Two Cats in Heat


Disclaimer: This story contains graphic sexual situations and adult themes and is therefore not suitable for those under age 18 or the close-minded. It may be illegal in some areas too. :( Please also note that it is not a true story, instead merely a fantasy. Real events may be referenced and real names, likenesses, and other personal details of celebrities and other real people may be part of the story- however they are used in a fictional manner styled to the author's liking that may be satirical at times. The author has never met any of the celebrities used herein, so he has no way of knowing if they really act the way they do in the story, and is confident that they probably don't. One hopes that these facts do not keep you, the reader, from enjoying the story.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to all who have aided in the creation of this story, even those who have done so without knowing it. Thanks also to those who maintain sites for stories like this, and to all those who write for them, read them, and otherwise keep them alive. Thanks especially go out to those who have sent this author feedback. If after reading this story you desire to do the same, please email feedback to me. All feedback, with the exception of flames and spam, will be answered and appreciated. I hope you like this story. If not, please tell me why you didn't so I may learn of my mistakes.

Copyright: This story is my creation. All other stories which are referenced or otherwise paid homage herein belong to their respective creators. This story may be posted anywhere on the Internet that is free to access and has my permission- please email me for such. The inclusion of this disclaimer and proper credit will be all that I ask.

Notes: The stars of this story are softball player Cat Osterman and soccer player Cat Reddick, also known as Cat Whitehill. I'm referring to them mostly by their last names herein to avoid confusion. These ladies and all the others featured in this story performed well at the 2004 Olympics and are to be commended for doing so. I hope you enjoy this fantasy of mine involving them. It is dedicated to the memory of the late great writer Colleen Thomas.

That said, on with the show!


Two Cats in Heat Athens, Greece. August 2004.

"Are you sure about this?" Cat Reddick asked, running a hand through her blonde hair as she entered her hotel room. "If half the things I've heard about this 'Maenads' place are true..."

"It's not that bad," Cat Osterman replied, following her friend into the room and letting the door swing shut. "I've been there several times. The staff is nice, the drinks are reasonably priced, the music's good. They've been running special deals for Olympic athletes- lots of us have been there. I'm surprised you haven't yet."

"Isn't it named after an ancient Greek cult?" Reddick asked nervously, turning back to face Osterman. "Worshippers of Dionysus who dressed up like wood nymphs and freely indulged in sex, violence, and wanton behavior?"

"Yes," Osterman nodded. "That's what a history buff friend of mine back in Austin told me. He mentioned the place to me before I came here. Said one of his ex-girlfriends moved to Greece and frequented it. I checked it out shortly after I got here. It's a fun place."

Shaking her head, the gangly brunette regarded Reddick with a critical eye. The blonde was eight inches shorter than Osterman, and just over a year older. Also in contrast, Reddick was pale and full in figure where Osterman was lanky and deeply tanned. Both were equally well-muscled, though, thanks to their active lifestyles. Reddick was a soccer defender, while Osterman was a softball pitcher. Both were well known in their sports, and had gained many fans across the world. While they weren't the brightest stars on their respective Olympic teams, they were both key players who had broken multiple records. They were also good friends. They had been so since meeting in a celebrity chat event nearly a year ago. Since that event they had often spent time together doing fun things. It was surprisingly easy for them to be friends- they had a lot in common. They went by the same nickname, had similar interests, had a high level of skill at their professions, and both shared many personality traits. But we do have our differences, Osterman thought.

"I know what you're worried about," she told her friend, holding up her left hand. Reddick instinctively looked at her own left hand, which had a gold purity ring on the third finger. Osterman knew what such rings meant, she'd seen them often. She could understand and respect the principles behind them, even if she didn't wear one herself. The fact that Reddick had worn one as long as she'd known her often bothered Osterman. Why? she wondered. Why do you forsake what is there to enjoy? But Osterman always pushed such thoughts aside- such vows are about principle, she reminded herself, and there is nothing wrong with that. One should live a life based on principle. Yeah, Reddick and I disagree about the principles by which people should live, but we've never let that difference of opinion be a barrier to our friendship. Or, at least, we've tried.

"It's not that," Reddick sighed, her blue eyes meeting Osterman's brown ones. "You know me. I can get along with anybody- it doesn't matter what they're like. As long as they accept me, I do the same for them."

"Right," Osterman smiled. That was one of the things she liked best about Reddick. The blonde was devoted to maintaining her own purity, but never tried to force the same attitude on others. Instead she merely encouraged responsibility, in sex and all other things. Her dedication to her views, just like her dedication to her game, inspired many. And even with her views, Reddick was still a fun person- nice, smart, and always willing to party. Osterman knew this, and regretted not having the chance to hang out with her more. They did not see each other in person that often. They lived in different cities and thus were forced to spend most of their time together via phones and especially the Internet. But now they were together in Athens for the Olympics. They both were doing well, and needed to unwind. They had free time, and they were looking to indulge. Osterman had picked the place, and up until now she had thought Reddick would be okay with it. But I guess I forgot about the kind of person she is, the brunette reminded herself. Damn it. Now what do I do?

"Look, I know Maenads is great, okay?" Reddick said. "Heather's been there a few times. She's told me a lot about it."

Osterman smiled, thinking of the girl who was rooming with Reddick for the games. Osterman was good friends with Heather Mitts too, though they didn't know each other that well. Not yet, anyway, Osterman corrected herself. Like with a lot of people here, I've only really met and gotten to know Heather on this trip. She's long been one of my idols, though, with the great career she has. Heather's done it all- sports commentary, posing in magazines, won so many games. She's gathered so much fame and attention to herself, and she handles it all so well. I really respect her. And of course she's cute and nice and... Osterman smiled, pushing such thoughts aside. Best not to have them now, she thought. I'm not spending time with Heather in this moment, as much as I might want to. Right now I'm stuck with a very different person. One I know unfortunately too well.

"A lot of girls on my team have been to Maenads," Reddick went on, drawing Osterman back to the present. "They've all said good things about it. It's obvious you like it too. I'm just not sure I would like it. I've heard about its reputation."

"It's mostly the name." Osterman choked back a laugh. "Really, just the normal club stuff goes on in there. Dancing, drinks, you know." There are private rooms where more interesting things go on, she amended to herself. But of course Reddick would probably prefer not to know about that, if she doesn't already. Those rooms aren't the key point of the joint anyway, just one of its many attractions. "It's basically your typical nice club." She sighed. "Look, if you want to, we can go somewhere else. It's just, I don't know any funner clubs in Athens."

"You're a good judge of clubs, Cat," Reddick said. "You took me to some great places last time I was in Austin. They all seemed normal. I'm sure this place is normal too. It'll be new for me once again, and that will make it more fun." She pursed her lips, then shrugged. "And we both have reason to celebrate."

"Yeah." Osterman and Reddick had both recently helped their teams defeat other countries' teams in stunning victories. There were still many games ahead- their teams were both far from winning the medals they all wanted so badly- but the chances were looking better every day. Just don't let it go to your head, Osterman reminded herself. This is the Olympics. No better series of games in the world. All the players here are the cream of the crop. So often I still can't believe I'm among them. But I am, and therefore I'm happy. It's great just to be here, to have this chance, even if I don't win.

"I've heard a lot of good things about Maenads," Reddick repeated herself. "It's not just my teammates who have told me. Several of my friends on the gymnastics and swim teams have been there too. And so have some of the archers I've met here, and rowers, and track stars."

"It's a great place to relax," Osterman said. "Just about all the women I know who have been there seem to like it. Even women who share your values. Jennie loves the place." She was of course referring to her fellow pitcher Jennie Finch, who but for her lack of a purity ring and certain other inhibitions was almost exactly like Reddick in personality. "Trust me. It will be fine."

"You're probably right," Reddick said, smiling. "I've been to a lot of clubs, some with reputations that rival Maenads'. Chapel Hill's got such places."

"Austin too," Osterman nodded, thinking of her own hometown and college life. That was another thing she and Reddick had in common, they were both college girls. We're also both Southern girls, she added, and pretty girls. And nice girls. But I'm open and she's not. Damn it, why is that? Why?

"Every place has them, if you know where to look," Reddick said. "I know I shouldn't be afraid. I just..."

Osterman reached out and took her hand. "No one who matters is going to care if you're seen in such a place," she told her friend. "You'll just be having fun, and that's it. It's nothing more than that."

"I know." Reddick shrugged off her grip, looking away. "I just..." She sighed. "I wish my boyfriend could come with us."

Her boyfriend, Osterman remembered, smiling to herself. Robert Whitehill. Reddick's always talking about him. I can understand why she likes the guy, I've talked to him a few times and think he's great. Nice, smart, and devoted. They're very close, they want to get married in a year or so after the games are done. Reddick tells me often how she can hardly wait. They don't seem close physically to some people because they rarely do more in public than hold hands or briefly kiss, but if you know them it's obvious how much in love they are. I like him, even though I don't have a chance with him, even though I've never loved anyone the way Reddick loves him and he loves her. I'd be glad for Robert to come out with us tonight, he'd probably put Reddick at ease. But of course he won't be in town till next week. No matter how much he and Reddick wanted it, his busy schedule wouldn't let him come to the entire Olympics. Oh fucking well.

"I wish he was here too," she said. "He can always come with us later on, when he's here. He'd enjoy the place, I know he would. I've seen lots of guys come to Maenads. They like it just as much as the girls do. Jennie's fiance Casey was here last week, he liked it a lot." Osterman grinned to herself as she recalled the events of last weekend.

"I miss Robert so much," Reddick shook her head, seemingly ignoring her. "You don't understand. You're not with anyone."

"Not right now, but I have been. I just haven't found the right person yet. It's hard for me to get close to people. I'm so popular back where I live."

"I know," Reddick sighed. "You're the star of your team, the University of Texas at Austin's greatest female athlete. No one else is as good as you."

"Not entirely true," Osterman said. "Everyone can be good at what they do. They just have to apply themselves. Look at all the stars that came out of your school."

"Right," Reddick mused. "Mia went there, and so many others. I'm just..."

"I know," Osterman cut in with a smirk. "You're lonely right now. You're tense, you need release. I know all about that. It's why I go to places like Maenads."

Reddick looked up at her. "You really think visiting this place will help?"

"Yes." Maybe I won't find what I need there tonight, Osterman thought, but I will find something, won't I? "Let's just go. Okay?"

"Okay!" Reddick said, laughing. Then she grimaced and looked down at her sweat-soaked white uniform. Osterman had intercepted her right after practice, and she hadn't had time to get cleaned up. "I need to change."

"Of course," Osterman said, waving a hand at the door to the hotel's bedroom. "Go ahead." I'm ready now, she said to herself, looking down at her jeans and black Polo. "Alright if I wait here?"

"Yeah." Reddick looked around the room, then nodded. "You can watch TV, make some phone calls, even get on my computer if you want." She pointed at a black laptop that was sitting open on the table.

"Thanks. Is Heather here?"

Reddick shook her head. "She's out with AJ, she probably won't be back tonight."

"I see." Osterman had met AJ Feeley, Heather's boyfriend, only once, but thought he was a nice guy. Good football player too, she recalled. I often think if my school could get a quarterback like him on our team, we could do better than we have recently. The players we have now are good, but too egotistical to really be great. AJ's not like that, which is probably part of the reason Heather's with him. He's also cute, friendly, as devoted to Heather as Robert is to Reddick or Casey is to Jennie. I wish I could find a guy like that myself.

"They're probably at Maenads," Reddick told her. "They go there a lot. Maybe we can meet them, do some dancing."

"Sure," Osterman said, trying to keep from frowning. Dancing always made her a little nervous. She liked the activity, she just knew she'd never be as good at it as she wanted to be thanks to her lanky frame. Oh well, it'll still be fun, Osterman told herself. You don't have to be great at dancing to enjoy it. "See you in a few minutes."

"See you." Reddick went into the bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

Osterman took a breath. Okay, she thought, my fellow Cat's letting her hair down. Good. I want her to have fun tonight. We're in a break between games right now, this may be our only chance to relax for a long time. We both deserve it, we need it too. And I know she'll enjoy Maenads. Yeah, she probably won't want to go into the secret parts of it, but we won't need to do that to have fun. I don't go in there unless I'm with the right person anyway. I know Reddick's not the right person. Yeah, she's my friend, but she's so... Now, Cat, she reminded herself, you don't know everything about her. And of the things you do know there are some you'd rather forget, even though you shouldn't. You try to ignore them, but boom, they creep in. Thanks to the person she is, and the person you are, and...

Stop, she ordered herself. I don't care about that right now. What am I doing now, here, in this moment? I'm waiting. That's it. I'm waiting. Soon I'll be able to stop waiting and have fun, but not right now. I can't wait, though- it's hard to wait and not be tired by waiting. So what should I do? What can I do to make up the time?

She looked around the room again, then walked over to the table and sat down. The computer, Osterman said to herself. Reddick said I could use her computer, so I will. Computers are always fun for me. They're a tool for communication, for airing thoughts. I wonder if any of my friends back home are online right now, available for that. I'll find out. She moved the mouse to get rid of the soccer field screensaver, then frowned at the display. What the...?

Lines of text were spread out on the screen before her, one line highlighted as if to mark a place. Reddick must have been looking at this, Osterman thought, then left it open and forgot about it. Hmm, I wonder what it is. I'll just flip through it some, then close the document, go on the Internet. I know I'm probably not supposed to be looking at it, but Reddick will understand. She knows how I can get curious sometimes.

Just don't get too curious, Osterman told herself, feeling a slight tremor. This might be a diary, and no one likes it when other people read those. Oh well, Reddick doesn't have to find out, right? She paused, listening to the noises coming from the other room. A closet door slammed, then a phone started ringing. The latter noise stopped as someone picked the phone up. "Hey, Mittsy," Osterman heard Reddick's voice say. "You get my page? Great!"

Good, Osterman thought, she's talking to Heather. She'll be distracted. I can look at this. It's probably private, but it should be interesting nonetheless. I'll just glance over it a little, then forget it. Whatever it is, it can't possibly be that big a...

The brunette's jaw fell open in shock as she read the paragraph that included the highlighted line. It was describing a sex scene, a woman named Rose getting it on with another named Sarah. Oh my gosh, Osterman thought, this is an erotic story!

A celebrity erotic story, she gasped again, moving a few pages back in the document and finding the characters' full names. It's about Sarah Michelle Gellar and Rose McGowan! A lot of other celebrities are in it too. I recognize the story, I have several chapters of the same series on my computer back home. What's it doing here?

It's probably something Reddick's reading purely for fantasy, Osterman thought. She often read erotic stories for the same reason. Like many avid Internet users, Osterman had built a small collection of erotic stories and similar material on her hard drive. She found such material interesting, exciting, and amusing at times. And of course it was often arousing, though it was almost never a perfect substitute for the real thing.

It's given me a lot of good ideas for stuff to do in the real thing, though, Osterman recalled, smiling. I always enjoy looking at the stuff in my collection. The celebrity stories such as this one especially. One might think I wouldn't go for such things, being a celebrity myself, but I'm actually pretty into them. It's easy to get that way- who hasn't fantasized about a celebrity? Who hasn't considered them sex symbols and wanted to depict them that way, even if only to themselves?

It's easy to see how these stories get created. Fans are always making tributes to us. I've gotten poems dedicated to me, essays, even a song on a random CD once. Never an erotic fanfic, but I could probably tolerate one as long as it was done right. I eavesdrop in chat rooms sometimes and see people talking about me. A lot of men and women think I'm great- in personality, accomplishments, and looks. I'm pleased that they believe this, their confidence gives me confidence. I know that the writers of celebrity erotic stories are ultimately motivated by such feelings of admiration towards their subjects. They want to honor the celebrities they like, and they see writing sex stories about them as a way to do that.

It's a strange kind of tribute, she admitted to herself, but I can dig it. The writers aren't really talking about the real people, just characters based on them. They don't know the real people anyway, just interviews and movies they've seen, fantasies they've had. That's all they have to go on, and what they create is often intriguing, even if it's not what you like. These stories can open people's eyes to the ways in which other people see them, and that's always a good thing. Provided of course you're mature about your reaction to the disillusionment. It can be fun, for writers and readers both. The fans of such stories are making and reading them on their own free time and reaping the benefits. The celebrities such stories are about should do the same, they shouldn't be jackasses about it. That's what I think anyway.

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