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Two Can Play At This Game


I had watched her from afar for too long now. This woman, this incredible creature who I had first passed on the street, smiled at only to watch her avert her eyes and move on. At first I had reacted angrily and had turned to follow her only to see her walk into the building I worked at. I followed at first, watching as the long dark haired beauty made her way to one of the scanners to clock in. Thrilled to see that not only did she work here with me but also with my position in the employment office I'd be able to find out all about her without her being any the wiser. It was easy to bring up the last employee number on the scanner, 3046 belonging to a woman named Shelley.

Her personnel file told me she had begun her work here as most had as a temporary. She had worked diligently up the corporate ladder until she now held the position of supervisor, a valued employee of over 10 year's service. The cold, hard figures on her sheet said she was a 5' 2" tall female, with brown hair in her 30's, the usual standard facts. It gave no credence to the beautiful woman who I was determined to make mine. Her password was easy to come by, I logged onto the system and saw several items she had sent home, giving me access to her p.c. site as well. My computer skills proved handy as minutes later I was into her personal ledger and I struck gold immediately.

You had come into work one morning, turned your computer on and instead of the standard screensaver there were the words, I KNOW YOUR SECRET. Puzzled, you thought what in the world and more importantly who in the world would have done this. You figured it was just a practical joke by someone but then the mail was delivered and there was an letter marked personal and when you opened it there was a single sheet of paper saying, I KNOW YOUR SECRET. You looked at the envelope carefully and though it didn't bear a return address it had been mailed locally just the day before.

Going out to your car that evening you felt slightly uneasy as dusk had begun to arrive early and you walked just a little faster. As you got ready to insert the key to unlock the door you saw the flyer underneath the windshield wiper. Sure enough, there it was. I KNOW YOUR SECRET. Paranoia had started to creep in to your thoughts all afternoon long and you turned your head from side to side searching the parking lot for someone, anyone who might be watching you. The key shook but it finally provided you access and you got in your car, locked the doors and tried desperately to breath normally.

When you arrived home you deadbolt the front door, heaving a sigh of relief but as you walked across the floor the phone rang and you nearly screamed. You looked at the telephone as if it had a mind of it's own but slowly you reached over to the table, picked up the handset and nervously said, "Hello?" The voice on the other end was a man's, soft with almost a hypnotic quality about it. "I know your secrets." You felt like someone had slapped you, your stomach rolled as you replied, "Who, who are you?" A slight laugh and then, "Oh, just someone who knows how to find things out and use them to great advantage. You really should be more careful, you never know who might be reading what you think or say."

Once again your stomach churned, "What do you mean? What are you talking about?" "Well, let me refresh your memory. Last Friday you said, "I would be the submissive one. I can't ever picture being dominant, that's not me. I'd like to experience strict bondage, something with an abduction theme maybe", isn't that correct?" You literally fell to the floor in horror. Those were your words but how had he gotten his hands on them? "What, what do you want?" That same laugh but this time the voice turned almost chilling and you shivered as you heard, "What do I want? It's quite simply really, I want you."

You sat in stunned silence until you heard, "You will receive a phone call later this evening instructing you where to go. If you do not show up on time at the location specified then copies of your e-mail correspondence and certain other documents will be turned over to your employer who I'm sure will take a dim view of your extracurricular activities, especially since some of them mention your work. Do I make myself perfectly clear?" Once again you couldn't speak but he took your silence for acquiescence by saying, "Good, I'm glad we understand each other. We'll talk again soon" and then there was silence.

The rest of the afternoon and early evening did nothing to calm your nerves. As the seconds, minutes and then hours moved slowly past, your mind began to play tricks on you. One moment you could only think about the worst thing that could happen while the next, you had almost convinced yourself that it was all just a dream, a fantasy. When the phone rang early that evening, your nerves were so on edge that you screamed and then reaching over with a trembling hand you picked up the receiver. Before you could even speak a greeting, there was a voice, his voice, again. "The corner of 10th & Harding, tonight, 10 p.m.. Do not be late" and with that the line went dead.

That night you stood on the darkened corner, your head turning, your eyes searching in all four directions at once looking for what or whom you had no idea. You had arrived fifteen minutes earlier and the clock was just about to strike ten according to your watch. During the entire time you had not seen a car, a bus or a single individual come by in what was one of the worst parts of town. Shivering, though the night air was still warm, you glanced down to check the time again, never hearing the footsteps nor feeling his presence until his hand had come around your face and clasped itself over your mouth. You stiffened as he said, "If you scream, I will hurt you. Do you understand?" You nodded your head, your heart hammering against your chest as a long, black sedan comes out of nowhere and pulls to the curb. The man behind you removes his hand, slips a hood over your face, takes you by the arm and leading you to the car opens the door and pushes you in.

You slid across the seat trying to get as far away as you can but as he sits down beside you he grabs first one wrist and then the other and puts them together in front of you. A quick turn or two of rope and your hands are now bound and you feel the car begin to speed away. The minutes start to pass, your sense of time and direction are completely gone with the sense of fear that is threatening to choke the very life's breath out of you. Mustering up enough courage to try and speak through the hood you say, "Please, tell me why you're doing this. What have I done to you?" The sound of the engine as the vehicle accelerated was your only response and you sat there, thinking, wondering and worrying.

Fifteen minutes later, thought it could have been hours as far as you were concerned, you came to a stop and your mysterious assailant took you by the arm, pulling you from the car. He walked you to a door which he opened with a key and then you walked for quite some time into what was obviously a huge room, finally stopping as he pulled you down to sit in a chair. The hood came off and you found yourself blinded by a white light, which was shining from the ceiling directly in your face. Your bound hands came up to shield the light and finally as your eyes began to slowly adjust you could see you were in some sort of abandoned warehouse and as you looked all around, there was no one to be seen or heard from.

You sat there for a few minutes until finally you couldn't take it any longer and you called out, "Hello? Is there anyone there?" Silence, nothing but silence as you sat and wondered. You looked down at your hands and saw that the knots were simple ones and by twisting your hands around they came free easily and the rope fell at your feet. "Hello?" Still no answer as you came to your feet and took a tentative step toward the direction you believed you had come from. The single light that was shining provided visibility for only the area where the chair stood empty now. As you reached the end of your vision you couldn't see what lay in the darkness and you stopped, wondering what might lie beyond your sight. As desperately as you wanted to know, the thought of being so blind, wandering aimlessly, had left you terrified. You were a prisoner without bonds and you sat back down in the chair and silently cried.

As the tears fell you suddenly heard a sound. A single pair of footsteps approaching from out of the gloom as you turned in every direction at once trying to see where they were coming from. The sound in the cavernous space made it seem as if they were coming from your right, no wait, your left, no maybe from behind you. Then, as quickly as they had started, they stopped. The deafening silence returning and you felt as if you might by going mad but instead your voice came out almost a strangled whisper before turning into a blood-curdling scream, "Please, please, what do you want? WHAT DO YOU WANT?" Your blood quickly turned cold as the figure said, "I've told you already. I want you."

I moved into the light and heard the gasp that escaped your lips. I had dressed entirely in black, from my silk shirt and jeans, the gloves, which covered my hands which were behind my back and the executioner style mask I wore that hid my face. Your face meanwhile had turned pale, almost ghostly at the site of this visage that had come to stand in front of you. I stood, silently watching as your panic grew in leaps and bounds, knowing full well that the transition into submissiveness is controlled by the mind more so than the body. What I offered you needed, wanted desperately but you had something I desired as well and it was time to take our first step together.

My voice was steady, calm, never lowering to a whisper nor raising to a shout, but I had your rapt attention. "Stand up." You did so immediately, looking at me with your lips slightly parted, a normal breath being difficult to take at this time. "Undress for me." A momentary hesitation on your part, which was soon remedied by a quick slap of the riding crop that I had kept hidden behind me. The sound of the crop against my leg spurred you into action as your clothes lay in a heap at your feet, clad only in your bra and panties now. "Did I tell you to stop?" "Please, please don't make me..." It took but a single step forward for you to do as I had commanded and I looked at you now in all your beauty.

Your eyes up until now had met mine for the most but now that you stood there without a shred of clothing, your freedom and your façade you hid behind stripped from you, your eyes begin to slowly lower. The sign of a true submissive, someone who desperately wants to be controlled, used as a vessel by others, is seen in the eyes. Yours continued to move downward until you were standing in front of me in the classical pose, a woman surrendering to her darkest fears and her most animalistic passions. I slowly began to circle you, never touching you but drawing near to peer closely at the almost alabaster skin which glowed in the limited light. "Spread your legs" was the command and you moved silently to do my bidding.

I saw your eyes close as I let the crop ride between her legs. "Kneel." I didn't even have to look, I just dropped the thickly coated instrument in front of you and as it struck the concrete you flinched. "Look at it." Your eyes opened to stare at the item but not daring to reach out and touch it. "As you can see all of the fear, trepidation and concern that you are feeling has done nothing to stem the tide that the possibility of what's happening to you excites you beyond nothing like you have ever felt before. A woman like you dreams of relinquishing total control, revels in the power a Master has over her and gives herself freely to anything and everything his heart desires. You, are such a woman."

Watching your eyes, I could see the struggle that was taking place inside of you. There was the side up until the last twenty-four hours of your life where you had lived your meager existence, never dreaming that such a thing like this could ever happen, certainly not to you. Now, you had seen the possibilities and though they frightened you they also freed you to express yourself in a way that until now you had kept secret, at least you thought it had been secret. I could almost read your mind, hear your thoughts. Is he right? Am I capable of being such a person? Am I being forced to or am I a more than willing participant in this game? The mind is a powerful ally and I didn't want her a chance to think it through thoroughly at this moment so I intervened. Turning the chair around to face in the other direction I said, "By the look of the crop you have experienced pleasure. I did not grant my permission for such to happen and for that you will be punished. Lean with your hands against the back of the chair."

I had switched grounds on you so suddenly that you looked confused for a moment. A slight tilt of my head and you moved however to stand as I had requested. You put your hands in place and leaned so that your body was in an optimal position for me to strike with the crop. I picked it up and walked behind you, letting the tip of it caress from your shoulders down your back and then onto your shapely bottom. I saw your flesh crawl and watched as you began to tremble knowing fully well that at any moment I would strike. Instead I leaned closely behind you and said, "I need one more thing. Do not move from this spot." My footsteps echoed as I moved off from whence I came and once again there was silence.

I waited almost fifteen minutes before I flipped the switch and the solitary light, which had been burning was extinguished, sending the building into total darkness. Your cry of fright was expected and I smiled from behind the mask, knowing that the fear that gripped you would only intensify the feelings you would experience in the next few minutes. Removing the boots I was wearing and since I had laid the trap out myself, retracing my steps was an easy job for me. The tip of the riding crop had been dipped in a fluorescent powder and as I neared my destination the markings from where it had made contact with your skin glowed brightly for me, a perfect target in the blackness.

With no footsteps to warn you, the first blow landed across your shoulders and you screamed lustfully. I was impressed to see you hadn't tried to run or hide and even after the lash your hands still gripped the chair and your posture remained the same. "It's the not knowing when, how, who or what, all these things go into a true submissives makeup." Another lash, this one leaving, if there had been light to see by, a long, red line across both of your cheeks. Your cry was now mottled, combined with a moan of what could have been construed as a prequel to another orgasm. I had anticipated this and I leaned over her from behind and whispered in your ear, "Yes, my dear. You may come now." The third trick of the crop landed in the small of your back and the combination of all the elements proved to be more than you could handle. As your body twitched and spasmed, your voice giving sound to your passion, you crumbled to the floor, the emotions overcoming you.

As the minutes passed and your body continued to shake from the force of the exertion, your eyes opened wide. The entire chamber was filled with light, your clothes lay in a heap next to the chair and the room, which had seemed so cavernous, was in reality quite small. You stood, hugging yourself against the sudden chill and looked all around but he was gone. You saw the single door that you must have entered into and after quickly dressing you made your way to it, opening into the night air where a taxi stood with it's door open, waiting. You shut the door and the driver said, "10th & Harding Miss?" You shivered again, this time just nodding your head as you closed your eyes and leaned your head back against the seat. When you arrived back at the scene of your abduction the driver wouldn't take payment, saying "The gentleman already took care of it Miss. He told me to make sure you got to your car alright and on your way home." Minutes later, you were.

The hot bath you took that night did little to relieve your tension but the alcohol and two pills proved to be helpful as you fell into a deep, deep sleep filled with dreams of the masked figure. He was offering you the choice of a door, one marked passion and another marked pain. You were torn between the two choices as he stood solemnly awaiting your decision and just as you finally made up your mind the alarm clock rang, announcing the dawn of a new day. You stumbled through your usual routine, running even later than normal and as you got to your car there was a single rose with a note attached to the windshield that said, I KNOW YOUR SECRET, MORE?

You felt as if every driver that looked your way was him, as if every figure you passed on your way through your building was looking at you. It was as if they too had seen your beauty and you literally ran through the lobby trying to reach the safety of your office. You pulled the door shut and locked it, trembling from the thoughts that he knew so much about you and you knew nothing. Work, work was something you could get lost in and you were determined to do just that. Hours later, your mind exhausted from all you'd accomplished in such a short period of time you looked up to see your computer flashing that you had mail. The message was from someone named Jonathan in personnel saying that it was urgent that he speak with you. He had left his extension and you dialed it and heard the voice on the other line say, "Jonathan King." After explaining who you were he spoke saying, "Thank you for returning my call. We've had a bit of a problem here. It seems someone has gotten into our files, a hacker or someone who knows how to access our system."

You felt your blood run cold as he continued, "Whoever it was they pulled up some of our personnel files and yours was one of those. Have you had any strangers or anyone not in your normal realm contact you within the past few days?" Your head now was spinning with thoughts of the night before and it took Mr. King asking you twice if you were still there? "Yes, I'm sorry, I was just trying to think about what you said. No, no I've not had anyone contact me." "Alright then, we did want to make you aware of the situation and that we've blocked the breach. If you do have any problems, please let security know and we'll assist them in any way we can." "Mr. King, may I ask you a question? How much does this hacker know?" A momentary pause before I said, "I'm sorry, he knows everything. He got your entire file."

As I sat back in my chair, I smiled and typed on my computer. The message appeared on yours moments later saying, I KNOW ALL YOUR SECRETS. TONIGHT, 8 P.M. AT 1401 SOUTH HARDING. THE DOOR WILL BE OPEN. I had sent it through a spare server insuring that you would not be able to trace or e-mail me back. I wondered if it had the type of impression I had planned on and if I would have looked out and seen you racing for the door, your work forgotten for the day as your thoughts had suddenly turned elsewhere, I would have had my answer. For now though it was time to start the second phase of our training together and I had great plans in mind. I only wondered if you were up to the task and if were or were not willing. Little did I know just how willing were soon to become.

As I was preparing to leave for the night's festivities the phone rang and against my better judgement I answered and to my surprise, "Mr. King, this is Shelley. We spoke this afternoon about someone breaking into our system and getting my file?" I was nonplussed but I tried to remain on an even keel by answering, "Yes, of course I remember speaking to you. What can I do for you?" "You asked me if I had heard from anyone strange, anyone I had never dealt with during the past few days and I wasn't quite truthful with you. I have heard from someone and, and I don't know. I'm sorry, I don't know how to explain this. Could you possibly meet me so that we could do this face to face, it might be easier?" My silence must have been deafening because she added, "Please, please Mr. King, I don't know what to do."

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