tagIncest/TabooTwo Brothers' First Time

Two Brothers' First Time


Under a torrential downpour, I had just finished the long walk from the college campus to our home. While opening the front door, I noticed my older brother Mitch's Jeep was parked in the drive, which was odd as when we last spoke he said he was off to the dorm for a party, and far be it for him to miss any party.

I closed the front door behind me, hung up my thoroughly soaked jacket and drifted upstairs to my room. While walking down the hall past my brother's room, I noticed that the door was slightly ajar. I leaned my head close to the door as I thought I heard something like a chair rocking back and forth and someone moaning. "Figures", I thought to myself, "He's probably already picked up some jailbait from the party and is putting the lumber to her."

As I pushed the door open to Mitch's room, I realized I couldn't have possibly been more wrong!

There was Mitch seated in front of his computer, boxers around his ankles and stroking like there was no tomorrow. Totally oblivious to the outside world as he had his computer headphones on, he took no notice of me or anything else for that matter. He ran his hand across his hairless chest, squeezing his nipples and his 7-inch cock glistened with precum as he continued to jack himself relentlessly.

I stepped into his room and his eyes went wide as he spotted me. Mitch quickly threw a towel over his waist, yanked his headphones off, and closed the browser window he had been viewing. "JEEZE you scared me Mike! What the hell are you doing???" he asked, face all a blush with a deep crimson hue.

I walked over to the computer and asked, "More like what the hell are YOU doing Mitch?"

Stumbling for an answer, my brother replied, "Jason gave me a sexy URL during class this morning and I was checking it out. Don't tell me you've never done it either. Those were some HOT chicks and I just had to get off."

Glancing at the computer monitor, Mitch's face turned pale as the browser he had closed just a moment before began producing a barrage of cascading pop-up windows and the truth about his browsing and stroking became clear. I gulped when I saw the contents of the pop-ups that were enveloping the screen.

Shaking my head in bewilderment and clearing my throat, I managed to squeak out, "Hot Twinks? Rimming? Huge Cocks?"

I read back even more of the contents of the pop-ups, "Ass Play? Hot and Smooth? Gay Blowjobs?" I shook my head and asked, "Just WHAT were you watching Mitch?"

Suddenly my older brother stood up and confronted me, losing the towel and revealing his hard-on again, "Don't tell me you haven't wacked off to internet porn Mike!!" as he got in my face.

"Sure", I lied, "but never like that"

Losing his edge, Mitch started to turn away and as he did his moistened cock brushed against my pants. "Damn! Now I ruined your pants too!"

I reassured Mitch, "Dude, it will be fine. I'll just throw them in the washer and it will be fine." I peeled off my pants and tossed them down the laundry chute.

"No it won't baby bro, no it won't. You gotta promise me you won't tell ANYONE about this" as he placed his head in his hands.

"Well Mitch" I smiled, "I won't tell if you won't"

He looked up and said, "You won't what???? What the fuck do you mean by that Mike?"

I took a look below the small tuft of auburn hair at his still glistening hard 7 inches of manmeat, looked my older brother square in the eyes and smiled as I said, "It would be a damned shame to waste that"

Mitch smiled back and asked, "You're kidding?" Then a second later after reading my expression he added, "No.... I guess you're not! Are you hard?" A look at my hips as I peeled off my briefs to expose my trimmed brunette pubes and the twin to his cock answered his question for him.

This time Mitch made sure the door was locked. I reminded him that Mom and Dad wouldn't be back until tomorrow afternoon. "SWEET!" he yelled, "Get naked!"

It took no time to lose the clothes and as I looked up, it was like I was looking at a mirror, even though Mitch is a year and a half older than I am. Smooth chest, great abs and a really cute butt! As we embraced, he asked, "I've never done this but will you kiss me on the lips baby bro?"

"I haven't either but I'll do that and more!" I smiled as I frenched him, licked both his armpits, circled both of his nipples playfully and started down to palm his balls and lick his erect penis. Looking up and meeting his eyes I asked, "What do you want to do? Something like what you saw on the computer?" I thought he was going to shoot right there as he wasted no time shouting, "Hella ya!!!"

It was now or never. I decided I'd suck off my brother like I'd like to be done. I cupped his sack and slipped my mouth over his mushroom cap. Mitch's eyes rolled back into his head as he moaned and ran his hands through my hair. After a few strokes, I could now begin to taste him and it was like heavy sweet cream. I grabbed his right cheek with my hand and began to massage it. This really got his hips moving and before I knew it my nose was buried in his pubes as he worked all 7 back and forth and the sound of popping was clamorous as he slid in and out of my puckered mouth.

His ass was really gyrating too as he pleaded, "Shove a finger into my ass Mike!" I pushed my index finger deep into his tight asshole. When I did he begged, "No...No...Two!" as I finger fucked my older brothers ass as I kept sucking him with a steady motion. It was then that I felt his ass squeeze against my fingers and I knew he was ready to come. I had jacked off in my own mouth a lot but now I could feel his ass contracting and fluid spasm down his long moist shaft unlike any feeling I had experienced.

I had just finished a backstroke and my head was moving forward with my mouth and throat open as Mitch squirted half a dozen times. He coated the back of my throat and tonsils and to my amazement, I managed to keep it all down. He got down on his knees too and bent me backward to kiss me while he was whispering thank yous repeatedly.

"My turn!" as Mitch pushed me towards his bed and nodded, "just follow me". He also kissed me all over and ran his long tongue around my belly button as I laid flat on my back. He palmed my butt and licked the head and ribbed shaft of my 7-incher. As he did, he leaned back and a long sexy droplet of cum stretched from my cock to his lips. "Roll over brother" as he propped me on my hands and knees and spread my asscheeks open and pulled my erect cock and balls backward to face him. Mitch sucked me from this direction, which was what he must have seen on the computer. I sighed deeply as he sucked me in this inverted position, feeling the tension swell in my balls.

For some reason, he then stopped and said, "You are going to love this Mike...." Grabbing my cheeks again, Mitch pulled them apart ever so slightly as I felt him stick his tongue UP MY ASSHOLE!!!!

"OH MY GOD YES!!!!" I screamed, probably loud enough for everyone in the neighborhood to hear. My entire body was tingling as he pulled my ass farther apart and probed deeper with his long tongue, grabbing my ass roughly the entire time. I thought I was going to lose it right there, when he stopped. I turned around to look back and my eyes went wide AGAIN as my older brother was flat on his back, ankles wrapped around his head presenting his sweet ass to me.

"Are you sure about this Mitch?" I gasped, picking my jaw up from off the bed.

"I've wanted to do this for a long time baby bro...since the longest time" Mike beamed back. "Now just do me!"

I leaned over him and we deep kissed for what seemed like hours, biting each other's necks and feeling the warmth of each other's cock against the others. Finally our eyes locked and we both knew it was time. I swiveled my hips forward and pressed my huge cock against his pink puckered asshole. I again looked at Mitch and he shook his head yes. I placed my hands on his sweet cheeks to pull them ever so slowly apart and pushed again.

Mitch let out with a sudden, "OOOOOOH" as my flared head moved past his sphincter and further into his tight gripping asshole. "Don't stop Mike! Just don't stop!" as his head thrashed from side to side.

We finally got into a fluid rhythm as both of our thrusts met each other and my balls slapped against his ass, which was like a vise milking my blood engorged prick. He grasped my asscheeks and worked a finger into my asshole and thrust back and forth to our fucking pace. Sweat was gleaming off of both of us as I felt my asshole tighten around his fingers and my sack tighten up. I kissed Mitch and panted, "I'm gonna cum! Man am I ever gonna cum!!!"

His ass tightened even further around my dick as I felt the veins in it bulge. I pulled back as I felt the electricity of a monster orgasm start to rush all over me. I pushed down hard, burying my cock in my brother's ass as I screamed his name and came again and again and again!!!. His fingers raked my back as his incredible ass pulled every single drop of cum out of me!!

We collapsed in each other's arms, hugging and kissing each other sweetly. Mitch looked at me, grinned a wicked grin and asked, "Are you SURE they won't be home until tomorrow Mike?" I smiled back and nodded yes.

"Yes..but turn your computer off first, silly!"

My brother stood and walked over to turn off his computer. As he turned to face me I was startled to notice that he was already hard again!

"MY turn again!" Mitch beamed. My ass began to tingle in anticipation as he told me, "Roll over on your stomach and grab your buns. This is going to be a wildass ride!"

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