I grabbed a pinch of her fat side. I twisted and pulled. Irene let out a gasp from between clenched teeth. "So you like pain, you big juicy slut! Bite that nipple hard Gladys. Make her feel it!" My hand reached down and found one of Irene's pussy lips. I twisted it hard. "Oh Carl! Hurt my pussy! Oh shit! That's just how Gladys hurts me." I let go of her pussy lip and lay between her fat open thighs. I could smell Irene's excitement. And her pussy was soaked with her juices.

I started to lick her pussy. Irene's pussy grew even juicier as I sucked her. Then my teeth bit into her soft lips. I sucked her pussy lips, biting hard as I sucked them. Then I found her clit. Gladys' sucking must have gotten it as big as it was. I sucked it hard and at the same time, started to work my fingers up into Irene's cunt. When I got three fingers in she groaned. Gladys had stopped attacking her nipples and sat back watching us. Then I pushed four fingers in Irene. I opened my fingers as I pumped her pussy.

"Carl! You're stretching my pussy. Oh shit Gladys! He's working his fist up my cunt. Oh fuck! It hurts! No Carl, stop!" I looked over at Gladys. "Give her your pussy to eat. That will stop her screams." Gladys climbed over Irene's face. Then lowered her pussy down to her girlfriend's face. I turned back to Irene's pussy. I had four fingers pushed up into her pussy. Her juices were thick around my fingers. I could hear her muffled moans as I worked my fingers in and out. But I wanted to hear her cries. I opened my fingers and heard her groan. My thumb found her clit. I pressed down hard, rubbing it roughly.

Gladys was bent over, working her pussy against Irene's mouth. My other hand found her crack and I slipped my fingers between her cheeks. When I found her ass, she gasped. Two fingers went in easy. Gladys groaned and ground her pussy down hard. I tucked my thumb in my fingers and pushed hard. Irene's pussy gave slowly. I pulled my fingers from Gladys' asshole and pushed her to get up off Irene. I wanted to see her face. Gladys rolled off and looked down at me. "My hand is too fat to get the whole thing in her pussy. But you're whole hand is going in Carl! You're fisting her!"

Irene lay back with her mouth open. Gladys' crème was spread all over her face. "Please, Carl! That hurts too much! I can't take it! Oh shit! Oh fuck! Gladys, help me!" I turned to Gladys. "I'm gonna do the same thing to your ass. When I tell you kiss her so she can't scream." I started to pump my fist in Irene's pussy. Irene pumped her pussy hard against me. Then suddenly, she opened her mouth to scream. "Quick Gladys! Kiss her." Gladys kissed Irene hard and I felt the fat bitch start to cum. Suddenly Irene's body jerked. Then she screamed into Gladys' mouth.

Her pussy was white with thick crème. Irene's big body jerked up and down. Gladys was pulling and twisting Irene's nipples. Then suddenly I felt Irene's pussy tighten around my fist. Irene's body arched up and then a long stream of hot yellow piss shot from her pussy. I could hear her muffled scream as Gladys pressed her mouth down hard on Irene's. But Irene couldn't stop shooting out her piss. It splashed all over me and even shot over my head. Irene seemed to piss for a long time. Then she suddenly collapsed back on the mattress. Gladys lifted her head up. Irene had fainted.

Gladys looked at me. "Damn Carl! I never saw her do that before. Is she alright?" I had fisted a few women iin my time. And I knew that many of them fainted after cumming too hard. Irene's massive tits rose and fell as she breathed. Irene groaned and whimpered, as I slowly worked my fist free. Then Gladys grabbed my hand and licked the thick crème from it. I kissed her after she finished. Then it was her turn. I put Gladys on her hands and knees. "Now you big bitch, I'm gonna give you the same thing I gave Irene."

I started out with two fingers. Gladys slowly worked her fat ass back and forth as I fingered her. "Yea, Carl! Fuck my ass. I want you to fuck my ass with your dick." I pulled my fingers out and knelt up against her. Gladys pulled her cheeks apart and I was able to push about three inches into her ass. I began to fuck into her. "Oh you juicy slut! Your ass feels so good. Fuck it back! Fuck me back!" I reached around her and could barely grab a tit. But I got the nipple and pulled.

Gladys groaned. Then Irene moved over to her. The two girls kissed. I grabbed Gladys' hips and began to fuck her harder. My dick worked deeper and deeper. "Irene! He's fucking my ass. Oh fuck! It feels so good! Fuck me Carl! Harder! Deeper!" I was ramming her hard. And yet I could still only get in most of me. Her big ass stopped me from bottoming out in her ass. But her muscles gripped my dick and she milked me 'til I came. Gladys felt me shoot in her ass. Then as I softened I pulled out. But I wasn't finished yet. My fingers worked into her juicy hole.

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