tagLoving WivesTwo Couples Trade Spouses

Two Couples Trade Spouses


My name is John. Janice and I are still very much in love after being married ten years. We have been blessed with one little boy who is now kindergarten age. It just so happens our very best friends, Marty and Martha, have a boy the same age. We often socialize with them by having cookouts in the back yard and many other activities. Marty and I openly flirt with each others wives, but have never gone further than light, playful kissing.

One evening while we were sitting outside on our deck with Marty and Martha and I was tending the steaks on the grill, the subject came up about taking a Caribbean cruise.

Martha said, "I'm afraid of the ocean and won't go."

I chimed in, "I don't care much about going either, but I know Janice has been wanting to go."

Marty jokingly said, "Guess I'll have to take Janice with me on a cruise."

We all laughed at the joke, but then a few minutes later Marty said, "I would really like to go on a cruise, and if Janice went too, I could protect her from all the guys who made passes as her."

I chimed in, "Yes, but who is going to protect her from you?"

Everyone laughed.

After a little thought, Marty continued, "I guess we would have to pay for two separate cabins, unless somehow we could share one cabin. It would be much more economical that way."

The subject was dropped until after we had eaten and were all sitting around having drinks.

Janice spoke, "I would like to go on a cruise and I know John won't go. Maybe Marty and I can work something out. I think we could share one cabin without jeopardizing our marriages. Also, since we each have a little boy, John and Martha could live in one house and take care of the two boys while we are gone."

I spoke up, "Martha is a good cook, and I agree with the plan."

Martha said, "If Janice and Marty are going together on a cruise, I think John should stay at my house. I don't like to be in the house by myself, especially at night."

Everyone seemed to agree, then I said, "I don't know if I trust Janice and Marty in one small cabin with the two beds side by side. At night time, my wife will be in a nighty and it will be very tempting for Marty to get in bed with her."

Martha looked at her husband, "Marty, I know you'll be tempted. If you two share one cabin, John and I might as well share our master bedroom."

I knew something like this was about to come up. I looked at Marty to say, "We're all good friends, maybe that would be alright. Both wives are on the pill, so there is no problem in that department."

Our two wives looked a little stunned as I said that. I thought they were about to cancel the whole idea.

It surprised me when Martha said, "I'm no prude, if Janice will agree, I'll go along with it."

No one had mentioned the word "sex" as yet, but we all knew it meant sex.

I looked at Janice to see her reaction. She looked at me to calmly say, "If that is what everyone wants to do, I'll go along with it too. Marty and I can have a very good time on our cruise together. You two can stay at home, take care of the children and go to work every day."

Janice was suggesting a fun vacation for her and Marty, while it sounded gloomy for Martha and me to have the drudgery of working and minding the children. Martha is a sexy looking girl and I knew I could thoroughly enjoy myself with her. I had often daydreamed of being in bed with her, but it was only a day dream. Now my wife and Marty were agreeing that I could have Martha for a week of intimacy. Of course, I had to agree for Marty to sleep with my wife for a week.

When it was time for Marty and Martha to go home, Marty said, "Janice, tomorrow I'll call to get reservations for a cruise as soon as possible. Talk to your boss and arrange for your vacation time."

Janice responded, "That will be easy, just let me know the cruise dates."

The date was set and everyone was preparing for Janice and Marty's departure on Saturday morning to fly to Florida to be on the ship later that day.

Early Saturday morning, Janice and I along with our little boy picked up Marty's family and drove to the airport. While in the airport terminal, I had a little private time with Marty.

I said, "Marty, don't you think we should give each other tips about our wives.?"

"Yes, we should fill each other in a little. What is your wife favorite position?"

"She like to sit on my cock That gives her more control over the movements and work up to an orgasm better that way."

Marty came back with the question, "Does she have more than one orgasm in a night?"

"Usually just one, but it is a long intense shuddering orgasm. She becomes very vocal, too."

"Thanks! That's good to know. Martha will have two or more in an evening. Also, she is very fond of oral sex."

That reminded me to say, "Oh! I might mention that Janice likes oral sex, too."

Our private conversation came to a sudden halt because our wives walked over to us.

It was time to say goodbye. I hugged and kissed Janice and she hugged our little boy too.

I said, "I love you very much. Have a good time and come back home to me."

She responded, "And I love you too and only you. You know that Marty is just a good friend and only that. He will take good care of me and bring me back to you."

Marty was saying his goodbyes to Martha and his little boy.

Martha and I drove to my home mostly in silence. We gathered up my clothes and my son's clothing and toys to take to Martha's home.

I unpacked at Martha's place. She said, "Put your shaving equipment in the medicine cabinet where Marty just removed his. You're here to take over where Marty left off. Your clothes can go in his closet. You're living with me until Marty and Janice get back, so make yourself at home. The two boys can sleep in my boy's room where there are two beds.

Saturday chores had to be done. Martha swept the house and dumped clothes in the washer and dryer. She gave me some odd jobs to do. I often looked at her to think I would be in bed with this lovely creature tonight. I was wondering what she was thinking, but she never let on that anything was unusual.

I helped her prepare a delicious dinner with wine.

About eight o'clock I said, "I'll get the boys in the bath and into bed."

Once the boys were in bed, Martha and I settled in the living room with a drink in our hands. We both knew it would soon be our bedtime. I could tell she was a little nervous now that we had time to sit beside each other.

I put my arm around her to pull her to me. We faced each other for a light kiss, then our lips met in a long sexy kiss.

We relaxed a few seconds, then I said, "I've given you a friendly kiss many times, but never a kiss like that. I've often thought about really kissing you and doing more than just kissing."

She softy responded, "Yes, I've had some lingering thoughts about that too, but I knew I was married and shouldn't. I'm a little nervous right now, are you?"

"Yes, but I'm excited to think we will have a week together."

She then said, "I feel like I did on my wedding night years ago. Excited but nervous. I was a virgin on my wedding night and I've only had sex with my husband up until now."

"I understand. You are a lovely person in many ways. I'm going to be sweet and caring to you and hope we will look back on this week with loving thoughts. I wonder what Marty and Janice are doing right now."

She looked at her watch, "I guess they are probably dancing and having drinks in the lounge before they retire to their cabin. Or maybe they are in a hurry to be in the cabin together."

We both knew what would happen when they went to their cabin for the night. But, we were here ready for bed, too.

Martha had just finished her drink, "I'm going in the bedroom to get ready for bed. You can come in anytime."

I watched her shapely body as she walked away from me to the hall and disappeared into the master bedroom. I was soon going to see her naked beauty and do much more than kissing her. I waited a few minutes before I went to the bedroom.

When I entered the bedroom, she was in the bathroom with the door shut. I undressed and went to the hall bathroom to shower. When I returned to the master bedroom, she was still in the bathroom with the door shut. I crawled in the bed completely naked and pulled the sheet up. It wasn't but a couple of minutes later when she walked out of the bathroom wearing a very sexy nighty.

I whistled and said, "Wow! You are a beauty."

She blushed a little and turned the table lamp on low. There was still plenty of light to see her as she slipped in bed with me and into my arms for a long kiss.

She whispered, "I keep remembering my wedding night years ago. I was a virgin and wasn't sure what to expect. I had heard lots of gossip about sex, but then I knew the time had come for me to learn. Now I feel like a bride again, although sex is nothing new to me. I know what to expect from Marty and I assume it will be very similar with you."

I remembered Marty told me that Martha like to sit on his cock and ride him. I decided to hold off on that for more foreplay. I didn't want to rush her. I pulled the straps of her nighty down off her shoulders so that I could kiss her nipples. She moaned a little as I sucked on them and massaged her breasts with my hand. I moved down to kiss her stomach and then her pussy.

As my tongue found her slit, I could feel Martha's hand on my very hard erection. Her pussy was very wet as my mouth and tongue lavished in what I had dreamed about for a long time. Without a word, she moved around in bed so that my cock would be at her head. We were lying on our sides. She raised her top leg to allow me more room for my head to be at her crotch. It was a little uncomfortable for me, but I could easily suck her clit. By now she had my cock in her mouth. Her body began to tremble and shake as she started having her first orgasm. Just like her husband told me, she became very vocal as her orgasm reached a peak. Her legs now had my head in a vice until her body relaxed.

She whispered loud enough for me to hear, "Oh, that was good. You are very good at that."

I moved back up to kiss her lips.

Her hand was now holding my raging hard on. I rolled her up on top of me.

She said, "My wedding night was never this good. Of course, I am experienced now. There is a big difference between then and now."

We kissed with mouths wide open while our tongues meshed and danced. Then she sat up on me and slowly lowered herself to envelope my cock. I could feel her pussy pulsate on me.

I brashly said, "You are so very sexy. We're going to keep doing this all night."

She laughingly said, "Glad you like it. I'm wondering if Janice and Marty are enjoying themselves in their cabin as much as we are."

I could only responded, "Right now I don't care. All I want is more of what we are doing."

Martha rode me slowly at first as if relishing the feeling of my cock in her. Then she bounced up and down as if hammering my cock deeper and deeper into her. Her breasts bounced up and down. I caressed them with my hands and raised my head up enough to take one of the bouncing nipples in my mouth.

She continued to ride my cock until I sensed her body beginning to build up to a climax. Her vocalizing started out with groans then gradually increased in volume. Her face was contorted and her body shook and surged as her orgasm reached a high. Each jerk and spurt of my cock was filling her pussy with cum as she continued to gyrate on me. She yelled and lightly screamed throughout her lengthy orgasm. I suddenly realized I was very vocal, much more than I usually am with my wife.

She slumped forward on my chest with her mouth wide open covering mine. Our tongues moved back and forth in each others mouths for one of the most intimate kisses I ever had.

When our bodies relaxed some, I softly said, "Wow! That was fantastic!"

She responded, "Yes! More than fantastic. That was one of the best I ever had."

"Just think, we're going to be together for a whole week for more of this", I quickly said.

She responded by saying, "This is a much better wedding night than the one I had years ago, and we're not even married. I didn't know it could be so good with another man.

She hesitated, then continued, "But, I've known you for many years and feel relaxed and comfortable to be with you."

We cleaned up in the bathroom then walked in the boys' bedroom together to see them sound asleep.

I commented, "We made so much noise that I was afraid we would wake them." She laughed at my comment.

We went back to bed to cuddle and went to sleep in each others' arms.

The next morning when we woke up, we heard our two boys playing in their room. Martha and I got up, brushed our teeth and I shaved.

I said, "It's still early, let's get back in bed. The boys are playing and not bothering us."

We both slid into bed in each others' arms. Our kisses became very sexy causing me to easily get an erection.

I rolled over on top of her as she spread her legs to accommodate me. My cock probed for her hole. With a little help from her hand, I was soon fully buried. I laid still to allow her to pulsate on my cock. She was very good at doing that.

The sun was shining in the window. I raised my head a little to look directly into her loving eyes. Our lips met in a light kiss, then I looked back into her eyes. She was smiling.

She whispered, "We're getting along alright and I think you are a very good lover."

I responded, "Your husband and my wife had a night in bed together on the cruise and I wonder if they enjoyed it as much as we did."

She emphatically said, "I doubt it."

I moved my cock slowly back and forth, speeded up, then reverted to slow easy movements again to savor the feeling. I often broke a kiss to hold my head up just enough to look into her lovely eyes and face as if we were very much in love. This gave us the feeling we were having sex with a person we liked very much, instead of just another chance to satisfy our animal instinct. Each time after looking into each others' eyes, we would share a very soft erotic kiss. Now and then, we could hear the two boys' voices in the other room. We knew there was no hurry to rush.

After a long time in each others' sexual embrace with periodic kisses, I was beginning to feel as if I didn't want to wait any longer.

I started faster more determined deep thrusts. Evidently she knew what I wanted to do and started vigorously pushing up to meet my thrusts. Again, she became very vocal as I blasted cum in her pussy. I continued with vigorous thrusts because her orgasm seemed to last much longer than mine. We laid still in the afterglow for several minutes before we both got up to face the day.

The boys came in the kitchen to have breakfast with us.

I addressed myself to the boys, "How would you like to go on a picnic today."

The boys whooped and hollered to go.

Martha fix a picnic lunch and we four spent a long afternoon at the park where the boys could use the slides and swings. This gave Martha and me time to talk about many subjects. We often wondered where the ship would be with my wife and her husband.

Sunday night after the boys were in bed, Martha and I sat on the couch with a glass of wine. Then we went to the master bedroom to strip off and get in the shower together. I was thinking about last night when she wanted to prepare for bed in private, but now we were acting more like husband and wife.

We went to bed, rolled into a six nine position and had our first orgasms. After that, we were sitting up in bed with wine glasses in our hands when the phone rang.

Martha said, "Hello!"

"Hello, Martha, this is Marty, your loving husband."

"And hello to you. Are you and Janice having a good time?"

The conversation went on for a while, but I could only hear one side of it. Evidently, Marty had asked about what we had been doing. She said we had been to the park for a picnic and were now home in bed. I assumed he had asked her something about being in bed because she told him we were getting along just fine at night.

Martha handed the phone to me, "Janice wants to talk to you."

"Hello, Janice. I heard you are enjoying yourself."

"Yes, Marty has been escorting me around and taking good care of me."

I decided to ask, "Has he been taking good care of you in bed?"

She seemed a little frustrated at first, then said, "Oh yes, he is good at that. What are you and Martha doing right now?"

I thought I would tell her the truth, "We're sitting up in bed having another glass of wine. We just finished having a session, the first for the evening. We're waiting a little while to continue."

Janice wasn't bothered with what I told her, then she said, "Well, to be truthful, Marty and I just finished our first session and we're not going to sleep as yet. He is a very good lover."

I commented, "I'm glad to hear we are all getting along. Also, I assume you are enjoying the cruise you always wanted."

The conversations soon ended on a pleasant note at the end of the phone call.

I was now feeling a little lonesome for my wife, but when Martha took my cock in her mouth to help get it hard again, I gave my full attention to this exciting girl.

The next morning we didn't have time for sex because we both had to work. We had a quick breakfast, Martha and I kissed goodbye, and I dropped the two boys off at kindergarten class. The day seemed long and I often thought of my wife on the cruise with my best friend, Marty. Marty was tasting her charms at night and she probably cuddled with him throughout the night. Of course, I was enjoying the same with his wife, Martha.

I looked forward each day to go home to Martha. Each evening after the boys were in bed, we took showers together, talked about many things in our lives, and went to bed. Sex with her was wonderful. We didn't hear anymore from Marty and Janice, but assumed they were having a good time sight seeing and enjoying sex every night. They would return home on Saturday.

Saturday finally dawned. Janice and Marty's wouldn't arrive at the airport until late in the day. Martha and I knew this was our last time to be in bed together and we should make the most of it.

We got up to brush our teeth and jumped in the shower together. We enjoyed this last shower together by soaping each other and rubbing our soapy bodies together. We shared sexy kisses and my hard erection kept rubbing against her. We thought about having sex in the shower, but decided to get more comfortable in bed.

We dried each other off, then I put the commode lid down to sit on it. I pulled Martha on my lap. She lifted up a little, then aimed my cock for her to settle down on it. I kissed her nipples and her lips. She bounced up and down on me, but then we decided to get in bed.

Our kisses were very sexy while her hand gripped my hard cock. I moved down to kiss her nipples, then turned around to roll her up on top of me in a six nine position. Now I could see her pussy and ass at close range. This would be my last chance to see and kiss her there. I wanted my brain to always remember this.

I could feel her licking around my cock, then taking it fully in her mouth and throat. I didn't want the morning to end. We played around for a long time caressing and licking each others crotch. We both were beginning to feel like we were ready to enjoy orgasms together.

I said, "Turn around to face me, then ride me."

She impaled herself on me and started gyrating. This had been one of our favorite positions during the week. I wanted it to last and last, but before I knew it, we both became very vocal and I blasted my sperm in her womb as her body shook and strained through a long orgasm.

We collapsed to lie side by side. We each had our own thoughts as we laid in each others' arms. Nothing was said for a long time. I knew we had come to the end of a wonderful week together. Now we would be reunited with my wife and her husband. I came to the conclusion that I was ready to resume my living with my wife, who I loved very much. Martha was just a friend, but a very dear friend to me.

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