tagLoving WivesTwo Brothers Share One Wife

Two Brothers Share One Wife

byHot Italian Beef©

My older brother in Chicago has always been a freak, inviting me to the original Playboy Club in that town (now closed) and trying to get me to meet his girls. He is very good looking and charismatic with lots of tattoos, martial arts degrees and with an outgoing and caring personality.

But the women in his life were not the type I liked. They were wild and freaky which did very much appeal to me but they were also more or less habitual party girls.

I just did not prefer this type. I liked family women who were strong and independent in their private lives but who could completely abandon their control in the bedroom.

Things changes a few years ago when my 45 year old crazy brother married a beautiful blond 25 year old teacher who absolutely fell in love against the sage advice of her prosperous parents.

Ten years later and still married, the couple visited San Francisco staying in a luxurious penthouse suite in a major downtown hotel.

We went to dinner at the exclusive Club Maison's in a discreet booth where, typically, my brother was raucous, entertaining and filled with good humor. I also noticed that Sherie, who was still stunningly beautiful at 35, was showing lots of leg all evening and expressively touching me on my leg under the table every time my brother would make us laugh.

When my brother left to smoke outside, she turned toward me on the lounge and leaned over and gave me a juicy, wet, open-mouth kiss saying it was a present from my brother. I said I appreciated it very much but I did not know what she meant.

She said my brother told her to be nice to me and at that point she played with my dick under the table while she spread her legs to reveal no panties. She did not say another word just staring and smiling as my shocked expression turned into one of unmistakable sexual pleasure. In the dark corner booth they reserved, we went unnoticed as she took my cock in her hand and gave it an expert stroking until I almost exploded. She then leaned down and placed her mouth on my dick to receive my cum as I felt her soft, full breasts with very alert, aroused nipples.

She was fingering herself all the while because I could not reach her love nest which made the whole forbidden scene even more exciting and we came together.

My brother returned. Both he and I now had smiles on our faces. Sherie immediately coxed up to him and placed her head on his shoulder. He said he was glad he could be of service to his little brother and that we should all go back to the hotel suite.

I did not plan to stay at the suite so I had to make a detour to move my car to an overnight garage. When I returned, I used the spare key and found my brother spanking Sherie while he was fucking her doggy-style very hard.

Sherie was begging him to stop and promising to be a good girl. My brother pulled her blond hair back and kept spanking her as he motioned for me to put my dick in her mouth.

He made her beg me to let her suck my cock again. I was totally excited by the scene and more than complied. Sherie pleaded with me to let her suck me off. Her mouth was open and her tongue flickering as her 36C titties bounced up and down. I could not resist. I unzipped my pants and she eagerly took me in as my brother kept pumping her from the back. Both my brother and I traded places double-fucking Sherie over and over again with both our seed spilling on her face, pussy and breasts.

For the entire night Sherie offered her mouth and pussy to us both. When I left in the morning she bent over to receive on final fuck with a spanking as she sucked off my brother.

It all ended by Sherie pledging to service 'little brother' whenever commanded by my brother.

I told my brother later that he was forgiven for all the tricks he pulled on me while growing up.

Now, for the last few years, I really enjoy picking Sherie up from SFO for her annual visits to her family in the wine country. I never know quite what to expect but the last time she was instructed to wear a short dress without panties.

She began by fingering herself and opening her blouse as she gave me a hand job. Almost driving into a telephone pole, I pulled over into an exit near the Bay and got a wondrous blow job in the car. She spent her one night in her San Francisco hotel being fucked and sucked all night which she dutifully reported to my brother.

While on the phone, my brother insisted she beg me to fuck her ass to demonstrate total commitment as his bitch and slut.

It was the first time I ass-fucked her while spanking her firmly. Sherie has always liked me but only as a sweet brother-in-law and nothing more. I have now become the recipient of the bountiful rewards of her desperately wanting to please my brother. She knows we are genuinely good people who respect and love her but she also knows we are incredibly freaky. She has totally submitted to my brother as his wife and as his bitch whore.

Her next visit she is bringing a girlfriend who is soon getting married and wants to have a wild time in SF. Sherie tells me she has extra plans for me.

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